Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation / Pure Color Love Lipstick

Estee Lauder is one of the best high end beauty brands ! Skin care or make up it delivers quality products. When it comes to finding out perfect foundation I trust limited brands and this one is that. I am not a regular foundation person nor I have problematic skin to cover up ! I mostly go for light dewy & skin like foundation formulas. The best thing about dewy foundations is that it makes skin look naturally glowing also maintain skin moisture for flawless finish. Estee Lauder foundation sits perfectly on such criteria , not too matt not too oily just light weight even finish under few minutes. I realised the foundation quickly blend without much work ! Very few foundation has instant blending whereas some takes pretty much time in buffing. I took my chance with the foundation few months before with the mini bottle unsure of the product performance. I gave it a try and it filled my expectation to the core, such is the foundation quality ! I have nearly finished it & looking forward to jump on another purchase with greater quantity. In the post I am gonna put up my opinion about the foundation in detail, what shade I am in also Is it skin friendly foundation ? There is also lipstick from the same brand so its a combo of Estee Lauder for face today. Let’s dive into the full post.

Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation is stay in place make up product and ideal for indian skin tone. There are number of shades formed for every skin tone. If I talk about formula its one of those formulas that doesn’t feel sticky or heavy on face, so summer wearable where heavy base is unaffordable. With not so matt formula skin feels light & comfortable. It is medium to full coverage and always can be worked with extra coverage ! 24 hour staying capacity without budge also it doesn’t transfer which is a point to consider lot of foundation lack it . The heat & humid wash off a lot of product in the form of sweat droplets and expose the skin underneath in patches which looks offensive. By proper blending of foundation one can win this situation. It comes with little SPF i.e 10 & waterproof formula for great stay, however sunscreen is always a thing to wear under make up to protect skin from melasma . I am very good with this quantity , it helped me with two things first my travel foundation gets sort out second it saves from wastage! The quantity is sufficient for months for occasional wearer. There must hardly be foundation in such an ideal quantity I cant recall other brands providing mini foundation packaging. The shade I have match truly with my skin tone its Rattan , Its perfect for yellow undertone with light complexion. The knowledge of right skin tone helps determining right foundation ! Little variation may effect entire look , this mistake can make look someone too pink or someone too dark! If unsure don’t hesitate to ask beauty assistant . Non irritant formula no break outs I observed ever. Price INR 1800/- & 3300 for 15ml &30 ml respectively (24$ & 44$).


The only drawback with this foundation is the bottle which has no pump or convenient pouring, just basic open mouth bottle which sucks sometimes to get to the product specially in rush situations. Sometimes it pours a lot than necessary & other time less than needed , but this can be ignored as long as the content is beautiful.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Love Lipstick

Lets start with the packaging which is luxe and case is shiny golden, I loved the the design of the case its not a regular one. I have the shade 207 Haute & Cold which is deep pink close to cranberry. One stroke for fuchsia pink and more to get intense pink. This collection of lipsticks come in four different formulas for every mood. Ultra Mattes, Shimmer pearls, Cooled Chromes, Edgy Creams.

Haute & Cold has shimmer pearl formula keeps lips little shiny for a changed look.It smells like chocolate which feels eatable. I usually prefer nude shades more but this one is strikingly beautiful for evening outings. Price INR 1900/- (25$) for 3.5g. I would conclude both of the products are worth buying and I am content with it.


Expensive Vs Regular Outfits

Buying expensive clothes has become another status symbol now a days ! Aesthetic stores designer outfits are alluring and make us force to burn pocket. It seems like a race to win , Who has the most of it. The utility of regular outfits are much more than a dress costing you fortune just to hang in the closet for most of the year. We have got our concept of dressing clear in a way that a dress hasn’t to be repeated whether it results into overflowing but nothing- to -wear closet. There was a time when people were content not like now where everyday shopping too can’t give needful wearables , as we buy to satisfy our imaginations . The problem is not with buying but storing unnecessary stuff which we know is not gonna be used frequently but have it proudly to add an another item to the bulging closet. Every one got different personalities and selection of clothes make us better or worst, not necessary the style suits on somebody else look equally good on your body too ! Clothes bought up without thought give no satisfaction, as we keep fitting us into somebody else closet and never get happy. Some people highly believe in expensive purchases as if the price tags do the jobs ! You cant even think to donate it also wont give you chance to wear it half time of the money it costed. A well- fitted sober outfit can equally enhance the look its just how you carry it make the most of the impression. With time I realised we should have stuff we gonna go use, irrespective of winning a competition. Money should be invested in styles which define us. Everyone got particular dressing preference some like casual attires while some look best in traditional. People with mixed style also found. Invest in styles that are regular , extraordinary cuts prints & colours come with limited approach. Trends come with exorbitant tags , intricate designs catches eye instantly but cost per use is nothing great. For a regular day we choose most suitable set of clothes which may fulfil the purpose of wearing , fitting should be comfy for a grocery shopping , fabric should be cool for scorching heat , Cuts should be decent and colours also as per climate. Any style or stuff too pricey to use is not for us. It’s a waste of money and space occupying . What is the use of hundred designer outfits when you feel the more relaxed in white tee and shorts. This defines importance of regular outfits. We only need regular things to survive fancy things are just for eye attention and wont serve the way regular clothes do until there is special occasion. Attires bought on special occasion are never looked back ,they are either placed neatly in the top shelf of closet or stored in bed storage. Clothes which boost confidence look best on us economic are the best pieces. Its time to redefine the real terms of fashion , be a moderate but best buyer.


Is Social Media Controlling Your Life

In recent years social media has emerged as a medium of information and inspiration ! Be it sharing life events establishing connection display of talent or influencing mass with particular skills, social media has changed our lives. It is full of innovative ideas, it’s knowledgeable & inspiring. But few things don’t seem right to me about social media, that there is blind follow and imitation. It’s not bad to get assistive ideas from your favourite beauty fashion or travel blogger but Is it right to be dependant on their opinion for every little cause? Are we making our personalities choices under influence of other people. I also follow a lot of influencers for the stuff they put up but I don’t follow the idea of tracking people for reliance. There is an earnest need to have moderate seeking, taking inspiration is something else but blindly duplicating some one’s view point can’t make best out of you . Beauty tips dressing tips and travel guidance we need opinion of our respective influencer. They seem to occupy a great part in our lives, everything we do now is either inspiration or duplication but some where we are relying too much . There are a lot of pros of seeking opinion as it might not meet expectations always. A good friend of mine is so obsessed by influencers that every step of her life is either an askance or copied solution. Whether choosing right skin product or outfit selection she never skips connecting with them. Off and on advices doesn’t harm but better advices be used to conclude best output rather than raw absorption . One side where social platform is helpful in may ways there are some cons associated as well. Let’s dive into the post to know what are those repercussions ,

Chance Of Failure

Opinions are made on personal experiences ! Things which benefitted me might not work in your problems. For instance beauty bloggers are suggesting tips promoting products based on self test. It cant meet your skin issue always. She has not examined you neither have special diploma for suggesting best beauty care. The information can help you building your own selection among certain stuff. I wonder when people ask for choice among best foundation from beauty bloggers or make up artist why cant they make their own list and deep research to find suitable one for them. Are they living on another planet with little information of this world. Cant they know what product will suit or what shade will blossom up their look. Why do they need to know what shade particular person is using and what regimen is being adopted by majority? What moves helped somebody loose fat and what trick was best for somebody to get success. There is always fear of not trying but depending upon filtered recommendations. This idea somewhere disable you to try your instincts as all you need is readymade suggestion based on someone else experience. There are chances of failure , the foundation shade might be unfair , formula might react with skin , travel tips can put you nowhere and health tips may put in other problems. And then comes rejection and blame game. People blame the same people who had been previously their mentors now were dupers.

Not Everything is Worth Following

There is big chunk of content cascading on social media . Not everything is worth knowing , not every idea can be followed . You cant seem to work with temporary draping around your body parts wearing nothing stitched . The idea of wearing pyjama with broad belt to cover breasts wont make you an impressive dresser. They give you ideas , and not every idea work. You always have to check with your family background , limitations and other aspects. Life comes with different priorities and you don’t have to learn to order your life from people who have not even got into. The life which influencers create is not pragmatic always it needs to be alluring for show off. In real life they might not be following the same ideas which you have thought to implement in your life by any means. Take on practices which fits in your box of happiness. You loose originality in the trail of chasing, so limit the amount of inspiration when its not so inspirational.


Incomplete Wishlist bring discontent , The lifestyle or patterns by great influencers are not meeting with your life that brings comparison and eventually screwed up mind. Everything is in access on social platforms love hatred and exhibition of emotions . You might end up comparing your love life with the couple who never skip posting about how splendid their life is or how grateful they are to have this or that . The regular display of affection of others life give you nothing in return but restless life. Life is bound to give happiness and sorrows to every person just the time and limit might be different, and you dont get to see insights all the time as people put up stories not depth. Things you are ungrateful for might be treasure for next person . Expensive dress of a friend , foreign trip pictures of next door neighbour , latest car by some random person instantly force us to think about our blessings, you cant enjoy it but you cant see the situations particular person has gone through to get this today .So dont judge your life based on social media experiences. Look at it as some resource a way to connect with lives & ideas. Have measured content as per need and chuck off extraordinary stuff which doesn’t seems to be fit in ordinary life.

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How To Get Damage Free Hair

Split ends are the sign of damaged hair ! It is the most common problem among women ! Not all women have split ends though. Split ends hinder hair growth & quite visible in some hair styles. When the margins of hair get split hair becomes lifeless on the edges that can be known as split ends. Hair quality also impacts split ends ! Thin unnourished hair get easily damaged in absence of proper care, the damage might be in any form & split end is one of them. There are certain conditions responsible for long lustrous hair , unhealthy hair reflect poor nutrition and eventually begin to show signs considered as damage hair.Balanced nutrition is all required for lustrous hair , body deficiency directly impacts hair and nails first , as both of them need ideal amount of protein. There are ways that can help reducing split ends with following tips and proper hair care regimen eventually this problem can completely be gone. Let’s jump into the post to know those preventive tips for split and damaged hair.


The ingredients of shampoo decides a lot about hair quality, If shampoo has harmful chemicals it directly impacts hair texture ! It doesn’t happen overnight though , long exposure of hair to such chemical based shampoo might end up making them flat thin & sometimes hair breakage as well. Excessive washing of hair brittle hair cuticle causes split ends. Choose shampoo with herbal contents and avoid buying parabens shampoo. Parabens and sulphates are kind of chemicals majorly used in soap and shampoos. Sulphates are cleansing agents but not hair friendly. They are harsh and damage hair in many ways. The shampoo with more percentage of sulphates turn hair rough and frizzy. They draw moisture out of the hair making them split on the margins. Protein shampoo is best buy for healthy hair , it make them stronger and less prone to damage.


Apparently hair with no moisture get dead and become split on the edges. Moisture in hair is very important to give them life ! Without moisture even skin becomes dead and hair lifeless. Lot of hair practices destroy hair moisture ! Water temperature is one of them a lot of people wash hair with warm water disrupt hair moisture and invite split ends. To restore hair moisture , wash them with cold water possibly and use moisturising conditioner on the strands. Hot water is very harmful for hair shine as well. Water hardness effect hair quality to a great extent such water cause comparatively much falling of hair than normal water. Check water TDS time to time to ensure safe washing.


Just like body hair need ample of nutrients to fight with the pollution and harsh activities of day to day life. Protein deficiency and improper care begin to appear in the form of split ends . Initially it starts with few strands then ascends upwards.Regular oiling give a lot of hair benefits if the oil is right. Never skip oiling the ends , as a lot of us ignores ends and just scalp massage, just as scalp oiling is necessary for healthy hair, margin oiling is important for maintaining healthy strands. It is advisable to massage head before washing to get soft manageable hair. Hair supplements like biotin ,calcium are another option for great growth.


Periodic hair trimming is necessary to avoid split ends ! it helps removing dead ends in time and prevent them multiply. One inch of hair is supposed to get cut off every month . Hair with regular triming get less split ends with that of no trimming in months. If salon visit is struggle do it at home, There is no harm chopping an inch yourself .


Excessive hair treatments and styling is the main reason of split hair . It doesn’t realise but deep down it damages a lot. Hair colouring cause the most of hair fall as the chemical disrupt keratin. Hair styling tools force hait to heat up sometimes that heat is too much for hair to bear and it results into hair damage. If you go for hair dying make sure to ensure post care , let not hair become dry and moisture deprived. Avoid too much of heating tools , instead go for non heating ways for curling. Heat is not good for hair health be it warm water , tools or even blow dry. Do it when its unavoidable ! Ensure healthy diet , routine for gorgeous hair.

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Electric Eye Make Up ( Review Tammi X Revolution)

Make Up Revolution is one of my favourite brands especially for eye palettes. This Brand provides quality for the price. I recently purchased Tammi X Revolution Tropical Carnival Shadow Palette to have some bold & vibrant shades as most of my palettes are nude & regular shades. I have created this neon eye look using the same palette. In this post I am gonna chat about how I achieved this neon eye look also detailed review of the eyeshadow palette. This is not a regular eye make up look its bizarre but its beautiful for a change. When nudes & pinks got overwhelming something different like this can be tried. Like I said earlier this palette containing all the warm and bright shades I used the very first shade Calypso which is neon shimmer green. I began with this shades on all over my upper and lower lids , I would like to mention that the quality of the cake is moderate, It takes times to build actual colour unlike previous revolution palettes. I struggled building up neon base on my lids that it was not smooth ! It appeared chalky with unfamiliar moisture due to that the product stick on fingers and doesn’t transfer on eyes . Next shade I opted is Green which is leaf green and apply on crease area & blend. I doubled the coat using shade of green named Saint Catherine on margins. I put the inner eye corners bright neon and dark green shades ( name mentioned above) on the crease and transition area. For more bold eyes I outlined them with neon blue eye pencil from LA Girl. LA girl has good collection of colour pop eye pencils that can be used as kohl and eyeliner. Hint of kohl in the water line to define & enhance & conclude with using coats of mascara. So its done its super easy and can be worked with different colour pencils of your choice. I f you are not neon person go for black eye liner in place of blue.

Tammi X Revolution Tropical Carnival Shadow Palette Review

The palette is little bigger than hand size consisting of 18 intense & vibrant eye shades. There is neon purple brown deep pink neon pink red light orange green variants and violet variants black etc. All the shades have given fancy names to recognise. The material of the case is sturdy & portable . The outer cover print is the splash of bright colours with golden detailing which is attracting ! Mirror is also attached for convenient application on the go. Everything is good except the quality of the shimmer cakes. I wont say waste but hard to work with. I am not convinced that can be revolution product. The cake material seems to be cheap that is why blending is coarse. Since I am first time having such bright colour palette that I cant come to think if its only because of bright colours, Or all the bright palettes have the same issue. Some shades are lightly metallic like first row shades but there is nothing metallic sort of , Rest of the shades are normal cakes and still better but again its not best in quality like I earlier had. Such kind of electric hued palettes are used seldom so it’s not worth to have plenty of shades, Better have single shade shadow. I am not sure how much of it gonna be used. Its my biggest disappointment of all . Best eye shadow is that melts effortlessly into the skin and when too much amount of product need to build a colour also challenge to make it look flawless is not a good one. There are other features also to look at !

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan Product
  • This eyeshadow palette is inspired by Caribbean Carnival.
  • 18 striking matt & shimmer shades.
  • Price 1950/- ( 28$) approx

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How To Choose Skin Friendly Foundation

Right kind of foundation is very important for perfect skin base ! Foundation makes the canvas of our skin smooth & flawless for make up. Right kind of foundation meets the purpose whereas wrong foundation embarrasses. There are thousands of foundations in the beauty stores and its a challenge to find perfect one. The purpose of foundation is not just skin whitening as a lot of us consider foundation a means to get two tone lighter skin and get into wrong purchases. Its all about enhancing actual skin tone by covering up imperfections in the natural way which is not seen as masked skin. Not necessary right foundation has to be expensive one , it’s just all about matching your skin needs. In the post I mentioned ways to choose right kind of Foundation which is gentle on skin & give less breakouts.


Foundation comes in different coverage , full coverage medium to buildable coverage & light coverage . Until there is major skin issue one need not to go for full coverage foundation. Full coverage foundation is relatively thicker and lays quite heavy layer on skin which is not necessary for everyday. Everyday foundation should be light and dewy for natural look, also full coverage foundation is not suitable in spring season wherever these months are hotter. Excess of sweat can easily melt foundation which is not impressive. In spring season dewy matt foundation is good for perfect coverage. It looks skin like also matt effect keep oil & shine away. Serum foundation is another great choice for natural glowing skin! It comes with the goodness of serum which moisturise & nourish while covering up skin imperfections. That option is good for extremely dry skin & winter season. Normal skin has no constraints though. The effect of serum foundation is more natural and skin like ! It provides buildable coverage & natural glow without much base cream.

Skin Type

While purchasing foundation keep your skin type in sight ! It goes different on different skin. Any random foundation may not be meeting your skin expectations , That can give breakouts , imperfect coverage and even turn dry skin more drier. If your skin is extremely oily, normal skin products might not work on you and if its normal oily skin products may not work well. The foundation selection for oily skin should be matt, waterproof and dewy finish besides do check if its noncomedogenic which results into unclogged pores and less break outs. Normal skin can go for any foundation with light consistency and buildable coverage. Dry skin people got to see the kind of foundation which has extra moisturising benefit or some serum foundation and certainly avoid matt formula. Matt formula dries plus visible cracks are seen which is not good looking. Acne prone skin has different scenario a foundation with light formula matt and noncomedogenic that gives less breakouts. SPF foundation has additional value of protecting skin from sun rays but its not substitute of sunscreen. Similarly with different season the of skin keeps changing like in winter moisturising foundation is better than matt. On the other side spring makes matt formula more likeable than hydrating one.

Check Label

Always check bottom label for additional info like if its dermatologist , ophthalmologist tested. Dermatologist tested products are mostly gentle on skin as they contain skin friendly ingredients. As foundation is supposed to use on eyes and area around its important to look for if it is ophthalmologist tested so that not cause eye allergy to sensitive eyes. Date of manufacturing and date of expiry is another important label to check for as lot of times people end up buying expiry or close to expiry products which is the waste of time and money. After expiration date product gets harmful for skin it should be discarded immediately. Particular ingredient which cause allergy to you can also be checked on the label. Try not to buy parabens phthalate & cruelty free foundation for better skin. Salicylic acid is great ingredient for acne prone inflamed skin. Store foundation away from sunlight as it oxides easily.


Right selection of shade is as much as important as ingredients in the foundation. A wrong shade make skin tone imbalanced secondly the money get wasted. You cant think of going two shades lighter or two shades darker than actual skin tone. Take time to scan the right shade the one which disappear uniformly into skin without leaving traces. That is the quality of a good foundation. Always choose shade in the natural sunlight as artificial light in the beauty store impact the shade visibility. Ask beauty expert about cool warm neutral tone if unsure about the one. Always test shade on cheek or forehead. Neck may be lighter or darker than face so that’s is not correct option. Never buy in hurry go for sample shade cards first from shortlisted brands to try on then invest on suitable one for skin.

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Are You Making These Beauty Mistakes

We women crave for problem free skin ! We adopt hundreds of remedies & thousands of tips just to have beautiful skin & in the process sometimes we ignore little things that play important role on the whole. Such mistakes initially don’t realise until they appear with some bigger skin problem . Every skin disease is the side effect of some of the ingredients, deficiency or poor hygiene. Most of the problems are solved with deep clean skin. With hectic life schedule sometimes it gets hard to keep pace with perfect skin routine, However if basics are done properly a lot of regular problems might be addressed in the right way. So let’s dive into the rest of the post to know what are those Beauty mistakes we should refrain of repeating.

Bed time With Makeup On

The habit to go to bed without removing make up might put you in serious skin problems. Make up is supposed to be off your face once you prepare for bedtime. It really doesn’t matter how much you applied in the morning , but your skin needs to be unclogged and cleansed for renewal in the following night. Make sure the face is double cleansed and not a single particle of make up is left. A lot of us leave kohl in the eyes thinking it wont do anything wrong but again that also contain some sort of ingredients that may cause eye allergy so that has to be removed until its natural & have beneficial ingredients. Use fresh cotton pad without any cleansing product & swipe across to get rid of kohl & do put drops of rose water or refreshing tear drops. Remnants of Make up can completely block pores produce acnes pruritus dryness etc.

Skipped Face Cleansing

As skin renews best at night it’s important to have properly cleansed skin no matter how hectic your day has been. Ideally face should be cleansed at least twice in a day to have least break outs and open pores. A mild cleanser that deep cleanses impurities and sebum is perfect for the cause ! Not all the face wash are great , and deep cleanse so check particularly for deep cleansing products. Double cleansing is also very good for problem free skin wherein firstly make up is removed with cleansing oil or cream then rinse with exfoliating cleanser. The Face Shop has great double cleansing products also mild on skin. Excessive washing of face is not good though as it destroys natural skin oils and Ph balance.

No Moisturiser

Bedtime moisturiser on a cleansed face is the secret of soft supple glowing skin next morning ! Besides dehydrated skin may do no wonders it seems dull dry and lifeless. A Lot of us don’t follow bedtime moisturiser routine which is completely wrong . Choose suitable moisturiser if you are extremely dry or oily skin but put something on face to avoid early signs of ageing. Gel based moisturisers are light and absorbing & worth for oily skin people. Summer moisturisers should always be light but deep penetrating so that give 24 hour hydration. Our skin needs equal hydration quantity be it winter or summer! Its just sweat and humid of summer that doesn’t allow to wear thicker moisturiser so night time is perfect for that.

Disturbed Bed time

Research says the better your sleep the wonderful your skin is. 8 hours sleep is required for healthy skin and peaceful mind. Disturbed sleep and erratic bed time effect our skin at large. Less sleep make face blotchy swelled and puffy on the other side Ideal sleep impact the texture of the skin too because then it would be more resilient calm and clean. Late night awakenings make skin dry as skin needs right amount of time to finish renewal process which happens at night. In between distraction also disturb sleep , avoid using cellphones and laptops at bedtime keep them aways at least so you cant reach them.

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Is Your Skin Fasting Today

Undoubtedly regular skin care brings out wonderful skin but, Are you over following skin routine! Are you the one who never skips skin care routine. Are you so dependant on beauty products that the thought of leaving skin bare for a minute makes you apprehensive. If you relate to this somewhere you are unknowingly spoiling skin . Our skin has natural oils and PH balancing system that automatically deal with minor skin issues itself. Normally such problems like dryness , normal breakouts rash get fine overnight without even asking for ointment. Our skin already has that protective system that start working on alarming situations. As a child I have vivid memory of not using any face cream for days and who applies regular moisturiser on face as child, However skin was unaffected of dryness for days. Actually the significance of skin fasting is relatable to this. Skin care is truly a best thing to do, for best skin but our skin needs break from daily serums moisturisers & other anti ageing products. It needs time to recover on its own to have natural system work to deal with day to day problems . Skin fasting is to abstain from skin care for a day or more precisely a day without any skin routine.

Chuck-off moisturiser serums and other beauty products for a day let skin renew itself give it time to build strong immunity that naturally fight with skin problems. When we depend so much on skin treatments in the form of creams ointments somewhere that natural skin system gets weaken due to excessive dependency on external treatments. Skin problems are self curable if nothing major, I have seen a lot of women who does not do anything specific & hardly follow any routine , However they have best skin effortlessly compare to people who religiously follow a routine. This explains they are depended on internal system and that works sooner or later but works. Gradually such skin have stronger barrier and is less prone to problems. A lot of skin problems are actually side effect of excessive slap of cosmetics. I know I have best moisturiser and someone can vouch for their skin care but there are always some ingredients in beauty products that may trigger further skin problems like you never know if that white spot on your face is the end product of some of the treatment been applied on for a longer time. A patch of red rash can be reaction to one of the serum but we ignore & look for ways to cure it. It may also happen that even a simple break out doesn’t heal on its on and need medicated creams for simplest of reasons !With the weaker system skin cant fight and rely on such creams. I only imply here that its good to leave skin free from needed treatments. That break is actually good for healthier skin. One day skin of moisturiser may make skin bit of dry but after another hour skin is naturally moisturised and dryness it gone as the natural lipids compensate it. It does not mean to suspend beauty routine but neccesary breaks are good in all perspectives. Choose a day in week for skin fasting and enjoy natural glow.

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Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Colour Everyday Shades

Right to left Bitten Lilac Bare

Bobbi Brown is my favourite beauty brand and it’s been stable on the position for considerable time. The foundation is so good cant stop raving about it and the enriched face base is second to none. All the products are worth of invested money Formula is mild so gentle on skin. Being a lipstick lover how could I have skipped lipsticks from the brand. I first bought a shade which was pure nude and I was so impressed with the colour quality and the moisture it laid on lips for whole day without flakes that without blinking I bought five lipstick shades in one go. All the shades of lipstick are perfect for everyday so useful too its just not confined to vanity, also with regular use at least they finish and there is no guilt either of being unused. The shades I am talking about are nude shades & my all time favourite. They are soft neutral & go with any skin tone beautifully. I got three shades from Crushed Lip Colour collection & rest two are Crushed Liquid Colour so these five shades are deserving and good for office college cocktail evenings and even everyday outings. There is another plus point of nude shades that you escape of frequent touch up on the contrary with bold shades it needs periodic touch up or fixing or the entire look is dishevelled. The very first shade is Bare which is pure nude and its so beautiful the shade in fact gos well with fair and dark skin tones.The case looks so sturdy and its away from luxurious effect but style quotient is no less. All the cases in crushed collection are designed this way that the shade can be identified from the horizontal strip on the outer case which is that colour that lies inside as stick. So needless to see the bottom for shade. Soft flowery scent is welcoming and the formula is amazingly hydrating. It feels right after application that lips are not drying & uncomfortable with matt effect. It is matt formula obviously with unfamiliar moisture dose which is there due to the presence of vitamin E& C. One stroke application as its deeply pigmented.

  • Paraben Free
  • Phthalate free
  • Sulphate free
  • Gluten free
  • Loaded with the crushed pigments , Balmy effect on lips
  • Feather or fade free
  • Kissable proof
  • PRICE 1800/ INR (24$) approx – Quantity3.4 g

Next shade is Lilac and its light nude pink which is perfectly deep. Its not too light to be visible or too dark just beautiful shade for all skin tones. All the crushed lipsticks have beeswax which makes it transfer proof. It glides easily on lips and in just two coats the shades is deep pink. I am NC 25 and it looks more of medium pink on me.Bitten is a shade darker than Lilac and its brighter of pink. The shade refers to the pink which we get on bite marks hence it says bitten. For more intense colour go for more coats as single coat gives blotted-down look. Lilac and Bitten look almost similar shade on my lips there might be variation but hardly noticeable.

So these three were crushed lip colour and now in the sequence two are crushed liquid colour. I have two shades at this moment one is juicy date and other is Give A Fig. Both of the shades nude pink. The formula is formulated keeping in mind the hydration and gloss altogether.Its more of glossy thick liquid lipstick, there is no transfer proof its regular gloss one. The packaging is beautiful with sleek container it comes in quantity of 6ml. The formula is hydrating obviously and well applied on lips. I liked both of the shades juicy. date is purely bare just a little gloss effect go for it if you want bare lips with gloss. But it looks beautiful perfect to team up with dark smokey eyes. Other side Give A Fig is more of pink gloss. Again its nude pink and formula is thicker.

Other Feautres

  • Make lips plump with added Sheen.
  • Created with a super fruit blend featuring cranberry blueberry & rasp berry
  • Emollient rich
  • Full coverage & nourishing formula .
  • Price 1800 INR (24$) approx

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What Happens When You Have Lemon Everyday

I have been having empty stomach drinks for a while now , it can be anything detox drink or drinks with certain values to body at large. These drinks can be mixture of two to three beneficial ingredients with the desirable effect of course. I don’t believe in complicated drinks though as I am not good at following that secondly what’s the need for laborious ones when easy options are there with ample of gains. I regularly drink lemon squeezed in water not warm or not with honey. They say honey in warm water has different benefits while combination of honey lemon in water melts fat. I am not so sure about other formulas as I have not tried them but if you want to keep fit and healthy in all perspectives with the easiest preparation start having one lemon daily and say good bye to most of the health problems. Lemon is an essential ingredient for skin brightening along with other problems which reflect skin as unhealthy. There is no particular time & condition for a glass of lemon water. The benefits are many and efforts are less. Vitamin C is very important for healthy skin nails hair and also teeth. We already know lemon has great vitamin C value and no diet can be completed without abundant vitamin C . It is indeed unforgettable vitamin to have best immunity to fight against diseases.

When we think of glowing skin we jump onto purchase 100 $ cream but the idea of lemon water might sound irrelevant to many. Its not just about skin the other benefits are amazing & its not taking much from you. I personally not that person indulging into hectic DIYs or rituals which has short approach and I guess everyone has the same thing. Its been around six months of following that lemon water ritual and I must say it works on different parts of your body in a noticeable way. Vitamin C is also much needed for the absorption of calcium.No matter how much calcium you take but it should be well absorbed into the body to get the desirable results. Daily intake of lemon is much easier than to swallow vitamin C tablet only if you are under prescription for higher dose of vitamin C . Everyday lemon doesn’t not let body deprive of vitamin C so you wont be deficient ever by following everyday routine. Most of women complain about unhealthy skin and frequent pimples. Vitamin C also build strong immune system & better weakened resistance power.

When the body is stronger chances are less for sudden health problems be it acne calcium deficiency hair fall brittle nails severe cough cold & even unhealthy gums. Another main benefit of lemon is on teeth and gum health. Unhealthy & spongy gums are prone to recede and thus can loose teeth in the socket. To cure gum problems & have stronger teeth vitamin C in the form of lemon is still cheap bet. If unhealthy gums is your concern too without delays start having one lemon everyday preferably with water. The best thing is there is no condition on having empty stomach just anytime a glass of lemon water might save you from hundred of diseases. In-between meals or just anytime as quencher would surely beat the summer heat with umpteenth other benefits for body. Skin is sure to glow may have lesser onset of pimples, other skin eruptions like scabies or rashes with eczema or unhealthy skin is also prone to be cured in time with the increased dose of vitamin C in diet. I prefer to drink plain lemon water but an additional ingredient is subjective. Its imperative that don’t take sugar as then it wont be a healthy drink and might get you few pounds as well. Start getting into this ritual from now on and why not I am sure you gonna see the results in days.


Disclaimer This post is not for people who are allergic to lemon.

Thank You So Much For Reading. XOXO

Clarins L’occitane Skin Care Haul

Hello Loves , Welcome back to my blog today I am gonna unbox beauty haul part 2 which involves some great skin care products. I am first time trying out these products from my favourite brands with strong intuition its gonna be my best purchase . I have been using Clarins skin care for long enough & L’Occitane is my another desirable brand. Well I m second time opting L’OCCITANE for a change. Whenever I am about to finish my skin care products I purchase those brands or products I am willing to have though Many times certain products fail to impress & get no chance again. As a matter of fact oodles of creams lotions have had my money wasted too as they had not quite surpass my exceptions. It happens with everyone I guess, This is why I have become more selective choosing brands & their products . Moving on to the review I have got CLARINS Hydra Essential Serum L’OCCITANE EN PROVENCE Reine Blanche Cream White Infusion CLARINS Extra Firming Nuit Night Cream again L’OCCITANE Creme Perfectrice to review. So lets dive into the post to know how I feel about the products what is their particular action on skin with the trade details.

Clarins Hydra Essential Bi Serum is an intense moisture quenching serum which is perfect treatment for dehydrated skin, it supplies adequate moisture to the thirsty skin turning it plump with noticeable radiance. The serum also tightens saggy wrinkled skin. I am always seeking ways to deep quench my skin so this one seemed matching my requirements. In past i have used other lipid serums from Clarins & that was quite a great selection. So this time I thought to have moisture serum as there are no other concerns at this moment. If the skin is well moisturised a lot of signs of ageing already diminishes. Best part about this serum is that it has skin nourishing plant & fruit extracts.The bottle is thick glass with blue colour. There is water consistency light blue serum inside which is fast absorbing I tried a little amount on my back hand and it disappear instantly which is good for the fact leaves skin shine free.

There are ingredients like citrus acid, ascorbic acid , tocopherol Black current bud extract potassium sorbet also present in the serum. These are surely great ingredients & no wonder skin would be nourished. It comes with a dispenser opening containing 30 ml liquid serum, One thing which I feel is that its not gonna last longer because of liquid product as it may need little extra as there is no sticky consistency just water . Price is on higher side and of course which you cant think of less when its Clarins. It trades for 4000 INR/- ( 58$). As I opened the packaging today I m gonna update reviews post usage. Instructions are simple to use just second step of skin care means after toner followed by moisturiser. Non comedogenic is another great point for acne prone skin. Made in France.

L’OCCITANE REINE BLANCHE is another regular moisturiser with surely not lesser properties of glowing skin. It is little extra than moisturiser, it targets skin whitening evens out rough skin by providing maximum hydration to the parched skin. Packed with the goodness of Meadowsweet flower extracts which is immaculate white flower and the petals keep changing colour over time from pale yellow to translucent white. which is what it is supposed to do to our skin like change it from pale to white. I love plants derived skin products and this one little different with having The queen of the Meadows extract I was forced to buy after reading the ingredients and wish to have best of the benefits for my skin.

The action is on derma & clearly whitens it with improved luminosity. Problematic skin with acne scars or other age spots are suppose to be cured with this cream. I love the packaging of L’OCCITANE products it looks so luxurious. A white colour 50 ml jar with silver lid makes it no less impressive , flowery fragrance without overpowering aroma has another attraction. The cream is semi consistency but appropriate for deep hydration. I cant bet upon other claims as I have just unboxed it so will take few days to update how it worked on other features. Dermatologist tested .Made in France. Price 4590/- ( 60$)

Next in the queue is again Clarins extra firming suit age control night cream. It claims to control wrinkles and provide deep hydration to dry skin. This cream is specially made for dry skin people I still bought it expecting more hydration . This is basically treatment cream for ageing and women after 30 can begin with something like this. It has attracting ingredients like Kangaroo Flower extracts which fight blackening and plump skin reinforcing youthfulness. It also has extracts of Silica of moonstone for skin that makes it more younger looking the next morning. The thicker creamy formula no wonder gonna keep hydration on point .Mitracarpus extracts helps improve elasticity and control wrinkles whereas dessert date extracts enhance complexion. Packed in a sturdy glass tub keeps the goodness sealed for longer time .So these features looks promising and I am looking forward to use it. Price is 5900/- for 50 ml.( 80$)

Another product from L’OCCITANE is CREME PERFECTRICE though I regret removing the outer package of this one earlier but not yet used it due to corona virus most of the outer boxes are ruptured right after getting on doorstep this probably makes stuff germs free to a great extent so I do that. Talking about this cream the glass jar is deep pink sumptuous effect. This title of the cream says Pivoine Sublime Perfecting Cream and its a deep moisturiser with the goodness of peony extracts combined with divine sublime complex. It claims to deliver subtle glow , intense hydration in all circumstances. The consistency is perfect to well absorb in the skin boosting radiance in a couple of days. Another value of this moisturiser is that it can be used as make Up base because of its velvety finish which is good for serving both the purpose of a base & cream . 50ml quantity 24 hours moisturisation with flowery fragrance makes it worth. Price 3490/-( 45$). I am quite excited to try out all the creams and update you about the benefits hope you liked the products as much as I did. Hope it satiated your first hand queries.


Thank You So Much For Reading. XOXO

Unboxing Beauty Haul { Skin Care}

Spring Beauty Haul

Hello loves I am pretty excited to unbox long due skin products. This is my first beauty haul after lock down & its great to say that finally I am back to beauty shopping without any constraints. The products I am going to share is not yet used by me expect one moisturiser, The final updates of product’s efficacy is gonna take time at least 20 days so that I m good enough to make opinion about that, However the first impression and overview sharing wont hurt. This post is surely going to help you building an idea if you are thinking of laying your hands on the same products. The Brands are LOCCITANE, CLARINS, INNISFREE, KIEHLS. I am gonna divide this posts in two parts as in this products will only review Innisfree products & Kiehl’s Moisturiser in second part rest of the products would be unveiled which are skin treatment creams & serums basically So lets jump into the post to know what are those products & related stuff.

The very first two products are cleansers, I am very particular about cleansers & cant just settle on any, The cleansers are from Innisfree and its one of my favourite Korean skin care brand. I got Green Tea Foam Cleanser & Jeju Pomegranate Revitalising Foam Cleanser this time, Green tea range is reviewed earlier by me since that was sample size and I was pretty impressed with Green tea range so got bigger one of it for regular use. I have also tried Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore cleanser and have great feedback about it. The cleansing properties are remarkable this is why it would definitely help cleansing acne prone skin. Acne occurs because of dead debris clogging pores & I strongly believe unclogged pores keeps skin acne free so always check for how particular cleanser cleanse. Is it good enough for skin concerns. Talking about Green Tea range, is super mild on skin hence any skin type can begin with it . The packaging is mint green colour with click clack opening inside is white creamy cleanser with adequate foaming properties . Fragrance is refreshing smells like some wood scent which I am not sure of what wood. Moving onto the quantity its huge to cover up months at least good three months. It is packed with the goodness of Jeju Green Tea extracts which deep cleanse skin by sucking impurities out. It takes pea size quantity to lather up which is why it goes a long way. The best thing about this cleanser is that after rinsing face you wont feel dryness but clear bright face with unfamiliar moisture.( Quality 150 ml) for 700INR (9$).

Another Innisfree Cleanser with the name Jeju Pomegranate Revitalising Foam cleanser, The tube packaging reflects same colour as pomegranate which is deep red. It has best ingredients for skin as freshly squeezed Jeju pomegranate along with Pomegranate seed oil. It has the same quantity ( 150 ML) for little higher price 900 INR (12$ ) Rest of the things are same as above like same colour & consistency of cleanser except fragrance which is more of flowery . The cleansing action of this one is also impressive keeps skin dirt & oil free.Pomegranate is believed to be best ingredient for anti ageing which helps keeping wrinkles away. The combination of these two can be best for regular cleansing .The rich foam one side is hydrating and other side its full of antioxidants revitalise skin in a more brighter way. There is Punica Granatum flower & fruit extracts. It also contain silica which is good for correcting unhealthy skin.

Innisfree Green Tea Seed cream is my another buy and its a great moisturiser from green tea range. The thicker but absorbing formula provides deep hydration without clogging pores. It smells exactly like green tea which makes the application more refreshing. Right after application skin looks juicy and minutes later its all crumbles into the skin. The green tub denotes green tea goodness. I have been using it for a while ( as I started with sample and this one is another pack in bigger size )I must say it behaves well with skin without any eruptions or reaction. Semi thick consistency make it good summer pick However people with extremely oily skin can use it as night cream and wake up with soft glowing skin. The quantity is 5o ml & trade for 1800 INR (). In Case you need more details of entire green tea range check out this ……..

Kiehl’s is my top favourite skin care brand & I must admit the brand delivers what it claims. I have been using Kiehl’s products for good 2 years now and every time some new skin product is out and I desperately wait for it. The product I am talking about is Kiehl’s ultra facial cream which is a regular moisturiser with amazing results. I have started using for 10 days & I must say its best of moisturisers I have come across so far. The formula is semi thicker so perfect for all weather ,provides 24 hour nourishment. Skin feels so hydrated inside that it begin to look even in just two days of application. It is suitable for all skin types & gives no breakout kind of thing. I got 28 ml size for now just to give it a try but surely I am gonna repurchase with bigger tub. There is no fragrance & even its there I cant figure it out . Fast absorbing cream with the goodness of glacial glycoprotein. If you are looking for quality moisturiser this is it. Price 1650/- ( 21$) approx. & 50 ml for 2550/-(30$).So this is all for today in my next I will be unboxing rest of skin care products . Hope you like the products see you in my next.



Some Beauty Misconceptions & Facts

Hey you lovely people ! Welcome back to my blog if you have been connected with me for a while sending love and gratitude , Big hello & welcome to new visitors. My todays post is about some of the most common beauty facts and related myths . There are actually many , More likely we keep on following half knowledge & that certainly give half results. It happens with everyone & even occurred to me a lot of times. Its important to update our knowledge to get maximum benefits out of implements. So let’s know some of them & see whether we are on right way following them. This is a sort of Q & A post resolving common doubts I have come up with as of now, In future will surely be updating more such information which might be helpful.

Is foundation with SPF is good enough to skip sunscreen

It really does’t matter whether you have SPF foundation or not it can surely not cover up the benefits of facial sunscreen. Basically foundation has minimum SPF more likely 10-20 which is very less for protecting skin from harmful UV+ UVB rays . Moreover the benefits of a sunscreen can not be replaced by SPF foundation. To have maximum sun hield with that of sunscreen you might have to apply 5 times of foundation to work as sunscreen. So its advisable to apply good amount of sunscreen before foundation. It is also believed with SPF foundation that it leaves white cast on face compare to non SPF foundation which reflects badly on pictures.

Is serum and moisturisers have the same action on skin

Moisturisers are the creams which help to hydrate skin . They quench skin thirst by deep nourishment. A well moisturised skin is problem free skin and stays young for longer time. Serums are concentrated liquid which are made for particular skin problems not all the serums are same as they have different action on skin. They address specific skin problem like for wrinkles and collagen there is separate serum. Similarly if dry & dull skin is your concern go for moisturising serum & brightening serum respectively. For instance for wrinkle treatment the skin care products like cleanser toner serum & moisturiser has to be same action products to double the benefits.

Can Open pores be closed

Yes regular cleansing and weekly exfoliation can help shrink the open pores .Open pores are the result of dead skin cells and clogged sebum which keeps accumulating and breed bacterias cause inflammation too. Always wash face with warm water followed by cold water this process also helps with closed pores to a great extent.

Is chemical peeling different from scrubbing

Chemical peeling helps removing skin top layer exposing clear skin underneath chemical peeling helps lighten scars freckles and pigmentation. it is advanced scrubbing with great results. However Don’t over use skin peeling products as it may age you fast by getting wrinkles and more pigmentation. The skin underneath is sensitive & direct sun rays bring enough harm to it. Dont go in the sun for couple of hours after chemical peeling is done 7 apply sunscreen for maximum protection.

Repeated face touching cause acne

We tend to touch our face with the fingers many times in a day average 20 times. This cause finger bacteria to transfer to the face causing pimples acne and even infections. Stop toughing face frequently also change pillow covers often for having clean surface for face to rest on. Besides clean mobile phones thoroughly once in a week with wet wipes to make them gems free. Mobile phones are susceptible to cause acne as the screen have direct contact with skin.

Is White spots on skin alarming

White spots or sun spots are tiny irregular shape patches they may appear any where on the skin. This discolouration might be some skin infection, allergy , or even fungal infection. Not necessary they itch but sometimes minor sensation feels it may gradually be increase in size if not addressed on time. Dont ignore if you notice white spots , with proper treatment it can possibly be back to normal.

Thank You So Much For Reading . XOXO


Peacock Inspired Eye Make Up

Peacock is my favourite bird I just cant stop admiring those exquisite feathers. I love the colour scheme specially the pattern. Today I have created another eye look taking inspiration from peacock feathers and the end result was great. With the addition of some of my colours it is perfect bright peacock eye make up look which is not confined to any occasion. In this look eyes are darker but there is hint of brightness shimmer as well. To have it as day and night wear I tried to keep the rest of the tone bit down like I have not applied darker lipstick I have not applied too much of blush & especially brows are super natural just little shape and no as such dense filling. Brown & lighter brows are good to go with such dark eye looks but avoid using black brow cake as its not gonna look sober and might make you look really horrible as eyes are already much darker . Women with black brows just trim and shape without much doing.

There is really funny story behind creating this look actually was in the middle of my siesta I woke up and started putting up the peacock colour effect on my eyes. It was really not a planned creation it just came up and I poured it over. I must confess that I was so absorbed doing eyes that I have not done any face make up its just eyes & lips which I did precisely and captured. There is no full face make up details but I am definitely gonna mention what colours I used . There is no new eye palette its the same Make Up Revolution Creative Volume which I detailed good enough as have used the same palette for most of the eye looks now , since only this palette has brightest colours of all the palettes I have. I still am struggling getting new make up as there is no resumed delivery due to red zone category only essentials for the time being. I am pretty excited to unpack new skin care which is waiting to be unboxed for couple of days . There is great stuff and best brands I will surely be posting in my next. The eye make up details gonna be précised from now on until I am displaying new eye palette or make up stuff .

Lets begin with the eyes , There are total five shades I have put on my lids they are blue , violet, lime yellow, bright pink , shimmer pink and silver. There is light kohl also been filled just to enhance the eyes as it needed a definition . The very first shade which I put on the crease & transition area is blue since blue shade is generally not deeply pigmented & you have to reapply I idid the same to acquire that uniform blue texture and blend well. In the inner corner eyes till tear duct I put on lime yellow shade and worked with coats. In the first I apply that brush of yellow I sweep all over the blue just to settle the blueness and at this stage the blue is little down with beautiful bluish green colour I am gonna dark the blue on the crease line to accentuate & redo the touch up where ever dark needs dark & vice versa. I darkened the outer corners and transition area again with blue and next used bright pink all over lash line in a visibly thick line. The last shade is going to be the violet which is to be on the outer corners in the < shape and keep it dark and not spread much to inwards just apply as a hint of violet. Lower lid has to be of three colours inner corner area is yellow middle pink and outer blue so this is done almost . Now I added a line of silver then pink shimmer on lower lash line and same in the tear duct to add little spark. With the coat of mascara and glossy pink lip paint this look is done. You can always go bold lip as per choice but I suggest the lighter the lips the more focus will stay on eyes.

I completed the look by wearing golden hoops , These are super chic light and work both as traditional cum modern. This was Shein purchase and I loved the quality and style. The price was between 2$ – 4$. I accessorised head with sea green colour turban which is actually a stole and any colourful stole can be wrapped around head as turban for that matter. I would like to mention that the look in actual is darker and subtle than the pics down. There is no filter applied. The lipstick I matched with is from Loreal Paris Lip Paint . Its super glossy moisturising lip colour though not standard liquid lipstick with smudge free formula. It comes with soft applicator and packaging also portable it has tube opening with 8 ml of quantity. The shade is glossy peach with thicker formula. The only draw back with extreme glossy lipsticks is that they smudge sometimes with swaying hair & stain clothes with little carelessness.Price 799/- ( 10$) approx.

Thank You So Much For Reading. XOXO


How To Get Absolute Happiness

The right definition of peace is when your mind is calm & heart content , Truly in the fast pace life everyone is involved in rat race, Race for survival. The race for food shelter and living sometimes snatch our real happiness which in fact lies in moneyless things. We burden our life with the expectation of things we not even sure will last forever & in the process loose ourselves. I am not averse to the idea of progress nobody dislikes comfort luxury but on what grounds ? Physical debilities , Mental exhaustion & even though insufficient time to imbibe this prosperity. True happiness received when we do what we actually like not just to meet with the societal equation. We don’t realise initially but as age passes there is that anger frustration starts growing which doesn’t let us stay at ease. A happy soul is capable to make everything all right but if we are struggling with self happiness can not possibly give positive atmosphere to the people around us. The means of happiness might be different for everybody to some its just walking in the rain , to some its planting , plunging in the lap of nature might someones biggest happiness & some might just be happy in happiness of others. There is one more category of people who fail to be happy. No amount of material interest them. So lets know how to get a life with happiness through these points listed below,,

Follow Your Heart

No doubt heart is always right even though situated in the left side of body. Our heart has strong way to indicate good & bad to us ,When we over look the signal we might be repented for the longest time. Always listen to the inner voice what it says because your soul knows where your happiness lies. A lot of people go against instinct & will suppose somebody wanted to be a singer but is doing 24/7 job which disgust him. Similarly somebody wanted to purse fashion designing but against it she is married & settled with kids. Here I just want to emphassize on doing what you like, at any age no matter after kids. Just do once what you have thought about , You might not be win but the defeat is 100 times better than the regret of not give it a try. Unachieved ambition looms over in the form of unhappiness.

Give Break To Responsibilities

Responsibilities are not gonna pause be it social, family or personal, Usual course of activities bring reluctance and makes happiness dull. To be happy you truly need to indulge with yourself & with the ongoing duties and work pressure allow you no time to sit relax and absorb happiness even though there’s much to take in. Some times little break to monotonous routine is worth it. What if the time of laundry is utilised in something more pleasant how about making your favourite cake and dig in watching long time due Netflix series. Such breaks gives time to joy because that perfect time is not going to be served in the golden plater on your special day. Make time by shuffling agendas reorder them to find quality time for yourself.

Learn to be Happy

Some people are happy with nothing whereas some are unhappy with everything , This clearly shows discontent. Once you stop being grateful to things you have they seems no special to you. Don’t appreciate you don’t get appreciation in return. If you got bread , clothes and shelter you are blessed because many of us lacks that too. Every day is a fresh start for great things things that make you content & elated. Fussing over little matters put mind over negative thoughts. Our thoughts are reflection to our feelings , So don’t create tense thoughts it’s not gonna help whatever is destined will happen momentarily agitation undermine that precious smile which might give goodness of hundred medicines. If You are going through tough time & that has suppressed your happiness remember nothing is permanent and the wheel of fortune is ongoing if it’s dusk it would be dawn too. Bad time passes unseemly with high spirit and laughter of positivity as you only got this to control other than universe. Being happy is an art once you start adopting the art you master it and eventually that becomes your real self.

Block Ways For Darkenss

Stay away from people who can wither your happiness. This part is really important to ponder. People with negative vibes are able to put you off edges. Its always great to be alone than a crowd of worthless people . They can be any form friends relatives colleagues, They tend to create pessimism for every simple situation. Such people are the biggest reason of some part of unhappiness in our life. Block all the doors of negativity when your inner-self is being cleansed. Join enthusiasts , high spirit people not just gossip of who is who. When the core of us is sorted and incoming impurities are blocked chances are less for breakdown.

Share The Goodness

They say what we give will eventually come back to us. This is Universal Law , if happiness is not imparted it will not redirect to you. Be the reason of someone else happiness you never know in what form and quantity it reaches back to you. Encourage people for the efforts make them happy by little gestures. A healthy atmosphere automatically generate good vibes & wherever the positive vibes are hovering everything is blossoming ,Contrary to upset people misdeed them take their curses and get unhappy and unsettled forever.


Thanks for Reading.XOXO

Top MaC Lipstick Shades

Top MaC Lipstick Shades

Mac is my one of the favourites brand for lipstick , Though I didn’t much like the foundation and other stuff from the brand. It just did’t seem to work well with my skin but the lipsticks are amazing. I cant resist to hoard Mac lipsticks, I have pretty good collection of all the prominent shades I had selected with much research. I am lipstick lover specially nude ones I seldom put on bold ones though I have liking for bright colours. Its been a good long time having used Mac lipsticks and I must say that they worth it. I know I am late to swatch Mac shades as its been popular for a while now & mostly swatches are all over the internet , Here I am gonna give you selected swatches but more likely they are the best shades I have come across so far. The biggest problem with you tube swatches is the shades are not the same. There are some shades which I bought with great hope just by seeing you tube swatches but they turned up complete different shade. It Happens a lot of time that some sensational lipstick shade actually turn blooper for you. I have also wasted a lot of money on the lipstick shades I knew I am never gonna wear as its just was not my expectation. The lip tone is responsible for some lipstick to look gorgeous on other person & not look half good on you. Mac has wide range of shades for every skin tone & for every occasion. So in today’s post I would like to share my top Mac lipstick shades and also let you know more about formula price and best shades for everyday so stick to the rest of the post.

Mac has all kind of formula as matt, gloss, satin and metallic. They comes under different collection you can check for entire range depending your choice. I personally prefer matt the most then satin of course but glossy and metallic I am not so good at. Matt has two variants one which is too matt then comes semi matt (retro collection )which is hydrating as well and gentle on lips . One thing is good about Mac’s Matt that they are never drying even if you got habit of Mum-ing still the pigment stays not completely wiped off. All the shades are beautifully pigmented & no more coating for better colour. In just one deep stroke the shade appear nicely. Besides pros I m not so impressed with the black packaging it looks so basic & doesn’t refer to a luxury brand like Mac. Love me lipstick collection has fancy sticks & I have just one shade from it ‘Hey Frenchie’ this is pink nude with satin formula and keeps the lips hydrating for whole day. I am NC 25 & my lips are medium pink so the shades are as per that tone which you might see in the swatches. Remember if the original colour of lips is too pink or too deep then the shades gonna be look different from the swatches. Too pink lips enhance the actual lipstick colour and deep tone lips suppress so take care of this point.

Breathing fire ( not in the swatches) 20$

Mac has mini lipstick range as well for shade surety and you refrain of spending full amount that’s a big relief therefor recently I had mini ones those shades I was confused going on for but wanna try. So these mini Mac lipstick shades are MOCHA , RUSSIAN RED, MEHER. Mocha is beautiful brown nude and its perfect for everyday. Meher is nude pink & its lighter than it looks this is again my go-to shade then comes Russian which is deep red for cocktail evenings the formula of all three is matt but smooth on lips. Moving on to the rest of the shades from Retro Matt Collection the very first is FILM NOIR & its deep brown close to dark coffee colour its not a regular lipstick shade use it for dramatic look the formula is satin. Second in the row is MATTE DIVA its deep maroon.

Mac mini lipsticks 1050/- 15$
Refer to the description for shades

Next is powder lipstick shade MANDARIN close to coral and is too matt. Next shade is MOCHA, after that is FLAT OUT FABULOUS & its deep magenta for everyday looks. This shade is my favourite and can highlight even the most dull outfits. SATIN SUSSHI KISS is light coral shade and its actually not my shade this is perfect for deep complexion as it doesn’t come out on my lips feels too light. This shade is from retro matt collection and its DANGEROUS which is deep orange close to red & perfect everyday shade for light and medium complexion girls. Next shade is MEHER & then comes RUSSIAN RED. RUNWAY HIT is another nude pink shade and its light on lips but beautiful for natural looking lips. SO these are the shades for everyone to choose from.


Disclaimer: This is not a promotional post containing affiliate links. All the information about the product is true to my knowledge.

Beware Of These People For Mental Peace

Beware Of These People For Mental Peace

Rightly said A good company brings the best out of you , No matter if you have that one right person by your side than the crowd of 100 fake people. A good company is like cheery on the cake beautify and add perfect flavours to the life. Truly our life is a reflection of people around us & the kind of people we surround with impact our life in the same proportion. It’s not easy to have trustful friends , people you can lean on in the time of low, Sometimes we end up confiding in unreliable people & results are terrible for long time. In the vast mass of people we interact with a lot of people with personality variations and to get along with everyone with the same intensity is not possible. There are people of all kind so not all supposed to be your well wisher though they might have seemed quiet concerned for you. Its perfectly ok to be alone than trapping with fake people, Believe or not you might be like them or completely loose your sanity just to be with them. Socialising is an art and not everyone master it, Sometimes in the rush of being desirable emotional people suffer a lot as their heart is pure and far from the faux charade. .There is diversity in the choices , behaviour & goals and it surely cant be the same yet some people are best to let others down in any possible way. Carve your way out of their influence or choose to split from them before they succeed to tarnish you. There is such category of people I am listing below ,

Dual Personality People

The people with dual faces are extremely toxic people because you never get hold of which side to trust . They are attention seekers so can divulge anything for their own benefits. They slip effortlessly into any role the situation ask for. They might be the one giving you best life lectures pretend to be pillar of strength but not publicly, whereas they seem to be complete stranger to you in the group. You would have noticed such people around who behave differently in the groups and private. Stay away from double standard people as they have nothing great to give you except confusion & tension. They are not going to be any support as they long for shifting people in no time. Know their motive when they say you can confide in them & on the other side gossip about you.


This category of people might bring discontent to the life of people who have average means of living. It’s not wrong to be prosperous but unfair to lay the influence on others to downcast them. Some people are so much into show off that they deliberately inflict inferiority in others . There is always that one person who purposely talk about prices and designer outfits , that how expensive car they have bought that how opulent their lifestyle is . This kind of aura is not uplifting especially when you are financially not so sound , the discussion about their achievements will only make your shortcomings more visible . You might have to stress upon things which you cant control , This may result into frustration anger and unhappiness. True friends have best means to cheer you up to energise the dull spirit with pragmatism and positivity.They make you capable of realising your strength than let you down with materialistic stuff.


Someone has rightly said , there is cure to illness but not to envy. No amount of goodness will stop them from hating you. People get jealous due to your looks , position, success & virtues and you cant help it . In the race of pleasing them to manage relation with them you are somewhere trying to water wither a plant as they not gonna love you ever when they cant figure out why they hate you.Its important to be surrounded by positive vibes and people with mean thoughts poison your workings. People hate when you have some qualities embed so just recognise such people in you life and move on silently .

Too Sweet

Some people got sugar coated tongue and they never speak transparent. Such mass of people believe in destroying with the sugar but wont give sour lime. They got popularity and have chunk of friends, they are with everyone and with no one truly. Their words are mindful & expressions are framed . To attract maximum crowd is the prime goal but on the inside they are the most crap themselves. Don’t expect to have life support & fruitful advise from such type of people. They cant relate with practicality as their world is full of unapproachable theories. As human we all feel to express in natural way without coating words with idealism & diplomacy what’s wrong in fact to say good to good & bad to bad. Don’t we suppress the real self & go against our inner voice just to match with the social harmony. It’s good to have that one critique person who finds fault and make you better person constantly. If our parents had not punished us for couple of wrong childhood deeds just to secure sweet tongue we wont have been emerged as today.


Well they seem the most genuine people , their personality and words are too ideal almost surreal but they stick to none. They are those people who give you advices and fake strength but if you ask for real help they wont turn up . They leave you stranded struggling. They talk about morals and values but lack all of it..They believe in only educating people and pull off the cable when you need them actually. Surprisingly they come back to you when you are worth of something or else let you loose.Their presence is periodic & not the one who you actually can count on for any better.

The world is full of junkies but there are gems too, There are those who let you sink but there are those too who picked all of your pieces and put together its not about we cant rely on anyone its just on the basis of their role in your life.Are they really benefitting you any way ? Physical benefits are greater than monetary so be with best people who make it all different. Having talked to someone for more than 5 minutes gives you stress than yes there is something not right with the person or the compatibility of you two together. So be with your kind of people for healthy mind..

Thank You So Much For Reading .XOXO


Say No to These Styles In Spring

Say No to These Styles In Spring

Do’s & Don’ts Of Spring Fashion

Spring is a welcome change after months of chilly foggy days. This is the time when we get rid of heavy woollens and body covered suits . One side where winter season is perfect for cozy living spring enthral our body with the warmth of sun. The season brings couple of changes in our lifestyle, body & wardrobe as well. Spring is the time when the closet needs to be updated as per comfort and fashion. The stuff which was winter soothing might not be best for spring as the need keep changing with every season coming up. With thousands of fashionable outfits in the boutique it would be unfair to just cling onto basic clothing. The season is more about comfort from heavy fabrics , protection from the sun in outdoor activities, & fun by the beaches on balmy evenings or exploring coolest location of suburbs. Spring is mid way and its time to update wardrobe by accommodating couple of easy breezy clothes.

First of all it is important to know the average temperature scale of your location as there are many places which are warmer only for couple of months and some are comparatively hotter for longer time, if this is the situation then you have to be ready with two segments of clothes. Clothes for extremely hot months and clothes which can be stretched wearing half of the year. For instance you cant be enjoying wearing camis in extremely rain prone locations as it may be chilled after a downpour.

Jeans (Dont’s)

Jeans is not a good idea in spring as in India these months are sizzling hot fortunately this year its pleasant so far due to off and on raining. Considering jeans on a hotter day might be an unpleasant invitation to sweaty legs. The fabric of jeans is thick and cling round the skin make it clammy. Besides to have fun evenings in the water or rough outings jeans might be hard manage as it may get stains mud or even soak.


Think about wearing shorts, cropped jeans , cotton ankle grazer, mesh trousers light cotton denim in regular fit , ruffle trousers or slit pants with wide hem, Mini skirts in denim or Anything which is flowy and breathable. Light Denim jackets with or without sleeve is another great option to team up with tube dresses tops and cami dresses. It meets both fashion and comfort point.

Polyester ( Dont’s)

Avoid wearing clothes made up of polyester in spring season as they are non breathable and not gentle on skin. Since most of the styles come in polyester ad its hard to overlook it but this can be replaced with cotton chiffon and other soft fabrics which feel good and light on skin for long hours. Polyester itch a lot on sweaty skin, With sensitive skin rashes & prickly heat might be other concerns. If your wardrobe is dominating over polyester pack it for warmer months. Go for summer chic outfits with prints ruffles and drama sleeves.


Full sleeve clothes are no for spring as you wont want to be covered up in already warm climate. However if you are Not a sleeveless person then go for clothes with net , chiffon sleeve with designer slits in between, button slits on sleeves are trending as well. Moreover cap & 3/4 sleeves might be summer relieving.

(DO’s ) Another way full sleeves protect arms from tanning so cotton chiffon rayon are best fabrics in long sleeved styles if you cant skip wearing full sleeve outfits for some reason. To lessen the impact of heat mesh & see through styles are considerable, but mostly are polyester check for inner lining for sure for comfort wear.

Dark Colours ( Dont’s)

Spring bring most of the heat in the environment so wearing dark colours can double the warmth. Dark colours absorb heat and make you feel more warmer inside plus that’s not pleasant to others in sight. The lighter are summer clothes the more respite it give to the wearer.

(DO’s Colours like Yellow, White, Aqua Blue , Sea Green, Pink, Peach , Beige, ivory are some of great colour options to choose from. Neatly aside the dark colours for autumn and winter season and indulge in soft bright colours to have most of the season.

Sequins & Glitter (Dont’s)

Again sequins is not something comfy for heating conditions of spring, Sequinned clothes are abrasive to body and might give rash in contact with skin. The same goes with glitter outfits though its trending and have glam quotient but its tough to deal with scattered glitter all over the face & other parts . The glitter particles are not well stuck on the fabric so they drip off here and there bothering you with serious eye inflammation if manage to get into

DO’s . Rather choose light breezy maxi dresses for special occasions, deep neck with designer embellishments for change . Team up a simple solid cami with an overlay jacket or shrugs for difference. Capes are also best to team up with strappy outfits. If embellishment is your things try out pearl embellishment patch embroidery , Colourful pom pom detailing with mirror work outfits .

Tee shirts ( Do’s)

Tee shirts are the most fashionable yet simple piece of clothe Cotton and jersey tee shirts are best bet for humid season. They are soft, skin safe and comfortable for any occasion, Be it catching up on a friend or rushing to grocery. Tee shirts are still underrated when it comes to fashion, surprisingly a simple white tee can be worn in many styles with many outfits. Similarly cotton shirts are perfect rough wear for such weather. They make skin feel free and also can be styled into another version of fashion.Once they get retired still they got some or the other use. Here are a few team ups of tee shirt,

  1. Tee shirt with bustier
  2. Tee shirt with a knot
  3. Tee shirt under cami
  4. Tee shirt with broad belts
  5. Tee shirt with denim shrug
  6. Tee shirt with heavy neckpiece club with boho skirts ( indo western style).

Skirts Skirts are super convenient and sassy , who would not love summer friendly prints and easy ruffles of skirts, Wrap and satin skirts have comfort advantage. You can also find fancy version of skirts , geometrical prints , rhinestone embellishments bright thread detailing and mirror show off are best to choose for spring closet.There are no bound of fabrics as from light to lightest all kind of fabrics are easy to search f

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses with fabrics like cotton, chiffon, mulmul, jersey are super safe and cool for heat conditions. Ankle length and above is best size, as extra long might obstruct movements. Chiffon are super soft easy maintenance clothes they dry quickly breathable and feels light on body with the sense of respite against sweaty circumstances. Long dresses are used all round the year just with little transformation just winter need thicker fabric and spring demand cool fabric with easy peasy styles.


Springs are more about light fashion accessories than layering with most of it. Feather earrings , flower studs , scrunchie with scarf are some of such examples. Too tacky or heavy piece of jewellery have you get uncomfortable also the polish is going to fade with lingering sweat. Less is more when it comes to spring fashion. Best team up is when it meets fashion comfort & pocket.It really doesn’t matter how much you splurge on clothes but how wisely make the best out of it .


Crochet are my personal favourite they were seen a lot in house decor but this season you will see various styles of crochet outfits , they are super chic comfortable and cotton.They come in bright colours and perfect spring treat to fashion. There might be selection of bright bralette with transparent layer on top. Crochet scarves and jackets are also expected with lots of experiments. Do have a crochet piece in the spring closet.


Thank You So Much For Reading. XOXO

Bright Orange Glistening Eye Make Up

Bright Orange Glistening Eye Make Up

Spring is on , so are the bright colours. Colours give positivity to life to self & remove the monotony of surroundings. There is always some sort of colour preference when it comes to putting it on face of course. Some people just love to play neutral , Some prefer bold colours. My todays post is about spring inspired full face look I created with such warm shades. Initially I was not so sure if the bright colours going to look nice on me since I myself prefer nude make up more than bold but occasionally it wont hurt. I actually enjoyed putting up bright colours and supporting accessory as it made the whole look pleasantly warm. Yesterday I tried another new eye make up which was rose inspired eye look I hope you checked it. That was something I first tried and turned out really cool if you want to look at it click on the link. Its super quick & manageable even at day time. The best tip for bright eye make up is to keep rest of the outfits light or cool tone. It will pop up eyes more effectively. So let’s proceed to the details of how I achieved spring eye make up look.

Product Details

  • FACE I readied my face after cleansing toning and moisturiser, The moisturiser I today used is Laneige WATER Bank Moisture cream. Its really a great moisturiser perfect as base cream . The hydration is deep yet not sticky on the surface. Next I primed my face with colour bar smash box photo finish pore primer. This is my all time favourite primer as it gives face complete photo finish also hides pore completely. The foundation I chose to wear is Bobbi Brown foundation plus serum in the shade ivory. This one is perfect foundation with the goodness of serum and SPF 15. It works as moisture barrier due to serum & therefore skin feels glowing from inside for whole day. I set my base with Loreal Paris true match super blendable powder in the shade W5 golden shade. I have skipped using concealer instead I fixed under eye area with it perfecting powder as it instantly give smooth and clear finish without concealer. Its a best product & must have for skin correction. Well I always do compact step at last after being done with eye make up as it helps with clearing out trashes. Today blush is LA girl in coral shade which I stroke upwards and complete it with the sheen of highlighter from Make Up Revolution which I recently had .I want to quickly review this highlighter palette which is absolutely beautiful for the price. lets quickly glance over the features.
  • Packaging is square shaped with four beautiful highlighter cakes,
  • The shades are so useful and it comes with deep pigment as highlighter.
  • First two shades are bright glitter as white & gold rest two are bronze and peach respectively.
  • It blends easily and melt well in the skin.
  • The case is sleek and perfect for travel as all the common shades are in.
  • Price is 800 INR 10$ approx.

Eyes & Lips

I used Make Up Revolution Creative vol 1 eye palette for this look. This palette is my favourite and I occasionally use it for dramatic looks as it has all kind of bright colours. I have used four shades from the palette which are shades of orange only. I am gonna add reference picture to help with the shades. I have put flawless on the creases and added dexterous shade on the upper eye area all over. Since I have to get darker orange so here I have added layers of light then dark orange eye shadow to get that perfect deep orange for upper eye. I coat it with next shade which is Visionary and its a bit darker than previous I work with the blending and leave the inner corner area for golden shade so basically I am keeping half part orange and half golden with at last will mix with Terrority that is brightest of all. I apply Terrority on the transition area and sweep through upper eye meeting to the line of golden. Blend all the colours well. Inner corner eye part including teat duct is gonna be deep golden which I acquire by coats of golden( Artistic) & it adds that glisten to the look. I then draw wing eyeliner in deep blue colour form MAC technakohl Kajal cum eyeliner. Lower eye area is shaded in three parts as innerly part is orange middle is golden and outer eye is same Blue kohl with smudge look. I finish the look with using false eye lashes which is some Random purchase from Amazon & lower eyelids with Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. Brows are done with Kay Beauty Brow Pencil in the shade Hazelnut. Lip colour is orange just to match with orange eyes I have this from Loreal Paris Colour Rich Matt in the shade 205 this shade is very bright orange , formula is matt but transferable.The price is 750 INR( 10$).

EARRINGS The earrings are so well going with the make up and I am glad. I have an immense love for dangling earrings & this one is best of all as its chunky too. Its a silver based long earring with colourful beads hanging closely around the central silver piece.

I found it on Amazon and loved everything about it. The price is really cheap for the style it deliver. It trades for 300 INR ( 4$). So this is all for today hope you liked .


Thank You So Much For Reading. XOXO

How To Pose For Sensuous Photography

How To Pose For Sensuous Photography

Photography is something everyone does, great or average that comes later. The main purpose of photography is to capture lives in an original moment. With the advent of filter apps it became easy to give pictures desirable effect. It’s now easy to transform a single picture into different versions of view, be it vintage black and white or warm. People wonder why some people are always photogenic and master the art of posing while other struggle with clicking good pictures. Some people are naturally talented with clicking good pictures while other are professionally talented. If little things are considered anyone can click good portraits of self and others, at least when you can’t have professional photographer due to any reason .Today I am going to share few tips of clicking sensuous portrait just on your own.A good camera is an important paraphernalia of photography and results are largely depend of what camera you use , camera of apple I phone is also great to trust for pictures just it does not zoom in for selfies. In the post I am helping out with the tips of self clicking so lets jump into the rest of the post of how to pose in front of camera for best portraits.

Rose inspired eye make up@bebeautifuls

Know you style

Every person has different style. Some make best funny faces some have natural expressions some have appealing eyes or some are best in looking alluring. if we assume a forever serious person to be instantly funny in front of camera may be he could not bring it in, Or a laughing kid to be serious opposite of his nature he wont do justice with the captures or it may take him time to settle onto different version of his nature. For clicking best of natural portraits its important to know your style , the style you master let it be any. You should not force yourself to fit into someone else style. Know your style and study the expressions which defines you best.

Right Angle

Right angle decides how is the shoot gonna be turn out, if the angle is not good and you are unable to put the object rightly in the focus , pictures wont be impressive. Always take time to decide what effect is to be put in a particular picture for instance if you want to illuminate your face in candle light or want to capture your hair colour swaying around in sunlight. Its mandatory for self clicks to know what impression you want to capture whether eyes to be taken in the frame or piece of jewellery of full face in a random gesture. Look for the right place to sit it should not be too bright or too dark. Brightness beyond a need spoil colour balance of the pictures if might make you look greatly white cast. Same with dark pics that face is not proper highlight on the desirable areas.

Peek a boo

Play with peek a boo style it captures well. A see through scarf or net veil, the images turn out really professional by this trick. Sometimes covering face in angles too becomes a different pose. Its not always up to click front face , staring face in space side glance over something or even focus face behind some object gives pictures fresh look. When you are self clicking its limited to cover till bust area. Taking full pictures might be cumbersome and struggling with the adjustment of focus and eventually its not gonna be remarkable. That is why we need professional photographers. I myself click my portraits and I am good at it than clicking full size pictures but I can always click best for others. Try to think of the objects & style which might be experimenting and give your portrait a sensuous effect.

Camera setting

Like I said A good camera is everything for photography it should be DSLR at least for clarity. I always trust my canon M50 for my portraits as it gives me the exact picture as I am looking at the moment , On the contrary some beauty apps makes you too white too chiselled or sometimes you don’t look even yourself with accessive correction of facial features. I make sure to click on auto mode as it gives you facility to adjust brightness colour even shots can be filtered afterwards if you like. The picture in this mode comes clean and neat you don’t have to do any other thing other than smoothening. Natural light fix a lot of things as the images are appropriately brighter but again refrain from too much of light on face check with other direction. The things which I learnt myself that pictures come really great if you place the your face opposite to the light and camera in the light direction. Turn the LCD display facing you so you can check what is being captured if it needs any correction. Use zoom in feature as per requirement too close or too far object can disturb the balance of the picture. If need set it on timer mode to auto click for you. One thing is also important to keep the LCD display vertical to get full image or else horizontal angle cuts most of the picture giving just horizontally cropped image.

Disclaimer: In the post I have given tips for clicking self portraits or close up pictures. This is not a detailed photography guide as I am not professional photographer I have mentioned ways I adopt for my personal portraits and people appreciate. There is no intention to replace the idea of professional shoots.


Thank You So much For Reading. XOXO

Lifestyle Tip Out Of Old Necklace

Lifestyle Tip Out Of Old Necklace

Hey you lovely people ! First of all I am so excited to announce that I have finally got my monthly skin care after much wait which I am gonna shortly share with you. There are new skin products I am gonna try out . I feel soon life gonna be back on track with normality and its so much respite, However we have to be little more careful about the life to come just to ensure safety of us and our loved ones. Today I am just about sharing my personal tips about using an old necklace . We all have fascination about jewelries & I just love teaming apparel with suitable jewellery. Necklaces are something which are not much worn until they are super light. Traditional necklaces and heavy fashion necklaces get old also and its so sad to not being used them afterwards. I still had the same issue then I realise if I could bring it to even one purpose of utility I would be worth. Since then I do use my retire neck lace for many use if not much practical then at least for capture :). So lets lets jump into the post to know more about ways to use necklaces as another ornament hack.

Wear it as tiara

This way is traditional and look so gorgeous , but you need to dress up accordingly. For this purpose I used this zirconia plus pink beaded necklace it was bought years ago but I would say the shine and quality of the necklace is still in place. It has hook fastening and the appearance of the necklace is sober. For wearing head tiara, used necklace should be choker with chain not string one, As string choker wont fit nicely on head . I adopted this look on a wedding ceremony where I lacked head ornaments . I admit it turned out so good and everyone was asking about details of from where I had such beautiful head decor. The neatness of tucking pining is everything or you will be exposed . Use small bobby pins of hair color , Big hair pins or decorative pins to hold the necklace in the place. Behind it can be tucked neatly under layer of hair for much clean look. This tip is for those who does not want to splurge in another item like” maang tika” but want similar look can work with this tip.

Necklace design decides what way it would be appropriate.


I love wearing anklets and it becomes more trendy when you wear in just one leg. It makes you look chic and boho. To use necklace as anklet I took my single chain necklace which has hook closure. The length is pretty enough to wrap in two or three rounds around ankle . There is line of gangling rhinestones which make it perfect pick to use as an anklet. Its so light weight and doesn’t feel uncomfortable. I have to mention these necklaces are pretty sassy and every women should have just in case. I bought couple of styles of this necklace from sheen , you can visit and fine beautiful fashion jewellery. The quality is very good and the prices are real cheap for such necklace on Sheen. Its within 200 INR & 2$. To keep it in pristine condition wrap it in satin cloth or lay them on a small sheet of cotton in the box. It just a very useful tip for making best use of unused necklace.


Bracelets are capable of giving any outfit a sumptuous look. I love wearing bracelets right from my teenage. Well Bracelet are back in vogue . So I created this idea of wearing necklace as bracelet. Layered necklace or chain necklace with dangling detailing of stones , coins or other trendy object make it best pick for this purpose. I got couple of such good necklaces from sheen which can easily be worn as bracelet without being noticed , due to the perfect length and fastening hook it comes neatly round to closure. In the above image I only wrap necklace round my wrist and hooked. My only complain with necklaces is that the hook is not so good quality as it comes off often, though its not applicable to all but most likely.

If you love wearing statement jewellery & not been able to make it used fully go for these tips to transforming them into another ornament. The only thing to understand is to pick the right kind of piece of jewellery to be used as ankle bracelet or head tiara. I hope you found it any useful and appreciate. See you in my next.


Thank You So Much For Reading. XOXO.

Spring Hair Care

Spring Hair Care

Hey you lovely people! Hair care is an essential step to avoid hair problems , With changing season and climate we also need to change hair products.You can never be sure of best hair all your life. Hair go through a lot of problems some people deal with dryness some are fed up with prevailing dandruff some are struck on short length as they don’t have enough growth while others are struggling from non stop hair fall. I personally dealt with severe hair fall years back & the actions which helped me were updated hair care routine, find the best product for my hair type, also I got test my physical deficiency because no matter how many product you use on hair it wont benefit unless the cause is identified. Vitamin D deficiency is the most common reason of hair fall if its not getting better with hair products. & scalp problems like dandruff and blocked pores also trigger hair fall. Generally seasonal hair fall gets fine on its own there is no need to be panic but if its incessant & not pausing you need to get it tested whether your are vitamin deficient . Hair need plenty of nutrients , blood to the roots for their growth and sustainability, When by any reason this circulation of blood to the roots get disturbed hair roots becomes fragile and prone to break. So today I am going to mention my trusted hair care products which are absolutely great on hair,

Kiehl ‘s Rice & Wheat Volumizing Shampoo

I have been using this shampoo for quite some time now and it was my best decision to invest on this one. As the name suggests It has rice & wheat which is perfect nutrition for weak & thin hair. This shampoo is thin consistency and so light on hair , it foams sufficiently in a gentle way. The fragrance is mild and refreshing . The packaging is quite basic consisting thick plastic bottle with click cap opening. I would recommend this to women who have unmanageable flat & lifeless hair. This shampoo make hair so soft & manageable as it remains tangle free with each combing. I would also mention that it do give perfect volume to the hair to look fuller. It may help you controlling hair fall also as it has great ingredients for hair to keep them healthy from the roots.

  • It revitalise hair without interrupting hair of its natural lipids.
  • After blow dry hair looks bouncy and soft.
  • Its best for hair fall phase when hair becomes flat due to excessive fall , it gives them fuller appearance.
  • Deep cleanse hair leaving no residue.
  • Deals gently with dandruff.
  • Ingredients – RICE , WHEAT , PROTEINS , AND JOJOBA SEED & RICE BRAN FOR CONDITIONING .Besides sugar wax, honey nectar lactic acids , vitamins , carotene, enzymes are some of other ingredients.
  • Price is 1800/-( 25 $ ) for 250 ml.
  • Parabens free.
  • Made is USA.

Kiehls Rice And Wheat Volumizing Conditioning Rinse

This is the conditioner which I highly recommend to use along with the shampoo to get the best results. This conditioner makes damaged hair so smooth and also repair them at the ends. The consistency is moderate and creamy it feels like a smoothening layer on the hair which you gonna love. Its perfect to use when you couldn’t do oiling and hair is frizzy it gives them nourishment in the length. Its always impressive to use conditioner on the strands not on the scalp as its gonna give hair problem. Talking about packaging its light weighted and convenient. It takes little amount to spread all over the hair go goes long way.

  • Ingredients Rice bran Oil, jojoba seed oil, honey , glycol, chinensis seed oil, candelilla wax, Wheat protein, protein etc.
  • Fragrance is so refreshing .
  • Manage hair ,makes them tangle free , smooth and strong .
  • 200 ml for 1550/- ( 22$)
  • Gentle on hair and control hair breakage .
  • Apply suitable amount after shampoo and spread evenly leave it there for 5-10 minutes and rinse.


  • Wheat has plenty of zinc ,iron , and vitamin B so its undoubtedly good for hair health.
  • Zinc helps with nourishment and treating scalp problems like dryness or dandruff.
  • Vitamin is main ingredient for hair growth. also Iron makes them stronger from the roots so that they doesn’t break easily.
  • Rice water adds shine and responsible for hair growth as well.

So do give it a try you might get what you want in a shampoo. For nourished hair do hair massage with some light hair oil which has some benefits to your hair and surely wash it after 20 minutes. Sometimes keeping oil in the scalp for longer time also trigger hair fall but that doesn’t explain not putting any oil in the head. You can even wrap hot towel around head after oiling for unblocking pores and deep penetration of oil to the roots. This is all for today see you in my next.


Thank you so much for reading. XOXO

Real Neat Blog Award

Hey you lovely people ! I am so glad to find that I am nominated for another award which is Real Neat Blog Award. I am so grateful to aspooniesmakeupbag for thinking of me and putting my name up for nomination. Its really kind of her. Do visit her blog for amazing make up ideas.

The ‘rules’ of the Real Neat Blog Award are:

1. Put the award logo on your blog.

2. Answer 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you.

3. Thank the people who nominated you, linking to their blogs.

4. Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs; and asking them seven questions.

5. Let them know you nominated them (by commenting on their blog etc.)

The Questions I was asked to answer ,

1. What book did you read as a teen that you still love now as an adult?

I am fond of books & my love for fiction is endless. I read a lot of books in my teenage but I hardly remember all of them. There was this book Once Upon a Curse which I loved reading in the year around 2002 or so and I really liked it. Besides there the blue mirror, my sister’s keeper which I loved reading that time.

2. What is your favorite and least favorite makeup product?

My favourite make up product is undoubtedly highlighter . I am so obsessed with using highlighter that I put it on always as I love the subtle sheen on my T zone . With using highlighter a simple face look too look gorgeous. My least favourite make up product is concealer as I dont use it so much .

3. What is the one accomplishment you are the proudest of?

My biggest accomplishment is passing through PGDEA which is MBA in Educational Administration , I found it proudest because under tough situation I made it possible with securing A grade. I was 7 months pregnant with my daughter that time it was 2014, it was hard to appear to the exams but I did it successfully.

4. What is your favorite skin care item and why?

I am very particular about trusting products for my skin . I just cant put on any random cream to my face. I study a lot things before investing in some skin care. I love LOCCITANE skin care range its very effective and cruelty free.

5. What makeup look would you like to try and master?

I have still not tried face painting and halloween look. I am looking forward to try that this year hopefully.

6. What is your favorite movie and why?

I love watching movies and I have seen best of movies so its unfair to name one but I liked this movie named Passengers . I loved how beautifully this one is created with right amount of excitement . Its such a hi-tech sci fi movie everyone must watch.

7. What is your favorite book and why?

Its really hard to answer this question as I read a lot of books and not able to put them on the scale of best books. However books like The mothers mistake , the women upstairs , I see you, Veronica decides to die, flawed1 & flawed 2, I let you go, are some of my favourite books . I am more of thriller & romance genre.

Now I am gonna nominate following blogs ,





My questions to nominees are,

  1. What is your favourite lipstick shade?
  2. What is your current perfume?
  3. What make up look you prefer the most?
  4. What was your biggest beauty blender?
  5. What is your biggest fear ?
  6. What is your quick food recipe?
  7. What are your hobbies ?

Thanks You So Much For Reading. XOXO

Sunshine Bloggers award

Sunshine Blogger Award Nominations

Hey you guys ! I am so excited to be nominated for Sunshine Blogger Award and I am equally thankful to outfit of the day blog who nominated me for this award. She is an amazing fashion blogger who never fails to inspire me with the outfit ideas. I would recommend her blog to every women do check her you must be getting great stuff.

The rules

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you in the post and link to their blog
  • Answer the 11 questions asked of you
  • List the rules and include the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post
  • Write a new list of 11 questions for your nominees
  • Nominate 11 bloggers for the Sunshine Blogger Award

My Questions

  • What’s your favorite food?

I am big foodie so I love any kind of food which meets my taste buds at the moment. There is nothing specific in food items and its hard to name one. I love Italian indian Chinese equally depends what mood I am in and go accordingly. I really like peri peri chicken then risotto varieties of pizza and hums.

  • What type of cuisine do you like the most? (Italian, Asian, …)

Its again the same thing I know I am very bad to pick one cuisine . Actually I relish all kind food but Italian is my preferred.

  • What is your favourite season?

I am more of winter person. Since I am from Delhi India , I get to experience all four season in a year. I don’t like scorching heat of summers as life becomes difficult and restless in 40 to 45. C. Monsoon is respite but its more humid after sun so I love winters when you can just step out anytime in well clad costumes.

  • What are your daily activities?

My day starts at 6.00 a.m with yoga which is then followed by meditation , it helps me soothing my mind so I can better go on with rest of my day. I am a tea lover and enjoy my customary tea on the balcony with myself. I love to cook for my family & we eat together. Since the lockdown my days involve mostly around domesticity but two things I cant skip in my day routine which are reading fiction on kindle and writing blogs. I do put requisite time for self care which involves skin care & hair care. I have separate day and night skin care routine which help my skin to look nice. These days I m not at work so binge watch Netflix with popcorns. I have set bed time routine which I dont disturb be it weekday or weekend .

  • What are the 5 things you can’t live without?

Well there is my family , cellphone, food , beauty products , and clothes of course .I also cant think of living without prayers offered to God every day. I just cant imagine my life without these things.

  • Do you have a favorite person, who is it?

I truly inspired by the ideologies of our prime minister of India Mr Narendra Modi Sir . He is the person I am very connected to by heart and impressed by his words & mind.He left me awestruck the way he improved things in our country.He is a man of virtues I think everyone loves him specially kids.

  • What series do you bingewatch on Netflix?

I love Netflix very much I cant imagine how my day would go if I dont watch it. Binge watching depends on the plot if something caught my interest I can not shift without finishing it and sometimes I drop the series after 5-10 minutes. My favourite Netflix series are YOU, The Stranger, Dirty John, Unbreakable , Stranger Things.

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  • What do you love the most about blogging?

I love the idea of sharing stuff with people across. Also I love to get great lifestyle ideas , suggestions innovations from other amazing bloggers.Its uplifting when others appreciate your posts & take out time to comment. The things which I like about blogging is that it is perfect productive pass time by giving knowledge and receiving knowledge in return.

  • Which topics are your favorite ones to write about? 

I love to write about beauty, wellness , lifestyle and motivational stuff. I also love to review beauty products. I am not confined to single menu as I write what I feel like writing that why may be in future you will be served with more categories.

  • What effect does the corona virus have on your life?

Corona virus has engulfed entire world in despair. I think my life is effected in the way that my morning & evening walks are restricted. I cant think of meeting friends and relatives, cant go to work . I badly need to see the world pacing around me in its earlier course. I wish to be back to my shopping spree going to the malls dining out catching up over coffee with friends. World has come to still it really needs to be moving now.

  • What do you miss the most during these corona times?

I am a shopaholic and sometimes I cant resist shopping spree. I miss bustling crowd that freely moved around. The wailing sirens honking horns its all so melancholically quiet now. I now think of gratefully for the time when we took our freedom for granted. I helplessly miss dinning out digging into scrumptious food. Even talking to people in the neighbourhood flinches like its unnatural.

I nominate the following bloggers they are amazing and so talented . They got great content and its always knowledgable.{ I do 7 }

  1. What is your favourite place ?
  2. What do you love to do in free time?
  3. What are your favourite colours and associated style ?
  4. What was the biggest surprise of your life?
  5. If you get to live with one thing what it would be?
  6. What is your dressing preference ?
  7. What was your favourite movie in 2019?
  8. What you hate the most?
  9. What was the thought behind starting up blogging?
  10. What did you learn on yourself during lock down?
  11. Who is the pillar of strength in your life?

I wish you all good luck with answering the questions, I’m very curious about your posts! Thank you for participating.


Thank you so much for reading.

Relationship Tips

Relationship Tips

“If you are in true relationship it wont let you sink”

Hey you guys ! Relationship is worth when it does all to make you alive & confident. It is that support which helps to cope up through thick and thin. Every relationship gets stronger when it is nurtured with care, affection trust and time. Someone once said if a person is giving you his time that is the most precious thing among others. Everything in this world draws your time towards commitments of any form for it to sustain. A child need mothers time, Plants need your time for watering them , Kids need mother’s time for their growth & even marriage takes equal time of two people who are associated together by vows of love. An ideal relationship is supporting, caring, benevolent, full of empathy and unshakeable. If a relationship lacks these qualities it surely not a perfect one or mean to collapse. They say no relation is perfect all has some flaws of some kind I do admit but if it lacks basic qualities of ideal relationship like love care respect its not gonna work no matter how long you wait for things to get in shape it won’t .It will keep exposing the patches. Any relation can be stronger with taking care of little little things. So today I am gonna mention some valuable points which can help growing up to unbreakable bond.

Avoid Argument

Avoid arguments as much as possible. There is a way to express calmly , blurting out in a fit of rage may end up relationship spark. Bickering about petty matters make you quarrelsome and somehow you become ready to rain abrupt phrases which might break the layer of respect your partner had for you. Never converse in an angry mood it wont give fruitful results instead you might create more issues together. Be quiet if you not feel to step in the heating pan. If you have to win an argument let it be your partner because you might win the argument but loose the person. Make sure to settle before and not go to bed with unsettle argument.


Respect each other for no reason it should be naturally intact. If you give respect you get the same in return. The boundary of respect keeps you in the limit you may double think to surpass until things are worst. Respect their decisions while putting up your opinion. Sometimes we cant see others point of view and keep pushing our opinion up to them. Be assertive be upfront but that should not be crossed to the length of ungratefulness and disrespect. When you take your relationship for granted chances are for you to receive the same. Don’t yell at each other until the house in on fire.

Love Is all

Love unconditionally. True love never dies and it cant be disguised . Love is strongest it keeps your partner tied with you. The efforts you put in for him little gestures of care it all counts and makes your love grow deeper together. Such love has no suspicion no doubt of cheating or being cheated. On the other side putting your soul into relation that doesn’t value will keep you bitter on the inside, However Going through the pain of cheating & mistrust indicate that this relationship is not worth keeping Move on then. Love is said to be happening many times but true love happens once and steadily it settles onto one person only throughout life and if it keep falling with others its not true love.

Remember Special Days

Celebrate special days birthdays anniversaries without miss. It has a way of rekindle existing bond . If possible plan something different create surprise make him feel loved and wanted. Man don’t express much but they also love surprises they also love to be pampered the way women do. Dont talk about unpleasant past mistakes make most of the day in good stuff.

Learn to forgive

Forgive mistakes for better relationship. Give them chance to improve to realise mistakes. Let them realise the effect of their mistakes on you but never give up . Don’t turn your back away from the person & problems. Forgive like the most natural thing don’t be sarcastic about issues talk clearly, Maintain transparency in your relations. Keeping secrets is not healthy whenever it expose it topples the world down.

Be Yourself

No matter how much some relation matters to you just don’t loose yourself to keep it. Compromises never work may be for the time being but not forever. If something mean to stay it will. Compromises makes you vulnerable & with time it realises that you are no longer that person you used to be. Suppressing your real identity brings dejection and despondency in the long run. You can adjust with people with your compromises but can loose the joy of living. True love brings the best in you it find you perfect the way you are. People who ask you to change will change one day. Skip the thought and focus on making you better in person .

Thank you so much for Reading. XOXO

How to wear kajal smudge free

Hey you guys ! Welcome back to my blog with another post which is related to kohl application. Kohl is something every women love to wear, One side it makes eyes appear bigger and other side its looks glam. Kohl has this quality to transform simple look to appealing in minutes. It is one of those cheaper beauty item makes you gorgeous effortlessly anytime. I personally am kohl lover back from my college days I remember wearing kohl everyday I first started with Lakme Kajal which was only eye make up then. One thing about kohl is not so pleasing which is the smudge. No matter how precisely you apply it does smudge more or less. Beauty Stores are flooding with smudge free kohl which claims to give smudge free eyes for hours but they seldom work, So I have come with my personal tips for wearing kohl in a way that stays fresh in the eyes smudge free.


This tip is simple yet workable. Apply bit of concealer under eyes including lash line before kohl to prevent it from budging . Concealer sets into the skin around eyes soaking oil thus mattifies under eye area for long lasting kohl. You can also use this trick for clean kohl application as many times under eye area looks dull when kohl is applied without having brighten it up with the concealer. Concealer make it look clean also smudge free for long time. In concealer cream concealer are best for this purpose as they are thick and well adhere to the skin than liquid ones.

Foundation powder

Foundation powder are also best to quick fix kohl smudge , it can be used before or after . It is best for the time when you got smudge in the middle of the day all you can do is swipe it with the dab of powder to make it look in order. Powder settles kohl in the same way as concealer. The powder can be baking powder or setting powder also.

Eye shadow

For long lasting kohl top it with black powder eye shadow and it will look thicker and more defined. The dab of powder eyeshadow turn gel kohl into matt which control smudge and eyes are neat. It even serves the purpose of smokey eyes.


Kohl quality is another important thing to look for. Creamy kohl smudge easily in contact with little humid or sweat. Go for matte ones it stays longer on eyes without smudge. Kajal cum eyeliner products also can be considered as it does dual action. Invest in quality product for eyes. Also check for eye allergy if you have to some particular ingredient in the kohl which makes you rub eyes. Rubbing eyes frequently wash off kohl from water line and it spreads all over. Apply kohl after putting tear eye drops which keeps eyes moist and less irritable to stop rubbing them. If you are fan of long lasting kajal in all weather circumstances go for waterproof it does not budge easily be it washing off face or drenching in the rain. Kay Beauty Kohl is very good for this purpose it stays longer smudge free in the eyes. Clinique kajal Blackened Black 04 is good for sensitive eyes .

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Are you Having Disturbed Sleep

Getting enough of sleep is very important for healthy mind & fresh body . Due to certain reasons our sleep pattern get disturbed. There might be many reasons for not getting sound sleep. Research says Having adequate sleep is directly responsible for happy mood. You must have noticed if the last night sleep is disturbed we don’t feel fresh the next morning. Our body feels weary and mind absurd. Sleep is the way to recharge brain for the next day”s activity. Its alarming if one doesn’t get regular sleep hours because it would be effecting other body cycles. If this is something relatable to you & lately began to have irregular sleeping hours go through these possible reasons and address the problem based on your symptoms.


Spending too much time on your mobile phones laptop & other gadgets can cause greatest distraction which results into uneasy mind and for having smooth sleep mind should be calm and relaxed. Most of the people are games addict some are attentive to every notification it plays, Some are preparing presentations for meeting while some are glued to social media updates. It doest feel but such reasons disturb our brain and ask it to be alert all the time . Brain needs to be off burden before sleeping & you’re checking of mobile phones intermittently wont rest the brain to prepare for the sleep it needs at the scheduled timings. Besides other reasons of distraction is over thinking , Thinking of problems , personal issues or day mishap deeply for hours snatch sleep away.


Insomnia is result of mental imbalance. People who suffer from depression have nervous system disorder can have insomnia where they get very less & erratic sleep. Certain medication also cause insomnia. This state is difficult and person becomes irritable due to inadequate sleeping hours. On the contrary some medication provides sedatives which fulfil sleep deficiency. If you have been seeing the symptoms of insomnia do see the doctor to cure it.

Changed schedule

Another reason of disturb sleeping routine is afternoon nap or mid day siesta. It does affect night sleep in a way that either you might be completely out of sleep or the sleep falls into eventually at midnight. Sometimes you feel drowsy more in the daytime than night. Having sleep in the day time surely not gonna give smooth sleep at night. So in that case its not stressful for body as it feels fresh and mind relaxed except you might have disturbed sleep at night but somehow ideal hours of sleep has been obtained on the whole..

Active mind

If you are too excited about next days ‘s planning its gonna take your sleep away. The excitement might be related to some happening event , someone special visiting you or something special coming up which keeps your brain racing around thoughts. Sometimes it even might be stressful thoughts of the earlier day so this is why the sleep pattern might be delayed.

  • Do read a book before bedtime it makes sleep easy.
  • Chuck mobiles phones off an hour before scheduled sleeping time. Also keep the phones away from bedside corners so that the urge to peer into the screen might be dismissed.
  • Keep the notification off after dinner.
  • Avoid sipping on tea coffee prior bedtime as it boost energy and stimulate brain functions.
  • Take a brisk walk post dinner to have light stomach. With full stomach sleeping might cause ingestion, bile juice in the food-pipe or flatulence which may also affect sleep.
  • Try to breathe & calm your mind get rid of thoughts which might trigger your thinking process.
  • Dont fall into so much of discussion or arguments before sleep to avoid stress.
  • Its important to have at least 8 hours of sleep in a day for a healthy mind .
  • The quantity of meal and time also responsible to sleep .if you are starving or not have dinner at regular timings it may disturb the sleep cycle .

Thank You So Much For Reading.XOXO

Daily Moisture Dose for Body

Daily Moisture Dose for Body

A well nourished skin is the best skin which needs no disguise.

Hey you lovely folks ! A healthy Smooth body is equally important as a radiant face is , It occurs that face receives all the attention and regular care but body gets neglect. Lack of moisture results into dry scaly body which initially start with just dryness but in the long run of moisture deficiency it becomes irritating, it may develop itching or eczema like symptoms. My dermatologist once told me that if you experience itching in your body it indicates that the amount of nutrition it needs in terms of moisturiser is not being given adequately. A lot of you may wonder that why the body remains unhydrated even after regular application of best body lotion. It really doesn’t matter how expensive your body lotion is its just the matter of hydration level which has in it. You have to check wisely how much hydration you need like if your skin is dry extremely dry or just normal skin of body. Also its imperative to check the consistency and post effect on the skin whether its is soft for the time being or remains so whole day.Whether your chosen body lotion is able to replenish skin requirements or its just a cream. I personally check thickness and 24 hours hydration even in the summers for that I keep trying body lotions and have come to reach on to these best body lotions for my skin which not only soothe heal but makes my skin soft all day and forever.

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion

Well this one of my all time favourite body lotion. I instantly fell in love with it seeing the instant effect. Its perfect for all skin types and boon for dry skin. The formula is like butter, thick, and quick dissolving only leave considerable moisture on the skin surface which doesn’t feel greasy but deep inside its does the job so deeply that you dont need anything else on body to hydrate. If you are in worst body skin you will see the results from day 1. It has Oatmeal & rich emollient that makes is fast absorbing and non greasy & maintain skin PH balance. The best part is its non comedogenic and even have separate lotion for eczema prone or sensitive skin. The other products from Aveeno are ameeno body wash, ameeno baby body range ameeno derma emollient cream. Knees , elbows and other area which is needed paying attention and gets rough in devoid of it ameeno lotion is perfect for healing such parts.

  • With the goodness of oatmeal and emollient
  • non comedogenic
  • Comes in a pack of 354ml for 850 /- INR $12
  • 24 hrs hydration, best for sensitive eczema prone skin.

Jergens Body Lotions

My another favourite and best moisturiser is of course Jergens”. I am so glad that after having tried so many lotions my search ended on these. The formula is perfectly thick to keep skin soft for hours. The lotion has African shea butter which is known to be great for deep moisture also it makes skin radiant with regular use. I would say these two lotions are best for winters and if they can satiate winter body needs they are perfect summer body lotions too. I loved everything about it right from packaging which is sturdy comes with dispenser easy pump , fragrance which is mild and soothing, hydration which stays 24 hrs and skin lightening which do reflects in days of daily use. This is one of those inexpensive body lotions which has double benefits for skin with that of expensive ones.

  • Main ingredients are cocoa see butter, Caramel , Mango seed butter etc.
  • Dermatologist tested.
  • Price 499/- 7$ for 400 ml.

St ives Daily Hydrating Body Lotion

St Ives offer great bath to skin care range and its very effective for the price it has. I have used body shower and body lotions only from St Ives and it felt remarkable on skin. The consistency of the body lotion is medium but it hydrates deep within however you might have to reapply if you are extremely dry skin. Its perfect summer lotion with adequate hydration. Skin feels nourished smooth non greasy. It is another inexpensive body lotion in the price it offers also the quantity is considerably high. There are many variance such as Vitamin E & avocado body lotion, Oatmeal & shea butter body lotion, Blueberry & chia seed, coconut & orchid, skin renewing collagen elastin body lotion, etc. So a great range to choose from as per your liking and skin need. Since it is made with 100 percent natural moisturisers so skin safe and good choice for sensitive skin. It behaved well with my skin no complaints with the product performance.You can also trust any of them for your daily body lotion and you wont regret. Price 649/- 9$ for 621 ml. I regret for not having empty bottles as I have thrown them without considering.

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Daily Skin Nutrition at all age

Daily Skin Nutrition at all age

Hey you folks! Proper skin nutrition is responsible for healthy skin. Its just like healthy diet need for healthy body. Our skin is the barrier to harmful substance so it go through a lot on daily basis. To keep skin ready to fight against signs of ageing and other problems it should be given what it needs. Moisture deficient skin becomes dry and soon gets wrinkled. Its not important how often you hydrate but it should be well absorbed into the skin. Also its equally important to upgrade skin care products as per age and changing skin needs. So I am gonna reveal some great daily moisturiser for healthy & supple skin you may love to look.

Garnier wrinkle lift moisturiser

Garnier wrinkle lift moisturiser is my all time favourite moisturiser . The consistency is equally fair its not too thick not too thin just perfect to blend into the skin. It keeps skin hydrated and also has anti wrinkle properties which makes it perfect moisturiser for every girl after 25. It is retinol in nature which keeps wrinkles at bay and even women after 30 can take it as anti ageing moisturiser which not only firms but fight with dryness. It is advanced anti wrinkle cream with the goodness of ginger active essence of cherries combined with bilberry extracts. Ginger fasts skin regeneration process which heal dull skin quickly. So if you are struggling with finding good inexpensive drugstore anti wrinkle moisturiser this is that. The price is quite unbelievable for the benefits , its just for 260/- for 40 gm.

Plum E Luminence Deep Moisturising Cream

Plum is another skin care brand in affordable range which came recently into my attention though I have had good reviews about it but this time having used it on me I am good to say its a great daily moisturiser for all age though it has not any special treatment to skin other than moisturising. The consistency is moderate and it feels like quick absorbing. The best is about that its not sticky so oily skin can use it as night cream. The moisturiser has vitamin E with 12 other Phyto -nutrients responsible for soft bouncy dewy skin at any age. If you got other signs of ageing a well suitable serum can be put in place with this moisturiser. It has refreshing light fragrance which subside soon . This moisturiser has some other features as well which make it great every day moisturiser.

Its free from animal testing. Its has no paraben, mineral oil, paraffin and silicone. 100 percent vegan formula Does not break out give skin fresh glow.
Cost effective 575/- for 50 ml

The Face Shop Rice Ceramide Moisturiser

The face shop has this great moisturiser which is perfect dose for daily hydration. It comes with the benefit of rice and ceramide which makes it more trustable after 30, skin requirements. It is intense moisturiser which deeply hydrates soothe and brighten dull dry skin. Dry skin people need to have something like this. The hydration stays in for hours & doesn’t need to reapply. Ceramide helps with wrinkles also. The food rice and eggs etc also have ceramide so have them in plenty for soft smooth skin. Talking about consistency its intense but quick absorbing in summers it can be heady for day time but can always serve as night cream. There is light fragrance which is calming to the senses. Since its thick little amount is sufficient for full face.With regular use skin feels bright and more even. After 30 when skin needs more moisture it make it possible with ceramide and rice brain oil . The container is of glass which keeps the benefit intact for long time . Price is genuine as 1200 for 50 ml.

Innisfree Jeju Cherry Blossom Cream

This is clear gel form of moisturiser , non sticky, no shine and nonresidual. It is very good for oily skin people as it doesn’t stay on face whereas completely dissolves into the skin and suitable for all skin types. Having used this for one month I personally felt my skin remains soft and moisturised even after hours of application which is very good as I don’t have to reapply. During winters I usually get my hands on such moisturiser which hydrates and soothe dryness plus not look shiny, So on that it got full marks ,for reference I am normal skin. For summers it work with humid and not greasy It has cherry as main ingredient which is a good antioxidant and has inflammatory properties plus naturally derived betaine that creates moisture barrier that is why skin doesn’t dry and glows from inside. Price 1700/- 50 ml.

Thank you so much for reading.XOXO

Birthday Party during Quarantine

Hey you guys ! Welcome back to my blog . The quarantine situation is not ceasing any soon & its sad for people who have birthdays coming up or already had. Birthdays are always special and we wait round the year to have ours. No wonder you would have planned lots of surprises for your birthday, having a rocking birthday bash and have great gathering of people to celebrate the occasion make you fell loved but its not happening your way but fret not. I m gonna give you few ideas to celebrate birthday party during quarantine trust me its gonna be memorable and why not? We Should always figure out ways to go with the situation rather than feel bad about it. Let’s know how to celebrate birthdays or special days being locked in the house.

Dress to impress

Wear your favourite dress , look glam put the make up on. Do it the way you had planned. The best thing about make up is it can quickly change dull mood to happy mood. Match best pair of footwear wear your favourite fragrance and look like a birthday doll. Trust me by doing so you gonna feel excited. Situation is going to be the same forever, Next year it all will be memories so create memories of the day than letting go in ungratefulness.

Click Pictures

Take selfie & related pictures , You may love to look back at the pictures. Take pictures with family members or with people who are with you at the time. Share with dear ones who could not join you in the given situation. Take your time to do little things which make you feel happy. Plant a seed on this day just for remembrance if you could carry it to next year to the same day, you will feel nice about it.

Make a bake

Since bakery shops are shut down no hope to get your pictured cake. Don’t worry even muffin will do if you can manage to bake one or try easy cake recipes from YouTube which needs general ingredient easily available in the kitchen. I yesterday tried such recipe of coco lava from YouTube and that turn out really well without messing around. If nothing significant lay chocolate biscuit topped with chocolate syrup or any toppings you can arrange that moment . Decorate room turn the music on and be ready to blow candles.

Connect with friends

Inviting friends over not possible ? No worries ask them to be virtually present for cake cutting. Design free bday cards and send them across. Celebrate birthday or special days virtually this year. When you have them on screen , live , hear their voices singing birthday song for you its all gonna feel right and happy. Virtual games can also be played. I f you stay alone connect with family talk to them about happy things memories to make the day positive. Gift to self even if its just a chocolate.

Our special days are always meant to bring happiness to our life so keep it intact & smile.It helps soothing nerves. If its your birthday today go get ready for the celebration what are you waiting for.

Thank you so much for reading. XOXO

Metallic Green Eye Look

Metallic Green Eye Look

Hey you lovely folks! Welcome back ! I have tried another new eye look & its feel good to share that with you. Due to persistent lockdown I am not able to get new eye palettes even E commerce companies delivering essential items.But I dont see it as a constraint to create new eye looks I have plenty of shades already if combine all my eye palettes & I have not used all of them yet , so for this look I have used such eye shadow palette from LA girl which I got few months back but not used specifically other than one two brown nudes. I want to quickly mention that this palette is amazing. I fact LA girl has quality beauty stuff in affordable prices. This look is created with just 4 shades and its look glam too so without delay let’s proceed with how I achieved this look in simple steps.

Products Used

  • Face @ Mac concealer …… It perfecting airbrush powder
  • Brows @Elizabeth arden ebony
  • Mascara @ Mac false lashes extreme black
  • Eyeliner @ Mac Technakohl Auto de blu
  • Highlighter @Huda Beauty
  • Kohl @Bobbi Brown smokey eye kajal Noir
  • Lips @ Mac Runway hit.


Honestly I have not used any foundation for this look , just used concealer with compact to create canvass. Made sure to have moisturised skin. Concealer too in little amount just for under eye area nose and chin. I set the concealer just by It perfecting powder and I would say this is my cult favourite. It makes skin flawless in just secs. Every girl need to have this for quick face fix up. Highlighted cheeks considerable but since its golden so camera could not do justice in accentuating that. Not contoured anything specific kept it natural with powder.Kept brows thicker using Elizabeth brow powder. I naturally have thick black brows so little black brow product make it visibly dense.


I have taken 4 shades from the palette, Though they are not named anything so give them 1-4 as reference I first took shade no1 which is nude shade to apply all over my eyes upper and Lower lids. After that I apply eyeliner which is from Mac and can be used use both kohl and eye liner . I wing it slightly at the edges. Next shade no 2 is metallic green and light than the darker green which is Hex colour( 4). I use metallic green on upper lids on eyeliner along the line and similarly on lower lids make ( this pattern to apply. Next shade no 3 I applied from the outer corners to transition area just to accentuate eyes and give them better opening. I regret it was very good off camera when I clicked it in the sunlight colours turn out bright without being separate tone wise. I applied kohl in my eyes smudged a bit & little colour I put on my lower outer lids from shade no 4.Blend all the colours well to even out.Little bronze gold I put on my tear duct just to make it shine. I double coat my lashes with mascara to make it thicker.

Lips & Cheek

I chose Runway hit which is nude pink & perfect for fair and medium skin tones. The formula is smooth and hydrating. I fill evenly and not apply any gloss leave it as it is. I apply golden highlighter generously on my cheeks & temples of forehead . Again golden highlighter not turned out apparently due to bright sun light. Huda Beauty highlighter palette has four shades to bronze sculpt and highlight and its creamy formula. Have reviewed it before.You can check out in best highlighter section.So this is how I created this super easy eye look hope you liked and enjoy reading. This look is perfect for day to evening and it looks gorgeous. .


Thank you so much for reading.XOXO

What To Do When Things Are Unfavourable

Hey you lovely people! Welcome back to my blog . As human we immensely deal with psychological imbalance of behaviour in day to day life, be it having sudden tantrums or having emotional wreck. Sometimes little things makes us grateful and other time greatest things doesn’t. Some moments make us carried away while some moments turn down our happy mood to despondency. Its natural to be angry envious or emotional for the time being but to nest above emotions permanently gonna disrupt the equation of a peaceful mind. They say happy mind is the key to happy life but depends what is the definition of a happy life. I think if you are content with everything you have on your platter you may called happy. Happiness is not a permanent state of mind though it keeps changing with time & resources . You are not supposed to be happy with the stuff you dreamt of months back because now your happiness quotient has been changed. The mantra of stress free life is to have balanced emotions. Excessive love hate or anger is not good for self and also may destroy relationship. So there are few tips to deal with overwhelmed situations,

Breathe & let it go

Suppose you are agitated over something or someone better to breathe and let the moment pass. The same applies for heat arguments. Dont revert with flushed brain no wonder you gonna spill something you may end up regret whole life also deliberately said words in the given situation can not be taken back but moment is surely gonna pass so is your emotion. One thing is surely rememberable that harsh words are hard to erase from memory. Sometimes in the flash of anger we express all that we wont in a sane mind. This may cause rift in the relations which is not good for further bonding. Forgive people to the length your heart allows if its unacceptable let it go.

Nothing is permanent

Nothing in life is permanent , People come and go , relationships wreck. Some give you hard lessons of reality some may bitter rest of your journey of life then who to fight and why? Will it help ? Life is like a growth graph which is rising and falling but continuously moving. Each fall is like a taught lesson to make us improved than before. Even nature has silent lessons to preach this rotation. Dusk would have been dawn tomorrow , spring would be autumn. Storm can any time knock out habitat disruptive lives but it all has to come to an end after awhile . No matter how worse the situation is something good is surely under wrap. Train your mind to deal with negativity around with a brimming hope that best is yet to come . Find solution not by being impulsive but calm. If you have lost someone something and life seems difficult without think positively about the meaning the message which is intact with may be its for your betterment. May be it want to see you stand on our feet doing better.

Destiny is Kind

Destiny has something good for everyone in some phase of life. It is written in the way which is good for us but we are unable to see the goodness and mourn over the path which leads us, that might be bumpy full of pits dark but the destination has some hidden surprise for sure. They say never give up , because if you chuck in the middle you wont feel the joy of achievement. So when we cant control it we can make it better by having optimistic mind. Believe in karma it pay us back in the same amount. People who hurt us it will come back to them sooner or later we need to be calm & earnest.

Expectation Depresses

We all expect better life, better people around better exposures but we end up regret why? because it is not what is written on our slate of destiny it is that we have built inside our mind for our own comfort. Our expectation is our true enemy which makes us loose interest from people things and eventually life. If somebody does act as per our expectation it hurts because we expected but rather not expressed. Expectation makes us vulnerable to the people. The same expectation we keep out of our destiny and it frustrates when it doesn’t perform the way we want it to as it performs on the basis of our past and present karma. We complain people hurt us by not doing the things we want them to but we actually need to remove this knot of expectation from our mind for a strong and smooth life.

Thank you so much for reading . XOXO

Product Review Garnier BB Cream

Product Review Garnier BB Cream

Hey you folks! Welcome back to my blog , I have trusted BB creams since the time I started knowing what skin correction is. I trusted them a lot for my skin since I had no skin routine in particular. I had it as my regular base for face to make it look even and spot free. They are convenient and skin friendly so I personally use it for my regular outings. Today I am going to explain about my current BB cream which has been incessant to me in a while. That is Garnier Skin Naturals BB Cream which has been my favourite so far for every reason. Lets know all about it.


BB cream has all the features of a beauty bream. It has moisturising properties, serum goodness, SPF foundation & concealer. I you want all the features in just one cream then go BB cream. Since it has foundation and concealer which is what helps to covers blemishes minor scars and even out skin texture.

Garnier BB Cream is very light super absorbing and does the job accurately The packaging is light travel friendly even there are sizes as per requirement. I had mine in small pack just to give it a try but I will admit that I have been used 2-3 such packs and looking for chance to get bigger one as I have completely satisfied with the product to go on further. The size is of 9gm.


  • The formula is fairly hydrating keeps moisture intact for long hours even winter does not make skin dry.
  • The shade is standard and mix with every skin tone easily.
  • What I liked best about it that it takes a pea size amount to cover entire face that way it goes long.
  • The fragrance is not overpowering instead soothing to the senses.
  • It comes with SPF24 UVB /UVB protection which is good for daily use..
  • It has vitamin C almond extract plus minerals for brightening. Vitamin C is responsible for brighter skin, almond has moisturising properties and other skin benefits and minerals transform face into radiant glowing skin.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • I have been using it without any skin concerns like break outs allergy or other.
  • Price is 165/- which is nominal for some good BB cream like this.


Not any

DISCLAIMER This post is not promotional & have affiliate links.

So this is perfect pick for everyday skin needs and also the cost is minimal per use. Girls at teenage can start with something like this or any women for quick touch up of face.


Thank you so much.XOXO

Dessert Eye Make Up Look

Dessert Eye Make Up Look

Hey you lovely folks ! Welcome back to my blog , Well happy weekend in whatever way you plan it to be. Today I am here with another full face make up look which is deep, sensuous and quite easy to create. The look is quite perfect for special outings evenings or get together. I have seemingly put up warm tone to make it stand out. Since I am more of nude tone make up person trying out something in quite different theme has been refreshing and I liked it fully. If you liked the outward images & want to know how I achieved this look read throughly.

Products used

  • Face @ Mac studio Water Weight SPF 30 foundation NC 30 (33$
  • Face Moisturiser Glam glow starter + Mac strobe cream
  • Primer @ Mac prep + prime Natural Radiance (MRP-2100/-)
  • Finishing Powder @ Mac prep + prime transparent
  • Eyes @ ColorBar Hook Me Up Eye shadow Palette (MRP- 1350)
  • Kohl @ Clinique Blackened Black 01(1400/-)
  • Brows @benefit ( MPR 1240/-)
  • Blush @ Mac Extra Dimension Blush
  • Lips @ smashBox liquid lipstick shade Disorderly( MRP- 2050/-)


I have prepped my face in quite basic way since I am not so much of contouring person. I followed my usual steps which are cleansing toner moisturiser .I always love that glow on face which can only be achieved by great amount of hydration before make up. I take good time to hydrate my skin before foundation so that it would not look caky. I mix good amount of glam glow with pea sized Mac strobe cream and apply well. I apply foundation which is now nicely absorbed into the skin making it more smooth glowing. I have not used any concealer but did the correction with foundation itself. To set base I took finishing powder and dust off all over. I would like to mention that although I am NC 25 but I got this shade to use for not porcelain face as I want it to be deep and warm so used NC 30. Blush is from Mac only and its also deep pink somewhat maroon. With filling brows I am ready for eyes and rest of the make up.


I am taking color bar eye shadow palette which has all the perfect warm shades along with highlighters. The quality of the palette is good for the money and I see that its fairly pigmented. I use my fingers to apply as these are best for me to apply eyeshadow. So the palette has 7 shades and there is no name mention on shades for reference. I am assuming it 1to 7. I very first take this shade no.4 from left side which is beige I apply on the creases and blend. Next shade is no. 5 on the upper lid. shade no 6 which is deep red I take and apply on above shade 5 on the upper lid and blend. I deepen the shade with more strokes. Above it I chose shade no 2 which is light golden with yellow tinge and apply on the upper centre part od the lid to highlight the area. Next shade is no 7 which is deep purple which I apply on the transition but a very little amount just to darken the outer corners and blend separately. For tear duct I take same shade 2 to add yellow tinge to the eyes and make it appealing. Take good coat to deepen golden yellow. Shade no 1 I put on brow bone and glisten it. I end up curling my lashes and coat them with mascara. I kohl my eyes and smudge for not so clean look. As I am done almost by applying lipstick its all finished for the look. Smashbox lipstick review I have done earlier so if you want to check how they are you can check.

So this is the final result I have skipped using any highlighter as I dont intend to make it more highlighted along with warm tones , tried to keep it deep with natural tone of skin.Let me know if you liked this look.I will come with more vibrant looks in future. Stay connected see you in my next.


Thank you so much for reading. XOXO

Rice Tip for closet

Rice Tip for closet

Hey you beautiful folks , Welcome back to my blog if you are first time visitor big Hello !Today I had completed a long due task of arranging my closet which seemed an impossible task to me as piled up clothes in the closet always made me weary. I don’t intent to touch them until they start over flowing. I am an organised person I monthly arrange each section of my closet but what makes me irritated is that it does remain the same. And due to extra burden of work in during pandemic this task seemed better to postpone. The thing which need to understand is if all type of stuff is separately organised in the closet chances are less for mess. So I added few tricks this time for more space also less clutter. Also I include rice hack to my wardrobe and want to share with you as well. I used limited sets of organiser just to make everything nicely done. I admit that just by little effort my closet has got better view also having arranged them in particular boxes will save my time and energy to find them back. So I have added just three types of organisers as of now to sort it out as I cant get hold of more in time of lockdown. Lets know more ,


Boxes are best way to keep clothes which are not frequently needed, Like heavy gowns , indian attires seasonal outfits or something which have not now got your interest in long time but you can need it later. Boxing them & rest on the top selves can give maximum room for clothes which need regular requirement. It can be easily bought from lifestyles stores & all sizes are available as per utility to accommodate stuff.

Drawer organiser

Drawer organiser are best to organise small things like inner wear, jewelleries, tights, camisoles etc. The best thing is they are easily found you dont need to shuffle entire closet for this cause. I am not so professional in arranging closet but I include those organisers which I found practical to deal with. Even acrylic organisers are help to nicely arrange make up stuff. I have those where I have stacked some of my make up and cosmetics on the vanity.

Arrange work wear separately in hangers, removed out of fit and style clothes , Make place for daily and essential wear accordingly its gonna help you later when life is again on busy track.

Hanging storage

These are most useful for small closet when you struggle to make it look good , It abode small items so well also quick retrieve for use.Currently I have two in two different closet.Its looks like long hanging with 4-5 selves. It got adhesive tape to fasten it around the closet rod . I stack all my chiffon , georgette tops shirt separately in each shelf of it., As its not supposed to plonk heavy times. They can be best used to accommodate sling bags clutches and medium size tote bag. I have not tried it for handbags yet instead I rack them in line on a self for better view to pick.

Quarantine is best time for arranging closet, declutter it and make room for useful things in there. I did the task forcibly but I have a flash relief to see it in order, Also main thing is that by reshuffling stuff you get things or clothes you forgot you had them in the first place .

Rice tip

The tip is quite simple and you must be already knowing , my mum used it long back when phenopthelene balls were not quite a thing. So take handful of rice in a net piece of cloth so that rice is visible but not slip out. Place few rose petals spray fragrance oil ( optional) and wrap it as potli. Keep it anywhere in the closet and instantly the scent make it good in there.


  • Rice is best to absorb dampness which is not good for hygiene point of view. Damp closet attracts germs which can effect health also as some bugs suppose to rot pure silk and woollen materials.
  • Keeping rice make insides dry and refreshing.
  • Rice is no harm to anyone even if it touches anyone or cloth. There is no chemical which might harm children if they rummage through.
  • Many times closet adhere to musty smell out of clothes which are not worn in long time so saves them from producing bad odour.
  • Even rice potli can be placed in the drawing room or any room you think of refreshing change.
  • Change the potli after every one month for more efficacy.

So this is that rice tip hope you found it useful. Sorry for not posting any pics of updated closet as its still going on & I am out of energy :).See you in my next with another post.


Thank you so much for reading.XOXO

Tropical Eye Make Up With Smashbox Eye Palette

Tropical Eye Make Up With Smashbox Eye Palette

Hey you lovely people ! What’s up at your end , Here lockdown period been extended by first week of May. It seems a long time but as long as we are safe wont mind being locked in. Life has come to stand still ..How earnest we all are to get back to normal life. This too shall pass with strong will power determination and patience. So lets not bore more pessimism I am grateful to the almighty for each day I am waking up with new energy and breath. So today I am gonna bring some beautiful colours to the eyes by showing you this bright yet charming tropical eye look which is quite easy to create and it looks mesmerising. I have used smash box eye shadow palette for creating this look, if you want to know in detail about palette quality and everything check out the review under My top eyeshadow palettes. In this post I am going to describe the method which can help you getting this look.

Products used

  • Face @Chanel foundation 20 beige
  • Compact @it perfecting airbrush face powder
  • Eyes@ Smash box pinks + palms eye palette
  • Mascara @ Chanel 10 noir
  • Brows @Mac stud
  • Blush @ L.A Colors Pink & Playful Blush & highlighter
  • Lips @Smashbox liquid lipstick
  • Kohl @kay beauty waterproof eye pencil
  • Nails @Colorbar color crush 42



I have already done my face with using foundation and compact, I have skipped using any concealer as I dont have prominent dark circles . Just little more foundation and compact does all the difference for prepping up face.You can always stay with your existing base prep steps & free to use required quantity of concealer. I start with eye make up using little foundation just two drops on my eyes to make the base.The first shade I take is flamingo pink which is nude pink apply all over lids. Next shade for crease area is Mellon Baller which is darker than flamingo pink I apply and deep the colour by reapplication if need I blend it properly so it looks even. Next shade which I apply on lid area is Party pants which is fuchsia with little shimmer . I deepen using finger tips at this step the shades are visible Clearly in the sequence of darkness and brightness. To my inner lid corners I take shade Palm print which lightest baby pink to brighten the effect on lids. I take more party pants on transition area to darken outer conners, Now I took next shade which is Borrowed Bling. Its very light shimmery pink & perefect for adding shimmer to the central lid area. I apply with finger tips on the upper lid area to upward making perfect arch of highlighter. I deepen with more coats and blend separately. On lower lids I took 72 & sunny which metallic gold and apply along the lash line and blend add ore coats if gold is not visible.To line the lash line I chose ColorBar neon pencil above metallic shade to give subtle color. To brighten this entire eye look I used Palm Print which is sea green shade and perfect for tear duct. Since this shade is bright but light I need to coat it 2-3 times to get the colour visible. At last used Borrowed bling on my brow bone to highlight them.Take good time to blend the shades separately & perfectly for smooth finish. I have skipped using false lashes this time and did my lashes with just Chanel mascara and applied kohl in water line for sharp look.

P.S Since the shade used in tear duct is visibly sea foam green but it didn’t come out as it was, it looks bluish but this also looks good guess. Seafood green has tendency to reflect blue colour in images.


Lips & Cheeks

To keep the rest of the look equally tropical I used smash box liquid lipstick which is bright purple and its very beautiful plus trendy shade. I didn’t line lips as the applicator itself is perfect to line in one stroke. For deep pink blush I used La colors shade 4 which is deep pink but looks perfect pink on application. This palette is good pick in budget as it purpose of blush highlighter and bronzer. The cakes are so good in quality and deeply pigmented. It dissolves into skin like without being chalky. Perfect palette for beginners.

MRP- 675/-

Hope you liked the look. You must have seen how easy its to create and result is beautiful. I mostly blend with fingers so not mentioned any brush name or number. Wear this look for any occasion its perfect and not too much to have restricted occasion.You can change tear duct shade each time for more glamorous look out of one style. Any bold or metallic or shimmer can be used for more variation. This is all for today ,See you in my next.


Thank you so much for reading.XOXO

Loreal Paris Top Lipstick Shades

Loreal Paris Top Lipstick Shades

Hey you lovely people , Welcome back to my blog with another post which is gonna reveal my top picks of lip shades from Loreal Paris. I am a lipstick lover and for me the more the less. If you have been connected with me for a while you must be knowing that. Lipsticks play an important role to the whole look even with little colour on lips any face can be made lively. I am always hoarding lipsticks sometime for the shades & sometimes for the brand in this way I have huge collection of lipsticks. I know its same with every girl. Though I have all kind of shades dark & light but I am more of nude shade person unless its an occasion. So today I am gonna show you some good shades which I have from the brand .Loreal Paris was my second lipstick brand after Lakme since I started wearing lipstick. Lets have a look on some Loreal Paris shades which are best for day to night every occasion.


The formula of the lipstick is matte but not drying. It keeps lips fairly satin. All the shades are deeply pigmented. There are categories of lipsticks on the basis of form and formula , There is rouge collection , liquid lipstick collection ,satin & gloss etc. I am only putting up shades from Loreal Paris color riche lipstick & Balmain. The price range is quite pocket friendly even beginners can start with something like this. The shades in the swatches are perfect for nude to bold to dramatic look. The packaging looks luxurious in budget sturdy black with golden detailing on the cap. Although only Balmain collection has various colour on outer packaging like blue , black Greenland metallic that opens into different shades. It stays for long hours if you don’t have the habit of Mmmm your lips.

Shades { Refer to the swatches}

Peach perfect is perfect peach good for bright look, day wear and night wear as well. Can go well on dark and fair complexion. It is not that nude peach but quite bright and lively.

  • Orange power is bright orange . Perfect shade for summers. Go well on all skin tones
  • Plum Tuxedo is perfect plum colour shade, and looks beautiful on lips .
  • Scarlet Silhouette is shade for women who love deep red.
  • Evening Sur seine is nude pink but has deep colour which looks so beautiful on lips . it may not be that apparent on dark complexion .
  • Mahogany stud is nude brown for daily wear.
  • Metallic has transparent shimmery brick which gives shimmery sheen to the lips. It can be even used as lipstick topper or can be worn for everyday look with shine.
  • Balmain 1 deep purple
  • Balmain 2 deep nude brown with orange tinge.
  • Balmain 3 is pure nude pink which has very light pink not quite visible on lips as I am NC 25.
  • Balmain 4 is dark grey for additional dramatic look. This is not regular drey but looks good when make is nude and lips are highlighted. the shade is day and night wear. looks good on fair complexion and medium skin tone.


Although all the shades and formula is great except I feel little dryness on lips after one two hours of application which makes me do lip licking but it might be different with you. I felt it so thought to share along with good points.

Things to know.

  • Always apply lipstick after exfoliating lips as this make lipstick looks even and smooth or else lipstick looks dry rough and flakey .
  • Honey with brown sugar might be good lip scrub if you don’t have anything particular .
  • Always moisturise lips pretty well before lipstick application. hydrated lips look juicy and smooth under lipstick also protect from drying.
  • For lipstick to stay longer use tissue paper on lipstick to soak extra colour. It saves lipstick from being wiped off and good for matte effect.
  • Date of expiration is important to remember so not remove that tape tag from cap to get to know the date to discard lipstick.
  • Dont use after expiry for lips health.
  • Replace cap of each lipstick and put them in the sunlight for sometime to make it bacteria free as lipstick attracts germs when comes in contact with air so do that .
  • Dont leave the cap open . Replace the cap tightly after use.
  • Don’t use some lipstick if it smells chemical.


This is not a promotional or Affiliated post, I review beauty skin care products as per my opinion after using them on me, I am fair about disclosing good and bad point for a particular product. I intend to bring out best products into the light for everyone to use it and benefit.

So this is all for today I hope you liked the information and found it useful. Choose your best shade from the swatches and let me know about it.Will come back with more lipstick shades I loved so far.See you in my next.

Thank you so much for reading.XOXO

GARNIER Skin naturals night cream

GARNIER Skin naturals night cream

Hey you lovely people welcome back to my blog with another product review. The product i am gonna go review today is not all new, But I recently tried it on myself and have quite good views about it. Garnier skin naturals is my very first skin care product when I seriously began with skin care routine. Garnier wrinkle Lift moisturiser was that product and is still is my all time favourite moisturiser. I have reviewed anti wrinkle previously in my blog. Today is Garnier skin naturals light complete yoghurt night cream. I had it couple of days before lockdown but started using recently and I loved it throughly. It has all the good properties of a night cream in a pocket friendly price range. So lets know more about the night cream in this post.

What makes it a good night cream

  • The very first good point is that the consistency is so light but hydrating. It has that creamy formula which feels thicker but dissolves instantly into the skin making face look shine free. It doesn’t matify skin rather making it so soft and smooth .
  • The cream is so perfect for summers as it doesn’t sweat, feels heavy on the skin.
  • Since it melts beautifully in the skin and has oil free formula doesn’t broke me out.
  • I loved how effective it is as skin gets lighter in tone in just 2-3 days of application.
  • It has yoghurt as main ingredient which is perfect for skin lightening & radiance.
  • It has lemon essence another skin corrector ingredient which targets dark spots reduce them for fairer skin.
  • The thing which I liked most about this cream is that it has benefit of serum in the same night cream along with vitamin C .Vitamin C is a must have ingredient for all skin problems like Dullness ageing wrinkles etc. It reduces melanin production corrects existing dark spots also works wonders on acne & pimples.
  • On the basis of my own experience of just couples of days I must say it does what it claims. Which makes it perfect night cream in affordable price.
  • There comes two sizes 18 gm which is mini container suitable for handbag and travelling another tub is regular 40 gm quantity.

Who should not pick it

  • People with extremely oily skin as it may not feel enough moisture.
  • It has citric acid with vitamin C , people with sensitive skin may complain mild rashes or other kind or reactions against vitamin C.
  • If you don’t have interest for drugstore brands.
  • Cystic acne or irritated skin.
  • It is advisable to not use this cream around eye contour area.

Night cream is an essential part of skin regimen. It is believed skin regenerate most at night, that time given care actually brings best skin next day and days ahead with regular care. No matter how good your skin is now , with the time age and other factors its going to damage , so extra care is all we can do by giving required nutrition to the skin. Always go to bed with the moisturiser on face, take little time for such fixed night routine . I am not saying particularly this night cream whatever you think works best on you fulfilling skin need appropriately. If you are working and dont have time for three step skin care regimen simply sleep with hydrated skin. Another important point is to use creams on a cleansed skin for better results. Massage a bit in circular motions and upwards. Dont irritate skin by streching , rubbing vigorously. Treat your skin gently at the time of cleansing and moisturising.


Since I dont intend to promote any brand or products , So your self testing on all the products I mention on the skin is must.. However I only review best products of all time which I personally bought and used on myself before building recommendation. I always suggest to go for minis first and see the effect and reaction on your skin, Moreover prior to go on with all over skin patch test also check ingredients for sure to get better idea of what you are feeding to the skin..So this is all for today hope you all liked it and gonna try this for once I am sure it wont disappoint you.Thanks you so much for the love you showered on me. I am blessed.See you in my next.

Thanks a lot for reading .XOXO

Soft Glam Eye look

Soft Glam Eye look

Hey you beautiful folks, How is it going ? Sorry for not posting anything since two days I had been reading another thriller of my favourite author Cl. Taylor.It was The treatment “.The novel was so gripping could not keep it aside. I loved how smoothly its described keeping the thrill intact throughout. So I did nothing much on weekend as weekend now a days has no special meaning. Meanwhile I created a soft glam look for a change. You can achieve this look in minutes and it comes out really good. I have been thinking of creating more everyday eye looks which are glam but soft. I might be least perfect with eye make up with that of other beauty bloggers who are pro in this but I am trying to make it fresh & different every time. So lets know how I created this easy eye look what products I used & how it turned out.

Products Used

  • Face @ esteelauder foundation Rattan shade
  • Base @Estee Lauder day wear multi protection SPF 15
  • Brow @Elizabeth arden ebony 05
  • Eyes @ Huda Beauty Remastered eyeshadow Palette , Lakme eye conic kohl plus eyeliner
  • Eyes lashes from Amazon
  • Blush @milani glow baked bronzer 04
  • Lips Mac sushi kis@bebeautifuls

On a Cleansed face after skin care step which is toner serum moisturiser I apply foundation all over with the help of Estee Lauder beauty sponge & blend. The foundation is my favourite and its so skin like. I am in the shade Rattan This foundation is for all skin types , formula is so gently matte, has spf 10 & most importantly its skin friendly and no break outs. I brought mini version of it since I wanted to try how reacts to my skin but its worth buying and will ordering soon in more quantity. For concealer I used again my favourite Mac Prolong wear concealer under my eyes in a tiny amount and blend it all together. I now bake under eye area and meantime do my brows. Once the brow is done I sweep under eye area with brush and take it to face all over just to mattify .I contoured my nose with bronzer & nose bridge with concealer to highlight and not used any highlighter on my nose. I used milani glow baked bronzer which is soft coral with highlighting particles it gives colour and sheen to the cheeks so skipped using any highlighter on cheek as well.

On eyes the very first shade I applied is sandal wood all over to the crease area & lower lids . Since this look is soft yet glam I am gonna use moon dust on upper lid tear duct and brow bone. This shade moon dust is pure golden I coat it again to get full shimmer. when I am done with it I start applying third shade to my outer corners and transition area which is Dubai & its somewhat copper shimmer shade darker to moon dust. I chose the darker shade in transition and outer corners just to enhance the opening. I blend all the shades separately coat with more if I need to and then move on to next step which is applying coloured eye pencil as eyeliner. Its a green coloured kohl waterproof pencil can be used as kohll or as eyeliner. I lined eyes and winged the edges to outer corners. little effect of green I put on lower lash line just for symmetry. once eyeliner step is done I take next shade which is bubbly put on the eyeliner along the line just to smudge the line also not let it look like eyeliner completely. I take my time to blend the eyeliner with bubbly for careless smudge. Its done and I go on with artificial eye lashes.


Since this look is coral based as I used coral tinge of bronzer for my cheeks so lip colour should also be the same tone so I pick Mac sushi kiss after lining my lips. Its coral shade , matte and hydrating on lips . I skip using any gloss this time as enough of shimmer already so kept the lips little nude.

So this is all about this look hope you enjoyed it might not be very evident in the pictures due to the golden shade but in actual its really good looking. This look is wearable for any occasion. It gives that fresh energetic vibes to the whole face also summer friendly where heat dislike dark colours. I skipped kohl on my water line but you can use if you want to for more drama I wanted to keep it innocent so not used kohl.


Thank you so much.See you in my next.XOXO

Korean Sunscreen Review { The Face Shop}

Korean Sunscreen Review { The Face Shop}

Hey you lovely people ! Today I made crispy fried tortillas my version. I have been indulging in cooking activities little more than usual . Since its perfect time for developing hobbies so lining up stuff to productively pass time. Its Saturday & i sorted my impending closet which came as welcome relief. Its summers already and without sunscreen it cant do. I assume most of you might be staying indoor now a days, but sunscreen should always be included in skin care routine be it indoor or outdoor. I am sunscreen addict & I see it positively. So today I am beginning to review sunscreen from one of Korean brand which is “The face shop”. I have used it for sometime & have own views about it so if you want to know how is the sunscreen how it works, pros & cons of the sunscreen also how to choose sunscreen for particular skin & related information go through the end.

The Face Shop Natural Sun SPF 50+

The Face Shop Natural Sun Eco is a convenient sun stick unlike fluid sunscreens. Its a half hand size portable packaging. It has cap opening with twisting button at the bottom for in & out of the stick. The stick is transparent & smells like orange popsicle. It works by rubbing the stick directly on face neck or body. It precisely looks like clear vaseline like jelly to me in stick form .


  • Clear stick sunscreen for easy application on the go.
  • Pocket friendly packaging.
  • Great SPF 50+ PA+++
  • 13.5 g/ 0.47 oz Quantity.
  • Price 1200/ INR
  • Glide on application
  • Moisturising.
  • Its good for immediate sun protection.
  • Perfect to use as body stick.


  • It makes face too greasy and shiny at the same time.{ refer to vaseline texture }
  • Its not good to apply on make up as it does mess up by gliding action. If use underneath make up primer will go off or wont stay.
  • If feels too sticky during summers and that lubricant doest go away.
  • Bit expensive for the performance.
  • Not suitable for oily acne prone skin.
  • Animal testing.

Why should buy this

  • If you are extremely dry skin.
  • Don’t like fluid sunscreen.
  • Can work for extremely cold regions
  • free from animal derived ingredients
  • Contain NMF { natural moisturising factor}.

How to choose perfect sunscreen

  • For best performance choose at least SPF 30+.
  • Day cream with SPF 15 OR 20 are good for everyday use when not exposed to the sun.
  • Always choose oil free sunscreen, As it clogs pores.
  • Discard sunscreen after 12 months of opening.
  • Have noncomedogenic sunscreen for acne prone or oily skin.
  • Mineral sunscreens are better to use than chemical ones. Mineral sunscreen layers on the surface blocking UV rays to penetrate.On the contrary chemical go through skin and then protect by clearing UV rays. Mineral sunscreen has zinc oxide as one of ingredient.
  • Oxybenzone found in most of the sunscreen is not declared good for skin by dermatologist as little percent of this is absorbed by skin and cause skin cancer.

Personal Tip

Research says application of sunscreen where one side protect skin from being damage also block amount of vitamin D we need for good health & stronger bones .So the best way to get adequate vitamin D have sunlight of early morning around 5;30 or 6;00. that time its least Uv rays & plenty of vitamin D.

Thank you so much for reading. XOXO

Clay Mask for Oily Skin

Hey you beautiful folks what’s up ! Its been a while since I updated my skin routine for a change. I have included few new face masks dropped some long adopted beauty habits. Actually the skin care products should be replaced time to time for a welcome change. It might give you best results with something which might not be attached with previous ones. One product is not sufficient for couples of skin needs, the needs keep changing with time age climate etc. For an instance at adolescence hydration is not a primary need , At that age skin combats with hormonal changes pimples acne oiliness or many other concerns, On the contrary after 30 we need more skin elasticity , hydration and ingredients to fight with upcoming skin challenges. I therefore never stop trying out new skin care products discarding existing to get best to my needs. So today I am reviewing a clay mask which I had months before & liked few things about that besides its good for all skin except extremely dry. So lets know what that product is in todays review and pros & cons of the same.

Loreal Paris Pure Clay Mask

Loreal Paris is the brand I have been using for ages for beauty products. I have used some of skin care products also but this clay mask came after long to me as I had taken little break from Loreal products. This mask is basically a clay mask and it does all the detox making skin free from residues impurities etc.There comes the green the black one & red & blue one clay mask depends on what problem you have to address.Like blue one is for oily skin which purifies. Green one mattifies oily skin . Red one is good for exfoliation of rough skin, Blue one is anti blemish clay mask. I have black one at the moment which aim to brighten dull skin.

  • This mask has 3 pure clay oil with marine algae extract known for its anti blemish properties.
  • The texture is thick creamy black.
  • It comes in a sturdy glass container which is undoubtedly good.
  • The quantity is 50 gm for 750 INR /-.
  • The paste is quick drying non irritating.
  • Have not noticed any break outs I am combination skin.
  • On drying its feels stretchy which is normal in clay mask as they absorbs extra oil out of face.
  • Not suitable for extremely dry skin.


  • It controls sebum oil completely detoxify.
  • Control acne .
  • Targets black heads
  • Makes skin instantly bright and clean.
  • Best for oily skin.
  • It has Japanese active charcoal which binds dirt and pull it out of skin.
  • Apply for 10 minutes on a cleansed skin and rinse off. Pat dry and hydrate skin post mask.
  • Use 2-3 times in a week or as required.

For time users check through patch test before going all over if it irritates discontinue. Normal tingling accepted though.

So this mask is good for the days when you travelling, exposed in the outdoor activities skin is dull due to pollution and dead skin layers or super oily skin where oiliness is the major issue this mask does the job. But I would definitely mention this is not a permanent fairness solution it surely brightens skin for the time being by pulling out impurities so face looks clean & bright.

Who should not buy.?

  • Extremely dry skin
  • Allergic to clay
  • People with cystic acne.
  • Extremely sensitive skin.

Thank you so much for reading

Mermaid eye make up look

Mermaid eye make up look

Hey you beautiful folks! Welcome back to my blog , I am a mermaid lover specially in characters. I am so fascinated by their looks their flexible body hair style eyes dresses I so adore their beauty. The colour scheme which I know is used mostly to denote mermaids is sea green & pink or sometimes its blue with pink. So today I have created an eye look based on this colour tone .I had been waiting for long to create this look. This look is calm soft and lively at the same time which I feel.I m skipping full face description but surely mention what base I used on my face & what blush and brow product. In this post I am gonna quickly mention how I achieved this look using just one palette the look is super simple and quick also it looks good in day light too. So lets do this together & be a mermaid of our own kind.

Product details

  • Eyes @ make up revolution palette creative vol 1
  • Face @ Nake Skin Urban Decay shade 3.0
  • Moisturiser garnier anti wrinkle
  • Primer @ Smash Box photo finish primer
  • Finishing power @ Maybelline fit me loose powder
  • Brows @miss clair water proof eyebrow pencil 02
  • Mascara @maybelline the colossal volume express
  • lipstick @Mac shade- Breathing fire
  • lip gloss @Mac glass
  • Lip liner @ colour bar summer pink 003
  • concealer Revlon colour stay concealer shade 04

The products I have used in this look are mentioned above. On a cleansed face I apply chunk of moisturiser.{Garnier} I use little primer around nose chin and cheeks just to create smooth canvas to paint.I generally not use primer as I dont have open pores. You can always apply primer first before foundation to get smooth texture. If the base is not smooth the make up above will not look even out. I applied naked beauty liquid foundation all over and concealed dark areas with Revlon colorstay concealer.I dust of my face with Maybelline loose powder it also sets concealer in place. Most of the products given above have been detailed reviewed by me you can always check for more info. I am quickly going on with eye make up majorly in this post.


I apply thin coat of foundation on both the eye lids just to even out tone . This palette is a blend of bright and beautiful colours I have detailed review this palette earlier. The first shade I pick is flawless { one} which is light brown all over my eyes and lower lash to set the base . I have used pac eye shadow brushes. Next I go on with the inspired shade {two} which is somewhat turquoise blue and also very bright. I apply neatly only on my crease area and lower lash blend well. I sweep up to the brow bone to get bluish effect. This is not cut crease look but you can always make it cut crease by separating crease area & apply concealer on semi circle of eyes and apply next shade on the top of concealer base. Colour is next shade which I am gonna top up on my lids to the outer corners and lower lash, its a bright fuchsia shade . I deepen it with more colour and blend. Blending is very important in this entire process as the dark colour will look patchy and uneven. Next shade is individual which is violet I use on lash line and smudge ,also little on the outer corners to deepen the opening. It should just be highlighting and not cover fuchsia shade if feel coat Colour again. I make sure to blend all the corners properly and neatly. At last I pick shimmering silver from my Huda Beauty smokey obsession as I dont have separately its the best silver I can have. { reviewed previously}. I fill the silver effect on the tear duct and coat it again for more shimmer the same I use to highlight brow bone. The margins of the eyes are winged with little pink colour bar pencil. With the coats of mascara with Maybelline the colossal volume express & its done.. The brows are filled with miss Klairs pencil.


Since this look is dazzling I wanna lips to be glossy too. I used Mac lipstick in the shade breathing fire after lining my lips with colour bar in the shade summer pink 003 pencil I fill the colour all over and soak extra lipstick out with tissue paper. I use Mac glass to top the coat for for translucent lips.

I am not highlighting much just bit of nose tip ,using soft blush by colour bar cheek Illusion blush everything rosy 010 .

Tada ! so this is all about the look hope you enjoyed it.It might not be the best but I tried my best to give that mermaid effect to my eyes. Anytime you want get full details about the products check out brands/ review section for detailed information. Under makeup section I will only be describing make up not products. Stay tune for more looks .

Thank you so much for reading.XOXO

My Quarantine BeautyProducts { Just 2}

My Quarantine BeautyProducts { Just 2}

Hey you beautiful folks , Hope you all keeping well, having seen the lockdown situation most of the products especially luxury skin care and even stuff which was previously easily reachable seems a tough question now. Online & offline shopping joints are shut down & not rendering much services currently. Even import & export of commodities is barred .Only essential items to sustain are available & I am extremely grateful for that .I have now started to think & apply ways to live with minimum beauty stuff and after all most of my skin care gonna be over soon and chances are bleak to get them back any soon..I am so particular about skin care so cant randomly use anything on me. However I am ready to face situational crisis with just two products. Whatever the situation is if I don’t get my shower gel body lotion or so called skin care range I am sorted ..I cant stop sharing how good it turned out to be as we should anyway be prepared for anything that comes by. So I have updated my skin care products during quarantine until services resume. The most important things about these two is it can even be found at small pharmacy or general store & which is what we have to deal with now a days. So without digging more layers lets jump into the details.

My Beauty Soap

I know I know you going to think that how can a soap be skin friendly specially face. I wanna tell more about this this is not a normal bathing bar its a beauty soap also the effect on face is quite welcoming. You can always try this out on your face and trust me its not gonna be regretting. I am not asking to replacing your favourite skin care range while I am trying to adhere with the situation. For the time being if you got your beauty products finished and they are not available or found in the stores near by this beauty soap can be your best bet at this time. Dove is tested on me & even I am using it currently and it has no adverse effect on my face which I can notice. I would definitely mention benefits of this soap why reasons make it any better to normal bathing bar or beauty bar also talking about accessibility it can be purchased from any pharmacy or normal grocery shops.


  • Dove is formulated specially for face & body.
  • It has 1/4 moisturising cream which is made to keep skin smooth and not drying.
  • I personally feel it has no drying strechy effect after rinsing off.
  • It gives same effect like face wash which I am liking.
  • Dove is A grade soap which makes it safe for skin. Very few bathing bar has A grade.
  • Made in India.
  • Dermatologist tested.
  • Main ingredients are ,betaine glycerine zinc oxide citric acid etc.
  • Glycerin is known to provide moisture against dryness.
  • Betaine is an anti ageing ingredient fights against wrinkle, soothe and protect.
  • Zinc oxide help in treating acne , prevent bacterial infections like itching irritation flakey skin and control damage.
  • Citric acid removes dead cells clears complexion.
  • Price about 150 INR.

Conclusion Hence I can say its good for skin and I have not noticed any break outs or allergy. I am combination skin so one hand where I am struggling to get desirable shower gels face wash etc this shop has sorted my skin need for the time being and I am positive about it. I feel my skin is softer bright and non irritable. Always go for patch test if you are sensitive skin.

Coconut oil

Virgin coconut oil is multi purpose.It is that second product I can work with for my hair need, body moisturiser and facial massage. .You all know how beneficial it is for skin even it nothing else stays this oil can give you lustrous hair , shining skin, glowing body and even cooking has ways with it. I have wrote previously about Benefits of coconut oil in my blog , You can check that too for more knowledge. Coconut is super light has cooling effect on body so perfect for summers. The fragrance is itself so refreshing. If u can have freshly made coconut oil its best then there is nothing better than that.Health benefits are also intact with. I use parachute coconut oil but you can use whatever works for you.

  • If u have body or face itching mix camphor 2-3 pcs with coconut oil and keep it in the bottle for use. It works best for dry scaly itchy skin.
  • Cut up 2-3 vitamin E capsules and put in the bottle of coconut oil. Use it as hair oil for hair fall problems and great growth .If the oil is pure this mixture can be applied on brows and eyelashes with additional mix of castor oil.
  • Boric acid powder mixed with coconut oil works great for scabies , intense itching etc.

So I hope you found my quarantine products useful, And I wish it sort you as well. Take care see you in my next.

Thank you so much for reading.XOXO.

Healthy Quick Dessert During Quarantine

Hey you beautiful folks! How is life going out there , its been eights days being locked down & more to go like that. Life has completely changed I had never experienced such disaster until now but life is all about changes , though some changes are positive so I m looking at this period of quarantine positively as its for your well being including millions of other. Also to make good use of plenty of time I am making myself do things be it craft food writing or self care by medication though I never post about that stuff but think we do it occasionally. I am thrilled to tell that in the sequence today I tried an indian dessert which is very popular also scrumptious. I first time made it and turned out so good. The recipe is quite simple and ingredients are easy to manage in this situation. So I would like to share the recipe try this at home if you got sweet tooth like me. This is called ‘Besan k laddu ‘{ sweet gram flour balls} in native language. The process involves simple three steps lets know how to make indian dessert { Besan K laddo}.


  • 500 gm grounded gram flour{ chick pea}
  • Grounded sugar 300 gm
  • Deshi ghee { Class of clarified butter}300 gm
  • Coarse cashew & almonds
  • Cardamom


  • Heat ghee in a non stick pan add gram flour & mix it all together into a moist mixture & stir The flame in this entire process of roasting should be low. With help of spatula stir the mixture non stop Now add more ghee and continue to roast till it turns golden brown and the delicious aroma of roasted flour waft through kitchen.
  • Once the roasting is done , immediately remove the pan from the flame or it may burn the mixture with the remaining heat.
  • Let it cool completely .
  • On a small pan add 2 tbs ghee or butter and put all the finely chopped dry fruits , stir continuously . Don’t let it turn brown just little saute.
  • Transfer sautéed dry fruits into the platter of above prepared mixture, mix well
  • Add powdered sugar also into the mixture. The quantity should be almost equal to the floor quantity you can always taste and increase sugar as per need.
  • Mix this mixture properly together and check if its has good ball binding capacity. make balls with the help of both hands palm.The size of the balls can be as per choice but keep it medium size.
  • So the delicious gram flour balls are ready to devoured.

Things to Know

  • Gram flour gets bitter after 2 months so make sure use freshly packed flour for the purpose.
  • Ghee quality is very important for healthy balls. Packed Cow milk ghee is good for this purpose.
  • Well kneading of the mixture is important before making balls , if the mixture is not knead well or the portion, the balls would be cracked not smooth.
  • Never mix sugar into the hot mixture always when its completely cooled off. Grind sugar with two three cardamom in the grinder into the powdered form.
  • Good roasting plays full role for making good balls.
  • Do not use the entire ghee in the beginning of roasting flour keep adding little by little.
  • The mixture neither has to be too greasy nor too hard, perfect crisp ball mixture.
  • It only takes a minute to burn roasted flour so remove the pan from heat completely and also not forget continuous stirring.
  • To know whether flour is fully roasted smell the aroma also check it the ghee comes off side ways leaving the mixture.

Health benefits

  • Rich in carbohydrates & protein than other flours ,Gram flour is good for diabetes too.
  • Its has high folic acid. which is good for the growth of red blood cells.
  • One besan ka laddo {gram flour ball } give around 300 calories out of which carbohydrate comprise 152, protein 32, remaining from fat which is 122 { saturated fat}.
  • It is made on auspicious occasion also used abundantly for oblation to God in the temples.
  • Pure ghee is rich in antioxidants, releases contipation boost energy also non allergic.

So I hope you must have like the recipe of gram flour balls which in turn has many health benefits its a good sweet snack for in between meals . you can always adjust sugar with brown or sugar free substitute if you are diet conscious. They can be stored for one good month so travel friendly. Now on I will keep posting simple recipes in between so stay tuned.

Thank you so much.See you in my next.XOXO

Ultimate inner wear guide

Hey you beautiful , Welcome back to my blog with another useful post.Hope you are great. Today I am going to share little knowledge pertaining to inner wear also must have bra styles in every women closet . Inner wear are the most important piece of cloth . Purchasing the right size style & fabric are some such important point to look at. Most of the females deter to talk about such need in public even they keep such topics under whisper. Few years back I gasped in surprise to know from one colleague that she never knew her size of bra. This happens actually, But its high time for women to talk about such stuff & keep knowing things which relates to self care.

So I wanna begin with what types of bra every women should have for better confidence in any outfit . These styles are not all but some of them which are most useful & I personally own for western & indian outfit solution .With the changed time & birth of designer outfits it became need to upgrade them as well with the same pace. There are hundred styles in dresses tops & bottoms, Every style need specific type of inner wear especially bras. Gone are the days when one cotton bra sufficed under all kind of outfit. With right style of bra any attire comes out better which builds self confidence depleting embarrassing situations Since I wear indian & western both equally I space following bra styles surely in the closet which satiate my purpose to the fullest. So my own list of must have bra styles are as below,

Padded bra

Padded bra is good for support also it goes best with tees shirts suits blouses etc without peeping skin underneath. Small breast women are best with padded bras. it give them fuller look & builds confidence .It has both heavy or light padded styles . Up to the size 36 padded bras are great comfort for curvy women wired lacy bra are good to go with as pad can create an additional layer and make the bust look heavy, Non padded with wired or extra light pad is the solution for plus sizes.

Care Tips

  • Two basic yet most useful colour for daily wear are cotton padded nude & black bra With these two basic style problem is sorted to a great deal.
  • Always go for no wire for everyday comfort as long use of wired bra cause health problems.
  • Padded bra should not be washed daily or if it needs change it after every 2 months from the time of purchasing. The pad inside breed germs after certain period of time.
  • Sun drying is best option to make it germ free if not washed everyday.
  • Take some spirit in a bottle 5ml add few neem oil drops plus rose water 5ml spray all over front cups straps & sun dry or dryer this tip is alternative for not washing . Can be used while travelling where time is constraint also weather sometimes.
  • The bras which are not being used for sometime should be kept with phenopthalene balls to save them from micro organisms agglutination.
  • Nude colour bra go best under whites.
  • Best way to know about replacing existing bra is the drooping effect of straps no matter how much adjustment one make it again hang low.That indicates time to discard them.

Balconette bra

It is a padded plus underwired bra and gives maximum support , The fitting it gives to the top attire is matchless be it gown wide neck tees tops or well fitted dresses. It comes with or without pad. It firms & enhances curves. Its provides half coverage have wide straps for better fitting If you looking for balconette bra with full coverage go for Demi cup bra as it gives full coverage and ideal for large breast.

  • Ideal for broad shoulder women as It comes with wide straps if you have narrow shoulder possibility of straps slip down.
  • There are mainly sexy styles in balconette collection.
  • Women who want broader neckline.
  • Comes with medium or half coverage.
  • Comes with the option of strapless wearing so good for tube off shoulder tops dresses etc.

Plunge bra

Plunge bra are supposed to have higher cut sides so that the cleavage is well exposed for long neck line outfits .Its not traditional bra and has introduced with keeping in mind the fact of designer outfits with deep cuts transparent fronts etc. It comes with or without pads. Lately deep plunge bra is trending with wireless cups its longer in length than traditional plunge it looks more like bralette but deep cups.

  • Good for low cut neckline attires.
  • To expose perfect cleavage with confidence.
  • It gives fuller and firmer look to small breasts as it pushes upwards .
  • It has adjustable straps which joins with the centre piece .

Multi- way bra

As the name suggest this bra can be worn multi way. I have one of this kind and trust me it solves most of my outfit problems. Firstly its a padded bra with push up effect. The straps are so long that it can be crossed , twist crossed & even for deep back neck it goes upto the the waist and fastened. Second feature is that the straps are optional they can be removed any time you want it to be strapless. With the pack another set of transparent straps comes complementary though not all brands has this feature. I have one from enamour.This one style can itself work with tees, tube tops camisoles off shoulder attires deep back etc.

Sports Bra

If you are sport person and love to slog , gym then this is another must have style. It comes both in synthetic fabric as well cotton with racer back . Some styles are found with mesh even some has side opening or some has back fastening hook. These bras are padded light or heavy. The neckline is usually moderate & supports maximum . It covers fair bust area for comfortable work out.Cotton sports bra are very comfortable for good uplift post pregnancy & lactation period. Tank mesh deep neckline tops are well teamed up with sport bra stylishly.

So these five styles I always have in my collection and it helped with all clothing styles. Always choose size by measuring bust area and waise area. Ideal bra should not be too loose or too tight if your side body is bulging out it means that it an incorrect size. Always check if there is two fingers gap between your skin & fastening hook. The straps should be at ideal position not too up or too down as it may cause muscular pain at some stage. Avoid lacy or synthetic bras for everyday use as its not good for skin cotton is best for everyday purpose as our skin remains breathable and healthy. Many women are allergic to synthetic fabrics. Doctors advice not to sleep with bra on as it restrict blood circulation & may cause breast cancer .There are other options for deep necklines are nipple tapes , silicone adhesive bra etc but I think those come some precaution of using. I have tried them out but not so impressed with the results guess its ideal for small breasts.

Thanks for reading,XOXO

Coco Soul Shower Range

Coco Soul Shower Range

Hey you beautiful , Greetings of the day / night. Today I am going to discuss about this new shower range from Coco soul.Its been a while since the product launched also I had this. Females are always particular about their shower products, & in fact it matters the most what type of products are being used on the body as it play an essential role in making up your skin like butter soft or rough like pumice. I myself wisely choose bath range as per my skin need & climate of course. I have come across this beautiful range and thought why not to spread words of awareness. I have in the queue the shower gel, the face wash, & the body lotion. Although I have also used face scrub as well from the same brand but the empty packing is not available to show you. So lets begin with the review of coco soul products to get fair idea of the quality.

Coco Soul Shower Gel

The shower gel comes in peach colour clear liquid with pump dispenser. The consistency is slight thin as compared to the other shower gels. The packaging attracts, also the fragrance is extremely soothing its smells like a blend of coconut oil with some herb. It is free from chemicals and has goodness of Virgin Coconut Oil which is a natural moisturiser, & have several other healing properties. Turmeric & Gotukola. This entire coco soul range is nature inspired it has no chemicals so dont lather immensely, you may experience that the shower gel and face wash even scrub has less foaming property. There is no harm but you need much product to work with . My experience has been good with it as feels mild on body not drying even if you skip moisturiser.So lets quickly glance why anyone should buy this or not.


  • Coco soul has Ayurvedic herbs & spices,
  • This gel is gentle on body cleanse without lingering dryness.
  • Virgin coconut oil keeps skin soft & has anti bacterial properties.
  • Turmeric provides natural glow it also has anti bacterial properties.In Ayurveda turmeric has been used from ancient time for skin correction. It clears complexion & has healing properties.
  • Gotukola reduces wrinkles and fine lines thus good for anti ageing. Keeps body nourished and rejuvenated.
  • No parabéns , No sulphates No phlalates
  • no mineral oil alcohol free
  • No animal testing
  • 100 percent vegan
  • No propylene glycol formaldehydes.This goes same with all the products range.
  • Price -799/- 300ml


I am little disappoint with the pump of the bottle it could have been better. The press is hard also you cant with finger you have to use palm then too amount comes for not sufficient so you have to effort to push and pump for desirable amount which is tedious. Second for body cleanser I want little more foam than this has as you get that feeling of fully cleansed you keep reapplying.

Overall I liked it as its mild on body soothing to senses has natural herbs with wonderful properties so not gonna harm your skin any way.

Coco Soul Face Wash

The face is also have virgin coconut oil as base ingredient actually in all products. We have already been aware of coconut benefits for skin above .second ingredient is neem which is good for problem free skin.T hird ingredient is again Gotukela .actually all products have virgin coconut oil as base ingredient Lets see how it is ?

  • Its clear oil free soap free gel , smells amazing same like body gel.
  • Its not foaming but you will see that face is deep cleansed
  • Good for people with oily skin, acne prone mainly.
  • Ingredients – Virgin coconut oil, Neem, Gotukela etc.
  • The packaging is transparent so you can see the gel inside.
  • Its a good daily cleanser to remove impurities keep skin soft youthful and acne free, there is nothing major like fairness.Gotukela tightens skin while promoting collagen resulting firmer looking skin.Neem is rich in vitamin E is effectively reduce pigmentation fights with bacteria delivers blemish free younger looking skin.
  • It has no harmful chemicals its 100 percent natural and gentle on skin.
  • For sensitive skin this might be a good face wash.
  • Price is 399/-100gm.

Coco Soul Body lotion

The body lotion is milky white semi thicker consistency. Absorbs quickly . It not extremely hydrating like I want for my skin. the hydration is for the time being but might be good in summers or extremely hot region where one skip thicker lotion. For more hydration reapplication is required


  • Ingredients Virgin coconut oil Sandalwood Welmi etc
  • sandal wood gives refreshing fragrance cooling effect & has emollient properties.
  • Welmi fights off dullness makes skin radiant
  • no chemicals in entire range of coco souls .
  • Corrects sun damage
  • price 849/- for 200ml.

Conclusion – Since all the products from coco soul range are nature picked free from harmful chemicals and preservatives are worth trying for sure. As long as price is concerned its moderate quantity wise also. However if we compare with other less priced lotions and body wash which deliver same or more results they are not 100 percent natural like this is. So buy if you want to expose your skin to best ingredients which is gonna safe and mild. But dont buy if you have not anything particular to look for in shower products. I have been using the face wash for months now even body gel but body lotion is little less thick or say hydrating for my body need so I kept it for extremely hot months. Its not suffice winter skin needs.


The products I review is based on my personal experience of using that, However products that suited me might not suit you best so always compare and look for your skin needs investment and region where you dwell as it all effects. All the products have been honestly tested on me first for a certain period of time before making an opinion and even I would declare if I have not or just had. So rest assure against any promotional packages advertising or word of mouth. My sole intention is to spread knowledge about good stuff.

Thanks for reading.. XOXO

Smokey eye with full face of the day

Smokey eye with full face of the day

Hey you beautiful folks , How are things in your region ? I hope its better and time flowing smooth. I am still following quarantine & hope ful for the brighter tomorrow . There is no weekend agenda as such let me know if you have something specific lined up.Its April started yet weather is not scorching here in Delhi { India}. While it was pretty hot last year. I wonder when life would be normal all across the globe. Few countries are not into complete lockdown but still the effect is deserted everywhere let me know how it is around you. So dissipating dark clouds of gloom lets begin with smokey eye with full face make up description . Though I am big fan of neutral face but at times I love to be dramatical bold and different. This look says a lot about other aspect of my personality which is cool & calm one side and bizarre on the other side. I guess every person has this attribute ..So lets proceed with the details & do let me know how you liked it.