Workable Ways To Lose Fat

Everyone long for perfectly shaped body be it men or women, its not about beautiful body but fitness is very important from health point of view.I do not talk about getting six packs or so called eight packs as perfect body feature but as long as you got healthy curves you are fit.There should not be extra accumulation of fat in the body which gives many diseases in the long run if not checked in time.Also once you are over weight it takes a lot of patience healthy lifestyle or eating habits to get body in shape.Ironically the process itself is very tiring long hours in the gym controlled diets skipping on your favourite snacks is not anyone’s liking. Post pregnancy I got good weight which I didn’t heed earlier and when I realised it was quite stubborn but as long as you are firm on something nothing can beat you.I tried almost everything I diet, worked out maximum to my capacity but I failed to achieve my target.But I did not stop and found my own ways to loose weight effectively. Therefore I want to share my fitness story which is super easy, no gym required no dieting as such and great results.

Walking Running Jogging

Walking is super easy approach to fat loss specially belly fat, do not complain of fail if you take a round around your garden or just do little walking of 1000 or 2000 steps daily it wont work out any way.Ideal walking steps for fat loss should be around 12000 to 15000 and the more the better.I can bet you on this do those steps everyday and you will be amazed to see the transformation, plus your bones wont hurt due to weight lifting in the gym. Running burns double calorie than walking and also jogging can be started in beginning to be perfect for running.


Healthy diet is always fruitful but you can eat anything in measured portions. Cut in direct sugar intake, but 4 spoons in a day wont hurt.Jaggery and honey are best substitute which give great health benefits, Jaggery has good amount of iron, helps in digestion boon for people with constipation similarly honey has antioxidants and controls cholesterol.One whole fruit everyday of your choice. Avoid too much of oily food everyday, keep it in balance.One thing to mention if you have most of the junk one day it wont add fat but if have it on daily basis it gets double.So decide one day for junk food, rest days normal food with full check of junk.

  • In between meals have nuts which is protein rich snack.Do not have too much of protein if you suffer from constipation,Digestion of protein is not easy. Fox nuts, roasted peanuts, puffed rice are some of healthy snacks.
  • Avoid consuming so much of processed food and packed snacks with sodium in it. Do Check nutritional value.Sodium cause weight gain.
  • Control fine flour use , have whole grain for better digestion.
  • Good digestion is important for weight loss include dietary fibre by fruits or food.
  • Fat is also essential for body not all fat is bad just trans fat which needs to be controlled.Saturated fat is well absorbed by body and not stored.Butter, Ghee, Olive oil coconut oil etc are trans fat which is supposed to be essential for health.
  • Do streching in a day for even 5 minutes everyday for flexibility of muscles.
  • Do 15 pushups everyday and 3 sets of 10 crunches for belly fat loss.You can avoid it all together and increase number of steps it will do the magic.Wall push up is an easy approach it needs no preparation.
  • Be patient and stop checking weight every third day.
  • Lead active life do everything in home which interest you.
  • Avoid crabs in dinner like rice or potato mainly have it in lunch instead.
  • Do include one glass of toned milk or curd for lactose intolerance.Cold coffee or even hot coffee with pure milk is good for boosting energy.
  • Brisk walk after dinner and nap after lunch is great for body.
  • Rule for weight loss is to burn as much as calorie you took in, when it starts getting stored it gain weight.

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