Self Grooming during lock down

Hey you all beautiful people, You must be wondering about my posts which got more relatable these days. Actually what I feel for myself assume the same with everyone like currently I am thinking ways of maintaining self grooming being at home I now began to think what could be the substitute for certain stuff supplies or even grooming needs if they are not being supplied. In the sequence these days due to complete lockdown barred salons services its a challenge for every women to continue with grooming, whereas how can you avoid it & how longer. Its literally a need as you have to have beauty services but how ? So I am back with few workable ways which can be used as an alternative for the time being for beauty care with limited resources but you know these all ways are no harm to get permanent with. So while you are locked indoor and grooming is something you would want undeniably look out for my tips. Most of you might already been doing it So without much context lets go on with the explanation how to achieve beauty standards with no beauty salon.

  • Waxing – Most important part of grooming, However its no hard fast rule to go for it but women like me who cant afford to look hairy should keep waxing strips these days to get the job done.Waxing strips are quick and easiest way for hair removal without mess also possible to get from any store offline or online. Wax container also can be used with fabric strips if not having regular waxing strips. The best trick to use strips on hair which are hard & much advantage is it will slow down the growth for longer days also bring soft growth next time.I keep Veet Waxing Strips for the purpose I m sure you all must be aware of it its good its saviour You can work with any waxing strips you like.For light hair shaving is best even easier to use on body parts strip cant reach. My favourite shaver is Gillette Venus with aloe extract as it makes skin so smooth and does’t feel like shaved.
  • Eyebrows Grooming – Blessed are you if you can deal with threading by yourself but whoever cant, go for plucking with tweezers . Shape your brows your ways thick or thin with tweezers let it take full growth let it be natural just remove hair out of brow line.Well nobody is stepping out or seeing anyone so its not urgent but its for self satisfaction also tweezer is the only thing which can be obtained during current scenario since you have pharmacy reach.
  • Face– Facial can be done with any thick moisturiser or if not that coconut oil is something everyone must have at home.I have already posted about benefits of coconut oil in my previous Best you got jade roller it will take care of massage part. If you want to know what jade roller is do check out post about jade roller in my blog I have written everything possible about it, If you have store access & can still get it surely do as its something very useful for now & forever in beauty routine. Another beneficial thing for face is steam of course, give light steam to face let pores open and deep cleansed. Don’t forget to wash with cold water after steam to close the pores. You will love the glow & clarity of face. Those who have cystic acne avoid it all together.Take green tea steam infusing green tea bags, aloe vera or tea tree oil separately.Facial razor is something which help you with keeping face free of hair also removes dead layers exposing bright skin underneath plus it does little brows shaping as well.Again it needs precision or you may get cuts so be careful.
  • Hair – Don’t complain about hair trimming let it grow let it bounce, give hair good hot oil massage before washing but do take care of split ends if possible cut one inch surely from ends to prevent split ends growing ahead .To cut off ends sweep all hair and half bend rippling hair to the floor collect the edges and cut off. This way of hair cutting brings symmetry .If you are expert of self hair chopping great for you share your best trick with who need it.
  • Nails– Well I suggest and personally follow one inch nails during lock down as most of the house-hold work are dependent on you it may accumulate germs into more than one inch nails also it would be painful to get chipped ends. Trim nails in your favourite shape don’t paint them for sometime instead apply shiner for best looking nails.

So yeah this is my beauty grooming suggestion to you hope it helped dealing with grooming crisis I feel best if you liked any piece of information by me.You are whole world to me I am always awaited to hear from you. Show me some love on following links.

Thanks For Reading XOXO.

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