Blue vibes in 2020

With the invent of 2020 , just like any other inclusion fashion got blue color prominence ,yes! blue color is going to be majorly in vogue.Every year witness lots of new trends, style and other stuff because fashion is all about change it incorporates rotation, addition and amendment of already existing style be it clothes, make up or even home decor for that matter, how about its going to be same , unchanged you gonna be bored eventually therefore to add liveliness newness to the life change is welcoming, Talking about blue colour which is the season top colour so get ready to indulge in blue vibes.

Blue Is Calm

Blue is cool and calming color , Person wearing blue exhibit creativity and intelligence so unhesitantly stock up your wardrobe with blue maxi dresses, tops skirts and even jewellery.We usually got sky blue, royal blue, dark blue & many other hues of blue , All are beautiful in their version choose whatever goes well with your skin tone some people go best with sky blue while others look their best in dark blue or royal blue.Since blue reflect coolness summers are going to be soothing with blue attires. Don’t think twice to add blue socks, scarfs , belts and even supporting accesories.

Wing it up with blue

Not only blue clothing how about adding additional drama to the eyes with blue, yes of course make up too would have blue priority this year. Blue eyeshadows eyeliner, mascara blue lipstick all gonna be seen overpowering.There has to be little care about using the shade as being a dark color, It has to be in balance of course. With applying blue bold eyeliner lips has to be nude altogether or wearing a dark blue or sky blue dress rest accessories or even shoes should not be darker or prominent or else its not going to be flattering so keep that in mind for sure.

Bag it up

Well there would be variety of handbags in blue from floral to checker to abstract even in printed handbags blue might have major highlight.Those gonna be wallets , tote bags, sling and back packs , trolley bag etc.While choosing a particular bag always remember your requirement purpose and number of uses specifically.Solid colour handbags are timeless fashion depends on the colour for instance neon colour obtained great stay in the previous year and more so continuing.

Home decor

Blue has hit home decor section as well blue cushion throws rugs planter and even curtain going to be much seen by decor lovers.Do add hint of blue to your living room as anything since blue represent cool and calm the effect surely bring relaxation to the eyes and mind.Like I said blue has various shade to choose from so opt as per liking.

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