Anti Ageing with vitamin C

Hey beautiful, With the age growing and other factors women experience signs of ageing, I can bet no woman wants to be aged, nevertheless I feel women are the most beautiful in any age they actually live less for self but most time of their life goes around family kids career etc.There is no shaming or inferiority being grow with age but how about little care for us that prevents ageing process a bit and make us beautiful & fit inside out. I wana emphasis onto little self care methods & efforts for our well being. After 30 skin problems like wrinkles , dryness, pigmentation , freckles etc should be addressed sincerely also include things in diet which makes us strong inwardly. Real magic happens both from inside & outside if we sow great seeds, will reap the benefits ourselves.I have recently thought about giving my skin good dose of vitamin C to keep it rejuvenated.

Vitamin C is miraculous for skin correction.If you are 30 or above Start using anti ageing cream and serums having vitamin C.Vitamin C prevents dark spot formation by melanin formation. Make sure to follow proper skin care regimen which involve cleansing toner moisturiser.Vitamin C, results in skin brightening by depigmentation.Good amount of vitamin C intake by skin relief sore, inflamed ,acne prone skin.I myself realised how beneficial the decision was to include vitamin C in my skin care routine, I love to try out new theories of healthy skin and body. I keep changing my skin care products according to the need of the moment.


So this serum I am talking about is KLAIRS freshly juiced vitamin drop for skin problems like dullness, uneven tone, acne etc.It suits me best for my skin also corrected my skin tone. This serum has pure vitamin C ,Centella Asiatica extracts, Grapefruit extracts which help to boost collagen. Collagen brings firmness and elasticity to the skin so make sure to have one collagen skin care product after 25 or 30. This is a Korean brand again I cant help but I am so obsessed with Korean beauty products .So application of this is very simple after cleansing and toning apply few drops of direct serum on face all over followed by moisturiser.If you are sensitive skin mix the drops in moisturiser rather direct exposure.Since it is pure vitamin C it can oxidise after some time but it doesn’t effect the quality, keep away from sunlight though.Do patch test before going all over.MRP-1570INR.

Andalou Naturals

This is another my favourite probiotic+ vitamin C day cream without SPF. Its not available is India now but online purchase is possible.I had this from Marshal Store in Houston. That time I didn’t have a purpose I had it somehow keeping the point in mind that its brightening cream plus cure sun burn and fruit stem cell science method for skin cure.But you can see the whole tub is finished and I am worried how to have it asap.The things which I liked about the cream are,

  • Non sticky
  • brightening evens out skin tone
  • cure damaged skin after long exposure in the sun
  • in budget costs around 15$ or so.
  • All weather moisturiser
  • Does not break out

So if you are planing to have changed skin routine choose from these or any other.See you in my next post.XOXO

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