Trendy Accessories

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Accessories and fashion go hand in hand one is incomplete without the other,with the advent of  new fashion every year , proportionate arrival of accessories also take place, List of accessories is huge and every next is beautiful than the previous,so fascination about choosing them is natural,sometimes we just pick some random stuff irrespective of knowledge about how to team up with certain outfit, we end up looking ungraceful with the wrong selection,need is to have full idea about right sort of fashion accessories that which goes with what also how to get that particular look with available accessories.Fashion is fast changing but simultaneously its about rotation of trend over years, imagine about the high waist jeans which was out of fashion years back & is now again back in vogue similarly who thought headband would be top hair accessory this year or matching any outfit with hair clips would be so much fun which we assumed will never work after.Remember an ordinary outfit turns into instant grace if match up with perfect kind of accessory,that enhance compliment personality.
so here are those top trendy worth exploring accessories. 

Scrunchy with scarf-

well scrunchy with scarf was so much in fashion years ago and its back with can simply pair it up with western wear or even indian wear and it never fails to impress.the look gives retro effect which at once draws attention.pair up with jeans top, shirt- skirt, oversize top or even Indian wear{sari & suit}, but keeping in mind the print ,color and type of Indian attire you adopting .solid scrunchy with solid color scarf never go specific those invariably go with any prints but if the accessory is printed keep the outfit solid or minimal detailing. dont put on long earrings or bangles or neck piece just one accessory at the time ,studs can be best worn with this look with bracelet on wrist.


Head band is second popular accessory this year that not only give the face a clean look but also add affortless style to the look. Twist headband ,floral pattern,plaid knot, checked or polka dot headbands are selling hot ,neon also being quite popular color of headband .

Metal headband

Metal and rhinestone headband go well with long gowns ,flared dress, and even long can be adorned best with wedding gowns for extra detailing.Metal headbands gives that dreamy angelic appearance when on.while wearing metal headband rest of accessory should be neutral.headband with varied decor is also something to try on from.

Hair clips

Hair clips are best way to organised as well as decorate hair multi way.Clips are always in fashion but designs ,pattern and material vary.This year metal hair clips with  engraved letters and also pearl detailing is quite a trend. 

Multi-Layered Necklace

After choker & pearl necklace layered necklace has acquired good attention among fashion lovers.It not only add style quotient but also adds femininity.Shell, evil eye, fishtail charm,coins are abundantly use for hanging objects make them look archaic plus modern at the same to pair up with V- neck shirts. & get long neck illusion .short neck women with heavy bust do try it for elongated neck.

chain belt-

Belts are always been in vogue be it strap belt ,rhinestone belt but chain belts are current popular.Those come in golden metallic & silver color,Attachable via hook or strap hanging extension.look best with leather pants denim shorts,jeans and with skirts.

Buckle belt-

Buckle belts or tape belts with letter pattern having d ring for fastening .wearing those belts is so comfy and also those belts transform an ordinary dress or over sized top into a sassy outfit.Match them with solid slip dress,peplum top,long shirts and long knit dresses and become a style diva.
thanks for the read xoxo.

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