Goodbye to dark underarms

Asian woman having skin problem with black armpits

Are you having trouble managing dark armpits , knuckles & dark joints ? Free arm movement in halters sleeveless top, dresses keeps you alert lest those nasty dark skin show up underneath then patiently bear with me until the end of the write up this may be insightful for your problem. Some parts of the body have ability to get dark because of additional melanin production. Its not uniform in everyone & varies from person to person, Some women are blessed with natural bright underarms knuckles and bikini area although they don’t perform any specific care on them whereas some are having permanent darkening of these parts. Its not true that you cant get clear skin of these areas but few regular steps can make it all improved from before .So here is the simple guide about those initial care routine which will do primary treatment and in the second part of this blog i will be attaching few actually workable products and easy home remedies which is no time consuming and effective simultaneously for skin whitening of those parts.

Don’t forget to scrub

The outer layer of the skin gets dark due to regular harsh activities and pollution top to that, Those dead cells continue pile up due to not removing them resulting into uneven dark rough skin .Always place a good body scrub in the shower caddy and do the job of scrubbing twice in a week. Scrubbing is best advisable before waxing or shaving , reason it clears in growth and provide smooth skin.There are exfoliators, scrubs available in the drugstore.Invest in a good exfoliater for under arm as well, take a small amount and massage gently onto the part regularly.It will not only help wiping dead cells off but also maintain smooth and bright skin at first. Use any thicker granular scrub which remove well.

Always use spf on exposed parts

A good body sunscreen is a must have in your vanity it not only protects skin from damage but also enhance whitening Always step out with body sunscreen on. Not forget to apply it 15 minutes before sun exposure and even if staying indoor don’t ignore sunscreen. Fairness treatment creams not be hitting right and effectively in absence of good sunscreen. Dont rest on you knuckles while it is rest on the wall or hard surface it also cause blackening.

Use antiperspirant cream

Underarms sweat lot more than the rest of the body.It keeps secreting sebaceous substance that gets accumulated and clog pores even sometimes turn into permanent black patch ,warts , ingrowth etc.Excessive sweating cause dark underarms so opt for antiperspirant spray, roll on or gel cream for the problem, that control sweat.


Waxing also helps in removing tan , shaving underarms might look them dark & coarse over the period of time.So its advisable to use waxing strips on underarms than shaving to get rid of darkening but shaving won’t harm on rush situation. but do exfoliate before shaving to get clean results.

Paste of red split lentil visibly removes tanning. Use it with lemon daily for retting rid of blackening.

Thank you so much for reading your attention means a lot. XOXO

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