Self Care During Covid-19

Hey you all hope you doing great,The government has been dealing efficiently with pandemic & things are going positive we all are hoping best to come ahead.There were few things on my mind to pen down which might be related to social welfare somehow so thought to share,The best preventive from corona virus is to have strong immunity also if you think you are prone to allergy flu its time to take care of immunity. I am myself working on the ideas,The situation is really stressful but panic wont help so we all should wisely act.


We all know our body immune system fight hugely against harmful foreign bodies so we need to work on establishing strong immunity that will actually protect our body at large, other than increasing vitamin C intake by fruits vegetables and other ingredients there is that herb which is called Echenachia which help to boost immunity miraculously and prepare body for viral onslaught and its even safe on kids. There comes many Echinacea Angustifolia supplements out there.I have been using it for ages now and its not needed round the year, it has set dose for 3-5 days & its done for whole year it says no side effect but Do consult before taking them seeing your medical history.

Treat cold

If you have normal cold or cough do everything possible to cure it and let not stay it in body for longer time.Suppose for cold green tea, Herb tea, ginger tea are great also soothe inflammation these can be used as first aid during quarantine as well.Too cold beverages cause cold in susceptible people so maintain fair body temperature .Keep the customary drugs at home for normal health complications and avoid seeing doctor these days.


Try to block ways for stuff coming from outside like newspapers, vegetables couriers, maids even groceries.However if it comes make sure to rinse before getting in use. Main Door knobs, ring bell should be wiped off with sanitiser once in a day. If you are facing difficulty for reaching out to sanitiser use Dettol disinfectant multi use hygienic liquid for all such sort of use.Take water and liquid in1:3 ratio keep it in a spray bottle & use on any thing to sanitise.Keep washing hands repeatedly.

Social Distancing

No matter how much you doing it wont work if not socially isolated .Avoid gathering in every possible way, Stay indoor and take care of the family.Step out of home only on emergency otherwise avoid going out, make sure to stock up supplies so that don’t have go everyday out but surely not hoard stuffs for better functioning of facilities.


Self care is really important, do yoga, meditation etc to build immunity and great blood circulation throughout body.Calm your senses set mood positive engage yourself around anything productive.

These are the tips I am also opting regularly these days so thinking something might be worthy for someone so shared my personal knowledge through self practice.Keep sharing good thoughts.


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  1. Self-care right now is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves!


    1. bebeautifuls says:

      You are right šŸ™‚

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