False Lashes care

Did you know? false lashes can cause bacterial infection

Well getting those bold expanded eyes instantly just by applying false eyelashes is quite a trend. Every girl wants to look glamourous in no time. With the advent of beauty tools and accesories one can achieve any look in minutes all u need to know about it. but one side where false lashes transform any look to super glam other side it can cause several serious eye problems from eye itching to redness and even allergy on the worse in absence of proper care. My intention is not to scare you but spread awareness that how essential is to keep beauty stuff germs free be it artificial eyelashes, makeup brushes, beauty sponge and related tools. Lets know more about it,

Wash it weekly

Beause its the matter of the eyes ! false lashes are either polyester or synthetic fibre An Adhesive is used to glue it to the upper eyelid which is either black, white or transparent glue after one usage next time a dried sticky layer appear on the lash and we generally apply second time glue to the already establish layer and store bacteria in the order and it is also observed people just keep putting glue over dried glue to make it work thats NO-NO.Ideally artificial lashes should be washed monthly and weekly for regular users.

Simple way to cleanse

Always take one day out to cleanse beauty tools, With proper care they not only go long way plus keep you free from eye allergies & other skin infections such as acne rashes boils etc.Apply any eye remover solution on the lash line and spread it, put more of solution in one glass bowl and let it soaked for 10 minutes.now empty the bowl and transfer the lashes into another bowl of warm water the water should not be too hold or to cold remember too hot can shrink the lashes as its of synthetic fiber with the help of a cotton bud lightly remove all of the residue.i dont recommend anyhting more than it no harsh solutions and detergents.Infact this how i wash my fake lashes , After another 15 minutes place the lashes on the cotton cloth and blow dry until shiny newlike lash appear.keep in the sunlight too for another half an hour to get it completely bacteria free n dissinfected later place them into clean airtight case. I always appreciate easy effective and quick methods of cleansing, similarly soak make up sponges in the body wash solution and rinse it throughly.Do sun dry for germs protection.

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