Common Makeup mistakes

Make up is the way to shape and enhance facial features to add definition to the face altogether. Make is not meant to be overpowering it should not change the way you look. A perfect make up is when you look yourself in a more beautiful & natural form.God is the greatest artist, He would have pondered mindfully before giving people particular set of eyes nose & lips etc, he chose according to the face, So make up should also be according to the face and not imitation because what suits your face may not look good on others. So stay intact to this article till the end to know about common makeup mistakes we do knowingly or unknowingly .

Photography: Ben C.K. Art-Direction: Elmy Trieu Makeup & Hair: Elmy Trieu Post-production: Santa Wort Model: Mashal @Montage Models


Concealer is used to hide dark circles, pigmentation, uneven skin blemishes or any imperfection of the face and body.It is observed that people go extra with concealer use, It is seen some people put on way too lighter shade thinking they gonna smooth out all facial flaws ,another mistake is to use heavy amount of concealer, both are the biggest make up blunders. Rule is that the concealer should be just a shade lighter than your skin tone or similar, if you choose too light the area gonna look too white and also chances of flakey deposition with sweat and heat, which gonna end up looking clownish, So don’t go over with the coats just apply in dots on the points to cover, pat lightly with fingers or sponge for better absorption into the skin.Brilliant Make up artist apply little amount of concealer and advice to use in the same way for natural look.


This is must to hydrate your skin prior to the foundation application or else you not gonna have smooth glowy skin texture in the absence of internal hydration the layer of foundation gonna crumble in lines giving you dry, patchy skin.To get your perfect shade of foundation always forehead or cheek test rather than wrist test, choose that shade which completely disappear into your actual skin tone and not stand out. Many people think applying lighter shade foundation will make them fair but its not so.Choose foundation matching with your skin tone no matter its dark or fair for flawless results.


Lipstick play an important role in make up, How you apply and what you apply it matters the most for final appearance. Never apply bold colour lipstick with bold eyes that gonna end up looking bizarre which surely no one would have wished.Simple way to go nude lips with bold eyes and bold lips with nude eyes. It is imperative to go neutral eyes with bold red lipstick. Dont over line the lips its not gonna look natural, if your lips are too thin don’t use too dark lipcolor as the shape then would be distinguished clearly rather use medium shades, nudes for fuller looking lips, Before lipstick exfoliate the lips with any mild lip scrubber and hydrate for better application.


Brows are the cynosure of the face hence brows should patiently be done , for natural and long lasting filling go for powder or pencil form.Creamy formula needs much precision to blend also lack of adequate blending the cream gonna collect in spots which look worse. Brow products should be waterproof and same colour of your eyebrow hair not too dark or light just actual.Always sweep off excess amount at last with dry tissue to give the brows natural look, this is the way to blend colour thoroughly amid brow hair .


It may not sound powerful word but in makeup blending is all responsible for flawless look.Remember whatever step you are applying just blend properly into the skin be it foundation, eye shadow, concealer or anything. Use fingers or brush but make sure it looks like your own skin.

Thanks for reading hope it was informative

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