Keihl’s Dark Spot Corrective Serum

Hey you beautiful, How is everything out there hope its good , So I am back with pending review of Keihl’s Dark Spot Corrective Serum. I love this brand & so far have tried out hair face range & I can say all the products are worth giving try. You never know what product of what brand be your life saviour so like me keep testing out products high end or drugstore brands to get the best product for you.

Last year in summer I got so much of travelling overseas resulting sun marks little dark spots which I had to get rid of as it happens if you dont faster address skin problems they become worse & even permanent so then I thought about trying out Keihl’s products as it was getting much words of appreciation plus it was nearly launched in India.The products are pricier side but they are effective so move on to the packaging which is transparent glass bottle with nozzle dispenser.The mini bottle contain 30ml clear liquid serum.The formula is very light non-sticky & quick absorbing perfect for all skin types lets know about the main ingredients & what it claims to target.The consistency is watery but little sticky than water.

KEY INGREDIENTS- Activated C, Peony Extract, White Birch Extract

PRICE- 54$

My Feedback- As far as the discolouration is concerned I would say it is effective and does what it claims but you have to be patient while trying it out.The results are not instant also skin routine is clearly main tip behind outcome. I imply to stick with regular cleansing toning and moisturiser along with sunscreen. Sunscreen is very important to use over if you are going through brightening skin products as in the lack of it no serum or cream gonna give you desirable results.After one of using the product I notice improvement in skin clarity , unevenness, & light spots or say very lightly visible.This much hope was enough to continue with. My first bottle is finished now & will be ordering another pack soon.

WHY YOU SHOULD BUY- The best reason to buy is the presence of such great skin ingredients in it.They are perfect ingredients to target on discolouration, uneven skin tone , ageing, dark spots sue to melanin.This serum is also works well on post acne marks.

  • Activated C is known to target brightening by reducing dark spots and removing formation of new spots. After 30 Vitamin C products are essential for better skin.
  • White Birch Extract is great for restoring hydration into the skin. It works with vitamin C to improve skin tone.
  • Peony is traditional Chinese medicine to work for skin clarity.
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Made is USA.

The usage is very simple like any other serum. Apply few drops on face all over after cleansing and toning circular massage and let the product absorb deep down into the skin.Don’t forget to moisturise.Better to use keihls moisturiser with this serum to enhance the effect of it.I have already posted about Keihl’s Super Multi Corrective Cream which is my favourite moisturiser you can check out the review under my Top 5 moisturiser section.So do try and see the results I however suggest to have mini pack for testing out new products just to be sure first instead investing big chunk of money and regretting of not liking it.

Thank you so much for reading.You are the world to me.XOXO

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