Things Everyone Should Know

Hey you all , How is it going at your end, Due to lockdown here in my city I got plenty of time lately which has triggered my thought process more Today my post is about some logical information based on facts and beliefs which I love to share with you also most of them I personally have been following since the time I got to know..Sometimes we feel the pattern or practice we have been doing is the right approach towards the objective but its not always and possibility is we might have been doing it all wrong & wonder why it does not work besides it may damage the purpose. so such health and lifestyle facts you may or may not aware of and it matters for effectiveness of the action.

  • The fact about using conditioner after shampoo is that it should never be used on the scalp or it may cause serious hair fall due to blockage of scalp pores. The conditioner residue settle down clogging hair follicles resulting scalp eczema, psoriasis, dandruff itching etc. So make sure to apply only on hair strands & not roots.
  • While choosing toothpaste we should be aware of our dental needs for instance if its decayed by caries and cavities sustaining in them need to have calcium toothpaste to make teeth stronger in the first place. Actually teeth with calcium deficiency got in cavity and then caries , on the other side stronger teeth with adequate calcium shield teeth against decay to a great extent. On the other side the function of fluoride toothpaste is completely different as the protect tooth enamel which is targeted germs to make it yellow, faded, patchy, cup like texture.I think fluoride with calcium might be great combination to combat against dental enemies. I myself lately found about this fact and currently applying the doctrine in my toothpaste & I am seeing the difference.
  • Its a belief that alcohol cosmetics kills acne and other bacterias, but I tell you alcoholic toner is not good for skin moisture part as it cause severe drying in already dry skin people, Since the time I have known about this fact I look for no alcohol in my body lotions , toner and moisturiser as it harms moisture balance making it harsh specially in winters.
  • Did you really know how to wash face for minimum pores? I have told by my dermatologist years ago when I was suffering from acne he quite well explained the way to wash face for tight pores. Actually the correct washing way is to first sprinkle face with warm water that makes the pores open lather face wash now and wash with cold water at last to close the pores. Everyday wash with this trick and see if it works on you because it worked well on me I don’t have any pores or blackheads ever since I changed my face wash routine.
  • Did you know what happens when you keep the sheet mask longer on face than instruct.Yeah you might be alike in thinking that keeping the sheet mask on for longer time give miraculous results but its opposite .Sheet masks work on osmosis process where concentrated nutrition dose for skin is supplied through thin sheets deep into the skin, leaving it for extra time make the osmosis process opposite means it may draw back the moisture making skin dry on the inside.So leave it only for allowed time that is 15-20 mins.
  • I have sensitive eyes and for that I always make sure to purchase mineral based hypoallergenic eye make up products which not having parabens and other chemical which irritate my eyes.There are brands which make hypoallergenic cosmetics I may not know all of them but some are my personally favourite like Clinique, Tarte, Physicians formula, Bobbi Brown,Body Shop,etc.So anyone who has eye allergy to certain chemicals do check for ingredients & keep your eyes safe like me.
  • Lot of you might be aware of this fact that its harmful to drink water right after piss & the course should be vice -versa for better functioning of kidney. Make sure to have water before if we need to or wait for sometime afterwards but not drink right after.I have been told this from my childhood also its clearly mention in Ayurveda so I have been abiding by. I am not much qualified for anatomic explanation but shared as valuable fact.
  • This is not as such fact but did a lot with my fashion jewelleries to restore their pristine as careless storing fades off shine making it dull & old what I do is top coating with nail shiner to keep the polish , colour intact inside.
  • The first aid for scabies is to mix boric acid powder with virgin coconut oil and massage all over the effected areas it will help a lot when doctor is not around.
  • If you have immense love for essential oil be careful about it.Since they are concentrated form of oil hence should not be used undiluted on skin besides its completely no for sensitive skin as may cause serious allergies and even burn it.I once used rosemary oil on my face for the benefits it has but end up getting rashes all over ever since I am quite mindful about their use. If its diluted with some other liquid the effect might be moderate and thus safe.
  • If you are extremely dry skin your favourite clay mask may worse skin moisture balance making it even drier.However it can work along with moisturising toner.
  • Excessive use of baking soda, charcoal powder removes enamel of the tooth make turn them into glisten free harsh looking, It may temporarily lightens yellow stains but in the long run damage tooth surface.
  • Extreme & intense brushing might give you receding gums even without gingivitis , Pyria etc, make sure to brush between gum line and not much brush in a day like 4-5 times, rather use floss and finger brushing, finger brushing give good massage also increase blood circulation the gum cells to make new ones.
  • Discard mascara after one month of opening as its prone to attract bacterias by exposing the brush in the air and slowly accumulate down in the bottle, stick with date of purchase and expiry.
  • To control belly fact much easier tip is to bring warm water right after dinner which melts accumulated fat it shows visible results on regular practice along with healthy diet is advised.

So Above some piece of information which I had through sources and my own experience and now you have it if you liked any bit of it do let me know I will soon be putting up many more valuable tips which might be fruitful to you.So yeah this is all for today I hope the time of curfew is soon over bringing back life in usual way , Till then stay home stay safe.Thank you so much for reading.XOXO

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