Colour Pop Eyes

Beautifully done eyes give whole new appearance to the face, surprisingly eye make up has various styles & wit each style there are different ways to do eyes.I always am excited to try out new eye make up trick actually this part is what decide rest of the appearance.What I started loving lately for eye make up is to pop them up with bright colours and its trending also.Fortunately to get such looks colour pencils are very convenient.

Colour pencils make eye make up super quick & precise while on the go.Neon blue, pink, lime, violet, yellow are some of great eye popping colour pencils to use multi-ways.The best thing about colour pop eyes is that it make even simple outfit noticeable. Now its easy for girls who love matching game as its now easy to keep colours in coordination .

I am trying some new for eye make up product which is of course neon pencils from colour bar & LA girl.The look I am wearing is super simple and hassle free even a beginner can try out and be sassy.These colour pencils are easy to carry , waterproof , also the feature I liked about colour bar pencils is that a single pencil can be used as lip liner, kajal , and eyeliner make it smudge for adding shadow to the eye corners.

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Products Used

  • LA Girl Shock Wave Neon Eyeliner
  • COLOR BAR all rounder pencil sexy silhouette 009
  • COLOR BAR squishy lime 008
  • Stays upto 6 hrs as kajal,16 hrs as eyeliner, unto 8 hrs as lipliner
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Cruelty free

Either pop up inner corner of eyes or just use bold line eyeliner or for more dramatic eye apply colour kajal in the water line.Single pencil and so may ways to use perfect for travel packing refrain from carrying so many items for makeup.

Ethnic or western, colour pop eyes do justice with every look, Gone are days with same boring black eyeliner give colour to the eyes in more dramatic way as per your style.

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