Jade Massage Roller Good/Bad

There is this beauty tool increasingly getting buzz among beauty lovers, I have also laid my hands on this amazing massage roller recently which brought me here to share my experience & also quench several other queries people might have about this like how does it work, Is it effective?, Is it safe or Is it for my age etc questions.These all queries would be answered elaborately in this article.If you are massage lover and also like to make your face glow by removing stress, puffiness. Read the information through the end.

What is jade and what does it do?

Jade is a stone basically which has soothing, healing properties, as well as cooling effect ,The colour of the stone may vary though , that is why it is seen in dark and light shades often. Jade is known to enhance blood circulation and thus reduce puffiness. There is no clinical proof for that, but I simply believe that massaging is always beneficial to face & body with or without tool but since it is created for facial massage especially, does the job very well, its so easy to use , helps in fully absorption of the serum or moisturiser into the face by its rolling technique.

How to Use Jade roller & when

Well you can use jade roller anytime you want whenever want to relax facial muscles, Yet morning and evening massage is advisable, Its very important how you run the roller over the face. I preferably do at night before bed. Cleanse face first put on some serum or moisturiser and start rolling over the jade roller from cheek to upwards direction .There should not be much pressure while massaging, Massage on the forehead horizontally then chin and nose vertically do not ignore neck part take it there too and keep the rolling on for about 10-15 minutes, or as per your choice.Once you done wash the roller and dry for further use.It is imperative to keep it clean to avoid germs.You will instantly feel your face more toned, glowing in the end of the massage with this roller. Jade roller is extremely relieving for People who suffer from eye puffiness like I said above it circulates blood faster. So now for daily massage you do not need salon for facial. This is a great, convenient and economic beauty tool for women of any age.

MRP- Starts from 499 & onwards.

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