Innisfree green tea range product review

Hey you all how you doing ? Hope you all must have accustomed to this new life which is indoor & began to like it as it is. Actually its good to be flexible going well with all circumstances that’s a happy life matra.Weekend is here & I don’t have anything great to do other than being positive & happy plus will be doing couples of new products review, products which I have tried out for a while to reach out to write about it also some motivational write ups are also on the way.Today I am going to share my personal review about Innisfree green tea range which is majorly hydration range .I had been thinking of doing it for long time also this is my second Innisfree product after moisturiser.Innisfree is a Korean brand offers natural beauty products. As the name suggest green tea seed so it has goodness of green tea. I have travel sized packaging of serum lotion & cleanser I tried them and liked cleanser more of all & soon gonna order more quantity. So lets know how is this green tea range also what impact it has on skin.

Green tea seed serum morning cleanser has organic juju organic green tea seeds.This cleanser is very light non sticky no foaming cleanser.When I first applied it did not feel like I have cleanser on I doubled the quantity of cleanser then again it felt like just watery non foaming but after rinsing off the results were clean. I felt my skin is deep cleansed non drying after wash which make it a good cleanser for all skin type specially oily skin.It claims to remove sebum produced over night which is a good property I think for acne prone skin & it can be a good choice for women with such preferences.Lets glance on additional features,

  • 100 percent squeezed Jeju green tea .
  • Deep cleansing
  • Parabens free ,cruelty free
  • No synthetic colorants
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Refreshing woody fragrance
  • Price 770 INR for 150ml which is great.

Green tea seed serum is again a watery consistency serum which immediately crumble into the skin.The fragrance is strong but not offensive smells pleasant wood scent. This serum claims to deep hydration to dry parched skin.It has antioxidants & 80 percent naturally derived ingredients for gentle care.What I didn’t like is the consistency which is extra light for dry skin & on normal skin it doesn’t feel anything on face after applying.Oily women might have great liking for this quality. I didn’t see as such miracle on my skin for me its like regular organic serum which hydrates and replenish moisture dose.But one thing to share it has skin friendly ingredients so no allergic reaction post application. Try out with mini packs initially to know it more better.As per me I did’t notice anything major other than refreshing hydrating skin so go for it if you want that & not specific skin problems.MRP-1950/ for 50 ml.

  • It has amino acids & minerals for deep moisturisation.

Green Tea Seed Lotion is again light mild lotion which quickly dissolve & provide light moisturiser to the skin.It doesn’t feel like thick moisturiser you might have to reapply if your skin is extremely dry I am combination skin & its like good for me, but perfect for summers & not for winters I think when maximum hydration is needed. Extremely hot region where people escape of moisturisers due to humid sweat can pick this one & love the super light hydrating formula.It might feel less lubricant but hydration is on point as I can say my body did feel dry. Formulated with cedar hinoki & pine tree extracts with pleasant grass scent.

Price 1100 INR/- for 300 ml

Thank you so much for reading.You are the world to me.XOXO

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  1. Great review! Always wanted to try the green tea line from Innisfree, but so far tried only real olive one (cream and face wash). The quality of their products is very good.
    xoxo Alex


    1. bebeautifuls says:

      Yeah it’s good for all types skin. love you back❤️


    2. bebeautifuls says:

      Go for it dear:)

      Liked by 1 person

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