Foot Care – Pedicure At Home

Foot care also is an essential part of self grooming. Cracked , rough, painful heels not only are embarrassing but also unpleasing to self. Just like face and hands feet too endure a lot, they become scaly due to inadequate moisture dose and proper care, after all feet are our base to walk on hence it should not be ignored.I always think of the practical ways of personal grooming which can be followed on the go. There are best foot care services in salon but again that can be monthly also it needs to be scheduled. Little care everyday makes a great difference & saves a big chunk of money which gonna go all together for whole repairing. So how to foot care & pedicure at home to get salon like soft beautiful heels.


Pedicure at home is very easy and simple it requires few steps and you are done.This can be done weekly or daily as needed. After few rounds of pedicure you will begin to feel the change in the heel condition so lets begin,

  • Take a deep tub to soak feet, Fill it with fairly hot water add one lemon, baking soda half spoon, hydrogen peroxide few drops, glycerin15 ml pinch of salt and rose water.
  • Exfoliate your feet with any scrubber of your choice, in case you not having any use coffee and brown sugar mixed for this purpose.
  • After done with scrubbing pour body wash on feet and ankles to cleanse properly before you soak into the warm water.
  • Soak in the water you readied already for about 10-15 minutes for bad cracks or else 10 mins ,put another feet after one and begin to scrub off the dead cells which by then must be ready to shed.Pumice stone is great to scrub heels.
  • Once done with scrubbing both of the heels do some nail cutting cleaning, filing etc .then wipe off feet with the towel let not dry that water and apply some foot cream all over and cover the feet with socks after.
  • Although there are many foot creams available out there but you can try boroline or boroplus for sore heels as its antiseptic and full of healing goodness.A good foot cream should be quick absorbing and hydrating.
  • Do not forget to moisturise feet right after shower & post bed .
  • Remember dry heals lead to cracks .
  • Sometimes people with poor nutrition or anaemia experience frequent cracks so good nutrition is important.

My current Foot cream

Few months back I have had this foot cream just to try out new stuff for foot care and this foot cream turned out really well for keeping my feet soft and away from dryness.This is from TonyMoly which is a Korean brand again l have been loving Korean brands so much of late,What I love about this cream is that its so lightweight, quick absorbing and very hydrating without being sticky.It heals quickly and daily application makes heels shiny as well.The main ingredients are Peppermint oil, Kernel oil, Almond oil ,Jojoba seed oil Camellia Japonica Seed oil etc which are undoubtedly best ingredient for skin, you can try out this foot cream as well it comes for 500INR which is not much for beautiful heels.

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