Clarins Double Serum

I am pretty excited to put today’s review which is about Clarins Double Serum. After using it for close to one month my experience about the serum is quite positive. I had long time sense to try on Clarins Skincare so finally I began with the serum and looking forward to lay my hands on further skincare range because it does what it claims.To your knowledge I like to mention my skin type which is combination plus seasonal onset of acnes.I basically wanted some serum which along with moisture thirst correct signs of ageing like pores, wrinkles, rough uneven skin tone and most importantly brown spots which come as bonus after 30. It won’t be an exaggeration if I say my skin got better with each application every day.

So the bottle come in two sizes 30ml & 50ml, the packaging is impressive and loved how sensibly the serum bottle designed , a tubular dispenser built inside the main dispenser which got serum filled, its a push-pump method to dispense drops of serum this way no waste of serum also.Moving on two the consistency which is very light as gelatinous and honey like .There is no overpowering fragrance or say odourless, It has combined formula of hydro + lipid system which is plant derivative , works effectively on major signs of skin ageing and makes it smooth moisturised and reduce fine lines and other signs.The key ingredients are Avocado,[ promotes soft supple skin], Oat [ firms and lifts] ,Banana [ visibly tones and moisturise].Though the bottle is 30 ml the quantity is enough for 2 months easily as few drops go well for full face.

So if you are above or below 30 and any skin type this serum might be your permanent go-to skin serum also if you got extremely dry uneven skin have this for better moisture intake for your skin.My skin has been loving it and not even broke out since started using it.


Apply Morning and Night after cleansing and toning and not forget to moisturise.

MRP- 5800 INR 30 ml & 7800 for 50 ml.

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