What To Do During Quarantine

Whole world is battling against deadly COVID-19, its deadly infectious disease which has made almost half of the county shut down.Malls, Offices, Schools,Colleges and other social points where people might be prone to infection by interaction are prohibited , So to ensure our maximum protection its utmost important to stay indor & not go on the public places much without urgency. It looks like home locked situation which is complex and gloomy. One hand where staying home is a big challenge bigger challenge what sane could be done, So some tips which I am also applying on myself might be fruitful to you.

Set A Routine

An active routine is very important for happy mood, just because you have freedom to make use of the day your way it should not be ending into imbalance of the physical & mental health.Wake up early with plans for the rest of the day take shower on time, dressed up nicely eat healthy and line up things to work on.Avoid staying up late night, waking late, being a couch potato and mess around.

Enjoy Family Time

As whole family is together under one roof make good use of this time rather than being engaged with personal gadgets.This time might be great for the family bonding.Spend time with kids read them stories engage them in good virtues like watering plants, small cooking session & tidying up the room etc.The time spent with parents is always precious for kids listen to their thoughts which you could not be able to do in a while due to busy living.

Decluttered Space

Make use of the time by decluttering the work station, sort laundry, arrange piled up closet discard trash .Put fresh flower in the vase, light up aroma candles to make the space delightful. Do anything creative than fussing over what to do. Hone your hobbies like painting, craft and even blogging. If you have thought to write a book you got that time now don’t let it be.

Take Care of health

Since most of the gyms , fitness centre are shut down and even morning evening walks are barred in many places its challenging to have active work out. Fret not walk around home frequently take as many steps in a day to get active metabolism, climb steps or whatever works for you.Also not indulge in so much of junks processed foods instead eat fruits, dry fruits, fox nuts ,peanuts intermittently to refill energy level.Increase vitamin C intake to boost immunity as strong immune system can fight well with foreign organisms.

Stay possitive

Irrespective of whatever the conditions are just be positive and content with whatever you got, if you are keeping well you are blessed more than any other requirements. Open the window of the balcony if you have get fresh air, sit by yourself for a moment buid good thoughts enjoy your favourite music sip on relaxing tea thinking this all would be positively over.

Stay Connected

Stay connected with friends and family over phone , ask about their well being give them positive vibes and uplift their mood as well. Share valuable advise regarding health and sanitary, be there if they need you.

So I hope this all will be very soon ending and we all be back to our sane life routine asap.Keep safe keep healthy.


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  1. blog4you says:

    Good Topic..I hope it will help people if they set their routines.


    1. bebeautifuls says:

      yeah right , thanks

      Liked by 1 person

      1. blog4you says:

        your welcome


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