My Everyday MakeUp

Hey beautiful ! Hope you doing great! My everyday make up is very simple unless there is some special occasion . For prepping my face everyday I follow quite simple steps because for me my skin is important I do not want to heap it with lots of make up on daily basis I want it to be breathing and natural looking.Also differentiation is important for everyday look and look for special occasions.

So I begin with cleansing toner and moisturiser.Fair amount of moisturiser is a secret of glowing skin from within also if your skin is parched inside applying anything on the outside wont make it look great.So make sure to hydrate my face well I then apply good amount of sunscreen which I never skip be it any season. Sunscreen is very important for maintaining pigment free skin. Sun cause a lot of damage in form of white spots, brown sports freckles and even allergy etc. In case when I skip sunscreen I use my Bobbi Brown foundation plus serum as it has SPF 40 also goodness of serum which is all purpose to me.So any moisturiser which has SPF is good to go or if its just for hydration do apply sunscreen afterwards.Next to sunscreen I directly apply my go to ‘It airbrush perfecting powder or Bobbi Brown face powder and even Mac compact is my best pick for this step.I do not use concealer much specially in summers as it deposits and make creases in humid weather.

After my face is ready I define my eyes with just mascara, I love mascara in many coats then I draw a little line with the kohl kajal on the upper outer corners of my eyes and smudge just to give my eyes fuller look.The line is just on the outer corners and not full line over eyes.I use any highlighter golden or pink on my eyelids and inner corner to wake up eyes prominently.

For everyday natural look I usually do not go for bold lipsticks instead pink or brown nudes are my go to shades, everyday I prefer lip tint or gloss all over lips without lining them . Gloss give natural sheen also make lips translucent and moist. Little drops I use on my cheeks from the same lip tint to blush it naturally.I use Benefit Lip tint it has watery consistency.

Brows for everyday should not be standing out so just fill in the gaps and make it fuller but not over line to broaden them.

So yeah this is my super easy everyday look which takes only 10 minutes to make me fab from drab.


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