Hair fall

Hair fall is the most annoying problem anyone could ever experience its just not losing hair but also depleting confidence . who can know better than people who loose over 150 hair strands or more per day be it washing hair or combing and even doing nothing .whether spotting bunch of hair clogging drainage or notice hair-web on the pillow once anyone got hair fall chances are bleak to get back to previous image until find out the real cause of hair fall and work on that deficiency.Well last year i also had had serious hair fall initially i did not heed at start but when it became 24hr routine my hair got just three finger thick and even bald patches begin to appear i put all my strength and ways to correct it but no remedy helped me no kitchen ingredient did the magic even i listened to everyone’s advice for that matter.After one year i am relieved that my hair fall is shifted from excessive to normal & it involved lot of patience understanding and care so sharing my knowledge with all of you so that anyone who is troubled and panic for such problems and got tired with visiting doctors and throwing money.

Is All Hair Fall Alarming?

Normally a person may loose 50 to 100 strands per day & its not regular number , two to three months later new baby hair appear on the same patch but if the number of falling hair is double than the grown hair this imbalance turn into serious hair fall problem which further leads to baldness if not addressed timely.Each hair strand has a life span of 3 to 6 months once it reaches its limit shed from scalp naturally in the phase remaining hair get thicker covering the scalp make it look fuller but when everyday huge hair fall occurs and growth is slow at that proportion take the problem seriously.

what to do initially?

  • check out if you have dry scalp or dandruff problems or hair fall is only seasonal.
  • Do you comb on wet hair & combing is vigorous.?
  • Have you recently had hair bonding and other chemical hair treatments?
  • Are you anemic or suffering from physical or mental illness?
  • Are you a fussy eater? hate green veggies?
  • Having hair fall history in the family .[genetic]
  • Get vitamin D test and see if under 50.This is the most common deficiency in people but they hardly can guess its because of vitamin D well i was discovered with low vitamin D.


Hair fall remedies are tremendous but what worked on me might not work on you but putting up some of the things surely as initial treatment may be it i begin with what i did and what not plus in the next blog i will be sharing those boon products that helped me like magic the products and medicine i will be disclosing is true to my knowledge and there is no promotion,sponsorship tagged along so rest assured and be with me on my curative post it surely gonna help you.

Add egg in routine

Eggs are rich source of protein, vitamin D deficiency also cured with increased egg intake plus egg hair pack equally fulfil protein need for long thick lustrous hair apply one egg daily on scalp before shower for about 30 minutes.Onion juice can also be added as antibacterial treatment it kills dandruff itching and inflammation on the scalp. Clean and unclogged scalp produce very much, healthy growth.

Combing is important

Its truly acceptable how it feels to comb and getting bunch of hair on the floor so not combing make it more worse.comb slow and twice a day to remove tangles which further cause hair breakage.Replace the comb with wide toothed or wooden comb, there is wooden neem comb selling hot claims to increase blood circulation & dandruff,try that.

Protien supplements

Protein play an important part in getting beautiful hair skin & nails. BIOTIN is very helpful in the problem i still have biotin capsules daily because regular food can not meet body protein needs. besides it promote faster hair growth when experiencing severe hair fall do include biotin as supplement.wide variety is available to choose from.

Keep the scalp clean

Use anti dandruff shampoo in case of symptoms of flaky scalp , wash hair twice in a week but not everyday .Washing hair everyday make the roots weak it also damage natural scalp oil which moisturise the scalp and let not dry it.Always massage scalp with lukewarm oil of your choice lightly before shampoo.Do not wrap head with towel more than 15 minutes.

Loose hairstyling

Hair breakage is more in tight buns,ponytails and other twisted braid styles.Opt easy hairstyle that doesn’t strain hair roots. Avoid using hair spray,gel and straightening cream.

Fenugreek paste

Soak bowl full of fenugreek seeds and grind next morning apply this smooth paste on hair everyday it is very effective in hairfall and faster hair growth,you can also add indian gooseberry [ amla ] powder or paste into this and notice the change.

so these are first step methods for hair fall apply them and let me know which worked well on you all of the above are tried and tested by me already i hope this article was useful and brought hope to despair.Be patient hair fall will go like it never existed.

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