Minimalistic Travelling Part1

Winter packing

Travelling is a welcome break from monotony of life it brings new experiences, exposures which not only add to the person s life but also relax and rejuvenate human senses.Travelling is surely fun thing to do but how about minimalistic travelling ?A Travelling with minimum things or stuff we actually need and refrain from stress of selection assortment and dragging it all along rather enjoy the moments we imagine about. Have you ever thought how much we burden our mind for travel packing than travelling itself ? So to have most of the vacation go through the minimalistic travelling details where you will learn what stuff to pack & what amount to be packed just to ensure you have fun & memorable travel moments.

Know About The Place

Well This is very important to know about the weather conditions of the place your are travelling to, if you are traveling to semi cold regions or coldest, In colder regions layering is the trick to cope up with the chill.Selection of clothes should be based on comfort and protection from cold than flaunting fancy attires.You should know clearly your purpose, days of travelling whether staying in a hotel or at friends or family.

Layer it up

It is imperative to add items which add in making layers & keep you warm on the inside. For this you have to have at least 2 turtleneck sweaters, long acrylic or wool dresses. For outermost layering one trench coat, one casual jacket one long hooded shrug and also baggy sweater for comforting night walks on the streets.Try to pack items that go well in coordination with two other outfits to make whole new attire, This is what I do mostly this will save you from packing more items.For instance turtle neck tops and sweaters can be worn inside cami dress and sleeveless tops for entirely new outfit.


Selection of bottom add a lot to the whole appearance so to look new and fashionable everyday pack up one leather pant, one pair of woollen treggings , pair of denim and skirt as per liking or change . Pack at least two warm track pants for cozy nights.Pairs of tights also great choice for extra warmth inside dresses and even short skirts.This season is all about baggy winter outfits checker boxy blazers so add as per your style and requirement.


This is also another key point which reflects your fashion sense, supposedly adorning beanie, beret, along with mufflers add extra fun to the look.Have one pair of gloves of course for protecting hands from being frozen.You can instead put different prints of muffler or stole as it occupy less space but transform every outfit differently learn ways to wear them differently For keeping hands unoccupied have to have fanny bag and do put small lip balm and mini moisturiser for sure.

Toiletries & Inner wear

What you miss more away from home is skin care which does not happen in a usual way but skin care during travelling is very much important, little avoidance can break you out or may suffer from dry skin & even sun damage, So for that always pack travel sachets or miniature bottle where one moisturiser sunscreen ,BB cream if you are make up person and hate to leave skin undone, lip balm, kohl one mascara ,one nude and one bold colour of your choice is must to carry. For inner wear one nude is more likely to be in your bag one black bra which work as strapless also and you are done, for shoes packing sock boots and sneakers which are very comfortable to walk for long time.

So this is minimalistic winter travelling packing guide hope it helps and always bifurcate your stuff in a transparent bag labelling them clearly to avoid mess. Keep your tickets, passports handy in a wallet inside backpack.

Thanks for reading

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