Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of those best oils which is used in many ways for hair health & skin.Coconut oil contains big percentage of saturated fatty acids which form healthy cell membranes , regulates immune responses and has quick healing properties . If you got this one oil trust me all the worries will be addressed by amazing solutions of this oil be it hair or skin, So wana check out some therapeutic use of coconut oil go on with the read.


Virgin Coconut oil is wonderful solution for falling hair, dandruff, & promoting hair growth tremendously .The oil makes hair stronger, longer & thicker from outside & nourish from inside.Hot coconut oil is boon for scalp problems like itching, dryness, etc.Hot head massage relieves tension relax mind.Coconut oil works as growth promoter for eyelashes & brows hair , when mixed with almond and castor oil.Take a clean bottle and mix these three oil together in equal ratio apply twice daily for great results.


Coconut oil is an excellent moisturiser for face and body, People who have extremely dry skin should definitely try this oil for that purpose.It adds brightness & subtle glow on the face with regular massage.Do virgin coconut facial at night before bed & wake up with well moisturised face next day.

Lips & Nails

Dry lips and cracked nails can be cured by coconut oil massage, which helps to retain natural shine of the nails also grow healthy .Similarly for lips as it hydrates deep within to heal sore lips thus provide maximum hydration, It can be used alone or in combination with glycerin for best results.



Coconut oil can be used as natural highlighter for face & body, Due to the presence of much fatty acid it reflects shine in a more natural way without chemicals, For more perfection mix body bronzer with coconut oil along with left over highlighter to get all new body highlighter prepared.This can be used on eyes as well for extra coloration and more natural looking beautiful eyes.

Cure For Sore Heels

Quick , inexpensive remedy for cracked, sore heels is to apply coconut oil daily at bed time cover them with socks and find soft soothing heels next day.Make sure heels are clean and scrubbed before using any foot cream or coconut oil.


Food cooked in coconut oil is healthy & nutritious,Since it contains saturated fat so best for weight loss.There are many places where coconut oil is largely used for cooking purpose.

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