How to Get Rid of Strawberry Legs

Legs that look like strawberry with red tiny liberal bumps, blackheads & in-growth found are most common type of legs & are therefore termed as Strawberry Legs. You must have wondered why doesn’t all the women experience such texture instead their legs seem pore less no bumps, redness or so called in-growth. When hair follicle gets clogged with oil dead skin cells or bacteria it turns into ingrowth resulting downwards growth than upwards, This condition make legs look like black dotted texture which is not pleasant anyways. The problem has no relevance with waxing & shaving instead people who imply shaving legs got all perfect legs without any such concerns. So basically the problem’s solution lies into the following leg care tips irrespective of waxing or shaving.Try out these simple yet very effective tips for getting smooth legs.


Scrubbing is the main thing to get rid of dead skin cells among which hair follicle gets trapped. Alternate day scrubbing is the most workable trick for removing blackheads from legs, & also to expose fresh underneath skin rapidly. Find out some good mild scrub for legs with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties to keep skin free from bacterial infection, Cleansed pores do not seem open and gradually blackheads begin to diminish one be one.

Waxing or Shaving

I personally do not think waxing does not cause strawberry legs & shaving does for that matter.The point here to be elaborated is the duration of waxing or shaving if you push yourself for weekly waxing changes are more for ingrowth hair because the hair inside has not even grown enough to be plucked out. Let it grow at least 3cm expose on the skin surface for clean removal from root. Always make sure to scrub legs properly before shaving or waxing to get flawless results.

Moisture Dose

For a healthy skin it needs to be nourished with good moisturiser daily. Applying oil & alcohol free moisturiser with collagen boosting properties will help to a great extent. Before buying body moisturiser keep your skin type in mind if its extremely dry or normal, For instance, super dry skin need long lasting moisturiser that keep skin layers hydrated for a longer time without even reapplying lotion. Best time to apply moisturiser is right after shower when skin is moist.


If You haven’t yet used toner on legs then start using from now on & will be amazed to see the results, For that any herbal or say no chemical toner gonna give you shrunk pores, astringent properties and keep them healthy from inside. Rose water toner is also great for this cause even can be prepared at home as well.

Brightening of legs pack , which is very easy & effective for daily use, can be made up of gram flour + turmeric powder 1tb+lemon drops + pinch of salt mix all of the ingredients together , apply & leave until dry, scrub them off and rinse.

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