Underarm whitening cream

In the previous blog i mentioned how little care can make those dark underarms make clean and fair, In the sequence I asked to share underarm whitening cream but before that let me tell about this cream, Although there is an endless list of such creams but since this one is tried and tested for months i know it works positively. So that product is Sanctum underarm exfoliator, cream and sanctum Intimate serum . The cost gets justified with the value pack that delivers combo of these above mentioned products. Buying loose is also an option, and can buy combo as well depends on choice, Continuous use for 3 months actually bring visible results. The miracle is not gonna happen overnight patiently follow the regimen In addition to cream application exfoliation should be weekly or daily done as per need.Sanctum underarm whitening cream comes in 100gm tub spreads easily quick absorbing.MRP -595


  • Lightens skin tone.
  • Can be used for underarms knuckles dark elbows and eben joints.
  • controls sweat and body odour.
  • makes skin soft and smooth
  • mild fragrance feels fresh to apply.

Sanctum Underarm exfoliator is white granular cream which has light fragrance comes in tub of 100gm.MRP-375

Sanctum Intimate Lightening Serum is effective to correct dark spots and keep skin smooth and bright.its a chemical free formula which is non irritating & no side effects.Quantity- 50ml MRP- 750.

Everyday after scrubbing underarms apply sweat reduction cream all over and see the results.before applying all over always patch test to see how it reacts with your skin it may suit you or may not suit you in case of rash or any other symptom discontinue using it.

This is again no sponsored post .thanks a bunch for reading.

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