Festival Of Colours & Skin Care

The festival of colours – HOLI, has arrived, In this festival every one no matter what age enjoy to the fullest & soak in colours from head to foot.One side where colours brings radiance to our lives our skin gets troubled due to long exposure in the sun, chemical presence in the colours. So dip in the pool of colours but pre skin & hair care is very important to not suffer later,Therefore before you step out use these tips to save your skin & hair from being damage.

Smash box lip plumper for soft natural looking plump pink lips

Rose water by KAMA use as toner or astringent.

  • Apply coconut oil to the whole body in the morning before playing colours, greasy surface does not hold colours and get washed off easily. Also coconut oil has good moisturising properties that keeps the skin well hydrated for long hours..Avoid leaving skin dry as it cause irritation and also allergy. Apply Vaseline around eyes specially on upper eyelids during playing colours eyes effect the most as tiny particles get collected in the eyelids cause itching and redness so make sure cover the eyes with sun glasses, put some refreshing tear drops in both of the eyes to keep them moist.
  • Better wear no make up, it will not only block your pores also might give you rashes , pimples etc . Cleanse face & even not scrub that day put some good moisturiser with great SPF to avoid sun damage.Aloe vera gel is also very good for inflammation and cooling effect make sure to apply that after shower.Ice cubes can also be rubbed on face.Unboiled milk with rose water is another great sun burn remedy.
  • Due to dry winds and colour playing lips get highly affected, they become rough, Moisturise lips properly and even use some sunscreen on lips.If you want to add some sheen to your lips use lip gloss than lipstick or if nothing else use coconut oil for deep hydration.It is advisable to carry mini lip balm with you for safe playing.
  • Keep mini hand sanitiser mandatorily to keep you safe from viral infections, Corona Virus is also spreading fast so be safe and healthy while enjoying festival.
  • Nobody mind if you play dry colours this holi to avoid cold, Cold & cough are the primary symptoms of being affected from Corona Virus so note that.Use herbal colours to play and make aware the others for the same.Wear mask for double protection.
  • Hair care also a thing oil to have damage free hair after Holi. Proper oiling is good to avoid colours getting stuck in the roots.Wear scarf, hat or head band to protect hair .Do not leave hair flowing rather make high bun or ponytail to save hair.Use mild shampoo and conditioner surely during shower to have soft shiny hair after rinse.
  • Nails should be trimmed and not too long as they get patchy with colour stain and look bad afterwards, apply two coats of shiner on nails to protect cuticle from being coloured.
  • The most important thing is to stay hydrated from inside, you wont realise but may feel dizziness in the sun if not hydrated therefore do not skip on water and keep drinking in between to avoid dehydration. Coconut water is very good while on the go, also carry your won bottle to quench the thirst without obstacle.
  • It is advisable to Use body sunscreen all over the body.
  • Festival where bring happiness to life also give invisible calories in the form of scrumptuous delicacies, keep track of calories intake and try roasted food items than deep fried to be fit.
  • Happy Holi to all of you..XOXO

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