How to Enhance Brows

Fuller, thicker brows continue to be trending , women who got natural thicker brows do not need to do anything extra except shaping them but women who want to get with the trend of fuller thicker brows just do some daily brow care routine which will be detailed below, before that lets move on with how to make brows work for fuller looking with the help of a brow palette.There are plenty but I am talking about my favourite ones, tested brow products which not only make it natural looking but also great quality in budget.

Miss Claire Brow cake

If you looking for something amazing for the brows without spending much go for this brow cake its just too good for brows and smokey eyes make up.This palette contains four shades which work for every women as it has jet black, Dark Brown, Light Brown, & Light grey for super light brows.This pack also have two in one angled brush to fill & comb to tame brows hair.This is completely fool proof and enhance brows in the most natural looking version.Super light, sleek packing make it travel friendly also it can also be used as eyeliner or eyeshadow with these four shades.Staying power is impressive doesn’t go off ,well stay.MRP- 495/-

Kay Beauty

Kay beauty brow pencil is my recent favourite as I could not use anything else for my brows ever since I had this in my vanity, I mean what is this product ,This is my holy grail brow product these days & I hope you might also love it for its super light pencil form.I am in the shade Hazel Nut which works perfectly for my black brows, Its water proof , fool proof super natural colour, easily glide on the brows.The kay Beauty brow pencil can be resharpened and goes long time.MRP- 599 INR/-

MAC Brow Pencil & Gel

Mac brow pencil is also another great choice for women who are brand addict.This gel pencil has comb brush at the other end for perfect grooming while shaping.Waterproof , Fool proof and give natural filling to the brows . I am in the shade Stud which is dark brown and works for black as well dark brows. Mac Pro long wear Waterproof Brow Set is another product from this brand, Its gel form but works well in grooming and enhancing brows than precise filling.The gel cream form is always tricky to deal with as it might leave dots and fool in between drawing brows , better use it after shaping, filling up the brows with brow pencil to make brow hair thick. It works best for hardening brow hair for angled shape.For me its not my go-to- brow products because not so purposeful in that way.MRP-1550 INR/-

Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden is also next favourite brow kit in my vanity ,I purchased it on my visit to the US lately, what I loved about this brow kit is the two in one function where the same brow cake can be used as eyeliner , two mini super cute brush come with the case designed to meet both purpose for eyes and brows.There is a stylish mirror attached with the luxury case.The packaging seems luxurious with golden & mirror hint.I am in the shade Ebony which is true black and does brows wonderfully. Waterproof powder form stays put for hours also this is perfect for minimalistic travelling where one product can be used multiply.PRICE- 30$ or so.

Tint My Brows Gel

Women who love natural looking brows l & have tough time shaping up the brows at last minute this brow tint can relieve them a lot.This is amazing gel form of tint where you have to apply the gel to the brows all over leave it there for a minute and peel off the gel layer and underneath remains stained brows.It is waterproof, the tanning effect on brows stays up to 2-3 days as it is.This amazing brow gel come with the label of Etude House which is a Korean Brand & quite deserving.For better pigment the brows should be trimmed ,cleansed fully to avoid oiliness.Using tint actually needs a lot of precision as it dries out quickly even before you realise you draw the browns incorrectly so work with that.MRP-765INR/-

Brow Care

  • Apply mixture of almond oil + olive oil to the brows daily for good growth.
  • Make sure to remove brow product completely and not leave residue.
  • Do not neglect any dryness, dandruff itching of brows it may have some fungal infection which may lead to falling hair of brows.
  • Use growth oil for thicker brows.

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