Baking Powder/Setting Powder/Compact powder

Hey beautiful, Today I thought to put some detailed information about baking, setting , and compact powder, most of you might have used it. Although these three are forms of beauty powders but each one has different use in contouring. So its essential to have full knowledge about these three powders so that it serve the purpose correctly & give the desirable result.

Baking powder is the loose mineral powder which is used to add light to the T zone i.e forehead, under eye area & cheekbone. It binds concealer in place, reduces shine by mattifying skin surface. Baking powder is used after concealer which correct pink tone & redness as well It comes in separate shades for deeper & fair skin tones so choose the shade as per your skin tone.After foundation and concealer put baking powder heavily under eyes, forehead cheek and chin let it bake for sometimes and dust off the remaining with the powder brush.Use either beauty sponge or concealer brush to apply baking powder , I am currently having make up revolution banana baking powder which I really liked, reason is how beautifully it bakes and goes into the skin.There is only one shade in banana baking powder which goes fairly with all Asian skin tone, Also terracotta and Lace are two another shades come for deeper & fair skin tone.The powder is very good quality doesn’t feel like chalky, invisibly melts & highlight T zone in the perfect amount.MRP-850/-for 42gm.

Setting powder or finishing powder is a transparent powder which is used to set make up giving smooth finish all over. It comes in one universal colour which goes with any skin tone.It reduces shine also can be used with or without foundation on bare skin.Mac prep+ prime transparent is my go-to setting powder as it blends beautifully into the skin and stays put.Apply after foundation all over the face and dust off.Since it has no colour so wont be highlighting any area but remove oil & shine. MRP-2350/-

Compact powder/ Pressed powder are actually used to improve skin tone.It blurs out minor imperfections to give even skin tone.Compact are best to be used in summers as it does not necessarily need base , can be used on bare skin as well doing the same magic.Compact powder can be applied with dry or wet sponge but I personally do not like wet sponge as it leaves creases may be I m mot good doing it perfectly so go for sponge or brush either as per your comfort.In my previous blog I had given detailed description of some great compact powders & how useful are compact powder on the go.Do check out. For everyday use compact with day cream.I am NC 25 and my shade in Bobbi Brown is light beige this shade is warm beige which doesn’t go which my skin tone I bought this shade when I got bit tan and later it was back to my normal tone.It has shade for every skin tone match your perfect powder in the day light on the cheeks than wrist or under neck test.MRP- 3900/-INR

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