Is your cleanser ruining your skin

It is said that well cleansed skin is the healthiest.Our skin accumulate lots of harmful deposits on daily basis which block pores & develop many skin problems. Even though to meet best skin standards we look for best cleansers creams and what not even if it means burning pocket. A good cleanser is mild chemical free and deep cleanse removing skin impurities . It has skin loving ingredients which cure various skin problems but do we really know what are those ingredients lest we knowingly or unknowingly let our skin destroy without right cleanser. Well I am gonna share my views on that in this post because its the key factor for great skin. Also nothing gonna work if the very first step of skin care which is cleansing is not properly followed with ideal cleanser. I myself deliberately check for ingredients particular skin products has be it cleanser, cream or lotion as it impact so much. Few points definitely need to know while looking for suitable cleanser, First to know your skin type like I am combination skin. Some years back I had acne prone skin which is now subsided and rarely. I make sure to have ingredients which is my skin need like unclogged pores, deep cleansing, acne prevention, moisture , healing etc. You also know what skin problem you are addressing with cleanser and pick accordingly.So lets know about some ingredients and their action on skin in detail.

  • Parabens & Phthalates -Parabens are chemicals which used to preserve cosmetics , soaps ,cream, lotion etc. They are harmful for body parts also disturb hormone system.But little use of it doesn’t harm its not all bad but you can ignore. Same with phthalates with make product prone to breaking but it has bad effect specially on men & children.
  • Sodium laurel sulphates is present mostly in cleanser, body wash, detergent and make them foam. Its associated with skin dryness , allergy, and other adversities health wise.
  • Mineral oil derivatives it produce lubricant in hair oil lotion and creams make dry skin moisturised but not good for skin.
  • Triclosan is an antimicrobial agent used in consumer goods its also said to disturb harmonal balance.
  • Hydroquinone is also known as Benzene and has bleaching properties which may cause hyperpigmentation after long usage.
  • Antioxidants oxidise vitamin C products after certain period which then becomes harmful to use.


  • HYALURONIC ACID is so trending lately in all anti ageing products. The main task is to hydrate skin. With growing age skin tend to loose moisture becomes rough.Hyaluronic acid deep hydrate and this ingredient is good for skin.
  • VITAMIN E is also another skin loving ingredient which soothe and lightens dark spots.
  • SALICYLIC ACID Women who has acne problem and dealing with acne scars as well look for this ingredient in cleanser as it prevents acne & control new ones.Neutrogena oil free acne wash, Innisfree Bija Trouble Facial Foam
  • PEPTIDES is found in anti ageing serums cream & cleanser it firm skin & an important ingredient for anti ageing.
  • CERAMIDES retain skin moisture and lock in to look supple hydrating. There are ceramics face wash available. I have tried ceramics moisturiser but not cleanser so far will soon try it.Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Purifying Cream Cleanser is good for that also check out more.The Face shop,Klairs,Re’equill etc have good ceramide products.
  • VITAMIN C is an important ingredient to lighten even skin texture.You must have notice that all skin brightening products has vitamin C some way. It clears spots and bring healthy glow.Wow skin science, St. Botanica,The body Shop, Mc Caffeine etc have good vitamin c face wash.
  • RETINOL is great for anti ageing it vanish wrinkles and smooth out texture. Lots of anti ageing creams has retinol also it helps with acne. St Botanical,Avene etc has retinol cleanser.
  • GLYCERIN is found mostly in all cleanser and moisturisers as it moisturise dry itchy skin.It softens flaky skin by retaining hydration.
  • ALOE is a great herb used in most of the skin products it controls acne , inflammation sunburn etc.Plum, Himalaya,Khadi, Kama, Re’equill, Kaya,The face shop, Innisfree etc.
  • SOME GOOD HERBAL CLEANSERS ARE available in Himalaya, Kama, Biotique, Sukin etc.

So yeah I think you must’ve noticed these good or bad ingredients in your skin care products.Mild use of any of these doesn’t harm but longer exposure may have adverse effect so best is we can avoid as much as possible and choose skin friendly ingredients.Herbal products or products with least chemical is a good suggestion.It doesn’t matter if the product is cheap or expensive what matters the most is how well it goes with your skin target your problem areas and does not break out and produce allergic reactions.Some expensive products doesn’t behave well while some inexpensive one do so keep on checking testing out cosmetics. Hope you liked it.See you in my next stay tuned.I am grateful for your love & support.

Thanks for reading.You are the world to me.XOXO

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