How to get acne free skin

Acne is the most common problem among all age be it hitting puberty or uncaring skin routine or even unhealthy eating that red bump appear anytime on the surface of the skin,no wonder it comes alone or in herds.Sometimes a pimple convert into hard red inflammatory acne containing pain and yellow liquid called pus,so you get pimples that go away after 2-3 days with little care you are blessed but if you are suffering from severe acne problem reach to the bone of the issue than outward treatment.I had quite much of acne problem years back though i never experienced it before even at adolescence,luckily i got smooth skin without any onslaught of acne pimple or whatsoever, I visited one or two dermatologist had prescribed list of skincare products as face wash or lotion and even tablets but trust me those tablets claiming never have acne in future slogan side effected me badly as a result i suffered excessive hair fall and other wrong effects i determined right then to cure my problem myself i put all my brain and efforts to know the possible reason & precautionary treatment and realized good skin care routine and few tips can actually lessen the reasons triggers pimples or acne, actually the main cause of acne white heads, blackheads, pimples is the excessive secretion & accumulation of sebum in the pores which block the passage of hair follicle thus restrict the way skin breathe through, it can spread liberally all over the face at worse with intense pain and pus deposition.

How to prevent pimples?

Acne happen as a result of long time unclean skin ,hormone imbalance etc, it starts with symptoms like whiteheads blackheads which escalate later into serious acne vulgaris or cystic acne.if the problem is much hormonal some temporary medication works well but later to maintain problem free skin follow these easy tips which worked like wonder on me.

Neem face wash and ointment

Neem { Azadirachta } has antibacterial properties and its been an effective treatment for skin diseases from the olden days,opt any pure Neem face wash and use at least twice a day washing off the face.To have problem free skin cleansing is very important step,People with oily skin has to wash it little more to not get sebum stored, keep it clear.Similiarly Neem ointment works wonders on skin eczema ,boils ,pimples itching and even pigmentation choose to apply any neem ointment as second step twice daily and notice the visible change in the skin.

Change skin routine

Drink lots of fluids to keep skin hydrated and flush out the toxins, Also include seasonal juices like beetroot carrot orange juice to get best nutrients for skin to be healthy from inside.

Remove make up properly

Make up if not removed properly also cause acne problem make sure to buy non Comedogenic make up products which does not clog pores,also it is important to double cleansing before bed time to ensure cleansed skin at night because skin regeneration process occurs at night.For double cleansing wipe off make with some good make up remover ,exfoliate and wash off.

Acne face pack

The purpose of acne pack is to absorb excess oil and soothe the inflamed area and regular use of this pack help a lot because no more oil is collected so skin is properly clear , two trusted face packs are ,

Oat honey milk pack

This pack is so simple to make, less time consuming and give instant results.Mix two tbs oats with milk { milk quantity should be double to oats so that it gets paste like consistency add spoonful honey mix all of them together and keep aside for 10 apply on cleansed face and leave it on for 15 mins once dries wash it off with lukewarm water for brighter toned skin.

Neem face pack-

This pack can be purchased from stores or can be home made works both way i trust Himalaya Neem face pack for this it really works for skin woes, it cleanses pores deep inside remove dirt and oil from the face.


Boutique is also an effective acne controlling face pack it is available in stores as well as online too,packaging is small with granular paste inside apply directly on the problem areas and not entire face leave it overnight and wash off, the quantity is 20gms only it takes a little for one time use.

So follow these little tips hope you get benefits thank you.

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