How to deal with bad mood

Mood is just a temporary emotional state, As human we all experience good bad mood, Our mood reflects our inner emotions & emotions keep changing as per situation so its not like we gonna be happy forever or dejected for that matter. In mundane life lot of things trigger state of mood, Be it tiff with parents , bad day at office , physical imbalance or even societal pressure of excellence. Mood is directly proportional to our thoughts what we think , the way we think becomes our mood suppose if we have hatred to somebody just by imagining the person or their personality or recalling the bad experience with them begin to change our mood from calm to impulsive. We instantly start to be drawn towards different mood condition, so whatever the circumstance is let your mood not define you better wait for the moment to pass and also not ruin mental health. So moving on to the tips & tricks which can help you passing the bad mood to a great extent.

Coffee is the cure

Coffee contain caffeine which stimulates the central nervous system and therefore enhance mood. It also boost energy and settle hyper mood conditions. I personally feel coffee subside my mood fluctuations and relax mind. I reckon now sipping onto a cup of coffee can be a great stress buster so enjoy coffee in bad mood its gonna surely lift you up. Next time when got low spirit hum your favourite song whip coffee you won’t know when bad mood vanishes.

Good Reads

Books are truly our best friends. In hard times when nothing fall in place and you are agitated by something somebody , engage yourself with good books, Books come with motivation, wisdom, positive thoughts do wonder implicitly, and you gradually begin to feel calm from dodgy mood. Good books give solution to the problems , Make books your friend in absence of real friend trust me they are not demanding & always there for you like light in the dark.

Self Talk

The fact about bad time, mood is that it needs to be addressed. As long as you won’t it will continue to upset you. Finding answers about why are you off? and what has made you upset? will help to diagnose the issue and cure it. Make introspection and figure out the reason, Another fact is shift the attention & not adhere to the same state for long, To overcome that water plants, go out ,watch television or even write journal to outburst emotions.

Good company

It is said we become exactly like people we are surrounded with. Good company or people add value to the life they cheer you up when low and support when unsteady also sharing problem with closed ones diminish stress and soon you feel light just by expressing. Psychologically the more we talk about problems the less difficult they seem.Hope it helps next time you caught in a bad mood situation.


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