Kay Beauty Eyeshadow stick

Brand Review

Hey readers ! I am back with another amazing brand review which is Kay Beauty Eyeshadow Stick.Kay beauty is the cosmetics brand, launched recently , curated by Eminent Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif, The brand obtained great popularity soon after its release because of Katrina, of course !Second if talk about quality, its such a great product in such an affordable price range, would say.

Speaking about packaging ,its so light can easily be shoved in your handbag or even pockets it got no bulky heavy packing which makes it travel friendly too.Each stick comes with gorgeous, trendy shade that you instantly fall in love. It took me enough time to finally settle on having three shades which is no regret. GOLDEN HOUR, BARE METAL, & GLAM GREY are those eyeshadow shades every women need to have in the vanity its so beautiful, natural looking and sumptuously pigmented.i wonder why I kept buying expensive eyeshadow pallets when there were those equivalent Kay beauty eyeshadow sticks.

Formula & Shades

These Eyeshadow Sticks are pure matte and waterproof that is why won’t budge after hours and stay put. It glides on the eyes effortlessly, besides one stroke is enough to get the shade perfectly no second coat is needed.The shades are perfect day wear without being too obvious but add light shimmer also sheen to the eyes.

Currently there are 12 shades released which are Fortune, Glam Grey, Golden hour, Amethyst,Temptation, bare Metal, Special effects, Starry Night ,Jaded Glow & High Born.Fortune is metallic copper which is perfect day wear not glittery at all ,It is one shade darker than bare metal. golden hour is pure gold ,glam grey is on greyer side which is bit dark bare metal is natural skin colour with light shimmer effect in it.the shade looks so natural one can hardly figure out if you have applied any shadow sort of thing.

MRP- 599 INR Each

Thank you so much for Reading.

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