DIY Face Packs for Clear Skin

Everyone long for a clean & clear skin especially women, With the increasing pollution, stress, & eating habits it is difficult to keep the skin problem free but an advance skincare regimen fight with skin woes to a great extent. A healthy skin inside shines bright outside and for that skin problems need to be addressed in time, So keeping in mind putting up a few DIY face masks which not only brightens but also contain healing properties. They are very effective on regular use and help to retain clear skin gradually. Since all of them are 100% natural so no side effects.

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Natural face packs are truly reliable when it comes to natural skincare. They leave no hole in the pocket plus skin is not damaged with the over use of the chemicals. If you think of giving something good to your skin in a simple way go for the following face packs. The best part they are free from tedious preparations and effectual. DIY packs give you the freedom to add or remove the ingredients as per your skin needs or concern.

Pomegranate DIY Pack

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Pomegranate is very good for skin whether consume or make face pack. It is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and have anti-inflammatory properties. Vitamin C helps to brighten skin fading dark spots, & reduce other signs of ageing, So lets know to make best face pack for brightening and clearing pigmentation.


Pomegranate kernels , Potato medium size chopped, Ginger

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  • Peel off one pomegranate, wash off and put the kernels into a grinder.
  • Add half of chopped potatoes into the same grinder,
  • Add few slices of ginger and grind all of the ingredients together.
  • Apply it on the face, leave it for 15 minutes then massage in circular motions and wash off with cold water.

Ginger is a great ingredient for obtaining a firmer skin! The benefits are many if it suits your skin as some people get skin reaction with ginger due to the tingling nature of it’s juice. Go ahead if that suits you if not remove it altogether or add few lemon drops.

To apply for the first time patch test is required to get the maximum benefits and no inconvenience. Little sensation is normal discontinue in case of red bumps or inflammation.

Peppermint DIY face mask

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Peppermint is quite skin saver for damaged skin caused by sunburn. It has skin cooling properties, controls oil secretion thus an effective pack for acne prone skin. Peppermint Oil has similar benefits for skin if it is available with you, The oil is good to apply on an inflamed or acne prone skin but again it depends how your skin takes it in. If fresh leaves are out there in the garden or near by freshly made is better to use. So Let’s know how to make the peppermint face pack.


Fresh Pepermint leaves,

Tea tree Oil,

Aloe Vera Gel.

  • Make a fine paste out of peppermint leaves and put in bowl,
  • Add few drops of tea tree oil, as it is very good for acne prone skin.
  • Last step is to mix freshly derived or readymade aloe vera gel.
  • Mix all of them together and apply onto to the face wash off after 15 minutes.If you experience itching or have sensitive skin skip tea tree oil.
  • This pack is supposed to use immediately however it can change colour after sometime because of tea tree presence in it, But it has no effect on its performance.

So hope they work on your skin concerns and give the benefit.

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