Ideal Skin Routine for Problem free skin

Hey you all , Hope you doing great ! I am truly obsessed with skin care, & I hope you all are the same way, This is what makes your skin actually healthy. I have learnt in years about routine & products which helped my skin turning into clean & clear also observed what factors damage it over time. In my adolescence never ever had I been through acne or other skin complexities but few years back had onslaught of acnes, whiteheads and brown spot etc, because I didn’t mind being in the sun for hours without protection I then didn’t take it seriously how important is the hydration & proper nourishment for the skin. I also believe anything you start paying attention to gets fixed be it body , life, or people. We all know basic skin care regimen but depends how honestly we perform, So I thought why not to detail truly ideal skin care routine for women who actually want the deep difference.

Daily Routine

Daily routine involves washing off the face twice or more in a day with suitable cleanser.Next to it should be toner, serum & last step is moisturiser, etc.This is the ideal everyday skin routine.If its morning go for day cream and night cream for bed time.Most part of skin regeneration occurs at night and in the respect it should be cleansed, and well hydrated to wake up with glowing skin next day. Few more things to know,

  • Moisturiser should be light, alcohol free, absorbing and surely with SPF.
  • I keep changing my daily skin care products time to time as per need of the skin , so do you. Like body skin needs also keep changing , do look out in the mirror to see that need. Suppose if are using the same cream which your mother advised at teenage & its still same at the age of 30 or so it wont work.
  • Do attentively list type of products you want to include in daily care like what is your concern if you are looking for skin brightening products the series should remain the same.if my skin needs more hydration and I am giving it brightening solution so it wont help.
  • Invest in good brands & quality products , dermatologist tested, non cosmogenic.
  • Include double cleansing face wash after make removal to get unclogged pores.
  • Face wash should be mild with deep cleansing properties {will detail in my next}.

Weekly Routine

These masks look quiet goofy on me don’t be scared its me only.Also its a gold foil mask that boost collagen and prevent ageing. Also my face is smaller than the size of this mask but its ok gurl.

Weekly routine must include face packs, peel offs scrub & sheet masks.Face pack should be such to address the skin concern accurately as I mostly look for packs which are brightening and hydrating as I dont have any other thing to look at I am combination skin type for that matter. You choose as per yours. Peel offs give instant result by removing dirt and dead cells on the outer surface also deep cleanse to inflict more clearer skin. In the beauty store lots of sheet masks are found with purpose for every skin type.They have collagen, hydration, pore cleansing, nourishing, vitamin C, pollution sheet mask, brightening sheet masks etc. Watch out the best sheet mask for you, also keep the facial hair at bay by face razor it makes skin smooth also removes lots of dead layers by shaving off .Weekly regimen also involves scrubbing off dead skin , the scrub should be mild and not be aggressively rubbed on face.There are peeling scrub also trending I have used one from The Face Shop & I liked it but not use it frequent as scrubbing and lot of peeling give us ageing soon.

Monthly Routine

After going through daily and weekly skin care regimen religiously a lot difference already starts to take place. Facials or deep cleaning treatments can be taken on monthly basis to get unblocked pores and healthy skin. Facial helps toning facial muscles also sculpt it , again take facial which your skin demanding like if you getting pimples go for facial of that kind, glowing skin, basic nourishment facial etc.I do not go salon for facial rather do it at home earlier used to visit but not anymore.

Annual Routine

It is good to visit a dermatologist once in a year if you need to go for certain treatments like peeling, laser, botox etc. Its completely fine to skip if you are blessed with problem free skin by now by regular care on your own.I visited my dermatologist 5 years back because I did not need it since then and gratefully not gone for as such treatment other than laser for moles removal.So yeah I hope it helped you some way will put up more skin care stories time to time.Hope you liked let me know for sure. Share & subscribe LOVE YOU ALL.


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