DIY Mask For Pigmentation

Pigmentation is the most common problem among all age, Due to long exposure in the sun or harmonal reasons, Skin is given stubborn brown spots mainly on the forehead cheeks or nose. It appears more like brown liberal patch which looks unpleasant also age us.There are multiple creams, lotions are available to lighten those marks but I am sharing super easy , tested DIY masks for brightening and depigmentation of face.

Few things to rememberer if you are going through any fairness skin care routine where you taking up brightening serum or cream, In the absence of sunscreen no fairness regimen will work on you.To get best results of skin lightening products do not skip sunscreen be it home or outside this is very important to know or else you will be blaming them for not being effective.

So These DIY I have been using from my teenage that time it was for better skin but now its the necessity since the ingredients used in this are kitchen stuff and full of natural goodness, it will benefit multi-ways.

Face Masks

  • Soak red lentils over night ( bowl full) grind it next morning and add spoonful turmeric powder to it make it paste and apply all over to the face.
  • Let the paste well absorbed into the skin and after when it is completely dry scrub it off mildly.
  • Its an amazing scrub, perfect lightening treatment and remove dead cells effectively.

Bran Mask

  • This method of getting smooth clear skin is of my teenage I even use this till now and my skin is problem free to a great extent , Since both of the DIY are super simple so you can use it everyday or weekly as it requires little time of you.Also no chance of side effect.
  • Soak two three spoons of wheat bran in some milk ( unboiled) and add drops of honey mix it all together and apply after 15 minutes of soaking.
  • Leave the paste on the face and scrub it off when dries.

So try these amazing DIY for beautiful skin.XOXO

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