How I Use lip Balm

Hey you beautiful, Hope you doing fine.We all use lip balm right? It is essential to hydrate lips everyday with lip balm I am sure you all must be having suitable lip balm for lips so have you used that lip balm other way than using on lips , Well I use it multiple ways for my face & body. I recently tried this hack on me when I was travelling somewhere with minimum stuff where I missed most of my make up stuff so used it to compensate those missing items, and it actually worked pretty well it happens a lot that we take out things from skin care or make up assuming it wont be needed but then the ones you skip on you get to need them.So without delay lets jump into the detail about how can a lip balm be the beauty saviour.


The first and foremost purpose is to hydrate lips to prevent from chapping, drying and sore. Most of us ignore this fact that lips need adequate moisture as well whereas wet them by continuous licking which is quiet a bad thing for lips. Continuous licking cause more dryness which further lead into painful cracks due to insufficient moisture. Rather keep applying lip balm intermittently for juicy lips inside out. Lip Balm should be chemical free do check out the ingredients before buying. Besides if you love to nourish nails take your lip balm as nail cure massage it with throughly to protect from drying during travel.

Brow Setter

You may scream if get to know that without brow pencil its possible to have trimmed looking brows all you need a black eyeshadow and lip balm. So after knowing this fact you might be a minimalistic traveller.To use lip balm as brow fixer you need to apply thin coat of lip balm all over on the angular brows. In the second step dab black eyeshadow on both the brows in the line and wipe off the extra colour sideways close to the outer and inner line of brows also put the tissue paper lightly above it and soak extra residue. Do it precisely a lot of result depends on how you do it .

Natural sheen

I use lip balm to add natural sheen to my upper eyelids which looks glossy in the day light. Dont know but I have been doing this trick from my adolescence. Everyday after last step of my skin routine I straight take out some of the balm and apply all over the upper eye and eye bone to smoothen it out. You can also do it and see the effect.Even glitter lovers can directly sprinkle glitter on the base for safe adhere & not bother eyes by getting into them as this base holds safely.

Thick Lashes

To get thick lash effect apply a bit of lip balm on the fingers and spread it all over the lashes in the next step dust some talcum powder to make the surface fuller now apply mascara. Actually giving grease before powder makes it easy to hold and particles not get into the eyes.By this trick mascara easily washes off without needing eye make up remover.


Last but not the least if you are body highlighter person and forgot your body bronzer or tan body oil, Use lip balm mix with eyeshadow shimmer{white or golden} as per your choice of colour and use it to accentuate collar bones eyebrow bone , temples , cheeks and even belly. So I am hoping you found the tricks easy and useful do let me know.XOXO

P.S – I am currently using Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask Berry. But you can do these hacks with any of your preferable lip balm lets quickly glance on the balm features.Its more like vaseline in pink color with lichee scent.I didn’t see anything in major other than moisture its thick but not absorbing which feels like something on lips also it gets wipe off it is asked to use overnight and remove the remains next morning, basically its a lip mask. For me its not an amazing product but you can try it for Laneige.MRP-500/-8gm &1150/- for 20gm which is pricier for lip balm.

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