How to deal with tough times

Hey you all how is everything going , Today I am gonna put up some uplifting thoughts about life when its not aligned as per our wish. We all must have experienced some sorts of tremors in life be it career relationship or other attachments. Actually its hard to find a person who has never gone through any adversity . When the catastrophe comes it feels like its not going to over & that particular phase begin to look like unsurvivable. There remains barely any positive thoughts whereas the feeling starts sinking our well being yeah because the stress around us soon engulf our well being.My personal belief based on my own hardships of life say that bad time bad people bad cast will definitely be leaving us sooner or later exposing our strongest side which will look back on the painful memories with the sense of gratitude. Most important is the trust , patience ,good will and faith on self & almighty. What I believe tough time make you courteous , gentle & forgiving .Whatever the situation is person should not lose originality of self. I am gonna give you one example of my close friend who not only inspire me to be calm and composed in the tremors of life but also depict wonderful human. Lets know her little in this instance , she is my closest friend who’s family once was in severe financial crisis also she was in an abused relationship with an affluent guy. He never respect her instead was so engrossed in his wealth.It is said people who dont get blisters in their own feet dont understand others pain.One side where daily supplies was a tough task for them her boyfriend abused her in every possible way, she loved him truthfully though. Perhaps she was blind enough to bifurcate between love & duping. The situation was tense for them & circumstances were suicidal but what would amaze me how kind passionate and patient she was .Even in that time she used to make people laugh, always be positive in every situation .Out of her habit she one day closed her plastic relationship boost self power and turned away from the guy who was not fulfilling to her senses in any way. Then things began to be nicer she was no more a whimpering weak girl her family started setting foot and gradually by uniting with best people in life she and her family saw better times after years. she then never looked back she kept moving without expectation & disappointments. She got married in just 8 months after the incident that too with a great human.She and her husband both earn insane together she leads a lavish life she could have only dreamt about.I still am very close to her as a friend she still is the same just more stronger as her two hands have now two more hands to give her ample support love care and confidence.She told me later that the former guy got so repented after she got married and bent on his knees for her to come back again in his life because he could never overlooked that good side of that girl.So this is just one example and there are thousands like that,Out of every story if we try to look what worked for them to come out of their scarcity is their belief. patience and moving on.

  • The best thing about bad phase is that it will be over soon and surely.
  • If people in crucial time leaving you stranded it means that they have no significant role in your life ahead in-fact its God”S message for you to take two steps back from them.
  • By deleting unworthy people out of your life chances for better people coming in gets higher.
  • When situation is testing hell out of you trust me something far more better got to arrive.
  • Positive vibes and cheerful attitude makes struggle a lot much easier.
  • Good karmas and virtues are very important to go through toughest battle with ease.
  • Never forget those who stood by you when you needed them the most & those who turned their back.
  • The toughest the battle the best are the outcomes.
  • Be with things people which bring liveliness out of you make you feel energetic towards life.

So life is meant to be moving on with situations people etc, Never hurt yourself in the chase of settling with everyone else.Those who are your own dont need any validation will be there for you those who are just bystanders find reasons to humiliate your sanity for every tiny reason.Stay away from such people at earliest. I myself enjoy my own company most than to engage with people of no good. Actually they have problem for every solution { my favourite quote read somewhere else.} Never loose happiness because that keeps you alive positive and moving .Rest assured you will be through any hardships of life.

Thank you so much for reading .XOXO

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  1. Beyoutiful says:

    This is so inspiring love! I was and still going through tough times for the past 7 years and it was a really difficult time but staying positive and having support really helped. Dark times are very hard to deal with but you do come out much stronger to endure struggles in the future. Love the messages and have to agree on everything you said. Hope all is well hun and you can always message me on IG if you need a shoulder to lean on 🙂 Stay happy, safe, and healthy ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. bebeautifuls says:

      Awww I love you tons I know you are a true soul everything will turn out amazing stay awaited for miracles❤️😘

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Beyoutiful says:

        Aww, you’re the sweetest babe! Love you back 😘


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