Foundation VS Compact

Foundation blurs skin imperfections transforming it into fresh flawless texture.Its a liquid or cream form of make up Any special occasion where we want to give our face that subtle definition dab foundation onto it to make all new difference , However foundation usage in summers is more complicated due to the heat, humid & sweat conditions and surely no one like to look sticky. Foundation further has next two steps which are concealer & baking plus make up fix at the last, Its not good bet for rush situations and sometimes with mere thought of getting ready with so much involved we mentally get drowsy . Foundation comes in many shades & picking up correct shade mixing with your skin tone is essential & thus time consuming or end result wont be desirable.Foundation crumbles easily with humid and to make it last you anyway need a compact on top.Oily skin people struggle with foundation on their skin as it make them feel heavy and shiny from outside also it might give break outs, Choose Non Acnegenic, noncomedogenic beauty products for better skin.

Compact is powder form of make up and it usually comes with SPF. Always look for SPF goodness in compact while choosing it.Wearing compact looks more natural and skin like for every day use than foundation plus its wise choice in summers when you feel a lot of sweat humid and disinterest to put on something heavy on face.

Compact is best for on the go women as it takes less times to make skin ready. It involves two steps skin preparation {i.e moisturiser+ compact } so skin has somewhat less layers of make up, but avoid compact in winters as it makes you look dry & flaky .Compacts with SPF need no sunscreen and provide sun protection. Generally compacts come in three tones medium fair , dark so selection is relatively easy and less time taking. People with acne prone skin choose Non -Acnegenic make up products that are unlikely to break them out.Spare a minute to check out about the products you are buying are having those properties .For super oil skin compact works wonder as it absorbs extra oil and keep it lock inside for longer time.The expiry date for compact is 12M usually from the date of opening, and sponge should be altered on every three months for hygeine point of view.

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