Minimalist Makeup Guide

There is nothing more beautiful than bare skin,Truly said a healthy and clear skin not necessarily need layers of make up as glow is naturally intact in such skin, little definition to the facial features make it stand out as natural beauty.Beauty which is more natural & less imposed, forget about tone , blemishes, dark spots, freckles and even acne scars. If you are those lucky people who got sharp features trust me you dont need much makeover & with the little hint of few products you gonna be fabulous looking.I personally am minimalist make up person and more emphasis on skin care than tent to covering skin flaws which in turn gonna give more flaws.Make up is fun, & can transform anyone into breathtaking beauty but let it not define you let it not be your personality.Make is addiction once you get on it you can’t step out bare skin or may hesitate being clicked in natural skin.Why is this urge to look smooth, spotless, fair tone? and you can permanently have all those signs just give your skin what it needs ‘The Care”.I am not disgracing the concept of makeup but minimise the use of it and learn to be happy and confident in own skin. Keep it occasional keep it limited,.So for those who want to use minimum make up and want look more on natural side for everyday go through this 3 step make up routine it may be helpful for you.

Moisturiser & Sunscreen

A well hydrated skin is essential and matchless for that matter .After cleansing and toner apply chunk of oil & shine free moisturiser,Spread it all over evenly.Face oil is also good option for that healthy glow & deep hydration, Once it settles into the skin go on with either direct sunscreen or Use any BB cream on you face.This is how prepare your skin from sun damage and enhance skin texture.There are plenty of good glow moisturiser available that can also be used in place of normal moisturiser or in combination of both.


Brows are the main attraction of face, a well curved made up brows instantly change entire face so touch them up with any powder, cream or pencil brow product.Choose shade exact of your brow hair color & not make the line too obvious just naturally fill in the gaps.Brow pencils are best for this purpose they dont budge, easy to use plus fill more naturally.


Just like brows eyes also an important attraction and even if you only work on enhancing eyes that would be great. Apply layers of mascara without clumps in it and it should be water proof for long lasting.Always apply mascara in upwards direction to give desirable curve.


Lip Tints are so in trend and give more natural look to the lips than wearing lipstick.For everyday wear tints are perfect and it also not flake lips. Apply in dots with the applicator and smudge it all over for even spread, Let it dry and it wont budge soon. Use same shade of tint to the cheeks for healthy red glow and yeah that’s it for everyday if you going shopping, college,Office or travelling.

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