DIY Treatment for Dark Circles

Dark circles are black rings around eyes which make look eyes terrible.The reason for the dark eye circles are not always casual, Some times it reflects internal deficiencies like anaemia, insomnia, poor nutrition, injury, long working hours of laptop mobile, inadequate sleep etc.Dark circles are completely curable only if figure out what is the cause for dark circles ? if its just casual or serious health issue.Count on total hours of sleep, food intake if its nutritious or junk.How much is the milk intake? These little points combine and make huge difference.The very basic prediction of this darkness is tiredness of eyes which is simply related to the cure which is resting them & put on soothing mask which relieve eyes outwardly.Besides healthy diet is essential for permanent cure because when something is cured both internally and externally it is called full treatment and permanent as well.So for best eye health include fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin A, milk & other dairy products that help in great vision.For external treatment I am sharing an amazing eye mask which is very easy and effective for reducing dark circles since its completely natural so no fear of side effect.Read the article till the end to know how to make that mask…..


  • Fresh milk cream
  • Almond oil {2tbs}
  • Vitamin E Capsule {1 capsule}

Milk is known to be boon for eyes,One glass of milk is advisable for good health and great vision but how about fresh cream derived from the same milk, Yes you heard right I am gonna use fresh milk cream to make this mask, Milk cream is very useful for getting rid of dark circles naturally.It give required nutrition externally and moisturise dull skin.

Almond Oil is another great ingredient for eye puffiness and dark circles.It is vitamin rich and also works as moisturiser for delicate skin around eyes .If oil is not available soak 3-4 almonds and make paste of it.

Vitamin E capsule is easily available & is wonderful for fine lines and wrinkles of eyes. It lightens dark area around and also moisturise tired looking skin to make it look smooth and bright.Cut one capsule open and empty it in the same bowl of paste mix gently and apply for 15 minutes or leave it overnight.

So to make eye mask mix all of the ingredients together and apply daily twice for best results.Since this DIY mask is made up of all natural ingredients its not gonna give any side effect however every passing day the results gonna be unhidden if apply religiously.

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