My Top 5 winter moisturizers

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Winter has arrived finally ! With the cozy sunlight foggy mornings & chilling winds brings chapped lips dry, flaky skin no matter how much of moisturizer put on , minutes later skin feels dry , dehydrated. Reapplying thick creams and lotions doesn’t mean much if the cream is not well absorbed by the skin and nourish within layers. A fully moisturized skin looks soft glowing supple even hours later. A good moisturizer hold the moisture for a long time its not necessary appear sticky not like you just-applied some greasy cream but it does the job internally.The way our body need water for bodily function skin needs enough moisture to look resilient wrinkle free and smooth. A good moisturizer have sun protecting properties also, it not only quench skin needs but also keep early signs of ageing at bay, not necessarily all the moisturizer have SPF but its good to use daytime with SPF.So here is description of 5 best moisturizer for winter,

Garnier Wrinkle Lift cream

If you are looking for inexpensive moisturizer for all weather this is it.It recovers lost firmness and elasticity of skin plus defends from signs of ageing.Use it as moisturizer before makeup or day cream or night cream this works on all purpose.It comes in 18 gm & 40 gm tub with MRP-150 & 250 respectively.

Estee Lauder Day Wear with SPF 15

The high performance moisturizer defends against premature ageing , diminish dark spots with its anti oxidant power. it has SPF 15 which makes it perfect day cream.The formula is so hydrating and absorbing though little amount is needed.This is for normal skin types for oily girls there is separate day cream with the same name but with oil control formula.Do check it out as per skin need. MRP-3500

So the moisturizer i love is surely going to win your heart as well if not gave it a try so far.Those do not seem greasy on skin but quickly gets into the skin and stays for a longer time.The formula is very effective even if the skin is problematic.If you are super oily skin best time to use at night with less amount considerably.I had acne problem in the past for a long time but since i started using those moisturizers it didn’t cause me any such problems.The consistency is not too thick or diluted,mild fragrance and it takes little to cover up entire face so quantity may seems less but it lasts for good 2-3 months.

kiehl’s Super Multi-Corrective Cream

keihl’s super multi corrective cream is the solution to your all skin concerns,the moisturizer is so good for super dry skin i got combined skin & it works perfectly on my skin while applying onto the face it feels like skin is drawing water from each stroke of it. Little amount is sufficient to massage all over the face.the main ingredients of this cream are hyaluronic & Jasmonic acid.Hyaluronic acid binds water with skin and make sure its well absorb by all layers of the skin and also acts as anti ageing agent ,Jasmonic acid is known to reduce wrinkles fine lines and enhance also has beech tree extract which helps skin looking firm.It does improve skin implicitly .Its for all types of skin but boon for super dry skin. MRP-4600 for 50gm.

Boutique is next budget friendly great moisture rich cream.The consistency is perfect for winter because you need more moisture than usual days if you are kind of person who does not want greasy skin daytime, use this night cream bedtime and wake up next day with soft glowing supple skin for sure It has wheat germ, almond, sunflower oils, vitamins-A B C D E & and carrot extracts.This rich cream protect skin from dryness, clears texture, & also dermatologist tested for safety. MRP-230 for 50gm

Rice Ceramide Moisturizing cream

Rice Ceramide moisturizing cream is from The Face Shop brand which is south-Korean brand.This cream is so packed with moisture that lasts whole day.Tt has rice extracts which is known for skin brightening properties,and ceramide provide intense moisture without feeling sticky. MRP – 920 for 50ml.

Black tea classic london cream

This is again a south Korean brand TONYMOLY , I loved how thick it looks but surprisingly melts into the skin underneath so moisture rich and hydrating perfect for extremely dry skin people. for normal skin either use it bedtime or in winter because for summer it might be too much hydration than require.So try this for brighter firmer and even more youthful skin.MRP-3500 for 60ml.

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