The Face Shop White seed Exfoliating cleansing foam & Smart peeling papaya douche

Hey you beautiful people, Today I have two great products to review which are from The face shop brand. First is a cleanser which I have been using for good six months now & second is Smart peeling mild papaya douce.Both of the products are nice & worth trying. I would quickly mention the face shop brand is a Korean brand & it has amazing skin make up & body care range. The brand follow the concept of Science meets Beauty where natural ingredients are used to enhance beauty. So lets know more about the products how they work on skin why anyone should try this also attached pros & cons.

White seed exfoliating cleanser

Its a scrub based whitening foam which does mild exfoliation along with deep cleansing. The foam looks white having consistency of a cream containing innumerable tiny seeds to give dual benefit of cleansing and scrubbing. The effect of the cleanser is so clearly visible after washing off the face. The skin looks clear bright and soft. The best part about is that the foam is not drying it has somehow moisturising properties or otherwise some cleansers makes skin drying after washing off . The foam build generous lather even on pea size amount. Women who love the concept of double cleansing for make up removal must try this. The quantity in the price is considerably much to pass months with this. People with acne prone skin can try this as it keeps pores unclogged so no chance of frequent break outs.


  • White creamy foam with deep cleansing.
  • Packed with the benefits of sail alba bark chenopodium quinoa seed extract lupines Albus seed extract & daisy extract.
  • Hydrating
  • Brightening cleanser
  • lightens dark spots blemishes.
  • Price- 1020/- for 150 ml.
  • I do feel this cleanser does what it says. Go for it if you want clear bright glowing skin. The formula is suitable for all skin types.
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Made in South Korea.

The face shop smart peeling mild papaya douche.

The face shop mild papaya peeling is a clear gel exfoliator to remove dead cells of skin exposing clean bright skin underneath.It has papaya enzyme & hyaluronic acid.This exfoliator is weekly skin routine and is super mild & irritation free formula. I didn’t notice any allergy or unsuitability to my skin. I am combination skin.

The application is super easy. Take one or two pumps of the product on cleansed drying face spread out all over & start exfoliating in circular motion. Don’t be harsh though after 2 secs or so you will feel layers shedding off but dont worry its not your skin its product along with dead cells coming off. Massage for another 30 secs for dead cells to come off fully rinse with cold water and pat dry. Price- 950/- for 150 ml. Sensitive skin people patch test before going on full face.

Why should use this

  • Irritation free formula.
  • Parabens free
  • papain enzyme.
  • No mineral oil artificial colouring
  • Light fragrance
  • The presence of papaya & hyaluronic acid makes it perfect combo as,
  • Papaya has natural lightening properties by clearing blemishes pigmentation etc.
  • papaya has enzyme papain which acts as great exfoliator.
  • Hyaluronic acid has skin moisturising benefits which minimise wrinkles.

So this is all about the products hope the description is helpful do let me know if you got more queries.See you in my next.Also grateful for your likes & comments it keeps me moving.

Thanks a lot for reading. XOXO

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