Top Eyeshadow Palettes

The role of eyeshadow in makeup is quite conspicuous .Those small colourful cakes not only define eyes but also enhance it with the hint of different colours in different strokes.There are numerous eyeshadow palettes are available out there but selection of each is quite challenging because sometimes wrong selection end up being regret & also waste of money.. Palette with bold colours are an eye catching , We lay our hands on with great enthusiasm and find out later that its not something for daily wear because of being too obvious, same condition applies with glitter palette so while purchasing eyeshadow particular shades, occasion, & utility should be in mind. A good selection is when a palette consists of all practical shades plus requisite glitter as well for every occasion supply. One thing is also very important to check is the pigment quality of the particular brand for eyeshadow you choose, reason no matter how beautiful are the colours but due to lack of deep pigment its just powder without having substance. So if you are an eyeshadow lover & also love to collect great palettes here are few top eyeshadow palettes which I found out great after trying out several other brands comparatively.Read out more to know what are those must have eyeshadow palettes in you vanity.


If you are high on budget & also look for quality investment then this is something you should not miss. Right from shades , pigment lasting power & blending I would give it full points. I currently have three eyeshadow palettes of Huda Beauty which are Mauve obsessions , Smokey obsessions and Rose Gold Palette Remastered. Smokey obsessions has 9 nude matte velvety shades with black and glitter cake in it which is a must have palette .I want to mention that pigment is so good of these palettes that you just tap the brush slightly on the cake & it get much of pigment you Don’t have to sweep the brush repeatedly to get maximum pigment. I truly love the packaging, its very light and travel friendly. Similarly mauve palette has 9 matte shades 3 glitters cakes, All the shades are very natural looking & have to have in make up vanity if you are an eyeshadow person. Rose Gold Palette is bigger than these two having 18 shades and trust me its a beautiful combination of nude pinks & glitter. It got all those shades in one palette that you gonna need for day wear, party wear or any other occasion. If you are a makeup beginner and one palette which gonna satiate your eyeshadow requirement that is this palette , but of course if does not hole your pocket as it is expensive , but worth every penny, Gentle on eyes so velvety and doesn’t irritate sensitive eyes . Made in Italy. Colour remain as same as before after hours of application & doesn’t budge.

MRP- Smokey & Mauve obsession 2495 INR each

MRP- Rose Gold Palette 5375 INR

Makeup Revolution

This palette from MakeupRevolution is also very beautiful , good quality & truly in budget. Shades come with each palette are remarkable very pigmented and stay on for long time until wiped off. I currently own two palettes from this brand and not regret ever, One is having all matte nude shade & other with bold colours . I didn’t feel any irritation after using ,it smoothly blends all over make it completely natural looking . Go for it without doubt . It has in built mirror also for application on the go.Though the palette is bigger for travelling but surely you don’t need any other palette to carry after this one such is the shade scheme it has.

MRP- 1750 INR & 1500 INR

LA. Girl

Another beautiful, economic eyeshadow palette comes from LA Girl. It got shades for every occasion , Application and blending is easier with this, Perfect for day wear and also smokey look. Though every thing is on point about this palette except it does not come with in built mirror which I think is important in case of travelling or not having hand mirror.



Firstly I love the packaging of smash box eyeshadow palette its so compact light weight and best for travel point easy to carry in handbag also.The palette I have is overshot pinks + palms. I had it because of beautiful combo of pinks and palm green. It is a bit expensive but pigment is good, but again this can’t be those one palette for every occasion. Buy it for a change or love for palm green + pinks combo. Mirror is attached though for easy application.

MRP- 2650 INR


Well I had ColorBar as my first eyeshadow palette & it never disappointed me. Since then various color palettes have been launched from colorbar & they got good color scheme, gentle on eyes ,velvety finish matte cake, and also budget friendly. It has mirror plus strong impressive packaging make it worth buying. Best for beginners.

MPR- 1350 INR

Hope you liked the information nevertheless explore more once you wish to buy great stuff compare on ground of quality, purpose and set budget.


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