Natural Pink Lips/Guide

Pink lips are considered to be a timeless beauty feature. Lucky are those who got translucent, soft pink lips that hardly need to put on lipstick. Pigmented , cracked lips are no one’s thing plus such lips are embarrassing , To cover that embarrassment we usually tend to cure it with further layers of lipstick which might cause many health problems along with lipstick addiction. I know you are lipstick person and it adds so much to the beauty I too am , but on the other hand is the solution of minimise the use of lipstick and focus towards lip care and leave them natural more often. Lipstick contain lead and many other harmful metals which can cause serious diseases on excessive use.For pregnant ladies & moms should lessen the use of lipsticks as some part of it goes into their children mouth as well which is no fruitful. If you think of getting pink lips or having your own lips in the best version without lipstick , this article is exclusively for you.

Lip care- Do’S & Don’ts

  • Exfoliate the lips once in a week to remove dead skin cells the more dead cells are stacked the more flakes and lip sore possible.
  • Do not pull off the dead layer by fingers by this way you may end up pulling off the layers underneath causing painful streaks, better use lip scrub for that purpose.
  • A well hydrated lips inside look juicy outside so make sure you are giving them that hydration required. Keep lip balm applying at regular intervals to avoid dryness & inflict maximum hydration.
  • Just like skin, sun damage lips also , find out lip balm that has SPF properties because long time in the sun cause pigmentation of lips.
  • Never apply lipstick directly or may cause flakes after awhile , lip balm is must wearing under lipstick.
  • If you love to lick lips stop doing , that may cause more dryness & even lip balm wont stay.
  • Choose lipsticks which are of good quality & not have lead in it .Some companies make lead free lipsticks for that matter, also glossy lipsticks are good option to keep the lips moisturised for longer time.Matte lipsticks are not good for long wear as they soak all moisture and leave lips super dry.
  • Use tint more often than lipstick ,firstly it looks natural second its watery hence does not feel coated. Liquid lipsticks are not good for frequent use as they have double chemical used for long lasting effect.
  • Do not wear lipstick everyday and not repeat more than twice also make sure to wipe off remaining before applying new coat.The more break you give to lipsticks the better your lips will be.
  • Discard lipsticks after their expiry date which is clearly mention at the label.Using them after expiry cause more harm than good.

How To Get Pink Lips Naturally

Beet root is very good ingredient as well as an easy trick to keep lips pink naturally also it has couple of health benefits so consume beetroot in any way .Take one spoon beetroot juice mixing it with coconut oil dab on lips and leave overnight next morning you will notice lips turned pink .Since beet root has great staining properties it works like lip tint in fact natural & harmless one. You can even rub a slice of beet root daily on lips to have similar results, not forget to keep the lips moisturised.

Second method is very effective as a lot of people saw the results of using this pack sort of thing. Mix kesar with turmeric powder and rose water apply this twice daily to get rid of pigmentation and also pink lips you can also add brown sugar into this only when to use it as scrub.

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