Product Review- GlamGlow Glow starter

Product Review- GlamGlow Glow starter

Hey you beautiful folks ! Hope you liked my motivational post & I will keep posting more like that I am actually thinking of reserving a day for positive articles you suggest me what day it should be. Besides I am today going to review one of the most favoured beauty product which had launched in a while & secured enough attention among beauty bloggers makeup artists & beauty lovers . I had it around 8 months ago when it created all the buzz I was so keen to try out the product & could not resist to buy it ,I might be late reviewing it. In-fact that time I newly started using Mac strobe cream which is another similar yet great product for skin prep. I am no longer having Mac strobe cream not even empty pack otherwise I would have compared both of them for you. So lets begin with GlamGlow & know what type of products it is , what does it do, why to buy & what my personal experience has been.

Glam Glow as the name suggest is a glow moisturiser for creating healthy glow on the face. It is also used as make up base. Of late the demand for shining glowing skin naturally has increased and with that a lot of glow serums moisturisers strobe creams highlighters have been introduced. But Glam Glow is not merely a base product which I felt is good as it can be a perfect pick for everyday neutral face with abundance of hydration along with illuminating glow particles which effortlessly give your skin much desirable sheen & shine.

The packing is appealing . Its a silver container of 50 ml quantity. Though its an illuminating moisturiser yet there come three shades for every skin tone. Those shades are Nude Glow – Pearlescent pink Pearl Glow – Pearlescent white , Sun glow- Pearlescent bronze. I am in the shade Nude glow as I am NC 25. Pearl glow is for fair skin tone & sun glow for dark skin or beauties who love tan sun kissed glow. What I love about glam glow is that its enriched with vitamins, botanicals ,Hyaluronic acid which are great ingredients for daily skin nourishment. that moisturiser lays a healthy layer between skin and make up {if you applying }. With make up on its important to dose skin with something like this which protect skin.It has Teaoxi golden root technology which hydrate dull skin make it look healthy & radiant .The consistency is perfectly thin for better absorption and so smooth light formula for every skin type even best feature for oily skin & colour looks very light peach as my shade is nude so may be because of that. On looking up close in the day light illuminating particles reflect.

  • Like I said above the formula is super light spreads insanely on skin so not need big chunk of product.
  • Perfect for sun kissed glow. It blurs little imperfections of skin.
  • Quick absorbing stays into the skin for long hours so skin is not drying. Reapplication is not needed.
  • On mixing with foundation that healthy sheen is visible on the outside that skin glows .Its not substitute for highlighter though.
  • Can be used individually as moisturiser. OR with concealer for best beauty in summers.
  • The fragrance is soothing. also has jojoba oil shea butter Ceramide & lipids as best anti ageing ingredients.
  • Free from Parabens ,sulphates , Phthalates.which is the best feature .
  • Made in USA.
  • Price 3500/-for 50 ml.

So there are a lot of good features in Glam Glow Glow Starter however I feel that price is the only point otherwise if cost per value is calculated its good. So buy if you want to invest in a good day moisturiser which give you glowing skin also serve as base for make up. Glam Glow has immense skin care range but its pricey I would say yet worth trying.

Thank you so much for reading. XOXO.

How to deal with tough times

Hey you all how is everything going , Today I am gonna put up some uplifting thoughts about life when its not aligned as per our wish. We all must have experienced some sorts of tremors in life be it career relationship or other attachments. Actually its hard to find a person who has never gone through any adversity . When the catastrophe comes it feels like its not going to over & that particular phase begin to look like unsurvivable. There remains barely any positive thoughts whereas the feeling starts sinking our well being yeah because the stress around us soon engulf our well being.My personal belief based on my own hardships of life say that bad time bad people bad cast will definitely be leaving us sooner or later exposing our strongest side which will look back on the painful memories with the sense of gratitude. Most important is the trust , patience ,good will and faith on self & almighty. What I believe tough time make you courteous , gentle & forgiving .Whatever the situation is person should not lose originality of self. I am gonna give you one example of my close friend who not only inspire me to be calm and composed in the tremors of life but also depict wonderful human. Lets know her little in this instance , she is my closest friend who’s family once was in severe financial crisis also she was in an abused relationship with an affluent guy. He never respect her instead was so engrossed in his wealth.It is said people who dont get blisters in their own feet dont understand others pain.One side where daily supplies was a tough task for them her boyfriend abused her in every possible way, she loved him truthfully though. Perhaps she was blind enough to bifurcate between love & duping. The situation was tense for them & circumstances were suicidal but what would amaze me how kind passionate and patient she was .Even in that time she used to make people laugh, always be positive in every situation .Out of her habit she one day closed her plastic relationship boost self power and turned away from the guy who was not fulfilling to her senses in any way. Then things began to be nicer she was no more a whimpering weak girl her family started setting foot and gradually by uniting with best people in life she and her family saw better times after years. she then never looked back she kept moving without expectation & disappointments. She got married in just 8 months after the incident that too with a great human.She and her husband both earn insane together she leads a lavish life she could have only dreamt about.I still am very close to her as a friend she still is the same just more stronger as her two hands have now two more hands to give her ample support love care and confidence.She told me later that the former guy got so repented after she got married and bent on his knees for her to come back again in his life because he could never overlooked that good side of that girl.So this is just one example and there are thousands like that,Out of every story if we try to look what worked for them to come out of their scarcity is their belief. patience and moving on.

  • The best thing about bad phase is that it will be over soon and surely.
  • If people in crucial time leaving you stranded it means that they have no significant role in your life ahead in-fact its God”S message for you to take two steps back from them.
  • By deleting unworthy people out of your life chances for better people coming in gets higher.
  • When situation is testing hell out of you trust me something far more better got to arrive.
  • Positive vibes and cheerful attitude makes struggle a lot much easier.
  • Good karmas and virtues are very important to go through toughest battle with ease.
  • Never forget those who stood by you when you needed them the most & those who turned their back.
  • The toughest the battle the best are the outcomes.
  • Be with things people which bring liveliness out of you make you feel energetic towards life.

So life is meant to be moving on with situations people etc, Never hurt yourself in the chase of settling with everyone else.Those who are your own dont need any validation will be there for you those who are just bystanders find reasons to humiliate your sanity for every tiny reason.Stay away from such people at earliest. I myself enjoy my own company most than to engage with people of no good. Actually they have problem for every solution { my favourite quote read somewhere else.} Never loose happiness because that keeps you alive positive and moving .Rest assured you will be through any hardships of life.

Thank you so much for reading .XOXO

The Face Shop White seed Exfoliating cleansing foam & Smart peeling papaya douche

The Face Shop White seed Exfoliating cleansing foam & Smart peeling papaya douche

Hey you beautiful people, Today I have two great products to review which are from The face shop brand. First is a cleanser which I have been using for good six months now & second is Smart peeling mild papaya douce.Both of the products are nice & worth trying. I would quickly mention the face shop brand is a Korean brand & it has amazing skin make up & body care range. The brand follow the concept of Science meets Beauty where natural ingredients are used to enhance beauty. So lets know more about the products how they work on skin why anyone should try this also attached pros & cons.

White seed exfoliating cleanser

Its a scrub based whitening foam which does mild exfoliation along with deep cleansing. The foam looks white having consistency of a cream containing innumerable tiny seeds to give dual benefit of cleansing and scrubbing. The effect of the cleanser is so clearly visible after washing off the face. The skin looks clear bright and soft. The best part about is that the foam is not drying it has somehow moisturising properties or otherwise some cleansers makes skin drying after washing off . The foam build generous lather even on pea size amount. Women who love the concept of double cleansing for make up removal must try this. The quantity in the price is considerably much to pass months with this. People with acne prone skin can try this as it keeps pores unclogged so no chance of frequent break outs.


  • White creamy foam with deep cleansing.
  • Packed with the benefits of sail alba bark chenopodium quinoa seed extract lupines Albus seed extract & daisy extract.
  • Hydrating
  • Brightening cleanser
  • lightens dark spots blemishes.
  • Price- 1020/- for 150 ml.
  • I do feel this cleanser does what it says. Go for it if you want clear bright glowing skin. The formula is suitable for all skin types.
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Made in South Korea.

The face shop smart peeling mild papaya douche.

The face shop mild papaya peeling is a clear gel exfoliator to remove dead cells of skin exposing clean bright skin underneath.It has papaya enzyme & hyaluronic acid.This exfoliator is weekly skin routine and is super mild & irritation free formula. I didn’t notice any allergy or unsuitability to my skin. I am combination skin.

The application is super easy. Take one or two pumps of the product on cleansed drying face spread out all over & start exfoliating in circular motion. Don’t be harsh though after 2 secs or so you will feel layers shedding off but dont worry its not your skin its product along with dead cells coming off. Massage for another 30 secs for dead cells to come off fully rinse with cold water and pat dry. Price- 950/- for 150 ml. Sensitive skin people patch test before going on full face.

Why should use this

  • Irritation free formula.
  • Parabens free
  • papain enzyme.
  • No mineral oil artificial colouring
  • Light fragrance
  • The presence of papaya & hyaluronic acid makes it perfect combo as,
  • Papaya has natural lightening properties by clearing blemishes pigmentation etc.
  • papaya has enzyme papain which acts as great exfoliator.
  • Hyaluronic acid has skin moisturising benefits which minimise wrinkles.

So this is all about the products hope the description is helpful do let me know if you got more queries.See you in my next.Also grateful for your likes & comments it keeps me moving.

Thanks a lot for reading. XOXO

DIY Face Packs During Quarantine

DIY Face Packs During Quarantine

Hey you all how you doing ? I Spent my weekend doing nothing major it was more of relaxation.The time we got these days is not gonna come back so soon & abundantly so I am focusing more on self care during quarantine as that is best way to be busy also this body pay us back. Today I am going to share few super easy yet effective DIY face packs which can similarly be used on hair as well.The goodness of these herbs is so well known & most importantly easy to achieve. As the lock down situation might not be ceasing in most of the countries by now these ingredients are found easily either in your backyard or near by place.So lets jump into more of this post to know what are those great herbs & their value for whole body.

Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis

It is known as’ Gurhal’ in native language. Its a deep red or pink colour flower with long anther found mostly in gardens. It is also known as china rose. The benefits of hibiscus are plenty on skin. I well remember my mother used to put that paste of hibiscus on my face & insist to continue with this rest my life to not have any skin problems. She was right indeed. The formulation of the face pack consists of just petals of freshly plucked hibiscus, It is asked to use only deep red flower for application.Grind these together into a fine paste & apply all over on cleansed face.After 15-20 mins wash off with cold water & notice glowing , radiant skin. The pack be applied on head as well as it has great benefits on hair like reduce hair fall , promote fresh hair growth, maintain scalp health etc.


  • Target dark spots on face.
  • Treat acne & soothe skin.
  • Improves complexion
  • increase blood circulation
  • Effective treatment after sun burn.
  • Promote hair growth
  • Control hair fall.

Other benefits for body-

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Prevents Cancer
  • Packed with anti oxidants
  • Juice is good for liver health.

Tulsi {Holy Basil}

Tulsi is that herb which has multiple benefits on body be it face hair or immune system.In India most of the houses has tulsi as their religious plant they not only worship it but also use for many remedies. In Ayurveda tulsi is said to be a sacred plant.

So if you have tulsi in the balcony or garden pick fresh leaves and make fine paste of it to apply on face & hair.If you have acne onslaught & near by pharmacy is shut this pack is skin saviour from any skin problems. Apply on cleansed face and wash once dry. Multani mitti {earth clay} can be added in this paste for another good reasons like oily clogged pores, acne as it will absorb excess oil and unclog pores to prevent new acnes. Dry skin people skip on earth clay as it may make their skin even more drier.The best both of the packs have equivalent benefit for face and hair and can be applied as it is.

  • Anti- Inflammatory Anti bacterial Anti-fungal
  • Makes skin clear & problem free.
  • Treats acne, psoriasis, rashes etc.
  • Keeps scalp healthy.
  • Daily swallowing of tulsi leaves on an empty stomach boost immunity.


Rose face pack is third best pack for face & hair. Use it as rosewater or make paste of fresh rose leaves add honey and clove powder {optional} to apply all over face & neck.

clove powder is anti inflammatory anti bacterial& soothe skin So does honey. Since all the ingredients are easily available this might be perfect way to face care with minimum yet best way.

Benefits for face

  • Toning properties
  • Cleanser
  • Acne fighter
  • Treats dandruff anti inflammatory
  • Moisturising properties
  • Keeps dark circles away.
  • Refreshing

SO I hope you liked how these garden herbs can be a wonderful source of nourishment in the time when most of the resources have depleted so enjoy the benefits without penny.

Thank you so much for reading.You are the world to me.XOXO

Innisfree green tea range product review

Hey you all how you doing ? Hope you all must have accustomed to this new life which is indoor & began to like it as it is. Actually its good to be flexible going well with all circumstances that’s a happy life matra.Weekend is here & I don’t have anything great to do other than being positive & happy plus will be doing couples of new products review, products which I have tried out for a while to reach out to write about it also some motivational write ups are also on the way.Today I am going to share my personal review about Innisfree green tea range which is majorly hydration range .I had been thinking of doing it for long time also this is my second Innisfree product after moisturiser.Innisfree is a Korean brand offers natural beauty products. As the name suggest green tea seed so it has goodness of green tea. I have travel sized packaging of serum lotion & cleanser I tried them and liked cleanser more of all & soon gonna order more quantity. So lets know how is this green tea range also what impact it has on skin.

Green tea seed serum morning cleanser has organic juju organic green tea seeds.This cleanser is very light non sticky no foaming cleanser.When I first applied it did not feel like I have cleanser on I doubled the quantity of cleanser then again it felt like just watery non foaming but after rinsing off the results were clean. I felt my skin is deep cleansed non drying after wash which make it a good cleanser for all skin type specially oily skin.It claims to remove sebum produced over night which is a good property I think for acne prone skin & it can be a good choice for women with such preferences.Lets glance on additional features,

  • 100 percent squeezed Jeju green tea .
  • Deep cleansing
  • Parabens free ,cruelty free
  • No synthetic colorants
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Refreshing woody fragrance
  • Price 770 INR for 150ml which is great.

Green tea seed serum is again a watery consistency serum which immediately crumble into the skin.The fragrance is strong but not offensive smells pleasant wood scent. This serum claims to deep hydration to dry parched skin.It has antioxidants & 80 percent naturally derived ingredients for gentle care.What I didn’t like is the consistency which is extra light for dry skin & on normal skin it doesn’t feel anything on face after applying.Oily women might have great liking for this quality. I didn’t see as such miracle on my skin for me its like regular organic serum which hydrates and replenish moisture dose.But one thing to share it has skin friendly ingredients so no allergic reaction post application. Try out with mini packs initially to know it more better.As per me I did’t notice anything major other than refreshing hydrating skin so go for it if you want that & not specific skin problems.MRP-1950/ for 50 ml.

  • It has amino acids & minerals for deep moisturisation.

Green Tea Seed Lotion is again light mild lotion which quickly dissolve & provide light moisturiser to the skin.It doesn’t feel like thick moisturiser you might have to reapply if your skin is extremely dry I am combination skin & its like good for me, but perfect for summers & not for winters I think when maximum hydration is needed. Extremely hot region where people escape of moisturisers due to humid sweat can pick this one & love the super light hydrating formula.It might feel less lubricant but hydration is on point as I can say my body did feel dry. Formulated with cedar hinoki & pine tree extracts with pleasant grass scent.

Price 1100 INR/- for 300 ml

Thank you so much for reading.You are the world to me.XOXO

Is your cleanser ruining your skin

It is said that well cleansed skin is the healthiest.Our skin accumulate lots of harmful deposits on daily basis which block pores & develop many skin problems. Even though to meet best skin standards we look for best cleansers creams and what not even if it means burning pocket. A good cleanser is mild chemical free and deep cleanse removing skin impurities . It has skin loving ingredients which cure various skin problems but do we really know what are those ingredients lest we knowingly or unknowingly let our skin destroy without right cleanser. Well I am gonna share my views on that in this post because its the key factor for great skin. Also nothing gonna work if the very first step of skin care which is cleansing is not properly followed with ideal cleanser. I myself deliberately check for ingredients particular skin products has be it cleanser, cream or lotion as it impact so much. Few points definitely need to know while looking for suitable cleanser, First to know your skin type like I am combination skin. Some years back I had acne prone skin which is now subsided and rarely. I make sure to have ingredients which is my skin need like unclogged pores, deep cleansing, acne prevention, moisture , healing etc. You also know what skin problem you are addressing with cleanser and pick accordingly.So lets know about some ingredients and their action on skin in detail.

  • Parabens & Phthalates -Parabens are chemicals which used to preserve cosmetics , soaps ,cream, lotion etc. They are harmful for body parts also disturb hormone system.But little use of it doesn’t harm its not all bad but you can ignore. Same with phthalates with make product prone to breaking but it has bad effect specially on men & children.
  • Sodium laurel sulphates is present mostly in cleanser, body wash, detergent and make them foam. Its associated with skin dryness , allergy, and other adversities health wise.
  • Mineral oil derivatives it produce lubricant in hair oil lotion and creams make dry skin moisturised but not good for skin.
  • Triclosan is an antimicrobial agent used in consumer goods its also said to disturb harmonal balance.
  • Hydroquinone is also known as Benzene and has bleaching properties which may cause hyperpigmentation after long usage.
  • Antioxidants oxidise vitamin C products after certain period which then becomes harmful to use.


  • HYALURONIC ACID is so trending lately in all anti ageing products. The main task is to hydrate skin. With growing age skin tend to loose moisture becomes rough.Hyaluronic acid deep hydrate and this ingredient is good for skin.
  • VITAMIN E is also another skin loving ingredient which soothe and lightens dark spots.
  • SALICYLIC ACID Women who has acne problem and dealing with acne scars as well look for this ingredient in cleanser as it prevents acne & control new ones.Neutrogena oil free acne wash, Innisfree Bija Trouble Facial Foam
  • PEPTIDES is found in anti ageing serums cream & cleanser it firm skin & an important ingredient for anti ageing.
  • CERAMIDES retain skin moisture and lock in to look supple hydrating. There are ceramics face wash available. I have tried ceramics moisturiser but not cleanser so far will soon try it.Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Purifying Cream Cleanser is good for that also check out more.The Face shop,Klairs,Re’equill etc have good ceramide products.
  • VITAMIN C is an important ingredient to lighten even skin texture.You must have notice that all skin brightening products has vitamin C some way. It clears spots and bring healthy glow.Wow skin science, St. Botanica,The body Shop, Mc Caffeine etc have good vitamin c face wash.
  • RETINOL is great for anti ageing it vanish wrinkles and smooth out texture. Lots of anti ageing creams has retinol also it helps with acne. St Botanical,Avene etc has retinol cleanser.
  • GLYCERIN is found mostly in all cleanser and moisturisers as it moisturise dry itchy skin.It softens flaky skin by retaining hydration.
  • ALOE is a great herb used in most of the skin products it controls acne , inflammation sunburn etc.Plum, Himalaya,Khadi, Kama, Re’equill, Kaya,The face shop, Innisfree etc.
  • SOME GOOD HERBAL CLEANSERS ARE available in Himalaya, Kama, Biotique, Sukin etc.

So yeah I think you must’ve noticed these good or bad ingredients in your skin care products.Mild use of any of these doesn’t harm but longer exposure may have adverse effect so best is we can avoid as much as possible and choose skin friendly ingredients.Herbal products or products with least chemical is a good suggestion.It doesn’t matter if the product is cheap or expensive what matters the most is how well it goes with your skin target your problem areas and does not break out and produce allergic reactions.Some expensive products doesn’t behave well while some inexpensive one do so keep on checking testing out cosmetics. Hope you liked it.See you in my next stay tuned.I am grateful for your love & support.

Thanks for reading.You are the world to me.XOXO

Keihl’s Dark Spot Corrective Serum

Keihl’s Dark Spot Corrective Serum

Hey you beautiful, How is everything out there hope its good , So I am back with pending review of Keihl’s Dark Spot Corrective Serum. I love this brand & so far have tried out hair face range & I can say all the products are worth giving try. You never know what product of what brand be your life saviour so like me keep testing out products high end or drugstore brands to get the best product for you.

Last year in summer I got so much of travelling overseas resulting sun marks little dark spots which I had to get rid of as it happens if you dont faster address skin problems they become worse & even permanent so then I thought about trying out Keihl’s products as it was getting much words of appreciation plus it was nearly launched in India.The products are pricier side but they are effective so move on to the packaging which is transparent glass bottle with nozzle dispenser.The mini bottle contain 30ml clear liquid serum.The formula is very light non-sticky & quick absorbing perfect for all skin types lets know about the main ingredients & what it claims to target.The consistency is watery but little sticky than water.

KEY INGREDIENTS- Activated C, Peony Extract, White Birch Extract

PRICE- 54$

My Feedback- As far as the discolouration is concerned I would say it is effective and does what it claims but you have to be patient while trying it out.The results are not instant also skin routine is clearly main tip behind outcome. I imply to stick with regular cleansing toning and moisturiser along with sunscreen. Sunscreen is very important to use over if you are going through brightening skin products as in the lack of it no serum or cream gonna give you desirable results.After one of using the product I notice improvement in skin clarity , unevenness, & light spots or say very lightly visible.This much hope was enough to continue with. My first bottle is finished now & will be ordering another pack soon.

WHY YOU SHOULD BUY- The best reason to buy is the presence of such great skin ingredients in it.They are perfect ingredients to target on discolouration, uneven skin tone , ageing, dark spots sue to melanin.This serum is also works well on post acne marks.

  • Activated C is known to target brightening by reducing dark spots and removing formation of new spots. After 30 Vitamin C products are essential for better skin.
  • White Birch Extract is great for restoring hydration into the skin. It works with vitamin C to improve skin tone.
  • Peony is traditional Chinese medicine to work for skin clarity.
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Made is USA.

The usage is very simple like any other serum. Apply few drops on face all over after cleansing and toning circular massage and let the product absorb deep down into the skin.Don’t forget to moisturise.Better to use keihls moisturiser with this serum to enhance the effect of it.I have already posted about Keihl’s Super Multi Corrective Cream which is my favourite moisturiser you can check out the review under my Top 5 moisturiser section.So do try and see the results I however suggest to have mini pack for testing out new products just to be sure first instead investing big chunk of money and regretting of not liking it.

Thank you so much for reading.You are the world to me.XOXO

Self Grooming during lock down

Self Grooming during lock down

Hey you all beautiful people, You must be wondering about my posts which got more relatable these days. Actually what I feel for myself assume the same with everyone like currently I am thinking ways of maintaining self grooming being at home I now began to think what could be the substitute for certain stuff supplies or even grooming needs if they are not being supplied. In the sequence these days due to complete lockdown barred salons services its a challenge for every women to continue with grooming, whereas how can you avoid it & how longer. Its literally a need as you have to have beauty services but how ? So I am back with few workable ways which can be used as an alternative for the time being for beauty care with limited resources but you know these all ways are no harm to get permanent with. So while you are locked indoor and grooming is something you would want undeniably look out for my tips. Most of you might already been doing it So without much context lets go on with the explanation how to achieve beauty standards with no beauty salon.

  • Waxing – Most important part of grooming, However its no hard fast rule to go for it but women like me who cant afford to look hairy should keep waxing strips these days to get the job done.Waxing strips are quick and easiest way for hair removal without mess also possible to get from any store offline or online. Wax container also can be used with fabric strips if not having regular waxing strips. The best trick to use strips on hair which are hard & much advantage is it will slow down the growth for longer days also bring soft growth next time.I keep Veet Waxing Strips for the purpose I m sure you all must be aware of it its good its saviour You can work with any waxing strips you like.For light hair shaving is best even easier to use on body parts strip cant reach. My favourite shaver is Gillette Venus with aloe extract as it makes skin so smooth and does’t feel like shaved.
  • Eyebrows Grooming – Blessed are you if you can deal with threading by yourself but whoever cant, go for plucking with tweezers . Shape your brows your ways thick or thin with tweezers let it take full growth let it be natural just remove hair out of brow line.Well nobody is stepping out or seeing anyone so its not urgent but its for self satisfaction also tweezer is the only thing which can be obtained during current scenario since you have pharmacy reach.
  • Face– Facial can be done with any thick moisturiser or if not that coconut oil is something everyone must have at home.I have already posted about benefits of coconut oil in my previous Best you got jade roller it will take care of massage part. If you want to know what jade roller is do check out post about jade roller in my blog I have written everything possible about it, If you have store access & can still get it surely do as its something very useful for now & forever in beauty routine. Another beneficial thing for face is steam of course, give light steam to face let pores open and deep cleansed. Don’t forget to wash with cold water after steam to close the pores. You will love the glow & clarity of face. Those who have cystic acne avoid it all together.Take green tea steam infusing green tea bags, aloe vera or tea tree oil separately.Facial razor is something which help you with keeping face free of hair also removes dead layers exposing bright skin underneath plus it does little brows shaping as well.Again it needs precision or you may get cuts so be careful.
  • Hair – Don’t complain about hair trimming let it grow let it bounce, give hair good hot oil massage before washing but do take care of split ends if possible cut one inch surely from ends to prevent split ends growing ahead .To cut off ends sweep all hair and half bend rippling hair to the floor collect the edges and cut off. This way of hair cutting brings symmetry .If you are expert of self hair chopping great for you share your best trick with who need it.
  • Nails– Well I suggest and personally follow one inch nails during lock down as most of the house-hold work are dependent on you it may accumulate germs into more than one inch nails also it would be painful to get chipped ends. Trim nails in your favourite shape don’t paint them for sometime instead apply shiner for best looking nails.

So yeah this is my beauty grooming suggestion to you hope it helped dealing with grooming crisis I feel best if you liked any piece of information by me.You are whole world to me I am always awaited to hear from you. Show me some love on following links.

Thanks For Reading XOXO.

Kiehl's Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energising Radiance Masque

Kiehl's Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energising Radiance Masque

Hey you all hope you are positively dealing with the situation, it will be over soon we got time in abundance for self care. Using most of this time for self grooming which you could not have done so far,Just because you are home does not mean ignore self care, With available resources set skin & body routine for healthy lifestyle in the days to come.Weekly skin packs home made or readymade whatever you got use them take this time as self care period & avail every bit of it.So today I am gonna write about this much talked brand Keihl’s. I had my first purchase from keihl’s was Clearly corrective dark spot solution only & then I laid my hands on super multi corrective cream from the same brand after that there was no stopping{ Keihl’s muti corrective cream review is already live on my blog},I will next review Keihl’s Dark Spot Corrective Serum and many more of the products range. I liked everything about the products irrespective of the cost they hold but worth every penny. The products have natural herb ingredients skin safe also perfect for all skin types.There is this mask named Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energising Radiance Mask which is in the queue to be review so today I am gonna put my reviews on both the products mask & serum so lets begin with the mask first, The very first point is clearly the price of the pack which I ignored to give it a try when I got it I was impressed with the orange glass container & I was initially grumpy with the quantity it had actually it was just 100 ml pack for 3500 INR.When I took it out to apply it felt like grainy thick but soft paste in yellow colour which is due to turmeric I think. The menthol scent felt over powering but perfect to soothe senses, you can oppressively close eyes by the time pack dries off. Once it dries the tiny seeds present does better scrubbing while rinsing off. In circular motion you have to work with the seeds before final rinsing of face. And yeah I noticed quite change in my skin it looks refreshing , radiant and glowing due to off dead cells I would also like to share that the quantity may seems less but it goes long way as mine is still there which was purchased 8 months ago so you can believe plus I use weekly or quarterly as per need. It can be used weekly or alternate whatever you feel like.Routine use of this face mask actually work and transform into radiant even looking face.

Quick Glance

  • 100ml for 3500/-INR
  • Menthol Based energising scent.
  • Cranberry seed & turmeric as main ingredient
  • Quick dry
  • Relaxing

Why You should buy

  • if you looking for skin brightening out of fatigued dull looking skin,
  • It has cranberry seeds which is a good anti-oxidant.
  • Turmeric is known as rich anti inflammatory, fights off acne , soothe dry skin , remove dark circles.
  • Skin safe , non allergic
  • Best for acne prone skin.

How To Use

After cleansing and toning apply thin layer of mask all over face and let it air day for 10 mins, exfoliate in circles with the seeds and rinse off well pat dry and apply moisturiser.It is important to have cleansed skin before mask application I have observed many people just apply on stale face and wont get the benefit of it as the ingredients wont permeate into the skin thus no great effect.I would recommend this to every women of any age be it teenage skincare or after 30 skincare this mask has everything for everyone.I hope you liked the review and any doubts feel free to write me back would love to hear from you.

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Things Everyone Should Know

Hey you all , How is it going at your end, Due to lockdown here in my city I got plenty of time lately which has triggered my thought process more Today my post is about some logical information based on facts and beliefs which I love to share with you also most of them I personally have been following since the time I got to know..Sometimes we feel the pattern or practice we have been doing is the right approach towards the objective but its not always and possibility is we might have been doing it all wrong & wonder why it does not work besides it may damage the purpose. so such health and lifestyle facts you may or may not aware of and it matters for effectiveness of the action.

  • The fact about using conditioner after shampoo is that it should never be used on the scalp or it may cause serious hair fall due to blockage of scalp pores. The conditioner residue settle down clogging hair follicles resulting scalp eczema, psoriasis, dandruff itching etc. So make sure to apply only on hair strands & not roots.
  • While choosing toothpaste we should be aware of our dental needs for instance if its decayed by caries and cavities sustaining in them need to have calcium toothpaste to make teeth stronger in the first place. Actually teeth with calcium deficiency got in cavity and then caries , on the other side stronger teeth with adequate calcium shield teeth against decay to a great extent. On the other side the function of fluoride toothpaste is completely different as the protect tooth enamel which is targeted germs to make it yellow, faded, patchy, cup like texture.I think fluoride with calcium might be great combination to combat against dental enemies. I myself lately found about this fact and currently applying the doctrine in my toothpaste & I am seeing the difference.
  • Its a belief that alcohol cosmetics kills acne and other bacterias, but I tell you alcoholic toner is not good for skin moisture part as it cause severe drying in already dry skin people, Since the time I have known about this fact I look for no alcohol in my body lotions , toner and moisturiser as it harms moisture balance making it harsh specially in winters.
  • Did you really know how to wash face for minimum pores? I have told by my dermatologist years ago when I was suffering from acne he quite well explained the way to wash face for tight pores. Actually the correct washing way is to first sprinkle face with warm water that makes the pores open lather face wash now and wash with cold water at last to close the pores. Everyday wash with this trick and see if it works on you because it worked well on me I don’t have any pores or blackheads ever since I changed my face wash routine.
  • Did you know what happens when you keep the sheet mask longer on face than instruct.Yeah you might be alike in thinking that keeping the sheet mask on for longer time give miraculous results but its opposite .Sheet masks work on osmosis process where concentrated nutrition dose for skin is supplied through thin sheets deep into the skin, leaving it for extra time make the osmosis process opposite means it may draw back the moisture making skin dry on the inside.So leave it only for allowed time that is 15-20 mins.
  • I have sensitive eyes and for that I always make sure to purchase mineral based hypoallergenic eye make up products which not having parabens and other chemical which irritate my eyes.There are brands which make hypoallergenic cosmetics I may not know all of them but some are my personally favourite like Clinique, Tarte, Physicians formula, Bobbi Brown,Body Shop,etc.So anyone who has eye allergy to certain chemicals do check for ingredients & keep your eyes safe like me.
  • Lot of you might be aware of this fact that its harmful to drink water right after piss & the course should be vice -versa for better functioning of kidney. Make sure to have water before if we need to or wait for sometime afterwards but not drink right after.I have been told this from my childhood also its clearly mention in Ayurveda so I have been abiding by. I am not much qualified for anatomic explanation but shared as valuable fact.
  • This is not as such fact but did a lot with my fashion jewelleries to restore their pristine as careless storing fades off shine making it dull & old what I do is top coating with nail shiner to keep the polish , colour intact inside.
  • The first aid for scabies is to mix boric acid powder with virgin coconut oil and massage all over the effected areas it will help a lot when doctor is not around.
  • If you have immense love for essential oil be careful about it.Since they are concentrated form of oil hence should not be used undiluted on skin besides its completely no for sensitive skin as may cause serious allergies and even burn it.I once used rosemary oil on my face for the benefits it has but end up getting rashes all over ever since I am quite mindful about their use. If its diluted with some other liquid the effect might be moderate and thus safe.
  • If you are extremely dry skin your favourite clay mask may worse skin moisture balance making it even drier.However it can work along with moisturising toner.
  • Excessive use of baking soda, charcoal powder removes enamel of the tooth make turn them into glisten free harsh looking, It may temporarily lightens yellow stains but in the long run damage tooth surface.
  • Extreme & intense brushing might give you receding gums even without gingivitis , Pyria etc, make sure to brush between gum line and not much brush in a day like 4-5 times, rather use floss and finger brushing, finger brushing give good massage also increase blood circulation the gum cells to make new ones.
  • Discard mascara after one month of opening as its prone to attract bacterias by exposing the brush in the air and slowly accumulate down in the bottle, stick with date of purchase and expiry.
  • To control belly fact much easier tip is to bring warm water right after dinner which melts accumulated fat it shows visible results on regular practice along with healthy diet is advised.

So Above some piece of information which I had through sources and my own experience and now you have it if you liked any bit of it do let me know I will soon be putting up many more valuable tips which might be fruitful to you.So yeah this is all for today I hope the time of curfew is soon over bringing back life in usual way , Till then stay home stay safe.Thank you so much for reading.XOXO

Shimmery Pinky Eye look Using Make Up Revolution Palette

Shimmery Pinky Eye look Using Make Up Revolution Palette

Hey you all hope you doing great at home, Today I am gonna trying out Make Up Revolution Forever Flawless Decadent Eye Shadow Palette to create shimmery eyes with hint of pinks.I had lately had this palette and rarely used other than picking one or two nude shades out of it so thought to create some sparkling eye look with this, also I would review the palette in-between for you to know how fab this palette is for the price.This is I guess my third eyeshadow palette from the brand & I must say anyone who is looking for quality in budget even beginners go for make up revolution products.

Products Used

  • Make up Revolution Eyeshadow Palette
  • Benefit eye brow pencil
  • Bobbi Brown lipstick
  • Make up Revolution Foundation Stick
  • Color bar I glide eye pencil {Blue Topaz}
  • Clinique chubby lash mascara
  • Bobbi Brown compact powder


Like all makeup revolution palette this one also got beautiful light grey colour packaging, its perfect hand sized rectangular palette which is beautiful combo of pink & brown nudes.There are total 18 shades and all shades are just right to create everyday eye looks, The shades are deeply pigmented intermittently are given 6 shimmer cakes which look white, gold, metallic gold , rose gold, metallic pink in sight.The palette is sleek with attached mirror for convenient application anywhere. All the cakes are so naturally pigmented I cant stop saying that just a little buff & colour on point without repeating. So lets start with eye make up first,

To create this look I firstly used Nyx eyeshadow base{ skin tone] on my lids with my fingers but you can always use concealer brush to apply if want to, I move on with the shade Sahara all over my lids to settle the base also prepare it for next shade which is LAVISH and its applied on my creases with uniform blending then I begin with Scorched which is darker pink than Lavish, I work with my fingers to apply it on my outer corners to sweep the colour inside since I am gonna keep centre eyelid shimmery so keep that part reserve for shimmer.I sweep the same shade SCORCHED to the inner eye corner and blend well until it looks even. Then I take this brown shade which is FORTUITY and buff inwards from outer eye corners to pop up the eyes. The trick to get best eye shadow look is to use darkest shade on the outer corner.


I now start with lower lid & sweep both the shade first lavish then top it with scorched and blend, At last to finish the look I take shade PEARLS which is diamond shimmer and put in the centre of eye lid & balance with fingers shimmer can be repeated as per choice as the main goal is to get shimmery eyes .Next I add tint of shimmer in tear duct with pac 082 blending brush and also on eyebrow bone.This pearl cake is so good to use as highlighter in case.I double shimmer dose a bit to make it more blazing I then draw slanting line with same shade pearls on the outer eyes to give it good reflection on side looking. .


To prepare face I first moisturise with chunk of Estee Lauder Day Wear moisturiser, iT has SPF 15 so perfect base cream I skipped using primer as I don’t have pores, For foundation I take Make Up Revolution foundation stick in the shade F6.I love this stick its easy to use also matt formula is perfect for summer wear.I skip using concealer for this look as I will work with foundation also I don’t have dark circles so concealer is not needed.I blend my foundation with Huda Beauty Foundation Brush & dust off Bobbi Brown Foundation Powder in Natural shade.

For highlighting cheeks I pick eyeshadow cake PEARLS which is perfect to use as highlighter so I apply on the apple of my cheeks ,bit on my nose tip and sweep on my forehead as well with the remaining product.

I end up with doing brows with benefit goof proof brows and lashes with Clinique chubby lash mascara which give instant volume to the lashes.In the second look I used blue colour bar eye pencil as eyeliner for more drama rest of eyes are from previous look.I kept the lips nude so used Bobbi Brown Lipstick shade BARE which is brown nude to complete the look.

So yeah it was my super quick face look hope you enjoyed let me know surely in the comment section would love other from you.

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  • I review about the products which I have tested on me and keeping.

Self Care During Covid-19

Hey you all hope you doing great,The government has been dealing efficiently with pandemic & things are going positive we all are hoping best to come ahead.There were few things on my mind to pen down which might be related to social welfare somehow so thought to share,The best preventive from corona virus is to have strong immunity also if you think you are prone to allergy flu its time to take care of immunity. I am myself working on the ideas,The situation is really stressful but panic wont help so we all should wisely act.


We all know our body immune system fight hugely against harmful foreign bodies so we need to work on establishing strong immunity that will actually protect our body at large, other than increasing vitamin C intake by fruits vegetables and other ingredients there is that herb which is called Echenachia which help to boost immunity miraculously and prepare body for viral onslaught and its even safe on kids. There comes many Echinacea Angustifolia supplements out there.I have been using it for ages now and its not needed round the year, it has set dose for 3-5 days & its done for whole year it says no side effect but Do consult before taking them seeing your medical history.

Treat cold

If you have normal cold or cough do everything possible to cure it and let not stay it in body for longer time.Suppose for cold green tea, Herb tea, ginger tea are great also soothe inflammation these can be used as first aid during quarantine as well.Too cold beverages cause cold in susceptible people so maintain fair body temperature .Keep the customary drugs at home for normal health complications and avoid seeing doctor these days.


Try to block ways for stuff coming from outside like newspapers, vegetables couriers, maids even groceries.However if it comes make sure to rinse before getting in use. Main Door knobs, ring bell should be wiped off with sanitiser once in a day. If you are facing difficulty for reaching out to sanitiser use Dettol disinfectant multi use hygienic liquid for all such sort of use.Take water and liquid in1:3 ratio keep it in a spray bottle & use on any thing to sanitise.Keep washing hands repeatedly.

Social Distancing

No matter how much you doing it wont work if not socially isolated .Avoid gathering in every possible way, Stay indoor and take care of the family.Step out of home only on emergency otherwise avoid going out, make sure to stock up supplies so that don’t have go everyday out but surely not hoard stuffs for better functioning of facilities.


Self care is really important, do yoga, meditation etc to build immunity and great blood circulation throughout body.Calm your senses set mood positive engage yourself around anything productive.

These are the tips I am also opting regularly these days so thinking something might be worthy for someone so shared my personal knowledge through self practice.Keep sharing good thoughts.XOXO

Product Review Chanel Vs Naked Beauty foundation

Hey you all hope you doing well, Today I am going to review two foundation brands which are Chanel & Naked Skin Urban Decay Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Make up. I had started using them around six months ago and I took my time to say about it so its perfect to review now.Both of the products are great in their ways so lets know good and bad about them.

Chanel Ultra Wear Flawless Foundation Luminous Matte Finish is a regular matte foundation which I feel is perfect for oily skin women because of the matte effect also I feel its more drying than usual matte foundation formula I am combination skin for reference, I am NC 25 & I have strong feeling that this shade 20 beige is not suiting my skin tone as its more of pink undertone & mine is yellow undertone although I can work with it somehow. I wanted to lay my hands on this brand I together purchased mascara and toner from Chanel all of them has been reviewed in my previous posts.. However if talk about formula its so light and instantly blends into the skin.Even you don’t need beauty sponge to set that also its easy to work with fingers with this Foundation.

The packaging is sturdy thick rectangular container which is perfectly hand size, inside is dispenser to pump the product out which is convenient to use, Consistency is on thicker side that’s why it covers maximum in few drops .buildable coverage with SPF15.

  • MRP- 6000/- for 30 ml.
  • Matte Formula
  • Long lasting, Full coverage
  • SpF-15 , doesn’t break out
  • Transfer proof
  • Oil free, dermatologist tested
  • Made in France.

Naked Skin Urban Decay

I was so excited to try out this as lot of beauty bloggers raved about it I started using it 7 months before.This brand is not yet available in India & I bought it from Houston and liked every bit of this make up. So the first impression is the appearance which is hand size cylindrical fibre dispenser . I am in the shade 3.0 which is perfectly my skin shade , I loved the finish of this foundation so much its so skin like and liquid formula.This might be perfect choice for women who want skin like dewy finish for everyday look without being obvious also covers spots, scar beautifully and give flawless finish, Can be used with or without concealer but for more coverage use concealer along with.

  • Its weightless peptide infused liquid make up.
  • Paraben free
  • Super light formula, flawless finish buildable coverage
  • Made in Canada
  • $39 for30 ml.

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What To Do During Quarantine

Whole world is battling against deadly COVID-19, its deadly infectious disease which has made almost half of the county shut down.Malls, Offices, Schools,Colleges and other social points where people might be prone to infection by interaction are prohibited , So to ensure our maximum protection its utmost important to stay indor & not go on the public places much without urgency. It looks like home locked situation which is complex and gloomy. One hand where staying home is a big challenge bigger challenge what sane could be done, So some tips which I am also applying on myself might be fruitful to you.

Set A Routine

An active routine is very important for happy mood, just because you have freedom to make use of the day your way it should not be ending into imbalance of the physical & mental health.Wake up early with plans for the rest of the day take shower on time, dressed up nicely eat healthy and line up things to work on.Avoid staying up late night, waking late, being a couch potato and mess around.

Enjoy Family Time

As whole family is together under one roof make good use of this time rather than being engaged with personal gadgets.This time might be great for the family bonding.Spend time with kids read them stories engage them in good virtues like watering plants, small cooking session & tidying up the room etc.The time spent with parents is always precious for kids listen to their thoughts which you could not be able to do in a while due to busy living.

Decluttered Space

Make use of the time by decluttering the work station, sort laundry, arrange piled up closet discard trash .Put fresh flower in the vase, light up aroma candles to make the space delightful. Do anything creative than fussing over what to do. Hone your hobbies like painting, craft and even blogging. If you have thought to write a book you got that time now don’t let it be.

Take Care of health

Since most of the gyms , fitness centre are shut down and even morning evening walks are barred in many places its challenging to have active work out. Fret not walk around home frequently take as many steps in a day to get active metabolism, climb steps or whatever works for you.Also not indulge in so much of junks processed foods instead eat fruits, dry fruits, fox nuts ,peanuts intermittently to refill energy level.Increase vitamin C intake to boost immunity as strong immune system can fight well with foreign organisms.

Stay possitive

Irrespective of whatever the conditions are just be positive and content with whatever you got, if you are keeping well you are blessed more than any other requirements. Open the window of the balcony if you have get fresh air, sit by yourself for a moment buid good thoughts enjoy your favourite music sip on relaxing tea thinking this all would be positively over.

Stay Connected

Stay connected with friends and family over phone , ask about their well being give them positive vibes and uplift their mood as well. Share valuable advise regarding health and sanitary, be there if they need you.

So I hope this all will be very soon ending and we all be back to our sane life routine asap.Keep safe keep healthy.


How I Use lip Balm

Hey you beautiful, Hope you doing fine.We all use lip balm right? It is essential to hydrate lips everyday with lip balm I am sure you all must be having suitable lip balm for lips so have you used that lip balm other way than using on lips , Well I use it multiple ways for my face & body. I recently tried this hack on me when I was travelling somewhere with minimum stuff where I missed most of my make up stuff so used it to compensate those missing items, and it actually worked pretty well it happens a lot that we take out things from skin care or make up assuming it wont be needed but then the ones you skip on you get to need them.So without delay lets jump into the detail about how can a lip balm be the beauty saviour.


The first and foremost purpose is to hydrate lips to prevent from chapping, drying and sore. Most of us ignore this fact that lips need adequate moisture as well whereas wet them by continuous licking which is quiet a bad thing for lips. Continuous licking cause more dryness which further lead into painful cracks due to insufficient moisture. Rather keep applying lip balm intermittently for juicy lips inside out. Lip Balm should be chemical free do check out the ingredients before buying. Besides if you love to nourish nails take your lip balm as nail cure massage it with throughly to protect from drying during travel.

Brow Setter

You may scream if get to know that without brow pencil its possible to have trimmed looking brows all you need a black eyeshadow and lip balm. So after knowing this fact you might be a minimalistic traveller.To use lip balm as brow fixer you need to apply thin coat of lip balm all over on the angular brows. In the second step dab black eyeshadow on both the brows in the line and wipe off the extra colour sideways close to the outer and inner line of brows also put the tissue paper lightly above it and soak extra residue. Do it precisely a lot of result depends on how you do it .

Natural sheen

I use lip balm to add natural sheen to my upper eyelids which looks glossy in the day light. Dont know but I have been doing this trick from my adolescence. Everyday after last step of my skin routine I straight take out some of the balm and apply all over the upper eye and eye bone to smoothen it out. You can also do it and see the effect.Even glitter lovers can directly sprinkle glitter on the base for safe adhere & not bother eyes by getting into them as this base holds safely.

Thick Lashes

To get thick lash effect apply a bit of lip balm on the fingers and spread it all over the lashes in the next step dust some talcum powder to make the surface fuller now apply mascara. Actually giving grease before powder makes it easy to hold and particles not get into the eyes.By this trick mascara easily washes off without needing eye make up remover.


Last but not the least if you are body highlighter person and forgot your body bronzer or tan body oil, Use lip balm mix with eyeshadow shimmer{white or golden} as per your choice of colour and use it to accentuate collar bones eyebrow bone , temples , cheeks and even belly. So I am hoping you found the tricks easy and useful do let me know.XOXO

P.S – I am currently using Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask Berry. But you can do these hacks with any of your preferable lip balm lets quickly glance on the balm features.Its more like vaseline in pink color with lichee scent.I didn’t see anything in major other than moisture its thick but not absorbing which feels like something on lips also it gets wipe off it is asked to use overnight and remove the remains next morning, basically its a lip mask. For me its not an amazing product but you can try it for Laneige.MRP-500/-8gm &1150/- for 20gm which is pricier for lip balm.

Product Review -Laneige

Product Review -Laneige

Hey you all ! Hope you doing great, Today I am reviewing one of my favourite Korean brand Laneige water range, I have White Dew Tone Up Cream, White Dew Original Ampule Essence & Water Sleeping Mask, Although the products I have been using for months now & its perfect now to talk about how effective are those also how much I liked them personally. Firstly I would say the products are amazing I didn’t expect much out of it while purchasing but now I can say its worth to repurchase.So lets proceed to know more about the products.

Laneige White Dew Tone Up Cream

As the name suggest that this is basically a tone up cream which blurs minor imperfections & evens out face. I love Korean beauty specially their spotless skin which is what inspired me to use their cosmetics on me, & yeah I would say that skin care products are amazing and this cream is on point in action.Moving on about the further cream review, The cream container is thick glass like material which is in soothing colour scheme of aqua blue & white which is a rare combination in cosmetics. Inside is thick somewhat gelatinous consistency cream which instantly smooth out & clear complexion it is one of those cream which need no base nothing at all just in last step of skin routine apply this and you good to go.The cream has some white cast so women with dark complexion might not be satisfy with the outcome as they may appear greyish it would go well with normal middle skin tone .This tone up cream is perfect for every day outing just mix it up with any sunscreen, apply, and you good to go.


  • Its a thick moisturiser which tone up complexion make it radiant instantly.
  • It successfully hide brown spot dull skin making it even.
  • It has plant derived extracts.
  • Dermatologist tested, without Parabens
  • Cruelty free.
  • buildable coverage, can be used to highlight the areas.
  • MRP- 2400 INR/ for 50ml.

Laneige White Dew Ampule Essence

Laneige White Dew range is for women who want glass like radiant skin like Korean.I have been using this for long enough to talk about so it claims to bright dull skin which I am sure it does, Also it takes care of brown spots by brightening skin from within that’s why skin reflects pearl like finish.It is a serum actually which is thin but mucous essence and spreads on the skin well also hydrate it good enough, Has castor oil & glycol as well for correcting skin problems like allergy, dryness & redness etc.I must say no Korean products broke me out neither did they impose any side effect on my skin.This can be used after toner as serum and followed by Laneige moisturiser to complete skin routine.The bottle has pressed dispenser which is on the very top I am telling as I struggled getting the serum out not finding the way out of it.Fragrance is mildly sweet.


  • Highly concentrated, transparent.
  • Free from parabens, phthalates,
  • Dermatologist tested, cruelty free
  • Presence of Panthenol and Beta-Glucan to relieve skin irritation.
  • MRP- 3500/-for 40ml.
  • Little amount needed as it spreads insanely so lasts longer mine is still there having used for 4 months.

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

Laneige water sleeping mask is another great product for dull dehydrated, tired looking skin.This is clear gel like consistency which comes in two sizes 25ml & 70ml.


  • Its an overnight mask which fulfil water need for skin while purifying it all together.
  • The aromatic mild scent is soothing and relaxing.
  • Also moisturise deep within skin layers.
  • It recover skin while you sleep to wake up with lively skin appearance.
  • Quickly absorbs and feels like a thin layer on face when dries
  • Infused with orange flowers, rose, and sandalwood to relax senses.
  • MRP-700, 1850/- Respectively as per size.


Spread adequate amount of gel all over face and neck leaving it overnight wash off next morning.This can be used every day for maximum purification.Hope you found it useful do mention your query in the comment section would love to hear from you.See you in my next.Dont forget to like share & subscribe .XOXO

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Ideal Skin Routine for Problem free skin

Ideal Skin Routine for Problem free skin

Hey you all , Hope you doing great ! I am truly obsessed with skin care, & I hope you all do , This is what makes your skin actually healthy. I have learnt in years about routine & products which helped my skin turning into clean & clear also observed what factors damage it. In my adolescence never ever had I been through acne or other skin complexities but few years back had on slaught of acnes, whiteheads and brown spot etc, because I didn’t mind be in the sun for hours without protection didn’t understand how important is the hydration or nourishment for the skin. I do believe anything you start paying attention to gets fixed be it body , life, or people. We all know basic skin care regimen but depends how honestly we perform, So I thought why not to detail truly ideal skin care routine for women who actually want the deep difference.

Daily Routine

Daily routine involves washing off the face twice or more in a day with suitable cleanser.Next to it should be toner, serum & last step is moisturiser, etc.This is the ideal everyday skin routine.If its morning go for day cream and night cream for bed time.Most part of skin regeneration occurs at night and in the respect it should be cleansed, and well hydrated to wake up with glowing skin next day. Few more things to know,

  • Moisturiser should be light, alcohol free, absorbing and surely with SPF.
  • I keep changing my daily skin care products time to time as per need of the skin , so do you. Like body skin needs also keep changing , do look out in the mirror to see that need. Suppose if are using the same cream which your mother advised at teenage & its still same at the age of 30 or so it wont work.
  • Do attentively list type of products you want to include in daily care like what is your concern if you are looking for skin brightening products the series should remain the same.if my skin needs more hydration and I am giving it brightening solution so it wont help.
  • Invest in good brands & quality products , dermatologist tested, non cosmogenic.
  • Include double cleansing face wash after make removal to get unclogged pores.
  • Face wash should be mild with deep cleansing properties {will detail in my next}.

Weekly Routine

These masks look quiet goofy on me don’t be scared its me only.Also its a gold foil mask that boost collagen and prevent ageing. Also my face is smaller than the size of this mask but its ok gurl.

Weekly routine must include face packs, peel offs scrub & sheet masks.Face pack should be such to address the skin concern accurately as I mostly look for packs which are brightening and hydrating as I dont have any other thing to look at I am combination skin type for that matter. You choose as per yours. Peel offs give instant result by removing dirt and dead cells on the outer surface also deep cleanse to inflict more clearer skin. In the beauty store lots of sheet masks are found with purpose for every skin type.They have collagen, hydration, pore cleansing, nourishing, vitamin C, pollution sheet mask, brightening sheet masks etc. Watch out the best sheet mask for you, also keep the facial hair at bay by face razor it makes skin smooth also removes lots of dead layers by shaving off .Weekly regimen also involves scrubbing off dead skin , the scrub should be mild and not be aggressively rubbed on face.There are peeling scrub also trending I have used one from The Face Shop & I liked it but not use it frequent as scrubbing and lot of peeling give us ageing soon.

Monthly Routine

After going through daily and weekly skin care regimen religiously a lot difference already starts to take place. Facials or deep cleaning treatments can be taken on monthly basis to get unblocked pores and healthy skin. Facial helps toning facial muscles also sculpt it , again take facial which your skin demanding like if you getting pimples go for facial of that kind, glowing skin, basic nourishment facial etc.I do not go salon for facial rather do it at home earlier used to visit but not anymore.

Annual Routine

It is good to visit a dermatologist once in a year if you need to go for certain treatments like peeling, laser, botox etc. Its completely fine to skip if you are blessed with problem free skin by now by regular care on your own.I visited my dermatologist 5 years back because I did not need it since then and gratefully not gone for as such treatment other than laser for moles removal.So yeah I hope it helped you some way will put up more skin care stories time to time.Hope you liked let me know for sure. Share & subscribe LOVE YOU ALL.

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My Summer Travel packing

Hey beautiful how you all doing this weekend ? How badly I wish to fly somewhere. Actually I love travelling round the year its fun, adventure & experience.While travelling the most important part is packing of course its cumbersome, confusing what to pack and how to co-ordinate clothes so that luggage is not heavy also make full use of whatever is been packed.I remember my earlier packing days when I used to pack almost full closet of mine then faced difficulties of selection & sorting.This assortment of outfits is quite time consuming, irritating as well. So I found out ways for minimalistic packing to make travel convenient & be stylish at the same time.I cant wait to settle the pandemic caused by corona virus & be back to explore the beautiful places I have on card, Earlier I wrote about winter packing so in the sequence lets have a look on what I pack up for summer trip.

Aircraft Handy stuff

I personally love to carry small backpacks for long flights rather handbags, firstly back packs are easy to carry without engaging hands, secondly lots of things can pe easily shoved into this without worry of having deformed shape.You wont want to thrash your favourite handbag under seat neither in the overhead compartment.But I do keep one clutch with card holder for extra comfort ,My stuff in the backpack is as below,

These are travel mini packs.

  • Kindle or Book
  • Wet wipes
  • Sanitiser
  • mouth freshener
  • Cotton balls
  • sleeping mask
  • moisturiser
  • hand cream
  • lip balm
  • kajal, sunscreen, face wash
  • Mobile charger, hands free, sunglasses, scarf.
  • Floss
  • Documents { Passport & Ids etc},cash cards.

I keep mini packs of all these things to occupy less space.I have mentioned major stuff here but might be missing few things.


I keep in mind the place I am travelling to suppose if its a tropical place or beach fun majorly. I want to keep only wearable clothes and not exorbitant.

I keep bright , flowing chiffon or Georgette maxi or short dresses majorly in all styles reason is that those cover a little space with easy maintenance.what else I pack to be completed is as below,

  • 2 maxi dresses , can be worn in two looks wear any tee inside and on the outside strap maxi dress.
  • Second look is wearing contrast sphagetti inside maxi dress to make stylish also colour popping.
  • Third look by wearing long crochet shrug or any fabric, crochet is trending this summer.
  • 2 knee length dresses one cami sundress and other cami body con dress.
  • Shirts can create good look by teaming up under cami body con dress specially white or shirt with drama, puffed sleeves.
  • Besides for more looks wear blouse on body con dress and tie with belt.
  • one short
  • 2 tees, 2 blouses one long shrug, camisoles and night wear
  • So you can see 8-9 pieces can give you 15 different looks.

I separately pack items in a clear bag with label

Foot Wear & Toiletries

Footwear for beach places should be comfortable along with fashionable, I prefer pom-pom flip flops or flat sandal & sneakers for sure for easy walking during explore.High heals pointed toes footwear are not a good choice for fun travelling.Flats acquire less space than heels.

For easy travel I carry minis as toiletries it saves my time to arrange them before and after.Just moisturiser I keep plenty to hydrate my skin well.

Make up

I love make up but not much during travel, so I pack up basic stuff which involves mini foundation with SPF , face powder, nude eyeshadow palette with max six shades also highlighter brow pencil,& kajal which can be used multi-way.I usually don’t paint nails rather put shiner on them to avoid repainting chipped corners. Fragrance is something I wont wana miss out fragrance part so keep vaporiser spray in mini pack for sure. I ensure to keep all mini testing products pack whenever I get and use all of it during travel, advantage is they get tested also in between plus save time.

Skin Care

Travelling brings fun but skin care is unavoidable I dont skip that part , If not much I at least place one or two sheet mask for dehydrated skin by being exposed in the sun or outdoor activities one sheet mask give hydration of one bottle serum for one month so sheet masks are an easy thing to do while on the go.

Quality Time

Whenever I go on trip for relaxation the sole purpose is to rejuvenate my body and mind ,By isolating it from materialistic distraction at least I try not be on clicking and posting stuff for friends and family rather imbibe the moment and the serenity for what I am here.I wonder I have roamed 1/3 part of globe but hardly pics in that proportion. I do take pictures clicked on famous spots but not major beach I feel the moment is important than the memory.I still appreciate everyone ways of fun.So yeah hope you found it useful do write back I love to hear from all of you.XOXO

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Hair fall Problem- Miracle shampoo for growth

Two years back I was having severe hair fall , reason was not scalp issue wherein dandruff , psoriasis or other scalp problem generate hair fall.Before that phase never ever I lost more than 8 strands it was depressing situation for me , I tried everything visited dermatologist, had best of best hair care and shampoos but nothing worked while it caused more hair fall each day. Oiling never worked for me as the more growth oil I put into my scalp the more fall I experienced So the one product which worked miraculously on me was Alpecin caffeine shampoo , its not a common shampoo you may spot in the beauty or general stores but it helped me a lot , besides the shampoo I had some growth pack searched on my own keeping my hair symptoms on mind.Lets know more about the shampoo how it works,


This shampoo contains caffeine which helps in vigorous hair growth by controlling hair loss.It extends the life of already thin damaged hair and make them strongest from the roots.This shampoo is a great cure for people suffering from initial baldness , the formula makes hair more fuller even when you have lost a lot of hair, after wash you will feel your hair more fuller and thicker than before .Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo is made in Germany.The smell is pleasant without overpowering color is bluish white.


After wetting hair leave the shampoo in the scalp for 2 minutes before rinse the more time you leave the shampoo in the hair the more good it will be for stimulating hair growth.The caffeine lock the hair to the roots to make less falling.Use everyday for best results.MRP-599 for 250ml.Share & Subscribe

Trying Out New Products- Too Faced

Trying Out New Products- Too Faced

Too faced has launched in India recently and I had already some products from the brand which I obtained on my latest visit to The New York. I am now even more excited to try out more products from the brand also I don’t have to wait to repurchase, Actually I have not great number of products at the moment but mainly I am gonna review the highlighter , Mascara , & lipstick for now so yeah this is complete combo to start make up with I guess ,Lets begin..

Too Faced Highlighter

I am typically highlighter person for me no look is complete without adding subtle glow on prominent areas of face, Too faced highlighter is quite great quality , it even became my top favourite after using it for the first time.So lets see more good things about it , The first impression was luxurious cushioned pink octagonal shape packing with golden details all over the box which give it a royal touch.The box opens into dazzling silver brick of highlighter,The shade is diamond fire and it does glow like diamond.The cake is not powdery at all also beautifully crumbles into the skin shines perfectly. It has real crushed diamond powder with light reflecting pearls to give rainbow diamond glow.MRP-2500 INR for 12gm. Things you will love to know,

  • Buildable pay off
  • Cruelty free
  • Made in Italy
  • Fits well in hand, compact but broad 3 inches box.

Too Faced Peach Kiss Matte Lipstick

The lipstick shade I have right now is Disrobed which is warm pink, I am NC 25 and the shade looks like peachy warm nude pink on me.When I ordered the shade I was not sure that its gonna look good on me but since I prefer nude shades and warm nude goes well with my skin tone I opted, this shade and not regretted. What I learnt about buying lipstick online is choose a shade darker than the picture because already lighter shades in the reference card make them real light in actual.


First Impression & Features

  • The outer packing is peachy and golden which looks quite feminine.
  • Inside pack is heavy built cream and golden colour.This lipstick do look like a quality Product from appearance .
  • The fragrance is so good it smells like sweet jelly candy to me.
  • Long wear, Matte ,waterproof
  • Its not drying on lips but not so hydrating you have to put lip balm underneath may be its matte that’s why..
  • Too faced lipstick has peach and sweet fig milk infused formula.
  • MRP-1600 INR for 4 gm.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

This mascara packing is so cute also the bottle inside is almost middle finger sized, its so easy to travel with also the quantity is fair enough for one month use if use everyday it is also believed that a mascara should be used in a month after opening up sometimes we cant get to finish & there is left over and the expiry comes so it has that plus point to finish early.


  • An hourglass shaped brush for extra dramatic lashes.
  • In just one coat your lashes get defined and 3 coats they look thick & fuller.Intensely black colour.
  • what I like about best mascara if it does not clump, it separately coat and curl each lash to make it perfectly voluptuous.
  • Besides curl this mascara give desirable length to the eyelashes.
  • Acacia Senegal Tree extracts nourish, hold curl in place for longer time.
  • Parabens & cruelty free not waterproof but stay put
  • MRP- 1050 which seems quite a good price for the quality.

Go for it, See you in my next XOXO. Share & subscribe

Juicy Day Look With Most of Bobbi Brown Products

I love Bobbi Brown Products so much as they are super quality and blends well into the skin turning it quite skin like. Since I love neutral make up more on daily life so I thought to create this natural looking juicy make up look using most of Bobbi Brown Products.This look is perfect for office, coffee date and even some event of daylight where you want to expose less shimmer and more healthy glow, I have only used four products in this look but you have always choice to add more steps fas per your so now lets start with look.

Bobbi Brown Face Primer

No make up turn good without prepping skin before . After cleanser and toner I jump into hydration part, I always make sure to hydrate well so I take chunk of the moisturiser to soothe me skin .its so good and works as perfect base for make up.This face base is enriched with vitamin E & shea butter for great elasticity.I personally recommend to dry skin women for more moisturiser before foundation.The packaging is glass tub and mine is almost over a bit pricey but value of money.

Bobbi Brown Foundation

This foundation is my cult favourite I have been using it for 2 years and never ever had it broke me out.The formula is so light blends well and give full I am not using any concealer in this instead apply little more foundation under eyes and soak extra with beauty sponge.I am in the shade light beige which is perfect for NC 25 women.I apply foundation all over my face and touch up on the forehead with the remaining product on sponge , I skip putting much foundation on forehead as it creases easily and look bad.Next I use Bobbi brown foundation powder to settle my base making it shine free.


Next step is to define browns which I do with benefit goof proof brows in shade 6 cool black ,I am telling you this is a must have brow pencil if you experience difficulty in filling brows and also give patchy uneven brows .This benefit product smooth on hair ,natural color also not pencil or gel completely its perfect combination of both.Super cute pack comes for 1240 INR.

Bobbi Brown Crush Liquid Lipstick

I move on to applying lipstick , for that I take the shade give me fig which is more like mauve pink, I love using this glossy lipstick its so hydrating makes lips juicy for long duration.Come to packaging which is also sleek and sturdy.The color is great enough for day wear perfect pink you can also use it as lipstick topper too. I apply without lining my lips.

I use this lipstick as eyeshadow and blush for this look to make it in the same tone.


Apply mascara from Clinique {will review it later } its my favourite ever since I used it, Put highlighter on my cheeks bone in a fair amount also tint of it on my eyes for more glow and yeah its done.The highlighter is from makeup revolution which I lately had will review both of the highlighter soon. See you in my next post.


Anti Ageing with vitamin C

Hey beautiful, With the age growing and other factors women experience signs of ageing, I can bet no woman wants to be aged, nevertheless I feel women are the most beautiful in any age they actually live less for self but most time of their life goes around family kids career etc.There is no shaming or inferiority being grow with age but how about little care for us that prevents ageing process a bit and make us beautiful & fit inside out. I wana emphasis onto little self care methods & efforts for our well being. After 30 skin problems like wrinkles , dryness, pigmentation , freckles etc should be addressed sincerely also include things in diet which makes us strong inwardly. Real magic happens both from inside & outside if we sow great seeds, will reap the benefits ourselves.I have recently thought about giving my skin good dose of vitamin C to keep it rejuvenated.

Vitamin C is miraculous for skin correction.If you are 30 or above Start using anti ageing cream and serums having vitamin C.Vitamin C prevents dark spot formation by melanin formation. Make sure to follow proper skin care regimen which involve cleansing toner moisturiser.Vitamin C, results in skin brightening by depigmentation.Good amount of vitamin C intake by skin relief sore, inflamed ,acne prone skin.I myself realised how beneficial the decision was to include vitamin C in my skin care routine, I love to try out new theories of healthy skin and body. I keep changing my skin care products according to the need of the moment.


So this serum I am talking about is KLAIRS freshly juiced vitamin drop for skin problems like dullness, uneven tone, acne etc.It suits me best for my skin also corrected my skin tone. This serum has pure vitamin C ,Centella Asiatica extracts, Grapefruit extracts which help to boost collagen. Collagen brings firmness and elasticity to the skin so make sure to have one collagen skin care product after 25 or 30. This is a Korean brand again I cant help but I am so obsessed with Korean beauty products .So application of this is very simple after cleansing and toning apply few drops of direct serum on face all over followed by moisturiser.If you are sensitive skin mix the drops in moisturiser rather direct exposure.Since it is pure vitamin C it can oxidise after some time but it doesn’t effect the quality, keep away from sunlight though.Do patch test before going all over.MRP-1570INR.

Andalou Naturals

This is another my favourite probiotic+ vitamin C day cream without SPF. Its not available is India now but online purchase is possible.I had this from Marshal Store in Houston. That time I didn’t have a purpose I had it somehow keeping the point in mind that its brightening cream plus cure sun burn and fruit stem cell science method for skin cure.But you can see the whole tub is finished and I am worried how to have it asap.The things which I liked about the cream are,

  • Non sticky
  • brightening evens out skin tone
  • cure damaged skin after long exposure in the sun
  • in budget costs around 15$ or so.
  • All weather moisturiser
  • Does not break out

So if you are planing to have changed skin routine choose from these or any other.See you in my next post.XOXO

Festival Of Colours & Skin Care

The festival of colours – HOLI, has arrived, In this festival every one no matter what age enjoy to the fullest & soak in colours from head to foot.One side where colours brings radiance to our lives our skin gets troubled due to long exposure in the sun, chemical presence in the colours. So dip in the pool of colours but pre skin & hair care is very important to not suffer later,Therefore before you step out use these tips to save your skin & hair from being damage.

Smash box lip plumper for soft natural looking plump pink lips

Rose water by KAMA use as toner or astringent.

  • Apply coconut oil to the whole body in the morning before playing colours, greasy surface does not hold colours and get washed off easily. Also coconut oil has good moisturising properties that keeps the skin well hydrated for long hours..Avoid leaving skin dry as it cause irritation and also allergy. Apply Vaseline around eyes specially on upper eyelids during playing colours eyes effect the most as tiny particles get collected in the eyelids cause itching and redness so make sure cover the eyes with sun glasses, put some refreshing tear drops in both of the eyes to keep them moist.
  • Better wear no make up, it will not only block your pores also might give you rashes , pimples etc . Cleanse face & even not scrub that day put some good moisturiser with great SPF to avoid sun damage.Aloe vera gel is also very good for inflammation and cooling effect make sure to apply that after shower.Ice cubes can also be rubbed on face.Unboiled milk with rose water is another great sun burn remedy.
  • Due to dry winds and colour playing lips get highly affected, they become rough, Moisturise lips properly and even use some sunscreen on lips.If you want to add some sheen to your lips use lip gloss than lipstick or if nothing else use coconut oil for deep hydration.It is advisable to carry mini lip balm with you for safe playing.
  • Keep mini hand sanitiser mandatorily to keep you safe from viral infections, Corona Virus is also spreading fast so be safe and healthy while enjoying festival.
  • Nobody mind if you play dry colours this holi to avoid cold, Cold & cough are the primary symptoms of being affected from Corona Virus so note that.Use herbal colours to play and make aware the others for the same.Wear mask for double protection.
  • Hair care also a thing oil to have damage free hair after Holi. Proper oiling is good to avoid colours getting stuck in the roots.Wear scarf, hat or head band to protect hair .Do not leave hair flowing rather make high bun or ponytail to save hair.Use mild shampoo and conditioner surely during shower to have soft shiny hair after rinse.
  • Nails should be trimmed and not too long as they get patchy with colour stain and look bad afterwards, apply two coats of shiner on nails to protect cuticle from being coloured.
  • The most important thing is to stay hydrated from inside, you wont realise but may feel dizziness in the sun if not hydrated therefore do not skip on water and keep drinking in between to avoid dehydration. Coconut water is very good while on the go, also carry your won bottle to quench the thirst without obstacle.
  • It is advisable to Use body sunscreen all over the body.
  • Festival where bring happiness to life also give invisible calories in the form of scrumptuous delicacies, keep track of calories intake and try roasted food items than deep fried to be fit.
  • Happy Holi to all of you..XOXO

Baking Powder/Setting Powder/Compact powder

Hey beautiful, Today I thought to put some detailed information about baking, setting , and compact powder, most of you might have used it. Although these three are forms of beauty powders but each one has different use in contouring. So its essential to have full knowledge about these three powders so that it serve the purpose correctly & give the desirable result.

Baking powder is the loose mineral powder which is used to add light to the T zone i.e forehead, under eye area & cheekbone. It binds concealer in place, reduces shine by mattifying skin surface. Baking powder is used after concealer which correct pink tone & redness as well It comes in separate shades for deeper & fair skin tones so choose the shade as per your skin tone.After foundation and concealer put baking powder heavily under eyes, forehead cheek and chin let it bake for sometimes and dust off the remaining with the powder brush.Use either beauty sponge or concealer brush to apply baking powder , I am currently having make up revolution banana baking powder which I really liked, reason is how beautifully it bakes and goes into the skin.There is only one shade in banana baking powder which goes fairly with all Asian skin tone, Also terracotta and Lace are two another shades come for deeper & fair skin tone.The powder is very good quality doesn’t feel like chalky, invisibly melts & highlight T zone in the perfect amount.MRP-850/-for 42gm.

Setting powder or finishing powder is a transparent powder which is used to set make up giving smooth finish all over. It comes in one universal colour which goes with any skin tone.It reduces shine also can be used with or without foundation on bare skin.Mac prep+ prime transparent is my go-to setting powder as it blends beautifully into the skin and stays put.Apply after foundation all over the face and dust off.Since it has no colour so wont be highlighting any area but remove oil & shine. MRP-2350/-

Compact powder/ Pressed powder are actually used to improve skin tone.It blurs out minor imperfections to give even skin tone.Compact are best to be used in summers as it does not necessarily need base , can be used on bare skin as well doing the same magic.Compact powder can be applied with dry or wet sponge but I personally do not like wet sponge as it leaves creases may be I m mot good doing it perfectly so go for sponge or brush either as per your comfort.In my previous blog I had given detailed description of some great compact powders & how useful are compact powder on the go.Do check out. For everyday use compact with day cream.I am NC 25 and my shade in Bobbi Brown is light beige this shade is warm beige which doesn’t go which my skin tone I bought this shade when I got bit tan and later it was back to my normal tone.It has shade for every skin tone match your perfect powder in the day light on the cheeks than wrist or under neck test.MRP- 3900/-INR

DIY Mask For Pigmentation

DIY Mask For Pigmentation

Pigmentation is the most common problem among all age, Due to long exposure in the sun or harmonal reasons, Skin is given stubborn brown spots mainly on the forehead cheeks or nose. It appears more like brown liberal patch which looks unpleasant also age us.There are multiple creams, lotions are available to lighten those marks but I am sharing super easy , tested DIY masks for brightening and depigmentation of face.

Few things to rememberer if you are going through any fairness skin care routine where you taking up brightening serum or cream, In the absence of sunscreen no fairness regimen will work on you.To get best results of skin lightening products do not skip sunscreen be it home or outside this is very important to know or else you will be blaming them for not being effective.

So These DIY I have been using from my teenage that time it was for better skin but now its the necessity since the ingredients used in this are kitchen stuff and full of natural goodness, it will benefit multi-ways.

Face Masks

  • Soak red lentils over night ( bowl full) grind it next morning and add spoonful turmeric powder to it make it paste and apply all over to the face.
  • Let the paste well absorbed into the skin and after when it is completely dry scrub it off mildly.
  • Its an amazing scrub, perfect lightening treatment and remove dead cells effectively.

Bran Mask

  • This method of getting smooth clear skin is of my teenage I even use this till now and my skin is problem free to a great extent , Since both of the DIY are super simple so you can use it everyday or weekly as it requires little time of you.Also no chance of side effect.
  • Soak two three spoons of wheat bran in some milk ( unboiled) and add drops of honey mix it all together and apply after 15 minutes of soaking.
  • Leave the paste on the face and scrub it off when dries.

So try these amazing DIY for beautiful skin.XOXO

Ways to Wear Dhoti Pant

Ways to Wear Dhoti Pant

Hey you beautiful ,

Dhoti pants are trending this season too, Actually teaming up a dhoti pant with any outfit gives indo western vibes.It looks traditional and modern at the same time.One dhoti pant can be worn many ways, Airy, comfortable & long wearing it comes in fabric like satin, cotton, rayon, silk, etc with embroidery , print embellished and solid colours.I always keep place for dhoti pants, dhoti Kurta sets in my closet as this one piece has more than ways to wear.

In the first picture I matched dhoti pant with my georgette white shirt.I actually love wearing tank tops or camis with it to make summer less miserable.To make it bold further I tied a neck tie around neck.

Second way to wear it with long shrugs and crop top this is quite chic look outfit for special outings.This fabric I wore in the pic is silk with neck detailing of silver coins.The long shrug give royal finish to the look.I matched dangling silver earrings with it for good coordination.

I love to wear long tops with dhoti pants as it is an easy way to look fab from regular palazzo pant look.The trick to make a simple outfit gorgeous is to team it up with bizarre pair of accessories but do not violate the use.Here I pair up with a cotton peplum top ,To balance the fall of the top I bolted it with a chain belt.

Brocade, Banarsi, embroidered short angarkha go best with dhoti pants pair it up with long heavy jhumkas( traditional earrings) to look more ethnic, Carry potli purse to complete the look.


My Everyday MakeUp

My Everyday MakeUp

Hey beautiful ! Hope you doing great! My everyday make up is very simple unless there is some special occasion . For prepping my face everyday I follow quite simple steps because for me my skin is important I do not want to heap it with lots of make up on daily basis I want it to be breathing and natural looking.Also differentiation is important for everyday look and look for special occasions.

So I begin with cleansing toner and moisturiser.Fair amount of moisturiser is a secret of glowing skin from within also if your skin is parched inside applying anything on the outside wont make it look great.So make sure to hydrate my face well I then apply good amount of sunscreen which I never skip be it any season. Sunscreen is very important for maintaining pigment free skin. Sun cause a lot of damage in form of white spots, brown sports freckles and even allergy etc. In case when I skip sunscreen I use my Bobbi Brown foundation plus serum as it has SPF 40 also goodness of serum which is all purpose to me.So any moisturiser which has SPF is good to go or if its just for hydration do apply sunscreen afterwards.Next to sunscreen I directly apply my go to ‘It airbrush perfecting powder or Bobbi Brown face powder and even Mac compact is my best pick for this step.I do not use concealer much specially in summers as it deposits and make creases in humid weather.

After my face is ready I define my eyes with just mascara, I love mascara in many coats then I draw a little line with the kohl kajal on the upper outer corners of my eyes and smudge just to give my eyes fuller look.The line is just on the outer corners and not full line over eyes.I use any highlighter golden or pink on my eyelids and inner corner to wake up eyes prominently.

For everyday natural look I usually do not go for bold lipsticks instead pink or brown nudes are my go to shades, everyday I prefer lip tint or gloss all over lips without lining them . Gloss give natural sheen also make lips translucent and moist. Little drops I use on my cheeks from the same lip tint to blush it naturally.I use Benefit Lip tint it has watery consistency.

Brows for everyday should not be standing out so just fill in the gaps and make it fuller but not over line to broaden them.

So yeah this is my super easy everyday look which takes only 10 minutes to make me fab from drab.


Workable Ways To Lose Fat

Everyone long for perfectly shaped body be it men or women, its not about beautiful body but fitness is very important from health point of view.I do not talk about getting six packs or so called eight packs as perfect body feature but as long as you got healthy curves you are fit.There should not be extra accumulation of fat in the body which gives many diseases in the long run if not checked in time.Also once you are over weight it takes a lot of patience healthy lifestyle or eating habits to get body in shape.Ironically the process itself is very tiring long hours in the gym controlled diets skipping on your favourite snacks is not anyone’s liking. Post pregnancy I got good weight which I didn’t heed earlier and when I realised it was quite stubborn but as long as you are firm on something nothing can beat you.I tried almost everything I diet, worked out maximum to my capacity but I failed to achieve my target.But I did not stop and found my own ways to loose weight effectively. Therefore I want to share my fitness story which is super easy, no gym required no dieting as such and great results.

Walking Running Jogging

Walking is super easy approach to fat loss specially belly fat, do not complain of fail if you take a round around your garden or just do little walking of 1000 or 2000 steps daily it wont work out any way.Ideal walking steps for fat loss should be around 12000 to 15000 and the more the better.I can bet you on this do those steps everyday and you will be amazed to see the transformation, plus your bones wont hurt due to weight lifting in the gym. Running burns double calorie than walking and also jogging can be started in beginning to be perfect for running.


Healthy diet is always fruitful but you can eat anything in measured portions. Cut in direct sugar intake, but 4 spoons in a day wont hurt.Jaggery and honey are best substitute which give great health benefits, Jaggery has good amount of iron, helps in digestion boon for people with constipation similarly honey has antioxidants and controls cholesterol.One whole fruit everyday of your choice. Avoid too much of oily food everyday, keep it in balance.One thing to mention if you have most of the junk one day it wont add fat but if have it on daily basis it gets double.So decide one day for junk food, rest days normal food with full check of junk.

  • In between meals have nuts which is protein rich snack.Do not have too much of protein if you suffer from constipation,Digestion of protein is not easy. Fox nuts, roasted peanuts, puffed rice are some of healthy snacks.
  • Avoid consuming so much of processed food and packed snacks with sodium in it. Do Check nutritional value.Sodium cause weight gain.
  • Control fine flour use , have whole grain for better digestion.
  • Good digestion is important for weight loss include dietary fibre by fruits or food.
  • Fat is also essential for body not all fat is bad just trans fat which needs to be controlled.Saturated fat is well absorbed by body and not stored.Butter, Ghee, Olive oil coconut oil etc are trans fat which is supposed to be essential for health.
  • Do streching in a day for even 5 minutes everyday for flexibility of muscles.
  • Do 15 pushups everyday and 3 sets of 10 crunches for belly fat loss.You can avoid it all together and increase number of steps it will do the magic.Wall push up is an easy approach it needs no preparation.
  • Be patient and stop checking weight every third day.
  • Lead active life do everything in home which interest you.
  • Avoid crabs in dinner like rice or potato mainly have it in lunch instead.
  • Do include one glass of toned milk or curd for lactose intolerance.Cold coffee or even hot coffee with pure milk is good for boosting energy.
  • Brisk walk after dinner and nap after lunch is great for body.
  • Rule for weight loss is to burn as much as calorie you took in, when it starts getting stored it gain weight.

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Some Satin Some Mesh

Satin is one of my favourite fabric, Back in my college days satin fabric was largely used for fashionable garments that time even I went with the trend & got one tailored satin shirt & Kurta pant.Satin is back in trend which is quite exciting for me the best thing I love about satin fabric is that it feels so light on body , draping is easy with it also perfectly hug curves hence must have for any size women.Outfits made up of satin give kind of richness and luxurious effect to the wearer.

Among all I just love satin shirts teamed up with trouser and skirts.This co ordination of satin shirt with some glittery long skirt is quite glamours & can be a good selection for parties apart form regular dresses or gowns.Match a chunky necklace to grace the look.

Sequinned, printed, mini skirts also go well with satin shirts and look stylish, but denim is not appropriate to match with.

Try out long pleated satin skirts with blouses, embellished skirts and satin blouses it will keep you cool in summers as well, Even beautiful satin sarees are irresistible , they feel super soft and perfectly light for any season.

To give satin saree a smart look pair up bright colour crop top with I usually team up saree with most of my tops.Invest in one satin maxi dress for sure this season & you wont regret.

Colour Pop Eyes

Colour Pop Eyes

Beautifully done eyes give whole new appearance to the face, surprisingly eye make up has various styles & wit each style there are different ways to do eyes.I always am excited to try out new eye make up trick actually this part is what decide rest of the appearance.What I started loving lately for eye make up is to pop them up with bright colours and its trending also.Fortunately to get such looks colour pencils are very convenient.

Colour pencils make eye make up super quick & precise while on the go.Neon blue, pink, lime, violet, yellow are some of great eye popping colour pencils to use multi-ways.The best thing about colour pop eyes is that it make even simple outfit noticeable. Now its easy for girls who love matching game as its now easy to keep colours in coordination .

I am trying some new for eye make up product which is of course neon pencils from colour bar & LA girl.The look I am wearing is super simple and hassle free even a beginner can try out and be sassy.These colour pencils are easy to carry , waterproof , also the feature I liked about colour bar pencils is that a single pencil can be used as lip liner, kajal , and eyeliner make it smudge for adding shadow to the eye corners.

copyright image

Products Used

  • LA Girl Shock Wave Neon Eyeliner
  • COLOR BAR all rounder pencil sexy silhouette 009
  • COLOR BAR squishy lime 008
  • Stays upto 6 hrs as kajal,16 hrs as eyeliner, unto 8 hrs as lipliner
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Cruelty free

Either pop up inner corner of eyes or just use bold line eyeliner or for more dramatic eye apply colour kajal in the water line.Single pencil and so may ways to use perfect for travel packing refrain from carrying so many items for makeup.

Ethnic or western, colour pop eyes do justice with every look, Gone are days with same boring black eyeliner give colour to the eyes in more dramatic way as per your style.

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Trendy Ways For Scarf

Scarf is my favourite round the year accessory, spring has approached very soon summers. So Scarf is that one accessory that protect & raise style quotient at the same time.It is that one thing every women should have in their handbag as uses are many. So lets get in to the details to wear scarf differently.

Here first way I used as scrunchie scarf , loose hair is not pleasant for summers due to humid weather conditions also simple pony can be made attractive so just twist scarf around ponytail and add extra glam to your appearance instantly. For this look scarfs in solid floral, polka dots print or monochrome look nice.

Second way to use it as head band for beach trips travelling , hiking etc this trick helps holding hair back giving natural clean look. Put on your favourite sunglasses to get summer ready.One thing to remember don’t pick too big prints or motifs to avoid deranged appearance.

Third way is quite basic wherein fold the square scarf into triangle and place on head and knot down. This is great way to protect hair from dirt and pollution ,This style can be picked for winters as well to save head from being cold. Scarf go well with all attires depends how you use it.

Last but not the least knot the scarf around your neck and make two loops and leave it like that this style can be best team up with camisoles, off shoulder tops and shirts but the thing which need to understand don’t violate colour scheme if top is solid scarf should have prints or polkas and if teaming plain scarf necessarily top might be printed or embellished.Complete the look with studs ,dangling, tassel earrings.

Ways To Spruce Up Bedroom

Bedroom is a place where we retire after hours of exhausting work schedule to relax our body and sense organs.Bedroom interior reflects a lot about the personality of the individual therefore each bedroom is different as per choice of the doer , easeful bedroom should have limited stuff with less decor as the place is supposed to be breathable not chaotic, for that bedroom needs to be neat clean & lively. It should have bright colours on neutral background to make it blossoming radiant The colour theme might be subjective nevertheless there are simples ways to refurbish bedroom to give it more appeal..Since these are decorative ways so can be changed anytime.

Wall Theme

Wall colour plays an essential role in determining whole outlook of any room.The colour scheme should be lighter for walls ,Dark colours temporarily look good but for a peaceful place like bedroom selection of colour has to be whites, pink tones, grey, ivory, beige etc, Dark shades can be used for highlights. Besides wallpaper is another way to give life to boring walls in quick time, the benefit with wallpaper is that in case you do not want to change entire walls, certain area, or niche can be highlighted with quirky wallpapers.My current wall colour is marble white & it let my eyes to absorb the serenity.

Night Lamp

Night lamp adds so much to the bedroom by lighting up dull space also it adds luxurious elegance to the place.Light lamp is best when placed side by side of bed or if there is no corner table tall standing lamp can be used to brighten up the surroundings. Antique, vintage, wooden lamps can be a good choice.If you are a night reader it makes reading comfortable.


Candles are mood enhancing plus another great decorative item in budget,Pillar candles, LED candles are available in so many beautiful designs for every occasion..whether floating candles in aromatic petal water.or place them in an antique T holder for exquisite setting.Candles have special place in decor no matter what theme it is ,candles can rejuvenate any space without being wrong.

Cushion & Throws

I love filling up my bed with various types of cushions, of all sizes from bigger to regular and small sizes. It makes my bed cozy , & can be changed anytime with the wall theme or trend this is what I feel best about it .Cushions are best thing to spruce up bedding without needing symmetry, even three different patterns in cushion could be place together to follow modern decor theme.Match the colour of cushion with that of curtain to bring uniformity in room if not all but some.Solid bedsheets goes well with all design cushions and also highlight room theme particularly.Light colour bedsheets always good pick for aesthetic balance.Too dark and all over prints of bedsheets make the space disruptive .


The lighter the curtains are the bigger the room appears.The selection of curtain is really time taking as a lot of the outcome depends on right selection of curtains.This season printed curtains are again in last season embroidery patch work curtain were trending also sheer curtain, beads curtain be used for glam quotient. Curtain should have black out to prevent direct sun rays. Double rod curtain is fit to accomplish both of the purpose.


Rugs or carpet does a lot to add richness to the room, bigger rooms get fulfilled and smaller rooms gets compact, even bad flooring can be made good with it.During winters carpet feels nice to walk on and saves from chilly floor.Placing a runner by the bed gives harmony to decor.

Decorative Mirror

Hanging mirror on the wall give illusion of bigger space also it gives vintage feel.Mirrors can beautify any room without much effort be it on the dinning room wall for extra luxurious look on the bathroom walls or in the gallery area.Acrylic mirror wall stickers also might be used for low budget decor.

Foot Care – Pedicure At Home

Foot Care – Pedicure At Home

Foot care also is an essential part of self grooming. Cracked , rough, painful heels not only are embarrassing but also unpleasing to self. Just like face and hands feet too endure a lot, they become scaly due to inadequate moisture dose and proper care, after all feet are our base to walk on hence it should not be ignored.I always think of the practical ways of personal grooming which can be followed on the go. There are best foot care services in salon but again that can be monthly also it needs to be scheduled. Little care everyday makes a great difference & saves a big chunk of money which gonna go all together for whole repairing. So how to foot care & pedicure at home to get salon like soft beautiful heels.


Pedicure at home is very easy and simple it requires few steps and you are done.This can be done weekly or daily as needed. After few rounds of pedicure you will begin to feel the change in the heel condition so lets begin,

  • Take a deep tub to soak feet, Fill it with fairly hot water add one lemon, baking soda half spoon, hydrogen peroxide few drops, glycerin15 ml pinch of salt and rose water.
  • Exfoliate your feet with any scrubber of your choice, in case you not having any use coffee and brown sugar mixed for this purpose.
  • After done with scrubbing pour body wash on feet and ankles to cleanse properly before you soak into the warm water.
  • Soak in the water you readied already for about 10-15 minutes for bad cracks or else 10 mins ,put another feet after one and begin to scrub off the dead cells which by then must be ready to shed.Pumice stone is great to scrub heels.
  • Once done with scrubbing both of the heels do some nail cutting cleaning, filing etc .then wipe off feet with the towel let not dry that water and apply some foot cream all over and cover the feet with socks after.
  • Although there are many foot creams available out there but you can try boroline or boroplus for sore heels as its antiseptic and full of healing goodness.A good foot cream should be quick absorbing and hydrating.
  • Do not forget to moisturise feet right after shower & post bed .
  • Remember dry heals lead to cracks .
  • Sometimes people with poor nutrition or anaemia experience frequent cracks so good nutrition is important.

My current Foot cream

Few months back I have had this foot cream just to try out new stuff for foot care and this foot cream turned out really well for keeping my feet soft and away from dryness.This is from TonyMoly which is a Korean brand again l have been loving Korean brands so much of late,What I love about this cream is that its so lightweight, quick absorbing and very hydrating without being sticky.It heals quickly and daily application makes heels shiny as well.The main ingredients are Peppermint oil, Kernel oil, Almond oil ,Jojoba seed oil Camellia Japonica Seed oil etc which are undoubtedly best ingredient for skin, you can try out this foot cream as well it comes for 500INR which is not much for beautiful heels.

How to Enhance Brows

How to Enhance Brows

Fuller, thicker brows continue to be trending , women who got natural thicker brows do not need to do anything extra except shaping them but women who want to get with the trend of fuller thicker brows just do some daily brow care routine which will be detailed below, before that lets move on with how to make brows work for fuller looking with the help of a brow palette.There are plenty but I am talking about my favourite ones, tested brow products which not only make it natural looking but also great quality in budget.

Miss Claire Brow cake

If you looking for something amazing for the brows without spending much go for this brow cake its just too good for brows and smokey eyes make up.This palette contains four shades which work for every women as it has jet black, Dark Brown, Light Brown, & Light grey for super light brows.This pack also have two in one angled brush to fill & comb to tame brows hair.This is completely fool proof and enhance brows in the most natural looking version.Super light, sleek packing make it travel friendly also it can also be used as eyeliner or eyeshadow with these four shades.Staying power is impressive doesn’t go off ,well stay.MRP- 495/-

Kay Beauty

Kay beauty brow pencil is my recent favourite as I could not use anything else for my brows ever since I had this in my vanity, I mean what is this product ,This is my holy grail brow product these days & I hope you might also love it for its super light pencil form.I am in the shade Hazel Nut which works perfectly for my black brows, Its water proof , fool proof super natural colour, easily glide on the brows.The kay Beauty brow pencil can be resharpened and goes long time.MRP- 599 INR/-

MAC Brow Pencil & Gel

Mac brow pencil is also another great choice for women who are brand addict.This gel pencil has comb brush at the other end for perfect grooming while shaping.Waterproof , Fool proof and give natural filling to the brows . I am in the shade Stud which is dark brown and works for black as well dark brows. Mac Pro long wear Waterproof Brow Set is another product from this brand, Its gel form but works well in grooming and enhancing brows than precise filling.The gel cream form is always tricky to deal with as it might leave dots and fool in between drawing brows , better use it after shaping, filling up the brows with brow pencil to make brow hair thick. It works best for hardening brow hair for angled shape.For me its not my go-to- brow products because not so purposeful in that way.MRP-1550 INR/-

Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden is also next favourite brow kit in my vanity ,I purchased it on my visit to the US lately, what I loved about this brow kit is the two in one function where the same brow cake can be used as eyeliner , two mini super cute brush come with the case designed to meet both purpose for eyes and brows.There is a stylish mirror attached with the luxury case.The packaging seems luxurious with golden & mirror hint.I am in the shade Ebony which is true black and does brows wonderfully. Waterproof powder form stays put for hours also this is perfect for minimalistic travelling where one product can be used multiply.PRICE- 30$ or so.

Tint My Brows Gel

Women who love natural looking brows l & have tough time shaping up the brows at last minute this brow tint can relieve them a lot.This is amazing gel form of tint where you have to apply the gel to the brows all over leave it there for a minute and peel off the gel layer and underneath remains stained brows.It is waterproof, the tanning effect on brows stays up to 2-3 days as it is.This amazing brow gel come with the label of Etude House which is a Korean Brand & quite deserving.For better pigment the brows should be trimmed ,cleansed fully to avoid oiliness.Using tint actually needs a lot of precision as it dries out quickly even before you realise you draw the browns incorrectly so work with that.MRP-765INR/-

Brow Care

  • Apply mixture of almond oil + olive oil to the brows daily for good growth.
  • Make sure to remove brow product completely and not leave residue.
  • Do not neglect any dryness, dandruff itching of brows it may have some fungal infection which may lead to falling hair of brows.
  • Use growth oil for thicker brows.

Be a Chopping Expert In Kitchen

I well remember my struggle with daily chopping actually its quite time taking ‘The process, Sometimes mere preparation of vegetable stuffed parathas, chopping fine onion ,tomatoes and even chillies get on nerves. I have recently got this super easy, economic chopper which makes daily chopping very easy and quick also the results of chopping are so satisfying unlike other heavy expensive food processor we buy with great expectation but end up being in the corner of the kitchen or packed forever due to less practicality. So this chopper is different from other mini choppers available in the stores in terms that it actually does every kind of chopping be it cutting fine onion tomatoes for omelette , or chopping vegetables so fine like grated also how much fine or coarse you have full control on.This amazing chopper name is Pigeon and it comes in two sizes L & XL which mainly describe the size of the container so Lets know more about Pigeon Chopper,

Firstly this chopper is super light weight, handy having three stainless steel blades well designed for effective chopping. The cleaning ,assemble and maintenance is very comfortable.The container’s fibre plastic is sturdy & does not break easily on fall. Pigeon chopper cuts all kind of vegetables & fruits as per your need fine or coarse. But the feature which attracted me the most is guess what? it needs no electricity wow, that means you dont have to wait electricity to use this. The perfection it gives in chopping is commendable on being so in budget and easy mechanism.

So if you want an easy solution for everyday chopping buy this one time and you will keep buying forever.. I have my second pigeon chopper in my kitchen and my chopping problems and making stuffing became easy now.The link is down below to purchase go ahead its just so in budget.MRP is 545 INR but with this link you get additional 21 percent discount than which is INR 202/- unbelievable right ..Happy shopping with pigeon chopper .

It ‘ Airbrush Perfecting Powder- Review

It ‘ Airbrush Perfecting Powder- Review

Spring has already arrived and very soon summers so its time for wearing less foundation concealer but something light, and doing similar job for face. In my previous post I mentioned how make up should be in summers with least products so here this is this amazing compact powder from IT’. Its perfect for people who want better skin with minimal products, as the slogan says itself ‘Your Skin But Better”.Yes it does make your skin better with its perfect airbrush powder which dissolves into the skin completely blurs all scars, freckles, blemishes with its optical-blurring Perfector. Firstly I want to mention that it take less buffing and quickly transform skin into soft smooth & flawless texture also staying hours are great without budging. It” cosmetics never compromise with quality ,the sheer to full coverage finishing is no less than applying foundation + concealer + finishing powder it does tri action with one stroke of brush, the coverage is buildable, Secondly sponge is given inside the box but its brush friendly as well. IT CC+ airbrush perfecting powder comes in three shades which are fair medium & dark.I chose medium shade for me as I am NC 25 and it works wonderfully for me.This can also be used as finishing powder to set up the make up.So lets quickly glance over top features of this powder,

  • Airbrushing powder
  • Brightening Color Corrector
  • Optical Blurring Perfecter
  • Pore Minimising Finish
  • Dark Spot Concealer

The case comes with attached mirror for easy application on the go with separate case for sponge. Easy application , perfect pick for travelling as it is all in one beauty fixer.ITCosmetics Partners with plastic surgeons and dermatologists to develop skin loving solutions and tested formulas.This powder is very good for sensitive skin as it does not block pores and keep skin breathable great for acne prone skin as well. It has extracts of Aloe Barbadensis leaf which is great herb for sun burns and other skin treatments also Camellia Sinensis Leaf extracts ,carina papaya fruit, Chamomile rosa canine , Olea Europapa ,Punic Granatum etc are some of useful herbs used in this powder which are wonderful skin treatment herbs Best before 24 months from packing however keep the sponge changing after 2 months for hygiene point of view.

Be The Glow Goddess

Be The Glow Goddess

Highlighter is an essential make up ingredient to get that healthy glow on face & body.The make up ritual without highlighting T zone , collar bone, shoulders is incomplete. Anyone who look for healthy glowing skin with make up should surely keep highlighter palette in the vanity , as without it no make up is complete.The trend of highlighting special features bloomed year ago or so where with minimal make up actual work put into making up skin look naturally glowing. Highlighter can be used anytime special but what shade of highlighter is actually need to pay attention for.I am actually more of highlighter person with keeping rest of my features natural but defined. A Lot of brands offer highlighter palette where you are given two or three shades in one pack whereas some brand exclusively have single shade of highlighter cake. So the selection is always subjective.

How To Choose Highlighter Shade

Highlighters usually come in three main shades which are metallic white, rose gold, and yellow gold .These three shades are widely used for shimmery glow while lilac tone, peachy tone, & sea green tone highlighter are also other shades which are trendy. Metallic white is for fair tone girls or for anyone who wants extra noticeable shine on the face. Rose gold or peachy gold is pink undertone and go well with any complexion and does not stand out. Not only does it look like better skin but also perfect for day to night use.Gold highlighter is perfect for dark colour tones and also add great drama, extra sheen to the face, medium colour tone women can have it undoubtedly, The gold effect effect looks radiant in dark so better for wedding purpose, night parties or whenever you think you need it.Make sure to go with nude make up theme with excessive highlighter where defined eyes nude lips and subtle glow on face be the prominent attraction unless you wana look bold and stand out.

Good Highlighter Brands

There are oodles of great highlighters in the beauty store but there are a few I loved using & gave me desirable effect.There are high end brands as well drugstore brands for awesome highlighter purchase so choose as per your liking. Maybeline, ColorBar, LA Girl, Make up revolution, Loreal Paris, Flower Beauty, NYX Cosmetics,Milani deliver great quality highlighters in budget.The main thing to notice about highlighter is the pigment & shimmer.Good highlighter is that mingles into the skin make it glowing evenly So refrain from chalky, unpigmented ones that’s not gonna deliver good finish therefore better invest in quality makeup products. MAC , Tarte, Estee Lauder, Too Faced , E.l.f Bobbi Brown, Huda Beauty are some of high end brands I used for highlighters, & quite liked them. Beginners can start with shimmery blush cakes which give duo action of popping up cheeks and also give healthy sheen.Milani might, Flower Beauty might be a great choice for that.

How To Use Highlighter Like A Pro

Like I said above highlighter can be put on to the cheekbones ,tip of nose & bridge, eyebrow bone, forehead & collar bone mainly, Rest depend on personal choice. In application strokes should always be upwards on cheeks, circular on forehead nose tip & chin area. Use Bronzer for more sculpted look. Do not use too much of highlighter & blending is very imported to get most of the shimmer. For deep foil like effect pump few sprays of make up fix on the brush before applying.

Must Have Footwear Styles For Women

My love for footwear is never-ending, The more the less , I assume every women have this fascination about owning series of footwear for each dress & occasion, Actually the designs & colours are so many that its seems hard to settle on a few. As spring is already approaching its time to update shoes closet as well because there is no fashion complete without suitable footwear aligned . Although you are free to stack as many as you want but these 5 styles are must have in your shoe vanity. Some are evergreen styles without being obsolete while some are big shoe trend of 2020, So if you are a shoe lover go on with the article to refresh that footwear corner of you.


Pumps are truly suitable for any occasion.They go well with casual & formal attires, be it clubbing with trousers or skirts. Pointed toe pumps are so in this season, Floral printed, solid neons, animal printed, and even embellished ones all look beautifully stylish and blend with any style of attire but wearing them for longer time is not as comfy as narrow toes make sore feet, But again it depends more on the shape of your feet so choose as per your comfort since my shape of feet is not appropriate for pointed toe footwear I prefer round pumps with block heels for blister free feet.The must have pumps from comfort point of view are nude with block heels, Block heels support easy walk & can be worn for good long hours.

Ankle Strap Sandals

Ankle strap sandals look fashionable and add relax plus fun quotient when club with midi dresses, skirts ,denims.These sandals come in block & pointed heels. If you are choosing high heels make sure to pick light colour because block heels or wedges footwear with dark colour look bizarre also make you look shorter. Sandals, this year would be adorned with prints , embellishments and embroidery like last year but embellished ones gonna appear widely .Flat ankle strap & wedges are also good choice for no -heels women. Chain would be seen as chief embellishment in sandals and pumps this year, so you can think of updating style.


Stilettos are must have in the shoe closet if you are heel lover , Stilettos add glamour quotient, can be found glittery , embellished sequinned and even solid.If you are party person have one for sure in the rack. Stilettos are also available in peep toes, pointed toes.The heels are way too high than normal heels sandals so choose as per your style and comfort.If you are first time stilettos make sure to have worn them 2-3 days before to get that stumble free walk.

Gladiators /Loafer/Ballerinas

Gladiators are super comfortable, stylish and modern & can be matched with denims, shorts, skirts, and beach maxi dresses. Apart from appliqués and embellishments bright colour bows , ribbons are also used to make it quirky .Skinny denim go best with heeled gladiators also elongate legs.This style of footwear is again in vogue plus summer friendly , chic and easy wear make it worth of having in the footwear collection. Gladiators can be replaced by loafers or ballerinas if that is not your liking .


No footwear closet is complete without having pair of sneakers. Platform or flat sneakers this point is subjective. This season platform, chunky sneakers are quite hit among fashion lovers . Shorts, denims, slip dresses look fab with sneakers. Sequinned, embellished ,colour blocks , checker , embroidered sneakers are fun to try.Sneakers are best choice for fun outing, travelling & walking so make sure to opt one from above designs of sneakers.However before selection footwear remember three things for sure

*What is your style ?

*What kind of attire to be matched with those footwear like Indian or ?Western?

*What is the occasion ?

Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of those best oils which is used in many ways for hair health & skin.Coconut oil contains big percentage of saturated fatty acids which form healthy cell membranes , regulates immune responses and has quick healing properties . If you got this one oil trust me all the worries will be addressed by amazing solutions of this oil be it hair or skin, So wana check out some therapeutic use of coconut oil go on with the read.


Virgin Coconut oil is wonderful solution for falling hair, dandruff, & promoting hair growth tremendously .The oil makes hair stronger, longer & thicker from outside & nourish from inside.Hot coconut oil is boon for scalp problems like itching, dryness, etc.Hot head massage relieves tension relax mind.Coconut oil works as growth promoter for eyelashes & brows hair , when mixed with almond and castor oil.Take a clean bottle and mix these three oil together in equal ratio apply twice daily for great results.


Coconut oil is an excellent moisturiser for face and body, People who have extremely dry skin should definitely try this oil for that purpose.It adds brightness & subtle glow on the face with regular massage.Do virgin coconut facial at night before bed & wake up with well moisturised face next day.

Lips & Nails

Dry lips and cracked nails can be cured by coconut oil massage, which helps to retain natural shine of the nails also grow healthy .Similarly for lips as it hydrates deep within to heal sore lips thus provide maximum hydration, It can be used alone or in combination with glycerin for best results.



Coconut oil can be used as natural highlighter for face & body, Due to the presence of much fatty acid it reflects shine in a more natural way without chemicals, For more perfection mix body bronzer with coconut oil along with left over highlighter to get all new body highlighter prepared.This can be used on eyes as well for extra coloration and more natural looking beautiful eyes.

Cure For Sore Heels

Quick , inexpensive remedy for cracked, sore heels is to apply coconut oil daily at bed time cover them with socks and find soft soothing heels next day.Make sure heels are clean and scrubbed before using any foot cream or coconut oil.


Food cooked in coconut oil is healthy & nutritious,Since it contains saturated fat so best for weight loss.There are many places where coconut oil is largely used for cooking purpose.

Natural Pink Lips/Guide

Natural Pink Lips/Guide

Pink lips are considered to be a timeless beauty feature. Lucky are those who got translucent, soft pink lips that hardly need to put on lipstick. Pigmented , cracked lips are no one’s thing plus such lips are embarrassing , To cover that embarrassment we usually tend to cure it with further layers of lipstick which might cause many health problems along with lipstick addiction. I know you are lipstick person and it adds so much to the beauty I too am , but on the other hand is the solution of minimise the use of lipstick and focus towards lip care and leave them natural more often. Lipstick contain lead and many other harmful metals which can cause serious diseases on excessive use.For pregnant ladies & moms should lessen the use of lipsticks as some part of it goes into their children mouth as well which is no fruitful. If you think of getting pink lips or having your own lips in the best version without lipstick , this article is exclusively for you.

Lip care- Do’S & Don’ts

  • Exfoliate the lips once in a week to remove dead skin cells the more dead cells are stacked the more flakes and lip sore possible.
  • Do not pull off the dead layer by fingers by this way you may end up pulling off the layers underneath causing painful streaks, better use lip scrub for that purpose.
  • A well hydrated lips inside look juicy outside so make sure you are giving them that hydration required. Keep lip balm applying at regular intervals to avoid dryness & inflict maximum hydration.
  • Just like skin, sun damage lips also , find out lip balm that has SPF properties because long time in the sun cause pigmentation of lips.
  • Never apply lipstick directly or may cause flakes after awhile , lip balm is must wearing under lipstick.
  • If you love to lick lips stop doing , that may cause more dryness & even lip balm wont stay.
  • Choose lipsticks which are of good quality & not have lead in it .Some companies make lead free lipsticks for that matter, also glossy lipsticks are good option to keep the lips moisturised for longer time.Matte lipsticks are not good for long wear as they soak all moisture and leave lips super dry.
  • Use tint more often than lipstick ,firstly it looks natural second its watery hence does not feel coated. Liquid lipsticks are not good for frequent use as they have double chemical used for long lasting effect.
  • Do not wear lipstick everyday and not repeat more than twice also make sure to wipe off remaining before applying new coat.The more break you give to lipsticks the better your lips will be.
  • Discard lipsticks after their expiry date which is clearly mention at the label.Using them after expiry cause more harm than good.

How To Get Pink Lips Naturally

Beet root is very good ingredient as well as an easy trick to keep lips pink naturally also it has couple of health benefits so consume beetroot in any way .Take one spoon beetroot juice mixing it with coconut oil dab on lips and leave overnight next morning you will notice lips turned pink .Since beet root has great staining properties it works like lip tint in fact natural & harmless one. You can even rub a slice of beet root daily on lips to have similar results, not forget to keep the lips moisturised.

Second method is very effective as a lot of people saw the results of using this pack sort of thing. Mix kesar with turmeric powder and rose water apply this twice daily to get rid of pigmentation and also pink lips you can also add brown sugar into this only when to use it as scrub.

Foundation VS Compact

Foundation blurs skin imperfections transforming it into fresh flawless texture.Its a liquid or cream form of make up Any special occasion where we want to give our face that subtle definition dab foundation onto it to make all new difference , However foundation usage in summers is more complicated due to the heat, humid & sweat conditions and surely no one like to look sticky. Foundation further has next two steps which are concealer & baking plus make up fix at the last, Its not good bet for rush situations and sometimes with mere thought of getting ready with so much involved we mentally get drowsy . Foundation comes in many shades & picking up correct shade mixing with your skin tone is essential & thus time consuming or end result wont be desirable.Foundation crumbles easily with humid and to make it last you anyway need a compact on top.Oily skin people struggle with foundation on their skin as it make them feel heavy and shiny from outside also it might give break outs, Choose Non Acnegenic, noncomedogenic beauty products for better skin.

Compact is powder form of make up and it usually comes with SPF. Always look for SPF goodness in compact while choosing it.Wearing compact looks more natural and skin like for every day use than foundation plus its wise choice in summers when you feel a lot of sweat humid and disinterest to put on something heavy on face.

Compact is best for on the go women as it takes less times to make skin ready. It involves two steps skin preparation {i.e moisturiser+ compact } so skin has somewhat less layers of make up, but avoid compact in winters as it makes you look dry & flaky .Compacts with SPF need no sunscreen and provide sun protection. Generally compacts come in three tones medium fair , dark so selection is relatively easy and less time taking. People with acne prone skin choose Non -Acnegenic make up products that are unlikely to break them out.Spare a minute to check out about the products you are buying are having those properties .For super oil skin compact works wonder as it absorbs extra oil and keep it lock inside for longer time.The expiry date for compact is 12M usually from the date of opening, and sponge should be altered on every three months for hygeine point of view.

Jade Massage Roller Good/Bad

Jade Massage Roller Good/Bad

There is this beauty tool increasingly getting buzz among beauty lovers, I have also laid my hands on this amazing massage roller recently which brought me here to share my experience & also quench several other queries people might have about this like how does it work, Is it effective?, Is it safe or Is it for my age etc questions.These all queries would be answered elaborately in this article.If you are massage lover and also like to make your face glow by removing stress, puffiness. Read the information through the end.

What is jade and what does it do?

Jade is a stone basically which has soothing, healing properties, as well as cooling effect ,The colour of the stone may vary though , that is why it is seen in dark and light shades often. Jade is known to enhance blood circulation and thus reduce puffiness. There is no clinical proof for that, but I simply believe that massaging is always beneficial to face & body with or without tool but since it is created for facial massage especially, does the job very well, its so easy to use , helps in fully absorption of the serum or moisturiser into the face by its rolling technique.

How to Use Jade roller & when

Well you can use jade roller anytime you want whenever want to relax facial muscles, Yet morning and evening massage is advisable, Its very important how you run the roller over the face. I preferably do at night before bed. Cleanse face first put on some serum or moisturiser and start rolling over the jade roller from cheek to upwards direction .There should not be much pressure while massaging, Massage on the forehead horizontally then chin and nose vertically do not ignore neck part take it there too and keep the rolling on for about 10-15 minutes, or as per your choice.Once you done wash the roller and dry for further use.It is imperative to keep it clean to avoid germs.You will instantly feel your face more toned, glowing in the end of the massage with this roller. Jade roller is extremely relieving for People who suffer from eye puffiness like I said above it circulates blood faster. So now for daily massage you do not need salon for facial. This is a great, convenient and economic beauty tool for women of any age.

MRP- Starts from 499 & onwards.

Hair Care Do’s & Don’ts

Who does’t want long thick shiny hair? In fact every women long for it but nevertheless we invite several hair problems unknowingly by unfair hair practices which further damage hair in many ways, sometimes we dont have idea about certain mistakes, in that case it keeps rotating in wrong way so even little knowledge help when it comes to hair problems & little ignorance further make it a huge problem. If you are blessed with healthy hairy are lucky & maintain that with these tips ,besides know what are do’s & don’ts for hair to have problem free hair & scalp. Healthy scalp promote, strong hair growth hence scalp care is very important for that matter.Therefore I am gonna jot down common hair care mistakes which effect hair and scalp in the long run, so if you make these mistakes I am sure you gonna stop making ahead .Read the article thoroughly it might be informative to you.


  • Wash hair with cold or normal water, This will lock the moisture into the scalp & save it from dryness because dry scalp leads to dandruff and dandruff further into hair fall & what not.
  • Cover head during long exposure in the sun, Too much sunlight and also pollution damage hair.
  • Monthly or quarterly trimming is very important for good hair growth, hair ends get splits which block hair growth and look bad.
  • Hot oil massage of coconut oil or any herbal hair oil before hair wash keeps hair heathy and scalp free from flakes, just like body needs water hair need oil to sustain ,dont ignore hair ends it necessarily need more oiling.
  • Wrap hot towel after oiling to get open pores of scalp.
  • Hair styling should be easy & not strained .It weakens hair roots.
  • Hair packs made up of natural ingredients are chemical free and give great results without harming hair follicle.
  • Protein shampoo is essential for strong hair , always check before buying what you buying. Shampoo should be less chemical & more herbal.
  • Include good hair conditioner with the virtues of hair oil to keep hair frizz free & shiny. This will also fulfil oil requirement for those who dont like oiling hair.
  • Comb hair everyday twice for tangle free hair.Uncombed hair tangle & break more.
  • Try out wooden comb It cures scalp problems like itching, eczema & also antiseptic.
  • Egg is very good pack for promoting hair growth as it has abundance of protein, if you are not egg person curd is great DIY pack for shiny healthy hair.


  • Never comb wet hair n also try not to rub your hair vigorously when wet.
  • Excessive use of hair dryer damage hair follicle, avoid that, Let hair dry itself in the air.
  • Avoid too much of hair styling as well chemical treatments like curling ,straightening colouring , rebonding etc.
  • Never apply conditioner on the scalp that gonna give you severe hair fall instead apply on the hair for smoothening.
  • Dont wash hair with hot water it draws out moisture make hair lifeless.
  • Do not wash hair everyday it makes them damage prone.
  • If you are the one plucking grey hair from roots than stop doing that because this gonna give you more greys .Rather than cut it on the surface close to the root this trick is for people who has few grey hair strands.

DIY Treatment for Dark Circles

Dark circles are black rings around eyes which make look eyes terrible.The reason for the dark eye circles are not always casual, Some times it reflects internal deficiencies like anaemia, insomnia, poor nutrition, injury, long working hours of laptop mobile, inadequate sleep etc.Dark circles are completely curable only if figure out what is the cause for dark circles ? if its just casual or serious health issue.Count on total hours of sleep, food intake if its nutritious or junk.How much is the milk intake? These little points combine and make huge difference.The very basic prediction of this darkness is tiredness of eyes which is simply related to the cure which is resting them & put on soothing mask which relieve eyes outwardly.Besides healthy diet is essential for permanent cure because when something is cured both internally and externally it is called full treatment and permanent as well.So for best eye health include fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin A, milk & other dairy products that help in great vision.For external treatment I am sharing an amazing eye mask which is very easy and effective for reducing dark circles since its completely natural so no fear of side effect.Read the article till the end to know how to make that mask…..


  • Fresh milk cream
  • Almond oil {2tbs}
  • Vitamin E Capsule {1 capsule}

Milk is known to be boon for eyes,One glass of milk is advisable for good health and great vision but how about fresh cream derived from the same milk, Yes you heard right I am gonna use fresh milk cream to make this mask, Milk cream is very useful for getting rid of dark circles naturally.It give required nutrition externally and moisturise dull skin.

Almond Oil is another great ingredient for eye puffiness and dark circles.It is vitamin rich and also works as moisturiser for delicate skin around eyes .If oil is not available soak 3-4 almonds and make paste of it.

Vitamin E capsule is easily available & is wonderful for fine lines and wrinkles of eyes. It lightens dark area around and also moisturise tired looking skin to make it look smooth and bright.Cut one capsule open and empty it in the same bowl of paste mix gently and apply for 15 minutes or leave it overnight.

So to make eye mask mix all of the ingredients together and apply daily twice for best results.Since this DIY mask is made up of all natural ingredients its not gonna give any side effect however every passing day the results gonna be unhidden if apply religiously.

DIY Face Packs for Clear Skin

DIY Face Packs for Clear Skin

Everyone long for clean & clear skin especially women,With the increasing pollution, stress, & eating habits it is difficult to keep skin problem free but right cure and advance care fight with skin woes rightly. A healthy skin inside shines bright outside and for that skin problems need to be addressed in time, So keeping in mind here are few DIY face masks which not only brightens but also contain soothing as well healing properties.These masks are very effective on regular use and help to retain clear skin gradually.Since all are natural packs so no side effects also but people with extremely sensitive skin do patch test before going all over on the face.

Pomegranate DIY Pack

Pomegranate is very good for skin whether consume or use in face packs. Pomegranate is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and also have anti-inflammatory properties.Vitamin C helps to brighten skin fading dark spots, & reduce other signs of ageing, So lets know to make best face pack for brightening and clearing pigmentation.


Pomegranate kernels , Potato medium size chopped, Ginger

  • Peel off one pomegranate wash off and put the kernels into the grinder.
  • Add half of chopped potato into the same grinder
  • Add few slices of ginger and grind all of the ingredients together.
  • Apply this paste on to the face, leave it for 15 minutes then massage in circular motion and wash off with cold water.

Peppermint DIY Face mask

Peppermint is quite skin saver , It has skin cooling properties and control oil secretion thus effective for acne prone skin.Peppermint Oil has similar benefits for skin, Let’s know how to make that face pack.


Fresh Pepermint leaves, Tea tree Oil, Aloe Vera Gel

  • Make fine paste out of peppermint leaves and put in bowl
  • Add few drops of tea tree oil , This oil is very good for acne prone skin
  • Last step is to mix freshly derived or readymade aloe vera gel.
  • Mix all of them together and apply onto to the face wash off after 15 minutes.If you experience itching or have sensitive skin skip tea tree oil.
  • This pack is supposed to use immediately however it can change colour after sometime because of tea tree presence in it, But it has no effect on its performance.

Minimalist Makeup Guide

There is nothing more beautiful than bare skin,Truly said a healthy and clear skin not necessarily need layers of make up as glow is naturally intact in such skin, little definition to the facial features make it stand out as natural beauty.Beauty which is more natural & less imposed, forget about tone , blemishes, dark spots, freckles and even acne scars. If you are those lucky people who got sharp features trust me you dont need much makeover & with the little hint of few products you gonna be fabulous looking.I personally am minimalist make up person and more emphasis on skin care than tent to covering skin flaws which in turn gonna give more flaws.Make up is fun, & can transform anyone into breathtaking beauty but let it not define you let it not be your personality.Make is addiction once you get on it you can’t step out bare skin or may hesitate being clicked in natural skin.Why is this urge to look smooth, spotless, fair tone? and you can permanently have all those signs just give your skin what it needs ‘The Care”.I am not disgracing the concept of makeup but minimise the use of it and learn to be happy and confident in own skin. Keep it occasional keep it limited,.So for those who want to use minimum make up and want look more on natural side for everyday go through this 3 step make up routine it may be helpful for you.

Moisturiser & Sunscreen

A well hydrated skin is essential and matchless for that matter .After cleansing and toner apply chunk of oil & shine free moisturiser,Spread it all over evenly.Face oil is also good option for that healthy glow & deep hydration, Once it settles into the skin go on with either direct sunscreen or Use any BB cream on you face.This is how prepare your skin from sun damage and enhance skin texture.There are plenty of good glow moisturiser available that can also be used in place of normal moisturiser or in combination of both.


Brows are the main attraction of face, a well curved made up brows instantly change entire face so touch them up with any powder, cream or pencil brow product.Choose shade exact of your brow hair color & not make the line too obvious just naturally fill in the gaps.Brow pencils are best for this purpose they dont budge, easy to use plus fill more naturally.


Just like brows eyes also an important attraction and even if you only work on enhancing eyes that would be great. Apply layers of mascara without clumps in it and it should be water proof for long lasting.Always apply mascara in upwards direction to give desirable curve.


Lip Tints are so in trend and give more natural look to the lips than wearing lipstick.For everyday wear tints are perfect and it also not flake lips. Apply in dots with the applicator and smudge it all over for even spread, Let it dry and it wont budge soon. Use same shade of tint to the cheeks for healthy red glow and yeah that’s it for everyday if you going shopping, college,Office or travelling.

Thanks For Reading

How to Get Rid of Strawberry Legs

How to Get Rid of Strawberry Legs

Legs that look like strawberry with red tiny liberal bumps, blackheads & in-growth found are most common type of legs & are therefore termed as Strawberry Legs. You must have wondered why doesn’t all the women experience such texture instead their legs seem pore less no bumps, redness or so called in-growth. When hair follicle gets clogged with oil dead skin cells or bacteria it turns into ingrowth resulting downwards growth than upwards, This condition make legs look like black dotted texture which is not pleasant anyways. The problem has no relevance with waxing & shaving instead people who imply shaving legs got all perfect legs without any such concerns. So basically the problem’s solution lies into the following leg care tips irrespective of waxing or shaving.Try out these simple yet very effective tips for getting smooth legs.


Scrubbing is the main thing to get rid of dead skin cells among which hair follicle gets trapped. Alternate day scrubbing is the most workable trick for removing blackheads from legs, & also to expose fresh underneath skin rapidly. Find out some good mild scrub for legs with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties to keep skin free from bacterial infection, Cleansed pores do not seem open and gradually blackheads begin to diminish one be one.

Waxing or Shaving

I personally do not think waxing does not cause strawberry legs & shaving does for that matter.The point here to be elaborated is the duration of waxing or shaving if you push yourself for weekly waxing changes are more for ingrowth hair because the hair inside has not even grown enough to be plucked out. Let it grow at least 3cm expose on the skin surface for clean removal from root. Always make sure to scrub legs properly before shaving or waxing to get flawless results.

Moisture Dose

For a healthy skin it needs to be nourished with good moisturiser daily. Applying oil & alcohol free moisturiser with collagen boosting properties will help to a great extent. Before buying body moisturiser keep your skin type in mind if its extremely dry or normal, For instance, super dry skin need long lasting moisturiser that keep skin layers hydrated for a longer time without even reapplying lotion. Best time to apply moisturiser is right after shower when skin is moist.


If You haven’t yet used toner on legs then start using from now on & will be amazed to see the results, For that any herbal or say no chemical toner gonna give you shrunk pores, astringent properties and keep them healthy from inside. Rose water toner is also great for this cause even can be prepared at home as well.

Brightening of legs pack , which is very easy & effective for daily use, can be made up of gram flour + turmeric powder 1tb+lemon drops + pinch of salt mix all of the ingredients together , apply & leave until dry, scrub them off and rinse.

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Top Eyeshadow Palettes

Top Eyeshadow Palettes

The role of eyeshadow in makeup is quite conspicuous .Those small colourful cakes not only define eyes but also enhance it with the hint of different colours in different strokes.There are numerous eyeshadow palettes are available out there but selection of each is quite challenging because sometimes wrong selection end up being regret & also waste of money.. Palette with bold colours are an eye catching , We lay our hands on with great enthusiasm and find out later that its not something for daily wear because of being too obvious, same condition applies with glitter palette so while purchasing eyeshadow particular shades, occasion, & utility should be in mind. A good selection is when a palette consists of all practical shades plus requisite glitter as well for every occasion supply. One thing is also very important to check is the pigment quality of the particular brand for eyeshadow you choose, reason no matter how beautiful are the colours but due to lack of deep pigment its just powder without having substance. So if you are an eyeshadow lover & also love to collect great palettes here are few top eyeshadow palettes which I found out great after trying out several other brands comparatively.Read out more to know what are those must have eyeshadow palettes in you vanity.


If you are high on budget & also look for quality investment then this is something you should not miss. Right from shades , pigment lasting power & blending I would give it full points. I currently have three eyeshadow palettes of Huda Beauty which are Mauve obsessions , Smokey obsessions and Rose Gold Palette Remastered. Smokey obsessions has 9 nude matte velvety shades with black and glitter cake in it which is a must have palette .I want to mention that pigment is so good of these palettes that you just tap the brush slightly on the cake & it get much of pigment you Don’t have to sweep the brush repeatedly to get maximum pigment. I truly love the packaging, its very light and travel friendly. Similarly mauve palette has 9 matte shades 3 glitters cakes, All the shades are very natural looking & have to have in make up vanity if you are an eyeshadow person. Rose Gold Palette is bigger than these two having 18 shades and trust me its a beautiful combination of nude pinks & glitter. It got all those shades in one palette that you gonna need for day wear, party wear or any other occasion. If you are a makeup beginner and one palette which gonna satiate your eyeshadow requirement that is this palette , but of course if does not hole your pocket as it is expensive , but worth every penny, Gentle on eyes so velvety and doesn’t irritate sensitive eyes . Made in Italy. Colour remain as same as before after hours of application & doesn’t budge.

MRP- Smokey & Mauve obsession 2495 INR each

MRP- Rose Gold Palette 5375 INR

Makeup Revolution

This palette from MakeupRevolution is also very beautiful , good quality & truly in budget. Shades come with each palette are remarkable very pigmented and stay on for long time until wiped off. I currently own two palettes from this brand and not regret ever, One is having all matte nude shade & other with bold colours . I didn’t feel any irritation after using ,it smoothly blends all over make it completely natural looking . Go for it without doubt . It has in built mirror also for application on the go.Though the palette is bigger for travelling but surely you don’t need any other palette to carry after this one such is the shade scheme it has.

MRP- 1750 INR & 1500 INR

LA. Girl

Another beautiful, economic eyeshadow palette comes from LA Girl. It got shades for every occasion , Application and blending is easier with this, Perfect for day wear and also smokey look. Though every thing is on point about this palette except it does not come with in built mirror which I think is important in case of travelling or not having hand mirror.



Firstly I love the packaging of smash box eyeshadow palette its so compact light weight and best for travel point easy to carry in handbag also.The palette I have is overshot pinks + palms. I had it because of beautiful combo of pinks and palm green. It is a bit expensive but pigment is good, but again this can’t be those one palette for every occasion. Buy it for a change or love for palm green + pinks combo. Mirror is attached though for easy application.

MRP- 2650 INR


Well I had ColorBar as my first eyeshadow palette & it never disappointed me. Since then various color palettes have been launched from colorbar & they got good color scheme, gentle on eyes ,velvety finish matte cake, and also budget friendly. It has mirror plus strong impressive packaging make it worth buying. Best for beginners.

MPR- 1350 INR

Hope you liked the information nevertheless explore more once you wish to buy great stuff compare on ground of quality, purpose and set budget.


Product Review- Innisfree Jelly Cream

Innisfree is a Korean beauty brand which is committed to natural beauty products for obtaining Korean like glass skin. Lately people have had great interest in Korean beauty regimen & related products for skin care, therefore many Korean brands has knocked Indian market with commendable response. Brands like FaceShop, TonyMoly, Klairs, Laneige ,EtudeHouse has won many hearts with great products So today I am gonna review Jeju Cherry Blossom cream from the brand Innisfree, which is my current moisturiser, So if you wish to lay hands on this moisturiser know more about it in the article below.


This cream is intense moisture in jelly form, transparent , non sticky, no shine and nonresidual. It is very good for oily skin people as it doesn’t stay on face whereas completely dissolves into the skin.Normal skin people can undoubtedly include this in their skin care routine because its so hydrating without being obvious on the face. Having used this for one month I personally felt my skin remains soft and moisturised even after hours of application which is very good as I don’t have to reapply. During winters I usually get my hands on such moisturiser which hydrates and soothe dryness plus not look shiny, So on that it got full marks ,for reference I am combination skin. It has cherry as main ingredient which is a good antioxidant and has inflammatory properties plus naturally derived betaine that creates moisture barrier that is why skin doesn’t dry and glows from inside.It does what it says so worth every penny spent.

Since the cream is gel it takes little amount to spread all over the face so this tub lasts good two months or depends on usage.

MRP- 1700 for 50ml


Besides the good things what I not liked about the cream is the plastic tub which I expect to be glass or something better, In Korea temperate is often pleasant and never too hot contrary to India where in summer temperature go upto 45.C then I assume the cream should not be good in plastic tub.

The Face Shop White seed Exfoliating cleansing foam & Smart peeling papaya douche

The Face Shop White seed Exfoliating cleansing foam & Smart peeling papaya douche

Hey you beautiful people, Today I have two great products to review which are from The face shop brand. First is a cleanser which I have been using for good six months now & second is Smart peeling mild papaya douce.Both of the products are nice & worth trying. I would quickly mention the face shop brand is a Korean brand & it has amazing skin make up & body care range. The brand follow the concept of Science meets Beauty where natural ingredients are used to enhance beauty. So lets know more about the products how they work on skin why anyone should try this also attached pros & cons.

White seed exfoliating cleanser

Its a scrub based whitening foam which does mild exfoliation along with deep cleansing. The foam looks white having consistency of a cream containing innumerable tiny seeds to give dual benefit of cleansing and scrubbing. The effect of the cleanser is so clearly visible after washing off the face. The skin looks clear bright and soft. The best part about is that the foam is not drying it has somehow moisturising properties or otherwise some cleansers makes skin drying after washing off . The foam build generous lather even on pea size amount. Women who love the concept of double cleansing for make up removal must try this. The quantity in the price is considerably much to pass months with this. People with acne prone skin can try this as it keeps pores unclogged so no chance of frequent break outs.


  • White creamy foam with deep cleansing.
  • Packed with the benefits of sail alba bark chenopodium quinoa seed extract lupines Albus seed extract & daisy extract.
  • Hydrating
  • Brightening cleanser
  • lightens dark spots blemishes.
  • Price- 1020/- for 150 ml.
  • I do feel this cleanser does what it says. Go for it if you want clear bright glowing skin. The formula is suitable for all skin types.
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Made in South Korea.

The face shop smart peeling mild papaya douche.

The face shop mild papaya peeling is a clear gel exfoliator to remove dead cells of skin exposing clean bright skin underneath.It has papaya enzyme & hyaluronic acid.This exfoliator is weekly skin routine and is super mild & irritation free formula. I didn’t notice any allergy or unsuitability to my skin. I am combination skin.

The application is super easy. Take one or two pumps of the product on cleansed drying face spread out all over & start exfoliating in circular motion. Don’t be harsh though after 2 secs or so you will feel layers shedding off but dont worry its not your skin its product along with dead cells coming off. Massage for another 30 secs for dead cells to come off fully rinse with cold water and pat dry. Price- 950/- for 150 ml. Sensitive skin people patch test before going on full face.

Why should use this

  • Irritation free formula.
  • Parabens free
  • papain enzyme.
  • No mineral oil artificial colouring
  • Light fragrance
  • The presence of papaya & hyaluronic acid makes it perfect combo as,
  • Papaya has natural lightening properties by clearing blemishes pigmentation etc.
  • papaya has enzyme papain which acts as great exfoliator.
  • Hyaluronic acid has skin moisturising benefits which minimise wrinkles.

So this is all about the products hope the description is helpful do let me know if you got more queries.See you in my next.Also grateful for your likes & comments it keeps me moving.

Thanks a lot for reading. XOXO