Ways To Spruce Up Bedroom

Bedroom is a place where we retire after hours of exhausting work schedule to relax our body and sense organs.Bedroom interior reflects a lot about the personality of the individual therefore each bedroom is different as per choice of the doer , easeful bedroom should have limited stuff with less decor as the place is supposed to be breathable not chaotic, for that bedroom needs to be neat clean & lively. It should have bright colours on neutral background to make it blossoming radiant The colour theme might be subjective nevertheless there are simples ways to refurbish bedroom to give it more appeal..Since these are decorative ways so can be changed anytime.

Wall Theme

Wall colour plays an essential role in determining whole outlook of any room.The colour scheme should be lighter for walls ,Dark colours temporarily look good but for a peaceful place like bedroom selection of colour has to be whites, pink tones, grey, ivory, beige etc, Dark shades can be used for highlights. Besides wallpaper is another way to give life to boring walls in quick time, the benefit with wallpaper is that in case you do not want to change entire walls, certain area, or niche can be highlighted with quirky wallpapers.My current wall colour is marble white & it let my eyes to absorb the serenity.

Night Lamp

Night lamp adds so much to the bedroom by lighting up dull space also it adds luxurious elegance to the place.Light lamp is best when placed side by side of bed or if there is no corner table tall standing lamp can be used to brighten up the surroundings. Antique, vintage, wooden lamps can be a good choice.If you are a night reader it makes reading comfortable.


Candles are mood enhancing plus another great decorative item in budget,Pillar candles, LED candles are available in so many beautiful designs for every occasion..whether floating candles in aromatic petal water.or place them in an antique T holder for exquisite setting.Candles have special place in decor no matter what theme it is ,candles can rejuvenate any space without being wrong.

Cushion & Throws

I love filling up my bed with various types of cushions, of all sizes from bigger to regular and small sizes. It makes my bed cozy , & can be changed anytime with the wall theme or trend this is what I feel best about it .Cushions are best thing to spruce up bedding without needing symmetry, even three different patterns in cushion could be place together to follow modern decor theme.Match the colour of cushion with that of curtain to bring uniformity in room if not all but some.Solid bedsheets goes well with all design cushions and also highlight room theme particularly.Light colour bedsheets always good pick for aesthetic balance.Too dark and all over prints of bedsheets make the space disruptive .


The lighter the curtains are the bigger the room appears.The selection of curtain is really time taking as a lot of the outcome depends on right selection of curtains.This season printed curtains are again in last season embroidery patch work curtain were trending also sheer curtain, beads curtain be used for glam quotient. Curtain should have black out to prevent direct sun rays. Double rod curtain is fit to accomplish both of the purpose.


Rugs or carpet does a lot to add richness to the room, bigger rooms get fulfilled and smaller rooms gets compact, even bad flooring can be made good with it.During winters carpet feels nice to walk on and saves from chilly floor.Placing a runner by the bed gives harmony to decor.

Decorative Mirror

Hanging mirror on the wall give illusion of bigger space also it gives vintage feel.Mirrors can beautify any room without much effort be it on the dinning room wall for extra luxurious look on the bathroom walls or in the gallery area.Acrylic mirror wall stickers also might be used for low budget decor.

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