My Summer Travel packing

Hey beautiful how you all doing this weekend ? How badly I wish to fly somewhere. Actually I love travelling round the year its fun, adventure & experience.While travelling the most important part is packing of course its cumbersome, confusing what to pack and how to co-ordinate clothes so that luggage is not heavy also make full use of whatever is been packed.I remember my earlier packing days when I used to pack almost full closet of mine then faced difficulties of selection & sorting.This assortment of outfits is quite time consuming, irritating as well. So I found out ways for minimalistic packing to make travel convenient & be stylish at the same time.I cant wait to settle the pandemic caused by corona virus & be back to explore the beautiful places I have on card, Earlier I wrote about winter packing so in the sequence lets have a look on what I pack up for summer trip.

Aircraft Handy stuff

I personally love to carry small backpacks for long flights rather handbags, firstly back packs are easy to carry without engaging hands, secondly lots of things can pe easily shoved into this without worry of having deformed shape.You wont want to thrash your favourite handbag under seat neither in the overhead compartment.But I do keep one clutch with card holder for extra comfort ,My stuff in the backpack is as below,

These are travel mini packs.

  • Kindle or Book
  • Wet wipes
  • Sanitiser
  • mouth freshener
  • Cotton balls
  • sleeping mask
  • moisturiser
  • hand cream
  • lip balm
  • kajal, sunscreen, face wash
  • Mobile charger, hands free, sunglasses, scarf.
  • Floss
  • Documents { Passport & Ids etc},cash cards.

I keep mini packs of all these things to occupy less space.I have mentioned major stuff here but might be missing few things.


I keep in mind the place I am travelling to suppose if its a tropical place or beach fun majorly. I want to keep only wearable clothes and not exorbitant.

I keep bright , flowing chiffon or Georgette maxi or short dresses majorly in all styles reason is that those cover a little space with easy maintenance.what else I pack to be completed is as below,

  • 2 maxi dresses , can be worn in two looks wear any tee inside and on the outside strap maxi dress.
  • Second look is wearing contrast sphagetti inside maxi dress to make stylish also colour popping.
  • Third look by wearing long crochet shrug or any fabric, crochet is trending this summer.
  • 2 knee length dresses one cami sundress and other cami body con dress.
  • Shirts can create good look by teaming up under cami body con dress specially white or shirt with drama, puffed sleeves.
  • Besides for more looks wear blouse on body con dress and tie with belt.
  • one short
  • 2 tees, 2 blouses one long shrug, camisoles and night wear
  • So you can see 8-9 pieces can give you 15 different looks.

I separately pack items in a clear bag with label

Footwear & Toiletries

Footwear for beach places should be comfortable along with fashionable, I prefer pom-pom flip flops or flat sandal & sneakers for sure for easy walking during explore.High heals pointed toes footwear are not a good choice for fun travelling.Flats acquire less space than heels.

For easy travel I carry minis as toiletries it saves my time to arrange them before and after. Just moisturiser I keep plenty to hydrate my skin well.

Make up

I love make up but not much during travel, so I pack up basic stuff which involves mini foundation with SPF , face powder, nude eyeshadow palette with max six shades also highlighter brow pencil,& kajal which can be used multi-way.I usually don’t paint nails rather put shiner on them to avoid repainting chipped corners. Fragrance is something I wont wana miss out fragrance part so keep vaporiser spray in mini pack for sure. I ensure to keep all mini testing products pack whenever I get and use all of it during travel, advantage is they get tested also in between plus save time.

Skin Care

Travelling brings fun but skin care is unavoidable I dont skip that part , If not much I at least place one or two sheet mask for dehydrated skin by being exposed in the sun or outdoor activities one sheet mask give hydration of one bottle serum for one month so sheet masks are an easy thing to do while on the go.

Quality Time

Whenever I go on trip for relaxation the sole purpose is to rejuvenate my body and mind ,By isolating it from materialistic distraction at least I try not be on clicking and posting stuff for friends and family rather imbibe the moment and the serenity for what I am here.I wonder I have roamed 1/3 part of globe but hardly pics in that proportion. I do take pictures clicked on famous spots but not major beach I feel the moment is important than the memory.I still appreciate everyone ways of fun.So yeah hope you found it useful do write back I love to hear from all of you.XOXO


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