Hair fall Problem- Miracle shampoo for growth

Two years back I was having severe hair fall , reason was not scalp issue wherein dandruff , psoriasis or other scalp problem generate hair fall.Before that phase never ever I lost more than 8 strands it was depressing situation for me , I tried everything visited dermatologist, had best of best hair care and shampoos but nothing worked while it caused more hair fall each day. Oiling never worked for me as the more growth oil I put into my scalp the more fall I experienced So the one product which worked miraculously on me was Alpecin caffeine shampoo , its not a common shampoo you may spot in the beauty or general stores but it helped me a lot , besides the shampoo I had some growth pack searched on my own keeping my hair symptoms on mind.Lets know more about the shampoo how it works,


This shampoo contains caffeine which helps in vigorous hair growth by controlling hair loss.It extends the life of already thin damaged hair and make them strongest from the roots.This shampoo is a great cure for people suffering from initial baldness , the formula makes hair more fuller even when you have lost a lot of hair, after wash you will feel your hair more fuller and thicker than before .Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo is made in Germany.The smell is pleasant without overpowering color is bluish white.


After wetting hair leave the shampoo in the scalp for 2 minutes before rinse the more time you leave the shampoo in the hair the more good it will be for stimulating hair growth.The caffeine lock the hair to the roots to make less falling.Use everyday for best results.MRP-599 for 250ml.Share & Subscribe

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  1. blendedpotential says:

    I’ve noticed I’ve been having some hair breakage which makes me look like I have a ton of baby hairs. I know how you feel, I’ve tried different shampoos, and now I’m trying some biotin. I’m still on my hair journey, it can take time. Great post!

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    1. bebeautifuls says:

      Hair breakage due to tangles and from roots directly has a lot difference I have also had enough hair supplements still having and it all cured my problem but among all other shampoo this shampoo at least gave me way to wait unlike other which caused enhanced fall.. love you back

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  2. Ofi khan says:



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