Winter Fashion 19-20

Winter is at the doorstep , its essential to keep the body warm and cozy, no matter what style you pick the purpose is to be comfortable stylish at the same time.This year winter fashion got chic vibes with some pop of colors modifying old styles in a fashionable way lets have a look on some current winter trends i.e 2019-20.

Turtleneck & Off shoulder jumper

Turtleneck or polo neck are back in tops, jumpers, tees, sweatshirts and even dresses.The style not only add extra volume to the appearance but also cover the neck entirely, pair up a turtleneck jumper with boyfriend jeans or leather jeans with some boots, sneakers,or lifestyle shoes to enhance the look entirely.Turtleneck gives comfy relaxed vibes so keep it fun , comfort while adding shoes and accessories with the attire, Style it with beanie cap or beret cap to look extra .Off shoulder woolen also much prevailing this season like top, jumper, and sweatshirts.

Faux Fur Jacket

Fur is so much back in clothing, fur jackets, jumper with fur detailing , caps are so prevailing this season. Faux fur jackets look so glamours with leather pants and slip or knit dresses. Black and beige two colors are dominant in faux Fur clothing.Team up as per personal style and liking and look beautiful.

Oversized jumper & sweatshirt dress

Oversize clothing is trending for that extra comfort and easy going appearance.Fashion is all about comfort and style with those easy breezy over sized jumper styling becomes easy and fun, Be it going for a picnic on a sunny day or Friends over coffee these kind of winter clothing make one look chic effortlessly.Pair up an over sized jumper with skinny leggings , woolen stockings & boot or sneaker as supporting shoes. Similarly sweatshirt dress also go well with long boots,and no additional styling required for that look, just look cool funky with sweatshirt dress and a pair of boots.

slit knit dress

Gone are days when winter was all about covering body from head to foot with no feel of being fashionable . if you are a dress lover and winter block chances to wear it due to chilly weather here comes long turtleneck midi knit dresses, those are super easy to wear and also side slits on either side for easy leg movement, fabric varies from acrylic, cotton, nylon etc. team up with boots or pumps of your choice .long socks also a good combination with dresses in winter.

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