DIY Face Packs During Quarantine

Hey you all how you doing ? I Spent my weekend doing nothing major it was more of relaxation.The time we got these days is not gonna come back so soon & abundantly so I am focusing more on self care during quarantine as that is best way to be busy also this body pay us back. Today I am going to share few super easy yet effective DIY face packs which can similarly be used on hair as well.The goodness of these herbs is so well known & most importantly easy to achieve. As the lock down situation might not be ceasing in most of the countries by now these ingredients are found easily either in your backyard or near by place.So lets jump into more of this post to know what are those great herbs & their value for whole body.

Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis

It is known as’ Gurhal’ in native language. Its a deep red or pink colour flower with long anther found mostly in gardens. It is also known as china rose. The benefits of hibiscus are plenty on skin. I well remember my mother used to put that paste of hibiscus on my face & insist to continue with this rest my life to not have any skin problems. She was right indeed. The formulation of the face pack consists of just petals of freshly plucked hibiscus, It is asked to use only deep red flower for application.Grind these together into a fine paste & apply all over on cleansed face.After 15-20 mins wash off with cold water & notice glowing , radiant skin. The pack be applied on head as well as it has great benefits on hair like reduce hair fall , promote fresh hair growth, maintain scalp health etc.


  • Target dark spots on face.
  • Treat acne & soothe skin.
  • Improves complexion
  • increase blood circulation
  • Effective treatment after sun burn.
  • Promote hair growth
  • Control hair fall.

Other benefits for body-

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Prevents Cancer
  • Packed with anti oxidants
  • Juice is good for liver health.

Tulsi {Holy Basil}

Tulsi is that herb which has multiple benefits on body be it face hair or immune system.In India most of the houses has tulsi as their religious plant they not only worship it but also use for many remedies. In Ayurveda tulsi is said to be a sacred plant.

So if you have tulsi in the balcony or garden pick fresh leaves and make fine paste of it to apply on face & hair.If you have acne onslaught & near by pharmacy is shut this pack is skin saviour from any skin problems. Apply on cleansed face and wash once dry. Multani mitti {earth clay} can be added in this paste for another good reasons like oily clogged pores, acne as it will absorb excess oil and unclog pores to prevent new acnes. Dry skin people skip on earth clay as it may make their skin even more drier.The best both of the packs have equivalent benefit for face and hair and can be applied as it is.

  • Anti- Inflammatory Anti bacterial Anti-fungal
  • Makes skin clear & problem free.
  • Treats acne, psoriasis, rashes etc.
  • Keeps scalp healthy.
  • Daily swallowing of tulsi leaves on an empty stomach boost immunity.


Rose face pack is third best pack for face & hair. Use it as rosewater or make paste of fresh rose leaves add honey and clove powder {optional} to apply all over face & neck.

clove powder is anti inflammatory anti bacterial& soothe skin So does honey. Since all the ingredients are easily available this might be perfect way to face care with minimum yet best way.

Benefits for face

  • Toning properties
  • Cleanser
  • Acne fighter
  • Treats dandruff anti inflammatory
  • Moisturising properties
  • Keeps dark circles away.
  • Refreshing

SO I hope you liked how these garden herbs can be a wonderful source of nourishment in the time when most of the resources have depleted so enjoy the benefits without penny.

Thank you so much for reading.You are the world to me.XOXO

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