Summer Get-Ready With Minimum Products

There is nothing more beautiful than a healthy and problem free skin! Truly said a healthy and clear skin doesn’t need layers of make up as it tends to glow naturally. Today I am going to write ways to keep skin naturally beautiful for everyday also, it requires minimum products. I am not adding much makeup but one or two skin care products that will help look more hydrated and summer ready. Summer has already knocked so more than makeup you need to take good care of your skin and avoid much makeup. I personally am minimalist make up person & put more attention to skin care. Make up is fun, it transforms beauty but let it not define you let it not be your personality. Why is the need to always look smooth, spotless. I am not disgracing the concept of makeup but limit the use for special occasions to reduce skin problems and learn to be more confident in own skin. So for those who wants to put minimum products in summer and want more natural look everyday go through this 3-step skin prep routine it may be helpful for you.

Moisturiser & Sunscreen

A well nourished skin is the key to avoid ageing. If you fail to give your skin the needed hydration it will be ageing soon. After cleansing and toner apply chunk of either a beauty oil or a shine free moisturiser, If you aim to have a healthy glow on everyday skin do hydrate skin at least twice a day. Another benefit of moisturiser is to reduce the appearance of pores. Spread it all over and let it set. Beauty oils are fast absorbing and target every skin problem so find a good beauty oil for your skin. After the moisturiser or oil sets in apply a little primer wherever it needs to be, like under eyes around lips or nose. It will help filling pores or other gaps giving all clean surface for better looking. In the next step apply a good value sunscreen that protects from sun rays and reduce the chances of ageing. There are plenty of moisturisers that come with SPF so that is also a good option make sure it has at least 30 SPF or more for better sun coverage.


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Things to know about moisturiser

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  • Make sure it is fast absorbing and not thicker one. The more it reaches down the more plump skin gets.
  • Oily skin people choose gel based or lighter consistency to avoid grease.
  • Redness or allergy prone skin choose calendula or aloe vera based moisturiser. It will help curing redness.
  • Every skin is different so are the moisturisers, always consider what your skin needs at the moment. Like avoid alcohol based creams for acne prone skin rather choose salicylic acid as ingredient.
  • Never apply on uncleaned face.
  • Use tone up cream to get more coverage. Some of tone up creams come with a good amount of SPF.

Suncream with zinc oxide is better to give protection against the sun also gives you enhanced skin tone for everyday makeover with minimum products. Since summers bring lots of sweat and heat conditions it is good to have limited products and let skin breathe. Here I gave minimum products Get-ready for such reasons .


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Brows are the main attraction of the face, a well made up brows instantly change entire face so pay attention to trim them & fill it up with a suitable color to make it look fuller. I prefer brow pencil over powder based as they are a lot convenient to use also travel friendly. Remember to line before filling up to get more defined brows.

Keep the strokes light at the starting point as they may look goofy if over-coloured. Choose shade as of your brow hair color. To add more volume to the brows use brow mascara. Always wipe off access of color with a soft tissue paper in the end as it helps uniformly set it.


Eyes are certainly must to enhance to look awake and for that purpose add a good quality mascara that gives a better volume and curl up eyelashes properly. Mascara is my all time saviour in rush situations for eyes. Apply 3-4 coats avoiding clumps. Make sure the wand is clean and not has previous residues. Use eyelash curler before hitting mascara. Keep your need in mind for how long lasting you want it to be for a day, based on that choose waterproof or non water proof mascara.

Always apply mascara in upwards direction to give desirable curve.


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Lip tint gives more natural color to the lips & it is comparatively more lasting & comfortable. Apply in dots with the applicator and dab it all over for even spread & dry off. One lip tint is good enough to make you everyday ready. It works as blush as well. Use the same shade of tint to the cheeks for healthy red glow. The thing to remember while using tint is that they take a little time to dry off once it gets you are set.

  • Go for deep or medium shades for light to medium tone skin.
  • Orange and deep brown go well on deep skin tone.
  • Use sponge to apply tint as it gives perfect blend
  • Don’t forget to scrub lips before tint to get smooth texture.
  • Moisturise well.
  • Use lip balm with SPF.

So this is my everyday go-to-look for summers, I have put the all the possible steps to enhance face with minimum products. Add more as per your need but again I must say the less products the better.

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