Natural Skin Lightening Ingredients

Today I am going to mention those natural skin lightening ingredients which are truly effective in clearing out complexion without spending extra bucks. Those can be independently applied or in ratio with other ingredients as per your skin need but their basic effect on skin is brightening and radiance.So if you are the one who believes in natural skin care remedies than harsh chemical treatments read this article until the end to know more about it..


Well if talk about skin lightening Tomato is the cheapest yet very effective bet. We can easily have it the kitchen on daily basis & Did you know just rubbing half tomato on the cheeks daily lightens complexion? It not only lightens but also minimise blemishes, sun burn ,dark spot and pigmentation.The rubbing way is easiest while on the go but if you got time mix honey or lemon into it to make proper face pack. Remember to use red tomato for rubbing for best results.Tomato has oodles of health benefits as well, It also has Vitamin C , lycopene which is responsible for clear and bright complexion. So now that got the secret start applying tomato on your face for that magical glow.


Curd is second Skin lightening ingredient which not only brightens but also cure dryness. Curd has abundance of protein vitamin and calcium it is anti inflammatory which is helpful in reducing acne. Curd is very good in controlling dandruff as well. The way to use curd for face is either direction application or combine with lemon and honey for faster results.Extremely oily skin people add oats in curd to lessen oiliness .


Lemon is natural astringent, Due to vitamin C & citric acid in it, its a perfect skin brightener , Usage of lemon in face packs also minimise open pores, hence smooth out skin texture. Add few drops of lemon in any packs or homemade packs turn into beautiful clear skin. Don’t rub directly onto the face also the application should not be scrub -like. If your skin is sensitive and acne prone it may irritate so not try directly ,First time user always test on small part than going all over.


Potato is beneficial for skin & body whether you consume as food or apply manually Potato skin has vitamin C Iron , fibre, calcium etc , Besides it contain an enzyme called ‘catecholase’ which is known for curing dark spots and clear out complexion. Slice or grate potato, put on your face directly and even underarms for brightening, Potato juice is known as effective remedy for dark circles around eyes. So include potato in your platter for good health and skincare for problem free skin.

Thanks for reading.

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