Things to do in winters

Stay hydrated

Our body is 70 percent water, it is needed for day to day bodily functions, flushing out toxins from the body and even for energy, so to maintain healthy body and skin drink water & other fluids.With the onset of winters water intake decreases due to low temperature around but remind yourself not to lessen water intake get warm water instead it helps in good digestion,clear skin, regulate internal body system at large.Wake up with one or two glasses of warm water to kick start the system.

Eat healthy

who would not want to have those yummy brownies or scrumptious pies, fries etc but would not know how quickly put on weight and indulge in unhealthy eating , metabolism rate increases during winter so whatever is eaten get well received by body so inspite of having loads of calorie dig in to healthy food,green salads,nuts ,whole fruit,dairy products,sprouts eggs etc, Seasonal fruits and vegetables juice is easy to afford in the season with lots of good health and skin values.Carrot and beetroot juice is one of the best juices for glowing skin and iron deficiency.


Winter is all about snuggling in bed munching on your favorite snacks but having an inactive day is not good for health.Start the day with rounds of walk,running ,cycling or even home exercises whatever suits you if not ready for heavy workouts but still make body movements and be active to get great metabolism, flexible body and good blood circulation.

vitamin D

Sun is erratic during winters due to foggy weather conditions sometimes there is no sun for days so make sure to sun bask when its sunny to get abundant vitamin D.Sun is the natural source of vitamin D. It is said to exposed body in sun during early morning ie 7 am to 11:00 am after 11 the rays are harmful for skin and cause pigmentation,allergy,and other issues.The intensity of the UV rays is highest at 2:00 pm,always use sunscreen before sitting in the direct sun light to protect skin from harmful UV rays.

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